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Stayed for 5 nights at end of Feb 2023. Pretty busy on the weekends, I got there around 7pm on a friday and there were two sites left (out of 7 or 8). Not too busy during the week. If you can’t get a designated aite with a table, you can stay anywhere along Dusty Level Rd., since its National Forest land there aren’t restrictions on setting up shop for the night and there are already a bunch of pull-offs with fire rings on the way to the campground.

Side-note: there is a black, long-haired dog (maybe a Lab?) who frequents the campground looking for food. The owners live down the road and they let him walk the road to visit the campground by himself. I don’t agree with this personally, because when I found him he looked lost because was way down the road away from the campground and animal control told me that it was a neighborhood dog and there is no leash law so if he’s not aggressive they can’t do anything so they said it’s best to just ignore him

Yates Campground 35.36487, -79.98934

Besides all the males driving around the parking lot with their mufflers disconnected and their music blasting there were no incidents. The noisy males continued thru most of the night. We stayed a couple of nights with other RVs and semi trucks.

Walmart 30.44026, -86.63975

Very nice place with showers and bathrooms. We were able to fill our water tanks and even made fires 🔥

Camping Oasis del roble 5.64478, -73.51815
JK Basecamp

We stayed here for 2 nights.
The price for the rustic / no-service site is 90$

Big pine fishing lodge - campground 24.64779, -81.33202

Well preserved campsite open 24hrs
Clean bathrooms with hot water
Power outlets at sites w/ tables near parilla spots.
UYU 440 p.p (1320 for 3 adults, 1 car, 2 tents)

Camping Punta Del Diablo -34.03552, -53.56836

Camping ótimo, banheiros bons, limpos, com papel higiênico e sabonete líquido, chuveiro quente, piscina, local para lavar roupa e louça, pontos de luz, mesas com iluminação, churrasqueira, bastante locais com sombra, Wi-Fi (não muito bom), nos sentimos seguros lá. Aceita pet. Pagamos 2000 pesos por pessoa. Um outro campista nos contou que cobram 500 pesos por motorhome, fora o valor do camping por pessoa. recomendado. um dos melhores que fomos.

El Mangrullo -32.85599, -68.89410

overnight réussi avec succès deux nuits consécutives nous étions jusqu'à 4 campers aucun problème.

successful night successfully two consecutive nights we were up to 4 campers no problem.

Walmart 55.17115, -118.82789

We spend the night here at this Nice place close to the road. only a few cars during the night. Woke UP with the sound of the birds. Felt safe enough!!! No facilities.

Abandoned School -31.90409, -56.64754

We came here after a horrible experience at Alitasha Lodge and it was a great decision. 400 kwacha for a large room with two double beds and a mini fridge. There was hot water, a restaurant with decent food, and secure parking. The staff were incredibly helpful going out of their way to help us with internet as we didn't have a SIM yet. Even though they didn't have wifi at that point, the lady at the desk bought a data package and loaded it on the office phone and let us hotspot. Overall, a great experience and well worth the money.

Sinamu Lodge -10.20383, 31.18325

We arrived and got a room with king sized bed for 400 Kwacha. When we asked to connect to the internet the package was exhausted. The manager flatly refused to add more data even though we explained that we had been traveling for 12 hours and did not yet have a SIM card and desperately needed connection to check some information. We explained that the only reason we chose the place was because it had wifi but his response was, "I'll sort it out tomorrow afternoon." He was incredibly rude and unhelpful and laughed at our frustration. We demanded our money back and went to Sinamu Lodge where the staff were incredibly kind and helpful. Regardless of the price, I would avoid this place like the plaque for it's horrible customer service.

Alitasha Lodge -10.21490, 31.19110

It's a street parking free from 8pm to 9am. We passed a quiet night here (Monday to Tuesday). There's public internet. Slow and oscillating, but enough. Nobody bothered us. Carabineros pass by often. There are free toilets at the bus station from 6:30am to 10:30pm.

María Auxiliadora -53.16049, -70.90513

pasamos la noche, buena estación, muchas casas rodantes y motorhome.
stay one nigth, food station

YPF Fuel Station -49.98021, -68.92974

Wonderful, peaceful place. We stayed 4 nights just enjoying the good atmosphere, the nice pool and used the good wifi. Super nice facilities, great kitchen and dining place. And the people there, especially the owner is so Kind and helpful. We can hightly recommend staying here. :)

Rural Chik -14.73282, -47.55896

O posto é um bom ponto de apoio. Atendentes educados, banheiros limpos e ducha quente, Wi-Fi disponível e livre. Lanchonete com lanches rápidos e alguns itens de conveniência.

Posto Horizonte 2 -26.70323, -51.58623

Bridge is washed out at this point on the trail and not passable by car. Would be passable with a push bike or on foot.
Has been washed out some time as bank is overgrown

Congo-Nile Trail -1.84734, 29.29749

Bridge is washed out further south. Not passable by car

Congo Nile Trail -1.84293, 29.29350

Bridge is still broken. not passable by 4x4

Broken Bridge! -1.83253, 29.29401

See comments below and check the National park website for updated information. There’s no gate, just a couple of cones and a small parking lot with stairs leading up to the check-in building. No one checked our papers when we left midday. Chile’s cash cow is composed of bumpy dirt roads, new facilities, and worthwhile views. Driving through and camping along the way is beautiful. You can hike Torres Paine & plenty of the mirador hikes without additional payment (very fulfilling) or you can indulge in hotels, domes, restaurants, and treks (also nice).

