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BLM land on this whole road. Quiet. No cell phone service. Several vehicles within site but no one close by. Great place to park for one night or a few days. Carry in/carry out

Minietta Road 36.24738, -117.35453

For those crossing by foot:

You will need to get a spot in a dolmuş. They won't let you cross otherwise. Not sure what the policy is for those on bicycle. At time of writing, this trip across the border was 100 lira and you'll need to scramble to get a spot inside. Crossing otherwise unremarkable- I got the evisa and just showed them the screenshot to pass.

No fees for those on foot, on either side. Border formalities simple and friendly. Walked right up to the first dolmuş in line at the gate and asked for a spot- no problems. They also didn't charge me anything (long story) but it is usually 200 lira going this way. Folks in their own cars or in bus were waiting absolutely forever, it seemed- cars went back for miles and each hour apparently they were only letting five cars through the gate. Heads up to bring plenty of snacks if you're coming this way with a car or by bus. Those on foot (and presumably bicycle) should just go right up to the gate and ask around.

Grenze zwischen Irak und Türkei 37.14395, 42.56932

Limited to 100 feet of the washboarded gravel road. Most of the road has berms along the sides. It appears that the bureaucrats that administer our public lands don't wish to welcome campers.

Castle Dome-KOFA Natural Wildlife Refuge 33.03034, -114.20104

Nice vegan restaurant. Good when you want to eat lots of veggies and don't want to cook yourself with the cheap vegetables from the Mercado Municipal. Very oriental atmosphere in the garden. Mains are at about 10k ARS, with a nice presentation. Very friendly service. I recommend.

Tantra restaurant -24.79274, -65.40883

Dirt parking lot noisy next to main road. Attendant ran extension cord for power and there is 1 sink to do dishes no bathroom facilities. 6000 Ars for 2 plus camper

Club Atletico Santa Rosa -23.74631, -65.49768

The road is indeed full of potholes, so it feels like a slalom.
We stayed in the parking lot, since we arrived in the dark.
Paid 50 Bols pp pn, Shower and toilet outside in the building in front of the entrance very filthy and shower had electricity on it, so watch out and be careful.
We used the outdoor shower next to the pool.
It did the job for one night.

Hotel Jardin -14.87430, -64.86162

Bon camping chez kika ! Vous pouvez vous faire livrer des colis à son camping….
45 000 /nuit sans électricité

La Bonanza 2.61358, -76.46473

If you arrive during the day it’s $2 to park here. They took our photos (?) more than once (?). During the night, the grassy area closer to the beach got really dark so we moved the car closer to the establishments. Had a rough night of sleep as multiple sources of loud music from the bars went on until 1am (it was a Saturday night). Lots of thrash at the beach. I’m not sure it’s really worth a visit, playa Cañaveral was much better in all ways, but maybe we had bad luck here.

Cojimíes Beach park 0.36442, -80.04142

We were unlucky I guess! We asked for the showers during the day but we weren’t allowed. Only at night we were told…

YPF -48.74698, -70.26012

We could get 120.000 ARS but it looked like the maximum. At the Correo it wasn’t possible to get cash. Friendly lady! Very helpful and it smelled way too good in the bakery.

WesternUnion (in bakery) -48.74933, -70.24149

Camping with wifi, restaurant, water and energy. lacalized in montain

Paradise Camp -6.43306, -35.78488

We did the trails going from North to South. This is definitely the easier way for motos. Do not do it with a heavy bike. Light dual sports or lighter only! We rode it with loaded CRF300 and had fun.
If you can handle the intermediate/expert sections of any BDR/TET then you should not have nothing to worry about.
The deep sand stretches are not longer than 200 m but there is many of them. The main sandy part at the summit can be avoided when sticking to the eastern tracks. This detour is also steep deep sand but going downhill (from North to South) not an big issue. From there the descent to the canyon is easy. We struggled with the canyon more since it is not only deep sand but also rocks hiding under it. At least the river crossings were not deeper than 50 cm and the ground of the river was visible at 90 percent of the fordings.
Watch the weather forecast before you are going! And going South to North will be way harder. At least on motos.
Enjoy! This was the best trail we rode in Argentina (so far)!

Road Piedra Pomez-Las Papas-Fiambala -26.99132, -67.78197

From Gutu to this point (12km) the road is paved. But the next 42km it is a sandy piste untile the main road close to Buhera. Some parts we were able to cycle but several times we had to push our bicycles. Even for car I wouldn't recommend it it with out a 4WD. We used this way for a shortcut, otherwise I don't recommend it...

road conditions -19.57776, 31.23709

Take Bond St to get to the parking lot (ignore Gmaps directions).
It’s a large park. The bathrooms (very clean) are a few minutes’ walk uphill from the parking lot. There are picnic tables and other facilities that also require some walking.

