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Very easy border. I took a bus from Abidjan (STC), and they're used to this so the process was super smooth. We first stopped at the Ivorian side, gave them our passports. They took our pics and fingerprints. Then we crossed on foot (without our passports) to the Ghanaian side. A guy then brought back our passports, then I asked to get the visa on arrival, and it took them ten minutes to do it (it's actually just a stamp). I paid the legit price, 100 000 francs CFA, and got a receipt. Very nice officers.
The only thing to know is that the STC company doesn't usually let you buy a ticket in Abidjan unless you already have a Ghanaian visa. I had to convince them to let me hop in by telling them I had an invitation letter and that I was traveling for work (which was true, but in the end they let me buy the ticket without even asking to see it). At the border, they too barely looked at my letter. And there was no luggage control or anything (I never had any while crossing a frontier in Africa - it only happened to me once during a night in Ivory Coast, on the road to Man, because the driver of our minibus didn't want to pay the cops).

Border Cote D'Ivoire / Ghana 5.28908, -2.77966

Nice cute little 2nd hand book shop (the only one in Rwanda) managed my an american lady. She sells books in several languages. Also coffee avaiable

Patchwork Used Books -1.96555, 30.10098
Prison shorty

Close walk to French quarters and bourbon street.
The street does get filled up with cars from locals and tourists but great if you can find a spot! Better suited for smaller rigs like vans, campers, etc.
street parking is right next to a paid parking lot and across from a park. And very close to Lafitte Greenway, another park.
There’s a chevron on St. Louis and Rampart that has restrooms.

Stayed about 3 nights in this spot, felt safe, low key, easy access to a lot of things.

St. Louis street 29.96048, -90.07215

280 pesos to Fernando in april 13th 2024. Good toilets, shower faucets to handle with care as on the verge of giving in.

Camping Gruta de Salamanca -34.07922, -54.60719

it is an ok place for a night, there is not much to choose from on this part of the panam. not very pretty but no bugs and it is quiet. you can hear the power lines buzzing that's all. medium windy till 18h, then no wind. small rigs can stand out of sight of the road but you might need 4x4 for that because of soft sand. we didn't bother as the road is quite far away.

Powercamp -15.18487, -74.92816

Great spot. Nice and flat with decent bush-cover for privacy. Quiet except for a mule saying hello in the distance. Would definitely visit again

USFS Trailhead 35.69001, -106.09528

Still water in the toilets of the mosque. Not possible to connect hoose pipe, we did it with our canneste. Not the easiest water point but there is water :)

Free drinking water at a mosque 29.71790, 35.27860

Current price is 5000 for two people and a motorhome

Camping Municipal Barreal -31.66350, -69.46872

Without CDP, no need to stop, just drive to the booth, exit fee was 30.42 pp, payment with CC. We received a border pass, which we showed at the next gate and which we needed at the Saudi side.

Car Parking for Exit UAE 24.12959, 51.57282

Very friendly. They Just ask our destination. Since when we are in Argentina. Seeing our passports. Take some note of conductor passport. Told us that is nice to see mirador Cuesta Miranda up to north 😀. Nothing about fruit/vegetables or other food

Fruit Control -29.54762, -68.10351

KZ>AZ; long comment but it should help as things are confusing there:
Park in front of the two buildings and go to the one in the right and enter from the other side. There is the reception where you can register your car and leave your phone number.
Then you wait until they call you to pick up the car papers. In my case they didn’t call but I met the truckers from the day before and they have been called so I went back to the registration/reception. This was 15h after the registration. They called all the names including mine and handed me my my papers (4 identical and 1 invoice). You can check the name of the vessel and see of approx arrival time.
Then you drive to the big gate. Go directly to the front of the line at the gate. A soldier will briefly check the car and a port worker will take one of the papers. Then you can drive inside the compound until the Big building on the right called „Service Center“.
Park on the parking opposite, close to the “vehicle inspection building” (there is a parking sign for normal cars) or ask where to park and go inside the service center using the side entrance on the right.
Inside on the left is the cash desk where you have to pay. Hand over all the papers, pay in cash and get a receipt. It was 13000 Tenge for me. There is an ATM but I don’t know if it works. The ticket will be paid in Baku.
Afterwards go to the second floor using the stairs opposite of the cash desk. Go to room #1 for customs exit declaration of the car. You need the declaration paper that you received when you entered CIS.
Then go downstairs to the reception and ask when the ship will be ready for loading. Then you go to your car and wait (20h for me). You will most likely wake up when the trucks start to queue for inspection and passport control, you can also go into the queue. Make sure that you don’t accidentally get your passport stamped if your car goes without you. The border control will take the second sheet and might or might not ask for an additional fee to waive the xray of everything that’s in the car. After the inspection, park next to the trucks and wait until the ferry arrives (6h). Someone will then come and collect the 3rd paper (you have 4).
Then wait again until the trucks start moving towards the pier. Get in queue. In front of the pier you’ll be checked once more by a soldier. Then someone from the ferry will tell you where to park. I had to wait and drive onto the ferry as last. Hand over the keys and car paper to the captain.
Now you can walk back to the exit on the right. Ask for a taxi and someone working there will drive you to Aktau. I paid 20000 Tenge, but most likely you could negotiate to 15000, which would be a more reasonable price. Yandex isn’t available there. In total I spent 2 nights in the port and half a night in Aktau (Turan Hotel, recommend). They told me the ferry will stay 1-2 days in KZ because of weather. So you never know wo how long the whole process will be. I needed to wait 2 full days in Baku.

new ferry port to baku 43.16634, 51.43941

Sick spot for one night, a lot of car and trucks spend the night. Felt safe, lots of noise from the highway, but I was still able to sleep!

