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Música a todo volumen junto a nosotros hasta las 6 de la mañana. ¿Por qué algunos chilenos son tan desconsiderados?
En realidad un lugar agradable sin ruido de la calle, pero un montón de basura.

Loud music next to us until 6:00am. Why are some Chileans so inconsiderate?
Actually a nice place without noise from the street, but very much garbage.

Bosque municipal -37.34488, -71.82721

Pulled up to a 2nd rig. Sign posted free camping for 3 days max. Great spot. Quiet. Next to a community center. 2/3 bars verizon

Rampy Park 33.25882, -103.31186

800 pesos 3 kg. Limpio, seco y doblado. Entregado a la 13h, recogido a las 20h. Muy buen servicio.

Lavanderia -23.57777, -65.39336

confirmed great spot for tents around here. wind protection as well

Riverbank -44.55687, -72.47292

good place to Stop fot lunch, vending machine , picnic area and bathrooms.

rest area 36.01133, -87.37801

Only complaint is that the parking spot on the river’s edge is fairly close to the one lane bridge over the river, and the trucks use compression brakes when they slow down to cross the bridge, even in the middle of the night. We parked under a huge tree, above the high water line, in a dark sandy area. 4x4 is helpful for about a 4 meter stretch to get up high above the high water line. Friendly Ticos were hanging out at sunset and one other group pitched a tent, late in the night. We felt very safe. Very shady and nice sound of the river (when not overpowered by the sound of the trucks). Lots of bird life and folks were fishing in the river as well

Rio Arenal 10.50143, -84.59477

very clean and easy to use. it only takes coins. owner came out and was very friendly, she speaks excellent English!

20 pesos for a garrafón.

Agua Alcalina de Cinco Filtros 19.68699, -101.17680

just in case this helps anyone else, to get back here from the centre you want the combi that says "Roja 3" on it! 3B also worked. 10 pesos per person

great place to sleep overnight. the military convention was just packing up when we arrived, we only stayed one night but it was a great, quiet sleep. dog park for our dogs to play in, and lots of locals walking their pets around the area. very vibrant and well utilized park!

Public parking lot Free 19.68370, -101.18171

Very nice location right next to the beautiful lake - nice for swimming, fishing. Simple but clean showers and toilets. About 3-4 places for tents and a lot more space for campers. 1800 ar.pesos for two people+1tent+1car. You can also rent kayaks at this place.

Guanaquitos -25.28444, -65.35724

Stayed the night gave the proprietor $50 pesos he was friendly. Two nice lab sized dogs. Made some salsa and gave a bit to the proprietor. Trees had lots of oranges but they were no really sweet tasting. Pretty quiet at nite. Would stay again.

Hotel El Galopeado 27.67145, -113.39804

nice central hotel. parking free at the public parking spot right next to the hotel
. just let the guard know that you stay in the hotel. price 900 pesos

Hotel Dolores Alba 20.96497, -89.61892

Super quiet while we were here.
This is the easiest spot to get to, we found the road to the other two spots was waaaay too steep. Would've burned a lot of gas trying to go uphill again. Just take a right further into town and you have a smooth ride going slowly down!

Wildcamp at the lake 0.19761, -78.21510
A sudden leap into boondocking

an easy flat pull off area on the left side of Alamo Rd. I built a fire pit .. hope someone enjoys it. hard to find big rocks. lol. beautiful spot to see sunsets

Alamo rd pulloff 33.41523, -104.34650

Nice place for a night when going to/coming from Botswana. Campsites are quite close to the road, so you can hear the traffic but it’s not so bad. From site nr.8 nice view to the small, lit waterhole. We saw impalas, warthogs, wildebeest and zebras. Very tame chickens are around. Ablutions were not very clean (would’ve neened cleaning!), and minus comes that campers are not allowed at the lodge facilities (not even for dinner). Good potable borehole water. New
price in March 2023 is N$210/pppn.