Washington Park 36.07690, -80.24982

We stayed 3 nights. Very nice people. They have a bathroom with hot water, WiFi, ample parking space, laundry. We recommend this place in the Antón Valley if you want to rest.

Villa Miramonte 8.60355, -80.12479

Beautiful park. Very well kept. Perfect place to run, stretch, relax. Spacious, open, and clean. Bathroom open from 7am to 10pm - very clean. Cold, filtered water disponible. Totally recommended :)

Parque Ipanema -19.46874, -42.53870

don't go here. It Is a military area . fotbiden to enter

military area 34.20999, -116.05375

We were turned away and were not allowed to stay there. Unfortunately, we don't know whether the young woman present had no idea or whether campers are no longer welcome in the future. She just wanted to rent us a room

Playa Azul Catemaco 18.42987, -95.09123

fish food restaurant at a beautiful green location

Restaurante Cabana -24.62458, -47.89676

Ok place to stay just for the night! Parking spots are pretty close together and In between big rigs so it’s a little loud with their trucks running through the night but ok if you just need to rest for the night.

Pilot/Flying J Travel Stop 38.11796, -121.39556

An unexpectedly fancy option in Kissidougou. 400,000 GNF per night (non negotiable) for a big and very clean room with en suite bathroom, a balcony, a mini fridge, AC and mosquito net. Electricity comes on at around 7pm until roughly 7am.

Breakfast is included with the room, and they serve basic but tasty dinner for 80,000 GNF.

You have to pay all the nights you'll be staying up front, and they're strict about it.

Hôtel Militaire 9.18506, -10.09361

Friday afternoon in April. Some party nearby and plenty cars, but no one said anything.

Mauguio Chemin des Canalettes 43.59599, 4.01915

Passamos dois dias no local, ponto interessante para visitar o centrinho, mas sugiro evitar fim de semana, de dia foi tranquilo porém a noite teve uma festa por perto com som muito alto e muito movimento de pessoas e motos passando na rua toda hora até às 3h da manhã.

parking lot next to soccer field -17.34498, -39.21769

Passamos uma noite aqui, a internet funcionava bem, tem banheiros a disposição, água quente para mate. Quanto a ducha vai depender da atendente, na primeira noite abastecemos e conseguimos tomar banho. Voltamos para passar a segunda noite e uma atendente extremamente grossa disse que não tinha ducha e depois disse que a ducha era somente para caminhoneiros 🤷🏻‍♀️ Saímos e fomos ao posto Axion, abastecemos e conseguimos tomar banho por lá!

We spent a night here, the internet worked well, there are bathrooms available, hot water to mate. How much the shower will depend on the attendant, on the first night we supplied and managed to take a shower. We came back to spend the second night and an extremely thick attendant said there was no shower and then said that the shower was only for truck drivers 🤷🏻‍♀️ We went out and went to the Axion station, we refued and managed to take a shower there!

YPF - Estacion de Servicio -47.25443, -72.57319
M Crow

Ample parking for several Class B,C. Room for several tents. Local kids with their music loud until midnight on a Saturday, then very peaceful. Nice forest views across a substantial lake.

Arterberry Cove 32.23637, -95.16171

It's a friendly town, and a great place to stop for an overnight if you're in the area.

Street Parking 47.20358, -121.98678

Slept here with no problems in my car. There are signs that say “No Trucks and RVs.”

Walmart - No Trucks/RVs 33.39001, -112.13548

Completely adequate overnight camp stop enroute to Kariba/Mana Pools/Matusadona. Clean but tired ablutions. Rates reasonable. One night only kind of spot.

Chinhoyi N.P. Campsite -17.35680, 30.13110

I stayed here for a night in April 2024 and had no issues. I arrived to the site around 9pm and left at 11am the next day. There were a few inches of snow on the ground and the parking lot was not plowed, but it was clear no one had pulled in here since before the snowfall many days prior. I believe it would be visited more in the summer months. Pretty quiet, just some road noise from Rt 2. I saw a police officer radaring in the morning but gave me no trouble. I did not see any no overnight parking signs. No bathroom. Water access. I had 1-2 bars of LTE through T-Mobile.

Hastings Landing 44.51244, -70.61268

Peaceful spot and sufficient room for multiple rigs. Just the sound of flowing water en very nice view. One vehicle passing. Surface is reasonably flat. We’re driving a MB814DA and was easy to get here.

Next to River 38.94989, 21.68542

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