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great place for propane refills. excellent service. Currently $3.75 a gallon

Busters Propane 27.73009, -97.43043

Stayed here for a night and morning. Felt safe enough. Beside some unfinished houses and a huge hill front to a resort. IHOP at end of road with lousy customer service. We slept with windows open, had lights on late into night, and no one bothered us. Uploading a pic.

Quiet street 29.27161, -94.81924

We stayed here 2 days to acclimate to the height before crossing to Bolivia via Ollagüe. Ver nice place indeed. Beautiful view of the laguna (especially in the morning) and somewhat protected from the wind.

!!!CAUTION when entering: glass and iron pieces everywhere!!!

Salar de Ascotán -21.47814, -68.39341

Had our laundry done here yesterday. now 3000clp per kilo, dropped it at 10, got it back at 5.45 (we may have tried earlier I guess), nothing to complain about (a little pricey maybe)

Lavaseco Patagonia all clean -45.57773, -72.07302

Little spot in the forest near arenal observatory lodge and spa. Very quiet spot, you can quietly listen to the sound of animals.

Jungle spot 10.43677, -84.71810

We stayed her twice in/out of Baja and really liked the area to the left at the end of the bluff overlooking the beach, you have to drive down 20ft or so to a stepped down bluff with more privacy.

viewpoint overlooking the bay 31.05617, -114.82600

Very bad bignona-border road (under consideration)
Passavant: Senegal side 2500 fcfa,
side Gambia 1000 fcfa at the entrance and exit of the country..
Visa: nothing on the Senegal side, but on the Gambia side it gets complicated: transit visa 5000/pers (at the entrance and exit of the country) but free if you take a tourist visa
For the bridge, very corrupt place, you can pay in fcfa but they will take a fee on it, for our 10T truck they asked us 12000 fcfa = 1000 dalasi (for them) we fought but they didn't want to know anything , very good Gambian road..

Gambia-Senegal border 13.38399, -15.52949

Nice place, quiet. 25$ by night. See previous instructions for check-in.

Talking Stick Casino 33.54143, -111.87292

big place, easy to hide your van if you go a hit further in the dirt road. no infrastructure.

SIETE TAZAS -35.43032, -71.04714

overgrown little field but light and power next to unsheltered picnic benches. The 'communal' area and kitchen had been let out as a bungalow and garden, so limited access to facilities, but shower and toilet still available. Great view and quiet. Paid 5000pp.

Campo vista insular -42.48352, -73.47316

nice place, safe and lot of space.
but a little overpriced. they charged me 27,50 $ for a landcruiser, 1 person, 1 tent. they calculate per length of the car.

Sittee River Marina and Curve Bar 16.82155, -88.26815
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Very nice folks. Unable to fill a USA tank. No adapter for this fitting.

Lipigas -42.44007, -73.77263
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Wow- said I would be back tomorrow, texted me in 4 hours! Smells great. Folded. Dry. P12,000 per basket full. Not cheap, but hey…..

Laundry -42.48178, -73.76806

What a place!! Quiet, peaceful and what a vibe! The amenities are rudimentary but who cares if you can park next to your private palapa with light and outlet. Of course it's personal but I love it.

Azteca 18.08716, -102.79134

It was getting dark and we needed a place to stay for the night. This place turned out to be perfect. We park at the southeast corner of the building.

The guard asked foe 30 lempiras.

It felt safe. Clean toilets. The guard can open the showers for you.

Station Texaco 14.59253, -87.86274

Stayed here one night and it was the quietest spot I've stayed around SLC. You can hear some of the loud trucks on the highway and some planes, but not bad and pretty irregular. No one else was around when I got there in the evening, slept in late and stayed til after lunch.

Utah Housing Corporation 40.71488, -111.98661

Tried to stay here. Told they were not taking guests. Appears closed / no longer functioning.

