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Well stocked minimart next to the main road. They have a baño for CLP$500 and also run the microbrewery.

Valle del Púelo minimart -41.72631, -72.01990

Great microbrewery, running for about 5 years, now in a separate building. Amazing surprise to find it here after 6 days of hiking from Cochamo valley!

Cerveceria Artesanal Valle del Puelo -41.72631, -72.01990

Nice flat grassy spot next to the river and bridge. Space for many tents. Next to the brewery and minimart. The owners said we could camp there for free. Access to the river is a little tricky with the bridge structure. There is a baño at the minimart.

Rio Manso campsite -41.72691, -72.01911

Nice campground with clean facilities.
Price was 50000 for 2 adults, 2 kids and a van. We stayed 2 nights and didn’t see any wild animals exept a wood-picker 😅. Trails are nice, in the primary forest.

Yatai Nuevo Gambach -26.63817, -55.66363

Great spot for propane - check their hours before just showing up

Indian Peaks Propane 40.00195, -105.90552

We had a very good time in Candelario.I understood that Martha is gone and the new "manager", Maria Louisa, was very nice and fair to us. Staying in the middle of nowhere living a simple life was an unforgotable experience!

Candelario -48.87748, -72.73978

We were here three nights, fri, sat and sun. Maybe we got lucky but no speakers or noisy locals even though it was the weekend. It was busy, but not packed and we had space. There is music from the food trucks on the boardwalk which continues till midnight, not loud but you can hear it if you camp closer to the entrance. Cost was 500 pesos per person + 500 more for a tent. Bathrooms are clean and have warm water, you no longer need to ask for a key or pay extra to use them. The wifi was good.

Camping Municipal Chos Malal -37.37139, -70.27509

Big parking lot, lots of space for all kind of rigs. The road up is unpaved and bumpy but doable with a campervan, if you take it slow. Great view of the volcano. Beyond this point, private vehicles are no longer allowed in the Nationalpark.

Ski-lift Parking -39.38159, -71.97180

Marcelo approached me when I was walking our dog with my husband. He was leaning against his green truck outside of El Patron near the beach. He said I could invite all of my friends and it would be fun to ride the horses through the water. I didn’t know this was an incredibly scary scam, but didn’t follow up on his invitation. I’m attaching a picture of the card he gave me in case this happens to you.

Marcelo’s Horseback Rides 26.88800, -111.95879

This site is west from the hiking trail heads with enough room for a couple tents, or a truck with a camper trailer. Fire ring is on the site.

Off teh side of the road 34.96318, -83.13741

This site is west from the hiking trail heads with enough room for a couple tents, or a truck with a camper trailer. Fire ring is on the site.

Off the side of the road 34.96318, -83.13741

Perfect spot for an overnight. Clean, warm bathroom. We were the only vehicle. Road noise wasn’t too bad.

Highway 383 rest stop 39.78655, -100.00200

quit shopping and ended up parking near the gas station back of the lot.

Walmart 35.94347, -83.21170

We thought this spot was more private/quiet than the transit centre. Decent, level spot that we had to ourselves for the night. Unfortunately the pizza place next to the lot was BLASTING music that we could hear even over the sound of rain and a fan. For the life of us we couldn't figure out why, I guess it was the place to be that night. Still a decent spot in the Forks!

Forks Outfitters Gravel Lot 47.94179, -124.38634

Came here on our way to Death Valley, we wanted to visit the opera house because it’s raining and too cold outside.
The tours were cancelled !
The lady said it was too dangerous in this weather… 🤷🏻‍♀️ apparently people slipped… anyway

Tours are only twice a day at 9:00 am and 6:00pm.

DONATIONS 15$ for non guest
10 if you stay at the hotel.

Amargosa Opera House and Hotel 36.30160, -116.41390
The Flyway Effect

My husband and I filled up with water here on February 25th,2023. The woman who worked in the Visitor Center was very friendly and said it was absolutely no issue to fill up. She said she was unsure as to why this was crossed out on the map.

When you pull into the large vehicle parking there’s a concrete median and there’s multiple faucets inside that concrete structure with the bushes. All of them worked.

There is a pretty tight u turn at the top, would be tight for a big rig. We drive a 25’ school bus and had no issues!

