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Loes Smeenk

Very nice basic hotel. very clean,new bathroom, quiet, secured parking and kind lady. paid $350 without airco, $450 with airco for one person.

Hotel Pedroza 25.17537, -104.55897

Stayed the night undisturbed. Nice beach. Road was a but muddy and uneven but pretty good clearance wise.

Cap Lumiere 46.67635, -64.71522

It is a nice spot to stop for a night. If you drive the dirt road at the end just a few meters further you come to a leveled parking a bit away from the houses. Quiet at Night. Some locals came to say hi and talk to us. One even brought us some bread

Mirador -34.68967, -72.06023

I think the wind is following us around. most are nice campsites right by water. some are alittle crowded. these sites seem to fill up quickly probably location and FREE. nice picnic table and fire pit at most sites although fire to the wind we obviously won't use. we're hoping to see some wildlife when the wind dies down already saw a kingfisher!

Pahranagat NWR Campground 37.28724, -115.11857

Very nice State Park. $26/night for electric and water. Cheaper primitive sites too. They do have a dump station that is free if you stay here, otherwise $10. Talk to the camp host and if he’s not around, check in the golf club house. If they’re not around, I’d just dump and go. Saw a few RV’s dump then fill up potable water from one of the empty camp sites. I’m sure if you ask they’d let you fill. We stayed for 4 nights and were close to so many distilleries and restaurants! Theres also a Walmart up the road we saw a few camper at.

My Old Kentucky Home State Park 37.79931, -85.45811

The sign at the entrance said
"Permit Required
Contact Blue Mountain Lake Office for Permit Application Monday-Friday 9 am - 4 pm" with no phone number given. We got there at 5.30 on a Saturday, so we took a chance and parked for the night. Sheriff drive by about 30 minutes later but didn't stop. The bathroom now is a porta potty. One of the locals told us that there use to be pit toilets in a building but now it's gone. There are only three spots, maybe four that could accommodate our 24 foot van. There was no trash, but everything was beat up pretty badly. Unless you have a boat, I don't see why you would come here. One bar of Verizon that comes and goes through the evening.

Ashley Creek 35.10677, -93.70850

Very nice place . Lot of people on weekends. Price changed to 20 real by person . The guy on the entrance tried to charge 30 real for the car extra and to use the bbqs . Everybody is here in with cars boats jet skis and tents . All use the bbqs . We told him we pay like everybody 20 real or we are leaving . He agreed . Enjoy . It’s good to relax a bit

Tio Maneco -25.18271, -48.89932

We were here for two nights and enjoyed it! It’s almost impossible to car camp in San Diego, so we were happy about this place. Noise from the road of Corse, but it didn’t bother us. Grocery store, laundromat, water station and other shops / bars nearby. :)

Public Park and Ride 32.96034, -117.11037

This is not free, it is $25 boondock or hookup.
Nice place, nice people, but a lot of road noise.
The person in charge is Dr. Karl Cloninger
(512) 484-0492

Yett Memorial Park 30.07648, -98.41439

no water service during the winter time!
I added it to the description as well.

Bridgewater’s dog’s park 44.37600, -64.50358

O lugar é ótimo, muito bem equipado. Com espaço para barracas, e acredito que devem aceitar motorhome. Tem uma piscina e uma pequena trilha que leva a um córrego. O local é próximo à rodovia, então da para ouvir os carros passando.

Camping Pacha Mama -14.14329, -47.65938

Great complex, even has a hockey rink. Showers were nice and warm. Ended up paying $7 but didn’t realize there’s a “shower only” pass for cheaper as some other comments suggest

Chavez Community Centre 35.64056, -105.99299

Stopped here for a night after a long day offroading. Pretty spot and the owner is extremely kind. We parked up top, but the designated space is not that level. Lukewarm shower and toilet with TP. Nobody else was camping when we arrived, but it looks like a place for group camping and that would be fun for kids.

There are four dogs, one of which they keep tied up if you arrive with a dog because he’s territorial.

La Elisa 4.42665, -75.42894

Beautiful spot at the base of some cliffs. Large dispersed camping area with lots of spots. Within Goblin Valley State Park and close to a trailhead for a slot canyon. Excellent night skies.

