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Stay 2 days this gas station , very nice place , with dog space , shower is 20u$ but you can share if you stay travellin with someone ! The price gasoline is the best around .. 24 hours you can use the restroom .

Pilot Travel Center Madera 37.01904, -120.13327

Elena and Andrei run a 6-7 double rooms hostel, with shared or private bath. They’re located close to police station which makes the neighbourhood peaceful. The prices for 5 nights in April 2024 were:
20.000CLP for a double with shared bath
23.000CLP for a double with private bath
25.000CLP for a double with private bath and view to the sea
(Don’t know if this is always the price for a night or they gave a discount for staying 5 nights).
They have full equipped kitchen and 3 parking spots for car/motorcycle (we didn’t use it so we don’t know the price). Wifi works really well. Laundry is available for 4.000CLP. They give you a lot of tourism tips, and are always available if you need anything.

Mi Paz Guest House -33.05213, -71.62262

It is a resting spot with a local restaurant and a small shop. It is also possible to sleep in a little hut for 600 Meticais. It's a nice place to take a rest from the bad road.

Oliville truck oasis -20.94862, 34.35260

Pasamos 5 noches muy tranquilas, el lugar es un espectáculo,había varios motorhomes y se siente muy seguro.

Orilla Correntoso -40.73960, -71.66910

We stayed here for one night, without any problems. We arrived at 5:30 pm and had a good and quiet night with some cool air.

Mirador -6.50998, -76.36290

We were able to fill up our 15lbs US propane bottle here. Good and quick service. Price was 40 soles.

Shilcayo Vulcanogas Tarapoto -6.50999, -76.36290

We parked here our camper for 13 nights while we went to the jungle. Price was 10 soles per night. Fernando and his family were very friendly and helpful, they even drove us to the port. It is a safe place to park your car, someone is always around, they have a gate, cameras, and a guard dog at night.
We did not fit under the roof (our truck camper is 3.5m high and 7m long), but we could still park the vehicle in the middle where there was no roof. We were also able to sleep inside the camper for one night and we could even fill up our water tank when we came back.
If the gate is closed, just knock on it and someone will come to open it.
Here is Fernando‘s phone number if you would like to check anything with him in advance: +51 990 383 099

Cochera Santa Gema Yurimaguas -5.89990, -76.10836

It‘s a nice and big pullout fairly far away from the main road, it’s even a bit hidden. Can fit any size of rig. Stayed here for one night and had a peaceful and quiet night. No signal.

Big and nice pullout -7.52921, -76.68997

We spent 4 nights here. Quiet and safe. It's a flat parking right at the beach, between "palapas". There is breeze 24/7 and during the week there is nobody around, except few fishermens and dogs. Recommended

Playa Buchuaco 11.98435, -69.81986

Here we could fill pur tank with diesel.
They also have Gasolina.

PDV with diesel 11.38931, -69.66657

Roads were still closed this time of year.

BLM dispersed campsite 37.66088, -112.16609

Roads were still closed this time of year

Bryce NP (Dixie NF) 37.65763, -112.16799
Jamie Z

As most others have said. Great place for moto travelers for a night or two. I met people from several different countries here.

The facilities are quite basic. My private room (CLP$25,000 per night) had a small bed and a wooden chair. Cold at night. There was someone else's luggage in the room. The bathroom is quite small, and the floor often wet. The kitchen is a bit disorganized. Guests are not allowed to do laundry. It's a bit like staying in someone's garage.

A lady comes to clean most days, but it's a bit cluttered and dirty all the time.

The main reason to come here is for the motorcycle comradarie.

Hostal Casa Matte -33.43939, -70.62861

I've been here with a friend, my Bike and two Tents in April. There where a Van and a view people in the evening. You have some benches and barbecue. Nice View over the sea.

Guadamia Recreation Area 43.45907, -4.98321
B&B's Adventure

We drove off the main track to find a peaceful spot and we found this tree to get some shade. It was very quiet, a bit of wind by moment but nothing crazy.

The heat was absolutely horrible at the date of our crossing. We had 42 degrees under share and over 46 in the sun.