Tonto National Monument 33.64421, -111.11258

very nice hot showers! own little room with place to stand to change/get dressed. hooks to hang stuff. $5 in quarters for 10 minutes, which is really longer than you expect. hot water within 30 seconds. Plus places to set your stuff in the shower. Plus you can do laundry if you need too!

Wash Tub 45.03051, -110.70631

Found ourselves back here again. It’s alright for a night right on the coast. Bit over priced but more wind protected than right up on the road. Also a lot less road noise. Paid $51 for dry site.
Little breakfast/lunch shack opens on the weekends. Good coffee and breakfast before you hit the road.

Hobson Beach Park 34.33770, -119.41186

Exceptional camp site that exceeded our expectations. We stayed at the Forest Camp, which had a private covered kitchen with hot water, lights, long table and benches, sockets to charge phones, private loo, and private outdoor shower and bath (very nice!). Also had a plunge pool, outdoor braai and picnic table. We had a 4x4 with roof-top tent, and had stunning views over the valley. Ralph and Elspeth are campers themselves and they understand the importance of a level surface and matting on the sand, which stopped sand on flip flops and in the tent! Some nice hikes too. Well worth the R300 pppn for that luxury camping expertise.

Coral Tree Campsite -23.87905, 30.01040

famara is a very nice guy speaking english very well. he can also organise trips in the delta for ahalf/full/multiple days. i really enjoyed the full day trip. its possible to camp her but for big riggs its not possible.

Baobab sur terre 14.12912, -16.47064

Stayed for 4nights, good location, have all the facilities. R$30/pp

Camping Mangueiras -6.23259, -35.04445
Sonia Marcus

We snuck in at night after arriving from the ferry at around 2am. Owner was fine with us just paying the following morning. Sites were a bit damp and no hot water. Quincho/cafe area is pleasant, the overall feeling of the place was a bit run down.

Eco Camping Patagonia El Cobre -41.96860, -72.49382

it is the best place to park but it is prohibited to park along the road, that's what we were told in the morning. if you don't wanna pay 30 soles, the road is open 24/7, just go after 6, no one at the entrance and after 10 am no one checks tickets in the trail. Parón is ran by the community that's why only 5s. the rest of the park is ran by private company and the charge 30 s pp.

Laguna 69 Pullout -9.04767, -77.60994

ferry was booked out every time we looked the past two months but we kept contacting office and were able to get last min tickets 5 days beforehand so worth to keep sending emails/whatsapps as spots come up! met another traveller that was able to get a ticket two days before ferry. The was plenty of room for more vehicles on board our sailing, limiting factor was seats. bring snacks! 2 night ferry, boarded 6pm sat, arrived natales at 8pm monday

Ferry Transbordadora Austral -47.93530, -73.32295

u are not allowed to camp on the right side of ticket 6500cop. the other side has camping

ticket office 5.13574, -73.96672

Oxygen is a restaurant attached to Sunny Land. The wifi is free if you buy something. Friendly staff and fast wifi. Wifi can be picked up on gravel area opposite restaurant too

Oxygen 43.84267, 18.41640

Very quiet and no light, good spot to sleep on out way to Chicago!

Arlene’s Truck Stop / BP 42.28346, -85.28134

First of all this is not an “established campground” so needs redesignating as this is a car park for a hotel. Secondly DO NOT COME HERE! The guy has increased the price to USD $45 per night as of this week. Saw 2 other overlanders who paid for one night and then left! Tried to charge us USD $10 for electricity for 2 hours. You get pool access and free bikes, but be under no illusion that this is $45 per night for dry camping.

Mariposa Restaurant and Beach Suites 16.53546, -88.35990

This is an antique engine, tractor and car show. Has a 4 day show November, January and February. There is a 40 acre flee market. Tractor pulls. Very interesting old living history village. 4 days of show and dry camping was about $120. Amazingly great people in the primitive campground/cow pasture. Their website is to find the show dates each year.
7000 Avon Park Cutoff Rd, Ft Meade FL

Florida Flywheelers 27.70160, -81.68319

Nice hike of 4 KM is starting at the lodge. They asked no fee, the deal is to take a meal in their restaurant. Food was fine and really fair priced.

Please be careful with ticks 🪳!

Natural Hot Springs 10.75897, -85.32275

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