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Dump station working 100%, and free. Nice place to stay close, too.

Humbug Mountain State Park (Dump Station) 42.69010, -124.43460
Charles Williams

Great little spot outside the park — just under 30 minutes from the Panther Junction visitor center.

Study Butte RV & Tent Park 29.31492, -103.52641

Big Washer 6$
Small Washer 4$
Dryer 0,25 c $

SOAPERIOR LAUNDRY LOUNGE 30.16948, -96.38059

Locals told us here you can find one of the most famous kankacho (pork, cooked slowly served with boiled potatoes and hot sauce) of the country! It was indeed delicious! The smaller portion costs 25 soles. Worth it!

Kankacho Ayavireño -14.88153, -70.59031

Public lands campsite off of forestry road- established fire ring and plenty of space for rigs upwards of 35’. 2 bars of reception for cellular coverage, faint highway noise but otherwise heavily treed.

Still Water Lake area 48.55607, -114.57897

First solar technician that were able to clearly resolve our electrical issues.
They didn’t try and sell us anything.
Peter clearly explained our electrical set up and options on how to improve.
Highly recommend.
Peter: +593 98 4989 688
Or +593 98-700-0710

Solar Specialist (RENOVAENERGÍA) -0.10649, -78.47854

Ficamos em frente ao posto Copec, na rua mesmo, pois o funcionário (muito solícito, ofereceu água) nos informou que não podia ficar durante o dia pois tem câmeras. Ele disse que às 23hrs fecha o posto e se quisesse poderia encostar mais para perto.

Foi uma noite tranquila, apenas com o barulho dos carros passando.

Dá para pegar a wifi do posto que tem velocidade acima de 50 de download e acima de 20 de upload (isso na rua).

Entel funciona muito mal, quase não dá para abrir nada.


Rua em frente ao posto -48.46349, -72.56087

First hostal if you come from lower part of Callebamba.
Basic, clean rooms, a little less clean bathrooms. 20s one room one bed for us two with shared bathrooms. 30s with private bathrooms. Bicycles were stored safe downstairs under roof. The parking is big. I don't know if big rigs can fit here, but cars for sure!
Cold shower, no WiFi, no TV. There's space to wash clothes and hang them and filter water.
There are two other hostals in village. One is at gas station and is 35s/night/room with matrimonial bed.

Hostal Callebamba -13.52384, -73.80334

$2.50 showers cash/debit/credit
private (shower curtain) unlimited time

Jerome recreation district 42.70324, -114.51757

Management approves overnight along the edge of parking lot. Semis, RV’s and SUV’s parked. Next to highway, yet not too load. Close to other shops.

Walmart Super Center 36.48368, -86.88654

Public wifi on the central plaza. There’s a small tienda as well, selling bread, tuna and few homemade salsas (the red one kind of tastes like ajvar from the Balkans).
Nice portico in front of the Alcaldia to hide yourself from the rain.

Public Wifi San Cristóbal de Rajan -10.38675, -77.21922

This area is as described by others. The only thing I would add is the drive in turns into a very narrow one lane road, I wouldn’t pull any camper larger than a tear drop or you will be dropping wheels into the ditch on the way up.

Aguirre Spring Campground 32.36959, -106.56081

Free RV dump in town park. Dump only; no rinse water or potable water. Enter at small parkkng lot for the gazebo and go towards the south end of the restroom building.

Towle Park RV Dump 32.69746, -100.93035

Price is now $20 for 1 dump/fill, but they let us dump/fill twice for $20 because their website apparently isn’t updated.

Flagstaff KOA Dump Station 35.23416, -111.57586

Camping is open again. Paid $60 to enter, and another $100 to camp. As I’m on a bicycle, they let me camp down in the park, halfway down to the falls. This turned out to be pretty magical as at 5:30pm, everyone and all the staff went home, locked me in, which meant I had the falls to myself! (And could swim without a life jacket)

Acampa Cascada de Minas Viejas 22.37553, -99.31850

good city street parking. close to the river and city center. relatively quiet at night. the area is illuminatet at night. suitable for all kind of rigs.