Nice Camp Outside Gobelins 38.57536, -110.76709

Rural setting, very quiet. Call or text first for availability 479-696-1815. When I called, left a message, and the owner texted me back right away. Said he was out of town, but he'd let me stay there. I am in a self-contained van and didn't need power or water, but I understand they're available.

Old Trout Farm 36.37936, -94.36375

water tap, in the entrance- exit of valencia. in front there is a mercadona and a fruit store. nice plaza

water tap 39.50705, -0.36533
A sudden leap into boondocking

This campsite is on BLM land about 1 mile off highway 50 on a very nicely maintained county rd.
May-September you will find a very nice campsite right after an official BLM sign and gate. In April you will arrive to find a locked gate but thankfully there is a large flat area that is also on BLM land just outside the gate. Camped here for 2 days without any issues. You can go in the gated area on foot or horseback but the road is closed to motor vehicle traffic September - May. When the gated area is open I would say definitely a 14 day tents allowed but this large pull off area seems more like a car, van, small motorhome few days place.

County Rd 44 Public Land 38.48584, -106.65212

Great spot right before the beginning of Capital Reef! Several spots up high or down low beside the creek. It was flowing and gave nice rushing water white noise all night. It’s also in a little canyon so pretty protected from wind (atleast when I was there). Also very little to no bugs! Highly recommend. Also, there are nice pit toilets at the park entrance sign about 1-2 minutes away!

Riverside. Fremont River 38.28561, -111.11856

4 spots available. NOT level, and fill up quickly. Not the greatest area. Several homeless sleeping in the area, and we even witnessed a fight, possible drug deal... Something was being exchanged and argument broke out. One guy was swinging a tire iron. Enjoyed breakfast and headed out. But, definitely struggled to sleep, did not feel safe.

Cracker Barrel 35.52903, -108.76399

free overnight parking with heated flushable washrooms. Lots of parking room for cars and bigger vehicles. Says max 8 hour parking. Has free Telus Wifi connection that seems to work pretty good

Hwy 16 Rest Stop 53.72604, -121.14327

Visited on a weekend. Room for plenty of vehicles at the spot by the lake and along the way in. Others were camped by the lake. With some clearance, you might find offshoot roads that climb the hills on either side and find your own spot with a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding country.

Boxcar Wash 36.11940, -114.78425

Great little campsite owned by an English/Spanish couple. They are making a great effort at renovating the place. Toilets and showers in great nick, hot showers. I paid €15.20 for one tent one Moto. Right on the route of the coast of death and within striking distance of A Coruna. Breakfast was under five euros for toast jam and two coffees, I needed if after smashing the Portugal ACT

Camping as Nevedas 43.29112, -8.62539

Followed directions given here. Big flat area. Camped up fine. A couple of locals walked by, no issues. super quiet. some great eagles having a spat with some parrots 🦜 for entertainment!

Trees, river & railroad -13.81467, -71.55305

Pasamos una noche acá! Lugar amplio para estacionar, con una vista hermosa. Dormimos con otros motorhomes, lo recomendamos!

wild camping free -32.95387, -69.19590

Another BLM site on the side of the road. Has level spots, big rig friendly, room for multiple vehicles, T-Mobile is okay (not great), has nice views and is close to Monument Valley.

BLM near Mexican Hat 37.19632, -109.87776

withdraw with charge of 8500 CLP for German Visa and Mastercard

Scotiabank ATM -45.57282, -72.07135
Lars Mohr

Parked in the big pullout across from the sign explaining private/BLM land. Surrounded by expansive views across low vegetation/high desert

Wine cup Gamble Ranch 41.43481, -114.75240

Spent the night in the parking lot before catching the TMC ferry the next day. At first the guard wouldn’t let us in by making the excuse that they were full. We pressed him by telling him we had a ticket for the ferry and we don’t take up much room so he relented and fit us in. Safe but the idling trucks are a bit noisy and more importantly, stinking up the parking lot with diesel fumes. Otherwise it’s only 70 pesos.

Puerto de Mazatlan (parking) 23.18771, -106.41974

There are a number of designated campsites scattered along this road. Well spaced apart and relatively flat spots. Decent AT&T signal (2 bars 5Ge).

National Forest dispersed camping 39.05642, -105.46736

Great place with several spots with or without shade! In our case, there was nobody else there, even during a nice Saturday evening. The view of Llaima Volcano is a nice bonus!

Wildcamp by river -38.72882, -71.93513

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