Alojamiento Snacks "El Descanso" -20.93570, -66.22016

We had a last minute issue come up with our wheel and called around everywhere looking for same day help. Most mechanic shops did not promise same day help, and a lot even had 3 day waits. Tony took us in right away and diagnosed / fixed the (very small) issue within 20 mins. Charged $40 for it all, such a lucky find despite some very nasty reviews on google maps (ignore them, he does seem honest and hard working).

Tony international car care 29.30742, -94.78308

Clean restrooms. Some noise from other vehicles. Good cell service.

Midland Rest Area 42.12655, -121.82494

pasamos tres días en el estacionamiento. nunca sacamos sillas ni mesa ni nada. Pudimos estar super tranquilos. los domingos hay más gente pero si no bastante tranquilo. vimos muchas focas y la playa larga, a la derecha del estacionamiento mirando al mar, es preciosa. En el medio de la playa corta hay baños públicos y grifo de agua.

playa Santa barbara -42.85262, -72.80049

Literally does not exist. I pulled in here and was simply confused— see for yourself on Google Maps. Is there a convenience store here?

Allsup's Convenient store 33.94722, -105.78484

We could not find the place mentioned 900 meters after this spot, but found another a little before (27.540524, 85.120186). This way you get away from the main road.
Only for small vehicles (we have a Landrover) with 4x4. For 2x2 and bigger vans the marked spot near the main road will be better.

The small dirt road is not almost unused as others has mentioned. Today buses and trucks use the road. Not a lot during the night but still some noise. Nobody bothered us though, and it was still the most quiet place we have slept for a while (coming from India).

F19 - Bhimfedi Riverbank 27.53927, 85.11474

not a bad campsite. You can park anywhere. There is a very small view over the crater. Showers were cold in the day but hot at night. Toilets only squat toilets I think but we only checked one block so maybe the others were Western! There's a few big kitchen areas which the tour operators use but there will be extra space, and also a small shop for coffees, ice cream, snacks beer chocolate etc. They can provide lots of wood for a fire but very expensive.

Public Campsite Simba A -3.22807, 35.49085

Fees are as described below - incredibly expensive. Seeing the sunrise over the crater though was otherwordly and the crater itself was beautiful with so much wildlife. For us it was worth it to do it once. Try and get in as early as possible. There's lots of nice picnic areas in the crater itself. The road from crater to Serengeti is the worst corrugations we've ever experienced in Africa - beware!! Yes there are a lot or people who will ask for things if you stop in the areas near the crater. Beautiful landscapes. If you're here between Dec-Mar go to Ndutu!! It's part of the NCA not serengeti so you can work that into your fees to spend less time in serengeti. The migration will be here and it's an incredible area (see entry for great migration camps for more info).

Ngorongoro Conservation Area Gate -3.29874, 35.59232

Un joli spot en plein front de mer! Nous avons eu la chance de voir un paresseux et une grenouille (vert fluo avec des tâches noires). Pas de commodités. Nous nous sommes sentis en sécurité tout le temps.

A beautiful spot near the ocean. We had luck to see a sloth and a frog ( fluorescent green with black donts). Without amenities . We felt safe everytime.

Playa negra near 'the point' restaurant 9.65660, -82.76891

wrong location, there is a Tamara Lake View close to the lake, but I didn't see a parking space, so we went to Roxy, directly at the lake.

Tamara Restaurant and BnB -1.69788, 29.25034

Found fuel here when there wasn’t any anywhere else in town.

Hidden Fuel Station -6.27153, 14.22531

Lovely spot - rubbish not too bad and peaceful. Saw a few people searching for crabs during the night but they were all friendly. Internet not great.

Beach Camp (Plaja) -7.30076, 12.88402

Quiet. Bathroom and showers were outdated but okay. Would return.

Newport campground 30.19916, -84.17536

Pitty the castle was closed! Beautiful to see the castle from outside pitty we not seeing the inside of the castle

Duwisib Castle -25.28053, 16.49577

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