Monumento a José Urquiza - Parque -31.71782, -60.53764

Chile -> Bolivia
Easy and fast procedure. Very friendly officers.

border aduana migracion chile -21.22278, -68.25004


Volcan Masaya Entrance 12.01315, -86.14217

Chile -> Bolivia
We were surprised by the Siesta (if we only had read the iOverlander Button before...) and waited until 2 pm. Then the procedure was fast and smooth. Each traveller has to fill in Formulario 250. You don't have to do it beforehand, just come and scan the QR, use their WiFi and do it digitally on the spot. It seems you don't have to fill in Formulario 249 (for tourist cars) if you have an European plated car.
The friendly Lady had a quick look insode our van, checked the chassis number and off we went.

Border aduana migracion Bolivia -21.20484, -68.21477

Fairly rough rest area. For RV they send you to the Auto section but there then isn’t really room for RVs. There is a dirt patch you can park on just past the Auto.

Some water works. Ok to fill 5 gallon jugs. Would not spend the night here myself.

Rest Stop (exit 106) 34.81004, -115.21992

Nice mountain view. Good for a night or two. Up to GPS coords is safe but after sand gets loose.

Also giant hole in the road. Be very careful. Someone put a mattress spring on top. Maybe to warn folks. But it definitely not ok to drive over. (Pic attached).

Unfortunately there is natural gas station nearby with a generator running all day and night that you’ll here in this spot and may disrupt your sleep. Or just drive you crazy. :)

heart of the mohave - needles 34.70197, -115.67689

THE PARK IS CLOSED SINCE MARCH DUE TO TOO MUCH VOLCANO ACTIVITY, we were not allowed to enter today 12-04-24. Anyway it seems a good place to spend the night outside the park.
EL PARQUE ESTA CERRADO DESDE MARZO DEBIDO A DEMASIADA ACTIVIDAD VOLCANICA, no nos dejaron pasar hoy 12-04-24. Igualmente parece un buen lugar para dormir ahí afuera del parque.

Entrada al Volcan Masaya 12.01293, -86.14216

Gates were closed when I tried to stop here. It’s also right on the highway so I imagine it wouldn’t be great for pets or noise

Carson National Forest 36.55416, -105.53832

Rooms for 90 BRL with AC or 60 BRL with fan. Negotiable when paying cash. Secure and covered parking behind gate. Morning coffee.

Pousada Porto Real -10.69268, -48.40747

As described before, nice, flat, quiet at night, great (free) museum on site telling story of Admiral Yi and his exploits. Toilets nearby and some nice walks around the waterfront.
Note, there is now one ( small )sign near then Chinese restaurant that says no camping but the rest of the area seems fine. There were two of us there when we stayed.

Admiral Yi Sun-sin Memorial Garden 34.91059, 127.85899

Now a reservation only campground. Book on the site. 10 sites well spaced out. $12 per night plus the $8 reservation fee. 2 group sites. Good cell service. We rolled in late afternoon and only one site was booked. Booked online and had the place to ourselves.

Rocky Peak Campground 37.75976, -113.18717

I had the alignment and balancing of the front wheels carried out, they have room for big rigs. they have a pit which is practical for seeing under the motorhome. It cost me 200 bob. very professional.

Tire assembly, balancing and alignment -19.02016, -65.25050

Really nice little campground right on the river. $100pp for the night, it’s fenced off and there’s a staff member that stays the night as security. You can drive your car/van right in, very flat, nice and grassy. Clean bathrooms, palapas for shade. I was here on a Friday night and had it all to myself. 4g service with Telcel. Wonderful place to swim and cool off after a long day!
Take the road across the river just south of town, and you should see signs to follow.

Paraje El Coyote 22.09238, -99.29917

Just as described. The last 10 yards can be difficult if you don’t have 4wd. Once you are here, it’s a sweat spot. Highly recommend!

Camping with a View 33.44900, -85.90120

As described previously. $20 for a water & electric site. Host stated bathrooms were locked from 7pm to 7 am…glad to have my portable toilet in my truck camper. A very convenient stop just west of OK City just off I40.

Lake El Reno - City Park 35.51666, -97.98728

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