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Termas las Pampas, grandes piscinas de agua termal y amplia zona de acampada con barbacoas.

Aguas Termales, Las Pampas 27.27253, -104.82723

pretty noisy street but nice owner , affordable and well situated. had a dorm to myself

Hostel Coati 10.31694, -84.82354

beautiful , serene environment. 9,000c paid, not too many people. recommend

Santa Elena cloud forest reserve 10.34398, -84.79584

Still only $2 for a top load wash. 25c for 5 minute dry. 3 loads of laundry for under $8! Can’t beat it!

Lighthouse Coin Laundry 44.99764, -124.00481

It's still here. We found a spot that was semi-visible from the road south of the cell tower. It'll be tough to actually hide. The road is quite sandy and rocky, definitely 4x4 only or walkable with bicycles if you're like us. We waited til dark to pitch our tent and we're undisturbed all night. It did get quite windy and there's not much wind protection.

Hidden site next to KKH 35.74875, 74.62152

Amazing spot on the rim of the canyon above the Rio Grande. The road from Pilar south of here, runs up the canyon and is beautiful before climbing out to the rim - a rough steep grade that’s not paved, but just an amazing stretch!
We found a spot about 4/10 of a mile south of the original post. The road leading to the marked spot does have a BLM brown post with a no motor vehicles sticker, but the road splits and the sign appears to only be for the left fork, so we went right towards the west rim trailhead (follow the powerlines).
Road is extremely rutted, but was dry and we had no problems in a 2WD Sprinter. Probably more spots as the road turns north and follows the rim, but the first one is a large relatively level area with a rock fire ring. Views are stunning!
Verizon and TMobile both 1-2 bars of LTE

West Rim Rio Grande 36.38645, -105.72687

Coming through Idaho decided to stay here. Nice warm bathrooms clean with showers inside. WiFi is so so. Power outlets 50 amp looks to be. Nice clean with dog park play area with slides and climber for kids. Nice warm welcome from camp host. 👍🏻 cost to stay is 25 bucks with a 10 day limit. Camp rules say rig must be a 2000 year model or newer. Happy Trails

Emmett City RV Dump Station 43.86634, -116.49686

As a solo female traveler, I would absolutely not recommend this place to anyone else in the same situation. There’s something really off about this place, just gave me weird vibes. $25 for essentially a parking spot in a run down RV park. I was banking on this for the night but didn’t stay.

Jackson Wellsprings 42.22223, -122.74473

parking, picnic tables, and garbage bins. doesn't specify overnight parking.

public flushing washrooms with sinks and diaper change stations, open from 9am to 9pm

queen elizabeth park 53.52447, -113.49706

Border is now open all year around!
The road from Kazakhstan is asphalt now.
We had very fast and easy crossing as well.

Karkara Border Post 42.80002, 79.17988

Restaurant with good food, not cheap but worth the money, they have some soups that everyone is ordering

Restaurant amigo x -11.40831, 14.29918

We can definitely recommend this restaurant. Very very tasty and authentic indian food with many veggie options!

Royal Indian restaurant -25.96055, 32.58484

We were recommended this operator. Staff here is so nice!

You need passport copy. SIM card costs 2000 cfa.
5GB - 4500.

You buy sim. Insert it in phone. *100# for menu and choose what you need. Then give the sum to staff and get what you need.

To check balance *222*3#

SIM card Getesa 1.62499, 11.30707

Basic price - 65000 for 2 people with breakfast
We got a discount- 40000 without breakfast

There are restaurant there. Tasty but expensive a bit

Room is ok.
Wi-Fi not very good.

Also pool outside.

Mongomo hotel 1.61893, 11.29207

Repair our brake system here. It seems that masters are not bad

Wheels and simple repair 1.63865, 11.29280

No clue what previous poster means with Vegas circus but I couldn't find anything close to that. It is just an old an lonely tree in the middle of the desert oil fields. Some locals checking it out too.

