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Llenamos aquí nuestro tanque de gas.
Si tu tanque no tiene boquilla interna, necesitarás un adaptador.
8kg por 50.000 COP.

Propangas 9.46673, -75.48588

they don’t work when I was there unsure when they’ll be turned on

Great Sand Dunes Parking 37.73999, -105.51691

potable water for $3.50.
no other place in town today

Blue Mountain Trading Post & RV Park 37.59768, -109.47916

Third time lucky today after going to 2 other campsites on the way from Solitaire, and not finding it suitable, this one hit the jackpot
Quaint campsites with own ablutions, kitchen sink and braai. Had to dip in the swimming pool as it was hot when we arrived. Greeted by some springboks and ostriches that roam freely
Restaurant and bar on site

Alte Kalkofen -26.82364, 17.35130

Free overnight parking. We have a 27’ trailer and were told we could park in the dirt lot with the semis next to the Tesla chargers. If you have a van or something small you could probably fit in the gravel lot on the other side of the chargers. It had recently rained so the lot had lots of giant puddles, but we were able to navigate through just fine. It is next to the highway and train tracks, so expect some noise. But we felt very safe and appreciated the free parking.

Location has a restaurant, gift shop and petting zoo. Really nice spot to stop for a night.

Bravo Farms 36.44905, -119.48664

Beautiful spot. At this side of the lake there is a Lovely Sandy beach, trees ans parillas. Easy hiking around (the path to the Laguna is not easy to find). Mapuche can sell you pinones. At this Time of the year, mid april, we were alone, we did not pay anything and could get in with our dog. Very friendly guardaoarque and wifi at the entrance. Excellent foshing.

Lago Rucachoroy west end -39.25059, -71.20780

Take the cattle guard near Lees Ferry Tavern and follow the dirt road. I did it in a 2-wheel drive Ram Promaster.
Road is a bit bumpy in places and sandy in a short section. After that it perfect.
On the edge of Badger Canyon where it meets the Colorado River.
Plenty of places to camp on the way out. If you keep going thru the area there are no parking signs. Some areas cleared out and rock islands outline the cactus so you don’t drive on them. Incredible views. Full bars AT&T.

Badger Canyon / Colorado River - Marble Canyon area 36.77722, -111.66559

Western Union in Hiper Chango Más. Big parking to all tipe RVs.

Western Union Chango Más -33.29654, -66.30253

É um posto de gás natural onde é permitido pernoite de motorhome. Eles possuem uma área de estacionamento, banheiro, mas não ducha. Fica ao lado do YPF, que possui loja de conveniência e ducha por 1000 pesos (abril/2024). Há barulho da rodovia, mas dormimos bem por aqui.

GNC gás station -37.98613, -57.58699

safe overnight. 24/7 clean restrooms. picnic areas. dog walking areas. water spigots- currently turned off.

Arizona Welcome Center 35.35348, -109.05732

We asked for room and parking our rig 6 m long but 3,70 m hight. As we have parked the car the manager let us know we should remove the car. They have payed us the 10000 NGA back. We ended up at a new Hotel Petrela not far away to A3 circle

SUNRISE HOTEL 7.19087, 8.14507

new gravel road leads to some nice flat places next to the water. no no overnight signs. We have a lenght of 8m with 10to. no problem😄

Spanish Ship Bay Road 45.01593, -62.02515

They don't let you sleep inside anymore. They showed us an area outside the gas station on the side of the road to spend the night.

Axion Gas Station -39.93287, -71.06896

good place to stop for gas. free water at pump in blue spigot. also dump for 10$ near air fill. dog park

Love’s 34.95498, -110.31086

3000 pesos in April 2024, the telephone network is in 4G

3000 pesos en avril 2024, le réseau téléphonique est en 4G

3000 pesos En abril de 2024, la red telefónica está en 4G

Ruinas de los Quilmes -26.46563, -66.03604

We passed around 15 river crossings between Pillcopata and Itahuania. This is definitely the deepest, around 60-70cm on the ‘track’ but deeper besides it. The river is wide and a strong current too. The track is hard to see; We had the luck some locals passed (all in Toyota Hilux) and we followed their path. Doable with our 4x4 pickup, but it might be tricky for other vehicles.

Deepest river crossing of this road -12.67179, -71.23851

There is some space to sleep in the street or around this one but mostly of theme are only for resident. You juste have to look a little bit

Weekend place 48.41404, -123.38119

yesterday we arrived by the gate, because we had few lempiras left, we asked if we could pay with dollars. that was fine. we closed the deal at 160lempira which is about $6.50 2 adults 2 kids. we would pay the next day with $20 and they would take change.

we still had to cut off many branches to arrive at the site. nice place, toilet and cold shower available, but we did not use it. We saw a very skinny stray dog ​​being well fed.

In the evening another man came by to collect the money. he brought change, but not enough. he was supposed to come back but we didn't see him again.
the next morning when she left she suddenly wanted 320lempira and they had no change. we did not agree. we gave our 4 dollars and all the lempiras we had left, which ended up being a little more than the agreed upon 160lempira. it is therefore advisable to pay immediately and in lempiras

Cascada La Estanzuela 14.22012, -88.05676

Easy access from highway 101. Very clean place

Northbound rest area 41.12492, -124.15002

$29 dollars per person. We left. I have to get to 40 characters but that’s all i have to say. It is a waste of gas to drive over here.

Meteor Crator 35.03340, -111.02255

40 ft 5th Wheel
Officer came by and took a photo of my RV Tag
Told me camping is for 3 days only and must be out for 21 days before coming back. Also there is a $12 permit for parking on the beach

Port Aransas sur la plage 27.78495, -97.09124

drove a little more to the right, beautiful spot right at the beach, nice view, no one else was there

Wild Camp on the beach 23.56286, -15.90798

Parking right at the coast at the north end of the seal colony. Sign reads: limit your stay to 8 hours. No facilities, access to hiking trails

Friends of the Elephant Seals Parking 35.66445, -121.26208

Nice shipping center with a few local businesses. Large parking lot with other vans and big rigs. Really nice and clean gym that's open 24/7. Nice quiet stay.

Planet Fitness 36.33537, -94.14428

$100 MXN for a hot shower. was clean enough. pressure was OK, not great. cute shady garden to wait on your partner. food smelled good. looks like a nice glamping place as well, although we didn't stay.

Pepe's Pizza 23.43845, -109.42957

vert nice place. AT 5am a police car Park on the other side or the road. at 7am, It gones. no issues. the cop did'nt say us anything. quiet AND safe. we/were 3 tonight

Ocean view overlook, West side of road. 37.86978, -122.58998

well stocked and organized tienda. one of the better ones I've seen outside the cities.

Supermarket Popular & Water 23.66255, -109.69905

Pump was shut off and the staff weren't able to get it working.

Flying J RV side freewater 30.90607, -102.88495

All ok. like described below, some broken patches, other then that a beautiful tarmac road.

potholes! 12.06709, -13.10675

So here is our take on this sticker thing, how he explained us today.
Senegal to Guinea, so he just explained us how it works, so we don't get ourselves into a pickle when leaving..
IF you stay longer then 5 days in the country, he said you need a sticker in your passport instead of just the stamped e-visa. You don't need to get it within the first 5 days, just get it before you leave the country. Even if you stay 2 months.
Now we need to decide if we want to drive to Conakry to get this done.... But this was his explanation. He took his time to explain, although it's not applicable to us. So perhaps it's actually true... No idea, we'll see.

Police check with fingerprints 12.58088, -13.37176

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