Wild camp under tree 21.23812, -15.23712

We needed to service our Toyota 4x4 and found this garage.
They have a boss that speaks English. However he wasn't there when we went so they called him. We explained what we wanted on the phone (oil, filter change, tyre rotation, general check up). We arrived at 11:30 and they fit us in at 13:00. The guys there didn't speak English but seemed to know what they were doing. They didn't have the oil we wanted and one of them went out to buy it. They had another customer there waiting who spoke English and ended up being our translator. He said they are pretty good and have been in business for over 30 years. We paid 1.6m kip (labour and oil and filter). Overall pretty happy with it. But what we wanted was simple service and we didn't go to any other garage for comparison.

Luangpadith Garage 17.96323, 102.60587

When I came here it was an impulse stop since I was on a motorcycle and a storm was coming. Like others, I had an issue that at first no one was answering. Eventually the dogs started barking, and someone came. No one seemed to know exactly what was going on, but after a while someone told me that there was one bed available. I don't have camping equipment. It turns out that counting myself there were 36 people and 21 dogs staying at the property. Some of the dogs were aggressive and one of them bit me. So as you might imagine it was quite a bit of chaos. There are three bathrooms, but they're used by everyone. If you have a camper or want to sleep in your tent, then this might be a good place for you. But it was not the quiet restful place I had imagined by the description.

Hacienda Colonial Murillo -13.76778, -71.57457

Shandiya is definitely the best host you can find! She gave us so many tips for the Wakhan Valley and was really helpful planning our trip. Also the place is super clean and cozy. We paid 150 Somoni per person including breakfast. We could park our 2 motorcycles at the neighbours yard. We definitely recommend this place!

Welcome Inn 37.49131, 71.54257

We had the vegetarian menu (rice, salad, naan, 3 different kind of curries) for 80 Somoni and it was very delicious! It's also a big portion. Nice place to eat!

Delhi Darbar 37.49086, 71.54446

we camped in #7. not super level. pit toilets, potable water spigots, and trash dumpsters throughout the campground. they are building new road within campground. they start around 7am but not to noisy. overall beautiful site to campground with access to mountain bike trails

White Spar NF campground 34.50726, -112.47685

No issues staying one night in a van in the main parking lot away from the big rigs.

Flying J Travel Center 35.53086, -119.18779

good spot for us, stayed here a few nights, parking lot fills up but pretty quiet, Gilbert park is super nice about 10 minutes down the road

Cracker Barrel 33.38192, -111.72020

Just next to the tarmac street, there were people and we asked if we could refill, no problem! The people here drink the water as it is :)

Watertap next to route 13.41025, -16.44945

small organic farm, ample parking, facilities, and weimaraners

Casa de Los Volcanos 14.52034, -90.78271

On the way to Sani Pass. Not fully hidden from the road, but almost. Dead quiet at night, a couple of shepherds passed during daytime. Just enough space for a small tent

Small roadside clearing -29.46972, 29.16058

Deon and Martha are the most amazing host we've ever come across. So hospitable!
Currently room for ~2 cars, but soon much more space. Clean facilities, nice hot shower. Great pool with slide for the kids. A very nice communal area with multiple tables, seating area and fireplace, bar and kitchen all available to use. Price is USD 30 per car per night. Ask Deom if he wants to do the small potjekie dinner with you; we did it both evenings because it was so much fun (and very good food!). Can't recommend this place enough.

Dema Villa -17.81940, 31.11094

Nos quedamos un miercoles de noche y en la mañana del jueves a las 6am nos despertaron porque estaban armando una feria. Menos mal nos despertaron sino no podriamos salir una vez la feria armada

Tupiza Train Station Parking Area -21.44340, -65.71736

Nice lot. Park away from the store at the edges of the lot, and pick up after yourself. EV charging stations. Stayed 1 night with no issues.

Walmart 39.36577, -101.04757

Manolo is a great guy and has a lot of interesting information about the natural and cultural history of Guatemala. The hike was pretty easy, we did it with our 5 and 2 year old and ended up springing for a horse for them to use when tired, which also made for some fun photos.

When traveling from Guatemala City, do not trust google maps. One route took us to a pedestrian bridge over the lake and another to a boulder strewn hill that was not safe to drive even in 4 low. Take the route through san Vicente.

Manolos nephews were playing with my kids and one told us he didn’t have toys. We gave them some sand toys and chalk, which they shared with their siblings. Bring the kids some gifts!

Parqueo @Manolos House 14.40182, -90.61410

Same comments as below, great food and good price. Nice spot to cool the brakes while driving down the cliff to the lake.

C4 Comida Tipica 14.72744, -91.30868

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