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campground was full, so we pulled in here. good spot

Outside of Chaco Canyon Park 36.00193, -107.92167

Bom posto, amplo, algumas lojinha, deixaram pegar água .

Posto Shell -22.86601, -42.01459

As stated prior. Communal type in mens. I imagine that woman’s is same. Clean and much needed 🤙

Artesia Aquatic center 32.84891, -104.41874

Super equipped station and excellent structure, with everything you need and excellent service, upon refueling you can stay overnight, use water, bathrooms, washing machine and dryer for 15 reais per use, common area with air conditioning, barbecue, hot and cold water filtered, barbecue and there is even coffee on the strip, this place is really very good.
Posto super equipado e excelente estrutura, com tudo que tem direito e excelente atendimento, mediante a abastecimento você pode pernoitar, usar água banheiros, máquina de lavar e secar 15 reais por uso, área de uso comum com ar condicionado, churrasqueira água quente e fria filtrada, churrasqueira e ainda tem cafezinho na faixa, realmente esse posto e muito bom.

Charrua Diesel Station Posto de Diesel Charrua -28.66919, -55.95385

Arrived at 5pm. Employee gave us a ticket for that day (night) for 15,000 and one for the following day for 15,000. 30,000 in total. I couldn’t get her down to 25,000 like the last person who commented. The employees left at 5:45pm.

No services. Gravel parking lot. Not super level but enough rocks to make it work.

We hiked the 11km loop counter clockwise. 26,000 COP per person. Took 3.5 hours with some stops. We really liked the hike even though the end (or start, depending on how you do the loop) is very artificial/theme park-ish with cheesy statues and such 😅 The area is pet-friendly. Our dog was off leash the entire time… no issues. Enjoy!

Cocora 4.64044, -75.48323

Super efficient. Pulled up, given a fair price and installed super quick.
No fuss service.
+593 2-241-1509

Cristal auto - Windscreens, windows etc -0.15265, -78.47646

Open and functional as of my visit today. Push button function. No hose hookup but could possibly improvise. Locals filling 5gallon drinking water buckets. Comes out cool and ready to drink.

Free Spring Water 34.51830, -93.04976

After a phone call to check if we could spend the night, we were told to come in to verify with customer service who said we couldn’t spend the night

walmart 35.45758, -97.59579

Pessoal gente fina. Deixaram pegar água da torneira. A maioria dos postos da região só deixa pegar água que está parada num tonel.

Posto BR -22.87246, -42.02305

Finally! A place that could accept my hose. It helped that my hose was 25’ long, but as far as all the options in the Cabo area, this worked great. RV fill-up complete.

Aqua Purificada 23.07514, -109.70979

Finally! A place that takes my hose (regular US hose screw-on). Filled up my RV - probably the only place in Cabo that seemed to work. 25’ hose helped.

Aqua Purificada 23.07514, -109.70975

Found this Byway and thought we wouldn't check it out. Made it a few miles traveling north from AZ to Zion before turning around as the washboard was the worst we have experienced. Saw some comments on the road conditions in an overnight spot further north, but wanted to add this point in case you didn't see it like us.

N Main St/Scenic Byway 37.08458, -113.10675

Good place for a couple of days. Needs some maintenance. no hookups. nice view. I paid the camp host $ 34.00. Dump station at Campground. Picnic table and fire ring at sites. Great place to fish. Fish cleaning station.

$12 Dump Station inside Campground 35.64993, -118.42613
Se Joga No Mundo

Dead end street on one side of the square. We felt very safe, with families, young people and children. It has a 24-hour police station. From this lake in the square we were received with great kindness by the residents of a house opposite, Mr German and his 3 children.

Rua sem saída em uma das laterais da praça. Nos sentimos bastante seguros, praça com famílias, jovens e crianças. Tem um posto de polícia 24 horas. Deste lago da praça fomos recebidos com muita simpatia pelos moradores de uma casa da frente, Sr German e seus 3 filhos.