Kalahari Bush Breaks -22.34881, 19.55566

Large lot, fairly dark. Parked at the edge of the lot right by the beach. Realized in the morning that I wasn't supposed to park there, but oh well. There were a handful of cars with people partying at night, but otherwise quiet. Good amount of people come early in the morning. Nice to have breakfast with the beach breeze!

Public Beach Access parking 29.30596, -94.76929

If you are self-contained and want to stay in the area after or before visiting the Rio Celeste Section of the NP: this is a good option. If you ask they let you park here through the night for free (just the regular parking fee of 2.000 Colonnes). Quiet at night, just a few cars will pass. No services (maybe toilets during park hours), no Wifi, no cell reception of Claro. Looks like Kölbi might work. Restaurants and tiendas around, open during park hours.

Parking @ NP-Entrance 10.71638, -84.98774

Clean, brightly lit Park & Ride parking lot by a gas station. Very bright lights at night so have your window covers ready! Arrived around 6pm, still here at 10:30am. Lots of people parked overnight. Traffic noise is not too bad and nighttime was quiet. Two bars of Verizon 5G.

Park & Ride 33.32944, -117.16245

Lovely hosts, beautiful place. 30$ per night incl. secure parking. Walking distance to everything. We stayed 2 nights. Highly recommended.

René and Anna’s place 0.82052, -77.70760

Beautiful-extremely quiet. Only heard one ATV in 2 days. This place also has wild Burros that date back 100 years during gold mining days. They leave you alone and so cool to see a few. Amazing mountains.

BLM off 68 35.17483, -114.40112

Beautiful views. Good wide dirt road. Lots of spots to pull into far from other campers.

Desert 32.61384, -109.66226

Super spot!
Très calme et bien situé.
Aucun soucis d'accès pour les gros camions.
20000 pesos par personne

Camping Oasis del roble 5.64482, -73.51819

ok for one night to allow for having a few drinks in town

Car Park at waterfront -51.72178, -72.50844

Little market with a decent stock.
Liquor, beer, empanadas, processed snacks and canned good options.
Check the expiration dates before you buy, though. Almost grabbed cereal that expired back in March 2022. Only a year ago.

Tienda 26.73351, -111.90846

Food and drinks were incredible (if you've got the cash flow, order a margarita con tequila cien por ciento de agave... They'll give you the good stuff from Jalisco in the beautiful margarita glass that it deserves instead of a plastic cup).

Armando’s 26.76619, -111.88447

Such a fast and efficient service that I didn't even have the time to take a picture of the place. Nice fellow and good service.

Phillips 66 Propane Refill 40.72509, -111.82552

it's a very small area that has been converted into a campsite. I am staying here tonight. Tents are almost next to each other , it's less than a minute walk to lake and food trucks. There is some event going on next to Lake , so lot of music and traffic outside today. Site is clean, owner is a fun guy ...tents only..I came by bike. Hot showers and small cooking area, few benches to sit...very basic but secure, clean , surroundings are good for walking around lake

Tent Camping Mac 1 -39.28968, -72.22064

Nice Camping, selfmade & built with lots of love.

20.000Pesos for 1 night, 2P and a van.

Solarshower worked well for one of us (I showered toooo long… sorry husband!)

No wifi but good 3G with entel.

Bathrooms could be more clean.

Fogon y Camping del Chono -43.05225, -73.59344

Vehicle: Ram Promaster 3500

Still there and still 200 pesos. Pretty much the closest viable dump option to Cabo.

Km 73 ranch dump station 23.27728, -110.14701

Nice park on the water with plenty of shade, very nice water fountain with a jug filling spout and threaded spigot. A big sink with three faucets you can wash dishes or clothes in. Bathrooms were fairly clean too and had toilet paper.

Water and restrooms 30.25191, -97.73420

As described. Quiet, safe, clean, very nice 👌

Boat Ramp & Parking Lot 30.73231, -81.54012

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