MDOT Welcome Center 41.86353, -83.40401

Very nice place and owners dona Tania and her husband his so much welcoming and helpful. Facilities and swimming pool. Trees for shadow. Perfect for us. Big rigs OK

Camping das Pérolas (Ponto de apoio MH) -12.87852, -38.34479

An historical marker noting the #handcart road and an old well from Indianola to parts of Texas. Important history of the route cargo took from ships to various parts.

Roadside market and well 28.51892, -96.49675
Dana Mulder

Nice RV dump station with water for flush. FREE! Nice truck stop.

Pete’s Truck Stop 37.36517, -95.25713

Great place to stay. You can stay on pavement or go a little further on gravel and find many flat spots. You can find some shaded spots further in. Close to amenities, nice place to walk around. Talked to someone that lives close by, and this used to be a prison of sorts for youth, if anyone was curious.

RC Airstrip, AZ State Trust Land 32.47054, -110.92270

Mirador punto panorámico, pasamos dos noches totalmente sólos, es un estacionamiento que también usan pescadores que a las 22.00 se van. lugar ideal ya que en toda la ciudad de porto belo está prohibido el estacionamiento de motorhome. no hay ningún servicio.

Mirante panorâmico, passamos duas noites totalmente sozinhos, é um estacionamento que também é utilizado pelos pescadores que saem às 22h. Local ideal já que o estacionamento de motorhome é proibido em toda cidade de Porto Belo. não há serviço.

Mirador PONTA DO ARAÇA -27.11256, -48.50820

Small park and ride near the highway. Stayed here late on a Friday night and left Saturday morning. It may be busier on weekdays.

No amenities or restrooms just a decent place to park for a night. Typical highway noise in the background did not bother us.

Park n Ride 41.11177, -73.54633

Amplo estacionamento, lugar tranquilo pra passar o dia e a noite. Praia linda

Estacionamento Praya La Lobera -15.39299, -75.14603

postando novamente pra colocar foto do estacionamento

Estacionamento Praya La Lobera -15.39287, -75.14522

O camping é maravilhoso, tudo muito limpo e organizado. As pessoas são atenciosas e amáveis, os banheiros e duchas com calefação e águas quentes. Possui pontos de energia, água, descarte de água negra e cinza. Piscinas e a parte do termas com águas quentes é relaxante. Recomendamos a todos!!

El camping es maravilloso, todo muy limpio y organizado. La gente es atenta y amable, los baños y duchas con calefacción y aguas calientes. Tiene puntos de energía, agua, eliminación de agua negra y gris. Piscinas y la parte del balneario con aguas cálidas es relajante. ¡¡Recomendamos a todos!!

Camping lavalle: Termas de Carhue -37.16749, -62.75114

We slept several nights at this location. It's quiet and safe. And for those who travel with pet, you can walk around and play with him in the square.

Dormimos várias noites neste local. É tranquilo e seguro. E para quem viaja com pet, dá para passear e brincar com ele na praça.

Street parking next to park 10.41492, -75.54277

Beautiful sunrise! Red dirt road for 1.5 miles to site. Actually there were options for flat spots. No leveling blocks needed if pick the right place.

Ruby’s Hideout 36.97572, -109.31955

Ghana side very easy. Relaxed and friendly at customs and immigration. 30mins with CDP stamp and some good chats.

Togo side immigration wanted equivalent of 55k cfa to pay in cedis (1200) for the 35k VOA and wouldn’t budge. Hung around for an hour and managed to change some money with a local (gave them a good deal in front of the police to spite them). After handing over CFA had to then wait 45mins for the head honcho to come and process the visa. Wasn’t a ‘bad’ border but just a waste of everyone’s time. Perhaps being a Saturday didn’t help.

Border Ghana into Togo 6.80240, 0.58069

Delicious empanadas oven baked. 3000 la douzaine. Very good quality price and at 14:00 it was hot. Miam

Empanadas al horno -29.16400, -67.50135

It is peaceful and quiet camp anywhere you want in this open Sonoran Desert Area. Hard sand and dispersed gravel roads to take you as far as you want! Including away from I-8 Traffic noise. There are actually Trees, growing all over. Vegetation of bushes as well. For shading in the Heat. Stayed for a few nights. T-Mobile 5G signal.

S 9 Mile Rd Sonoran Desert with Trees 32.91425, -112.65989

We were heading to another kebab place but we’re tired and ducked into the closest restaurant to Hotel Diwan. They gave us an English menu. We didn’t expect much but we’re blown away. Thought we were spending a bit more than we normally would for dinner at 15,000 but man was it good. We ordered the Half Chicken Mandi. It was more like a whole chicken with a platter of rice, a few plates of vegetables, hummus, a bowl of flavored beans and a vegetable dish with potatoes and eggplant. There was fresh bread and yogurt included too. It seemed like there was enough for at least 4 people. They didn’t speak much English, but were super nice and then when we left, they tried to not let us pay! Of course we did pay though because it was so good and they were so nice. Can’t speak to the other items on the menu.

AGHA MANDI 33.32241, 44.41392

Still a working option. Very quiet night !

Walmart 47.99190, -66.70302

Friendly attendant. Let me fill the 20L tank at national price. 21,6L by 80 BOB + 10 BOB for him.

Ruta Nacional 2 -16.21259, -68.68920

We are not exatly at this position but very close. We find a good road from 41.67890 45.65922, then the street is not in the map (Osmand) but if the road is dry you will have no problem.
We stop in the top of the hill because of dark but if you continue the street probably you find a lot of spot. Where we are there is a little "children park" with a long table. There is some trash, but the place is quiet and the view good

Quiet camp with shade and nice view 41.68020, 45.64947

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