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It is called Gas de Oaxaca;
Easy place to fill up with room for a bigger rig to drive in

Estacion Gas Ecologica 15.88805, -97.07889

place where they produce and sells dried fruits and ananas juice
150g dried ananas 1500cfa
ananas jam 1500-2000cfa
juice 200cfa

they can show you the whole production process

Center for Dried Fruit 7.18202, 2.00466

Great place to get your overland rig serviced, repaired or modified. Steve, Daniel and the rest of the crew are very experienced and will take good care of you. It’s a Toyota overland rig Heaven, but they work on all types of rigs. Beyond regular servicing and repairs they can take care of you wheels, tires, suspension, armor, roof rack and other needs. They are honest and have great integrity. The best in the Los Angeles area.

RPM Off-Road Garage 34.14378, -118.00176

There are security cameras on both sites at the gates. They look quite modern. For what ever reason. But any way, on rainy season the gras is very high and you can not drive behind those bushes. We didn't stay.

wild large flat spot -20.90509, 17.10717

Marc is amazing. We had a great voodoo tour with him, and spent the whole day visiting places with him, he’s unstoppable.
Price wise he asked for 10k each which we negotiated down to 15k for the two of us.

Fetish priest (3k each) was great, absolutely worth it, chameleon church (3k each) was overpriced as you can’t get in. I would recommend to do that on your own OR to do that on a Sunday evening, when the ceremony is held (then 3k each would make sense I guess).
Visit of the fetish market was great and free. Marc is happy to take you in front of the different palaces and explain things without getting in (so you don’t pay the entrance).
There is no ticket for any entrance you pay, so we have no idea how legit the prices are.

Overall we’re really happy to have spent that money with him as he really did a great job. Next time we’ll come a Sunday evening for sure!

Guide for voodoo villages and ceremonies 7.19718, 1.98465

Small, clean laundromat. washing machines at 3 or 5 dollars, dryers at 2.50 or 1.50. Has a restroom.

Seadrift Laundromat 28.41602, -96.71559

Ocean front perfection! Little dirtroad that leads out of town and ends at the beach. Some spots with soft sand, drive carefully. I was fine in a 2wd but had to keep up speed.

Brisas del Mar 17.26425, -101.02500

February 2023, there was a huge shortage of diesel in the all country of Congo Brazza. Impossible to find diesel anywhere. We managed to get to Pointe Noire where we found our first congolese gas station how allow us to fully fill up. Be prepared for such situation. There is black market diesel but even locals are suspicious of the "Kadafis" (it how they call the street sellers) and advised us to not buy em anything. We begged at every gas station on the way, sometime with the help of police, to get 25 L here, 25 L somewhere else... Its 2100 km between Yaoundé and Pointe-Noire. Its a long drive without proper supply. Difficult but worth it, Congo is stunning.
If there is diesel at that gas station, fill up, even if its cheaper in Congo.

Last Fuel Station Before Border 2.17464, 13.70182

Tiny little bodega on the side of the road. They sell every vegetables and fruits you could find in Congo. Very clean place and very sweet owners. They have other little things like roasted peanuts, eggs, fruit juices and soda...etc. Pleasant little shop. We parked on the sidewalk.

Veggie market -4.81234, 11.84904

The bathroom at the terminal are free and clean, but no toilet paper.

Plaza Central -46.53802, -71.72852

Very nice place we recommend as they have hot shower, very good kitchen (with oven!!), sort of living room and staff is very nice. They even offered the tea and we had a pleasant discussion around the stove.

Danzi Camping 41.17465, 40.97066

We parked in the street and a crowd of people went directly to us, asking if we wanted to exchange money. So we did everything from our car, easy process. We had CFA left from Congo and we did got a way better exchange rate than at the border. They got us Sim Card as well. Be aware that cellphone data in Angola is very expensive compared to everything else we have seen in West Africa (1000 Kz for 1Go with Unitel). We dont really understand why the crowd was that big but they were all very friendly to us.

market / money change -5.55617, 12.19354
A-Round About

A very nice Catholic centre. Rooms:
- 20000 RWF for a double with en-suite bathroom
- 6000 RFW p.p. for rooms without bathroom

Ubumwe Center Kigeme -2.47332, 29.57884

Spent a couple weeks here. Great place to camp for free. If you want more services you can pay in the LTVA area $80 for 2 weeks, but roadrunner is free. No services here though.

BLM Road Runner 33.58558, -114.21800
A-Round About

I confirm the scenic nature of the road but...
The Chinese are paving it. The first six kilometres from the junction with the main road are asphalt; the remaining part is divided between dirt road in good condition and disaster. Lots of mud despite being in the dry season.
I cannot say how long it will take to finish the work, but at the moment I do not recommend it.