Parque el Mangal - dead end street 17.99532, -94.57853

Good spot for a night or two. Large turn around loop for trailers or longer vehicles. Heads up if you’re headed north on I-5 after stopping here, there is no on ramp to continue north. You have to get on south, exit, and turn around, maybe about a 5 min detour but something good to keep in mind.

BLM off Old Hwy 99S 42.01975, -122.59732

Pet shop, insumos, e serviços. Banho, Tosa!
Lugar de parada em frente.

DONCAN -54.80373, -68.30074

We stayed to nights here, it felt safe but a local told us on the second day that it's in front of a dangerous place of the island and it is better not to stay there. Also there is a terpel under construction on the same road, so hopefully it will be a good option letter on.

On the beach 9.34455, -82.24985

ici vous pouvez trouver les huiles pour tout véhicule, auto, moto, van et camping car, neufs ou anciens.
Rubén est très accueillant, et vous renseigne le mieux possible, si il n'a pas ce que vous souhaitez, il le cherche 👍
merci beaucoup pour votre accueil, c'est ouvert du lundi au samedi de 8h à 12h et de 15h à 19h30.
on recommande à 100%.

oil motors -31.25464, -61.49348

se abastecer
eles permitem pernoite,
pode pegar água na mangueira
não tem energia, nem Wi-Fi, mas é tranquilo, bastante gente circulando,
posto 24 horas

posto Cadíesel -22.20530, -54.70691

This place is open but for some reason the staff said that they didn’t have the correct fitting to fill our one gallon propane tank.

Gas Express 23.27990, -106.41266

Beautiful and quiet place but…the entry is 25pp then if you want to stay overnight it’s additional 100. I said it’s too much because there is no facilities(no guard at night, no shower, no wifi) at all and the river belongs to everybody. Finally they leave us the wc opened for the night (no paper of course). Paid only 50 instead of 100.
The good thing that the water from the black water tank is drinkable.

Cascada El Corralito 16.82422, -92.24377

Collecting 50 pesos for poor zapatistas families. Gave them only 20 saying that they’re removing money from the pueblo the same way as governement do…

Roadblock by group of 100 men 16.80916, -92.18489

The campground is closed, we think because of the season.

La Paz Municipal Campsite -33.45892, -67.54603

the campground is closed, we think because of the season

La Paz Municipal Campsite -33.45892, -67.54603

Great little place to refill propane. Propane fill up is on the left of the shop. Just go in and ask to use the propane.

Larrys Tire Shop 36.01235, -106.96675

HUGE TRUCK STOP! Several restaurants, showers, bathrooms, plenty of parking and a water Spicket located next to the fire hydrant on the south east side of the parking lot (where the restaurant signs are).

Petro Truck Stop 37.00641, -94.55283

As advertised.
Big lot. Lots of room, grass and trees for the pooches to play. Several big rigs, a truck and another van. Quite. No issues.

Asphalt Lot. 35.76055, -96.66128

très bon accueil de Fernando et sa femme. ce n'est pas un camping. il demande environ deux heures de travail en échange du petit déjeuner, déjeuné et dîner. nous avons passé un super moment on a était cueillir du café et ensuite nous avons fait tous le processus du café jusqu'à la torréfaction. vous pouvez acheter votre café que vous avez préparé nous devions resté 1 nuit cela c'est transformé en 3 nuits. ils sont vraiment adorables. possibilité de garer environ deux camping car. nous vous conseillons se passage chez eux qui restera un souvenir a jamais de la Colombie.

Finca café Esmeralda 5.66128, -75.87699

Not much Verizon. Roads are dry. Beautiful views. Flat enough.

Large open field good for RV or tents near Yosemite 37.82629, -119.95866

DO NOT STAY HERE. Will get huge fine. Not worth it at all. I repeat DO NOT STAY HERE
I not only got hassled by state parks but was also got threatened by locals. I ended up not stay and got out of there

North of San Simeon Coastal Turnout 35.65105, -121.20975

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