Side note: Be sure to check out the wild camping spot at Serrano just outside the western entrance. It’s the most beautiful campsite in the area and not even in the park! Happy travels (:

Parque Nacional Torres del Paine -50.97961, -72.79955

After 3 days of waiting, we saw a group of 5 orcas hunting!! Really really worth the waiting. They were already spotted that morning far away, but they returned 30 min before high tide. They went in the direction of Caleta Valdes, and after about an hour they came back.

The weather conditions were perfect for the past 2 days, not much wind and clear water, but they didn't come. So mostly it's a matter of luck I think.

Also watching the sea lions and sea elephants is really fun. This time of the year, the pups learn how to swim and play around. You can see them relatively close from the boardwalk.

The road from Puerto Piramides is unpaved but not bad at all. Only the last 10 km or so are a bit worse.

Good luck!

Orcas- Sea elephants - Punta Norte -42.07919, -63.75709

Sergio is an awesome host and a really interesting person. The campsite was developed as a tenting (clamping) kinda thing but also has a top parking lot that can accommodate vans, and truck/campers but not really anything larger than that due to space constraints and the ability to turn around. The campsite grounds are really cool and eclectic and the vibe is of semi-tropical guest house (or hostel). It reminds us of places we would have stayed in Thailand many years ago. The showers are best we have had camping in Baja and if your timing is right Sergio might be organizing a community feast... He once owned the largest catering company on the Baja!

The onsite donkey Geronimo is hilariously spirited and when Sergio lets him out of his enclosure in the morning, he runs and jumps around... too funny!

There is no tank dump here, but there may be in the future, as Sergio is considering putting a dump facility in after I told him that nobody else in SJ del Cabo is doing it.

Totally recommend!

Rancho El Clandestino 23.06497, -109.72055

Little sandy beach/peninsula in Swasey River, good for tents. Small track off the gravel road becomes single track accessible by motorbike, bicycle and on foot. Park on the bank and pitch a tent on the beach.

Small fire leftovers and orange peel are evidence that locals come here sometimes.

The river is good for a swim and the place is idyllic.

No phone reception to speak of

River Beach - Motorcycles only 16.58353, -88.55737

Chacra: El Dragón Rojo
Actualmente, es una casa de/para Ciclistas, que viajan recorriendo Argentina.
Un lugar muy lindo, rodeado de mucho verde🌲🌱🌼💐 ya que la dueña del lugar, Lili, tiene un vivero.
Ideal para pasar una noche, y continuar con el recorrido.
El lugar cuenta con:
*agua potable
*cocina (anafe a gas envasado)
*baño (ducha, inodoro, bidet, vanitory)
*agua caliente (calefón a gas envasado)
*comedor/sala de estar
El albergue para ciclistas, no cobra dinero. Hay una caja, donde uno contribuye, para solventar gastos (gas/luz/wifi, etc).

Chacra: El Dragón Rojo" -42.03092, -71.54914
Ivo Schob

Had 15kg to wash, very friendly, got it back clean, folded & wrapped.
Paid 4.000Peso, not cheap but OK.

Sol brisa lavadero -50.00396, -68.93640

Very quiet place in middle of desert. This place is really better that the previous one. You will be surrounded by mountains ans cactus.

Rancho Viejo 25.93170, -111.56219

Perfect spot to camp . Safe and quiet at night. We really enjoyed having Starbucks there so we could use their WiFi and also get out of the heat. Walmart has public bathrooms.

City Center Mall 21.03779, -89.60287

very similar to a municipal Camping Argentin

Balneario Circulo Argentino /Camping Pileta -22.50440, -63.79177

local tranquilo e seguro, conta com chuveiro publico no trapiche da praia e ao fundo na praça, tem alguns canos de pvc onde ficam cobertos os pontos de energia. Passamos 3 noites no local.

Estacionamento Público Praia da Pinheira -27.88297, -48.59756

Perfect wildcamping place. It felt Safe, very quiet and very little vehicles. Not suitable for working since no cell service. Clean ground suitable for workout! Most epic sunset and sunrise, amazing sky and stars at night!
TIP: Go early (arrive at 8AM) to punta tombo and have the best experience. From 10.30 all tourists buses arrived, at least 500 people and it got overcrowded

RP42 - Close to entrance to Punta Tombo -43.96867, -65.41707

Nice county park by the river. No amenities. So pack in, pack out. A bit of trash so i clean like always. Only me and another camper, so very quiet. Gator in the river do watch your dog!!!

Bennett Park 28.79601, -96.70316

An RV parking place. No potable water and $21 for a dump.. a rip off

IN RV Storage 32.32003, -111.04710

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