Scenic drive -2.56876, 29.22869

As described. Flat area to camp and pitch a tent. Restaurant is expensive for the quality you get. Shower is cold and run down, but works.
There is a security guard at night, tipped him a 1$ to keep an eye for my Moto
Was quiet on Thursday night

Playa Maderas 11.29254, -85.90797

Congo to Cabinda. Congo side very easy. Cabinda side, easy process too but a bit longer because they have to process the Evisa. They only asked us our printed Evisa, nothing else. They didnt even checked our yellow fever vaccins... dont know if we got lucky or what ? We could pay in euros, in 20s and 10s, no problem but at a bad rate (1$ / 1€ instead of 1.07 for that day) but we prefered to keep our dollars for the next countries.
We changed a few kwanza in the street to pay the TIP, about 6300.
Immigration is still asking for money to print copies of the Visa they just printed for 120 $... Ridiculous. One traveller we met at the border decided to pay for us without questionning so ... they got what they wanted. But i m sure there is a way to not pay the "fee".

Congo - Cabinda Border Police, inmigration and Customs -4.98920, 12.05516

I have been camping here since the mid 1980’s. Yes there are rangers and yes you need to pay or you might meet an unhappy Ranger in the evening. It does get dry in the summer but still an old school camping experience. The RV loop does get a bit wild on some weekends and people don’t seem to care about walking through your campsite which drives me nuts. If you enjoy panning for gold or rockhounding this place has it. The stars at night are clear as can be and you may get beat up by a Wild Turkey at some point but, I personally think it’s a safe and fun place to hang out. It’s old and maybe needs some improvements but it’s camping not city life.

Horseshoe Bend Recreation Area 37.69868, -120.24372

Very beautiful campground, lots of space with very clean hot showers and bathrooms. Andres, the owners son, is super kind and will help you in any thing you need. Stayed 1 night due to our trip itinerary, but could have stayed longer. 1 minute walk to town central plaza. We payed 200 pesos for o e night in our Sprinter van.

Paraiso Misional 27.28585, -112.89925

Just as it says. Lovely little spot. They have hotel rooms as well. Cold fresh water showers in addition to the sulphur water ones by the pools. Four different pools with varying temperatures from cold to very hot. With camping price, you can use the pools later into the evening, they close for the day use customers after 6 pm.
Campground area is sparse and dusty, but there is a sink to wash dishes, bucket toilets, cold showers, and we were able to plug in to an outlet on the light pole. Not the best maintained, but we’re the only ones in the campground area, so it’s quiet and spacious.

La Azufroza 25.88232, -100.87191

24/24 distributeur d'eau purificada en libre accès. 15p 30litres

machine water purificada 21.14753, -88.12953
CH Van

It is next to the River and you access it very easily from the camping.
The camping does not provide Electricity (I checked and neither of the campings around does). The bathrooms have light at night. The rest of the campings does not.

It has a grocery store inside camp, and outside of it you can get free wifi.

In Dec 2022 they charge 1000 Arg. Pesos per person per day (childs 600) and 1500 per our van (only once and if you leave before 12pm they give it back).

bathrooms are OK...  they were building extra space with a ship container, I guess it will help once finished.
It gets very crowded on weekends, locals go to spend the day and make some barbecues.

Town and "cajon del Durazno" nearby are great!

Camping Doña Layda -32.16916, -64.77112

we are here now and the place is OPEN! other comments are wrong!

Paraiso Suizo -34.78955, -55.43098

new Friday morning market location
very nice place to meet local producers

Organic Farmers Market 17.24335, -88.78379

I offer free tools and support for motorcycle maintenance and can support them with parts if available...

Ahmad 29.26712, 48.06983

The camp hosts have asked me to update this to request a phone call ahead of showing up. The number is 209-500-7352. Very clean bathrooms, hot free showers, water, power and a dump station. $30 requires cash. Nice stop for the night.

Elks RV park 37.29606, -120.55170

Narcotics checkpoint on the Guatemala City bound direction. Friendly, asked for drivers license and passport.

Narcotics Checkpoint 14.79295, -90.28566

really nice place up away from the street on a hill set in the trees. great food and better beers.

Wesley Brewery -41.13532, -71.31171

Next to the tennis court and gulf cards parking location. No issues at night… to enter Puerto Aventuras you need a reservation for restaura, hotel, or the dolphin experience. We called one of the restaurants to get a reservation and they sent us a QR code which needs to be shown at the gate in order to enter.

Puerto Aventuras Tennis Court parking 20.50142, -87.22588

we confirm ... road under construction but very large road... some potholes but no problem for our non 4x4 long vehicle (7m20)

Bad road 6.62706, -1.56177

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