Tree of life 25.99408, 50.58293

Still officially closed, but you can stay and pay the full rate even if no water and ablutions. 400R for a single international is a bit much. Nice private beach though

Road in is very rough when the tar ends after Willowdale

Dwesa Nature Reserve -32.30411, 28.82835

en los bomberos te dejan dormir tranquilo. el pueblo es hermoso y los lugareños son amables. Acá nos recibió Fernando. Somos de Motoca Off Road

Bomberos -31.57469, -61.37323

we were here for three nights. safe, peaceful and beautiful. the only amenity is water from the river, but it is close to markets and service stations in a few minutes

On the river bank -39.93081, -71.06301

There are 7 large RV parking spaces. They are to the left of the store. Quiet place to sleep.

Cabela's Parking 45.29383, -75.94261

Public Parking in front of Fórum of Justice.
Great place to stay safe.
Near of Supermarket Condor with bathrooms.
We spend 2 data here.

Estacionamento Público gratuito em frente ao Fórum de Justiça. Local tranquilo e seguro.
O supermercado Condor fica bem próximo e possui banheiro. Ficamos 2 dias por aqui.

Public Parking -25.10862, -50.15612

I hate to report a bad experience, so hopefully it was just a one time deal. There were a couple of people working on their truck. Can't get your car started? Understandable. But they would roar their race car engine every time they tried starting it. Then came and went ALL night. Will call Cabelas management and inquire if this is acceptable for their standards.

Cabelas RV Parking 39.68395, -75.65237

Old “nice” hotel waaay better than the one next to town (the rooms were so dirty and dark. Also with shared bathroom ???)
I booked a doble room with balcony and of course a clean private bathroom.
Everything is old but clean.
I booked the room in booking for 15€. Here is 35€. Not wordy for 35 but for 15 not bad at all.
There is massive parking and security all night so perfect for moto riders.

Hôtel Dar Maroc Azrou 33.48105, -5.25729

On the banks of the Mississippi River. Follow signs from Hickman to the ferry and then go several hundred yards downstream to a large, level,gravel lot. Park away from the circular turn around (with rock pile in the middle). We had a quiet night, but could be louder at other times as there are several grain elevators nearby. Good cell service for Mint/T-Mobile.

Hickman Ferry 36.56744, -89.21376
Stefan M

Rwanda -> Uganda

Border closes at 8pm CAT, 9pm EAT.

Arrived at 16:10 on a Wednesday and spent 70 minutes

On RW side, stamp out carnet at RW customs (building to the left/west side) then register vehicle details at the gate.

All immigration formalities happen on the UG side.

At UG gate, register vehicle details. Then park at Uganda Revenue Authority (building on right/east side) to stamp in carnet and pay road tax (220000 USh or 60 USD). We had only USD so they sent us to one of the fellas roaming around who charged us $65 for him to mobile pay the URA bill. Then we went back to URA, to complete the paperwork.

Then across road to RW immigration, stamp out, then next door to UG immigration to stamp in after filling out an arrival form (had East Africa Visa).

Finally to the Security office (just west of immigration) to show road tax paperwork and get a gate pass.

Show gate pass at exit to the road to Kisoro.

Changed money FRw -> USh on RW side at bad rate I'm embarrassed to say. I did not enquire about the rate on the UG side.

Rwandan Ugandan Cyanika Border -1.34093, 29.74028


I have to write 40 characters, so this helps….

Café Informativa -18.47812, -70.32082

Plenty of space to pitch up, on a moto gated so safe. Gloria is a great host. Food and cold lemon juice on arrival :-) US$10 camp, food extra. Flushing toilet. YouTube:


El Divisadero 13.63448, -86.47008

Spigots won't allow a hose but have plenty of pressure

Mammoth Cave National Park Picnic Area 37.18796, -86.09991

I'm not sure what happened with the prior user's experience, but I hadn't seen their post so I did my standard process of calling CB beforehand and asking if they allowed overnight parking. I was assured that it was fine, so we spent a quiet night and left in the morning with no problem.

Cracker Barrel 38.57413, -89.92725
Manuel K

Really friendly owner and staff. Good rooms and food. Safe parking for motorcycle/car inside.
They even received a parcel for me in advance. Would come again :)
Double AC was 1000r, dinner 120r

Hotel Garden Villa 25.62120, 85.11687

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