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This place is in wrong location - it is located at -15.75830, 29.29287

Mucheni 2 -15.75830, 29.29287

Room was infested withe bed bugs so I slept in tent inside the room instead, and could hear priest in the morning.

Aman Hotel 5.52185, 36.73463

Got 16l in a jerry can for local price here. Although it was a bit weird because he wouldn’t talk to anyone, not even the locals there and only said “listo” after 16 liters in our 20 liter can. But we had no luck at the last 5 gas stations so not complaining

Estacion de Servicio TOLAR -16.90227, -68.12269

quiet night, didn’t see or hear anyone except some dogs. No amenities, but good cell service.

silent spot next to a playground -22.91869, -65.58631

open. diesel available. cash or credit card. but for us, it was sunday and only cash, because no power ;-)

Shell Station -17.72606, 24.52735

Automatic machine 24h
You can park right next to it. If you are coming from Mexico maybe will be something new (they have similar machines in Mexico but here are in this kind of big parking lot).
Price $1.5 for 5 gallon of water. Also you can get ice at the same machine.

Watermill express 25.93639, -97.49633

Gravel parking lot in front of Ljam Nature Center! Women working there told us we could overnight here. Could easily camp here in tents as well!

Overflow parking lot Ljam Nature Center 35.95454, -83.86915

all perfect ! Very attentive to all the manager. we will definitely be back. see you soon and thanks

Camping Izuelina -33.57354, -70.77943

we arrived late around 10pm on Saturday. The parking lot in front of the gun it was empty. Looked like nobody was at the gim although the gim was open. Very quiet we slept super good. In this area is plenty of light. We felt safe here, we think is a really good option for before or after the border.
PS: From the Mexican side we sleep in "Soto la marina" really good and safe gas station (Pemex) to stop. [ +/- 3h from the border ]

Planet Fitness 25.93811, -97.49646

Nice place at the beach. Entry is narrow, because of the vegetation. Only few people walked by. You need 4x4 or sandladders to turn at the beach.
There are campsites just few hundred meters down the beach.

Wildcamping at the beach 39.10139, 20.63020

Stopped here after crossing the border on a Sunday afternoon. it was open and well stocked, prices compare with most supermarkets in East and Central Africa. A very nice local asked if he could buy our shopping on his visa swipe for USD cash. He gave us 2000 zim dollar to 1 USD, better than the bank rate and it was very smooth and easy.

TM supermarket -16.51711, 28.84777

a place for camping and rest in the road specifically for bike riders

kugulu Park samad&sanaz 40.95764, 29.17136

Bon endroit pour passer la nuit apres un magnifique couche de soleil Se mettre a l ecart sur le petit chemin pour moins entendre le bruit des camions. Aucun service et un faible reseau tel avec Claro

Paraiso -14.82893, -74.69634

Very Important!!! I hope the pin is right on place. But in case it's not. Also check the pics to fully understand. Also read the full description.
At this border 99% are Mexican residents in the states so they do not stop in the Mexican side!!! They go straight to the US!
So if you follow the line you will ended up in the US without cancel your tip and your immigration situation. (It happened already to others that's why I'm doing this fully details post)
When you start following the line follow the right line! After that you will cross an open gate very big so you will see it don't worry!
100m from that gate you will see a small cabin on your right and right before a street passing through. If you missed already that path don't worry just park right after the cabin.
Go to the cabin and wait that cabin is banjercito. They asked for the tip take some pics and gives you the confirmation. Your money in case you paid with card will be returned in 3or 4 days ( that what they said)
After that you just park after this cabin 10m away. An cross walking the street to the main building where immigration is.
Stamps in your passport and you are out of Mexico. Then you go to the line again. Paid the toll. And Enter in US.
For the states they have scanner for small cars and if you have a car more that 2.5m maybe they check inside.
Remember plants, veggies and meat are not allowed into US. We forgot some stuff and they took it. So be aware! For us they were very friendly in both sides!
The only thing is they have no traffic signs in the Mexican side showing were to go or stop if you are foreign and you need to do paperwork before leaving mexico.

Banjercito (Aduana for the Car) Mexico to US !!!! 25.89617, -97.49761

a place for camping and rest in the road specifically for bike riders

sile Road petrol samad&sanaz 41.04378, 29.27953

Afghan-Pakistan border. As chaotic as you’d expect, very nice guys on both sides that will do everything for you, won’t cost you anything but time and patience They couldn’t stamp my carnet on entering Pakistan, they said they didn’t have the facilities, but you have to ask for the boss, someone there must know how to do it, because later I had to send my carnet back there for the stamp! Try this number for the guy in charge of customs if they won’t do it +92 333 8172933.
They let me ride to Quetta without an escort.

Afghanistan Pakistan border 30.95495, 66.43799

Quiet night. We rolled in after dark and found a level spot quickly. Got woken up but a helicopter early in the morning since it’s next to an airport.

It looks like a ton of mountain bike trail. Dogs on/off leash are permitted on the trails.

I walked my dog around the lot instead of the trail and without crossing the street got notified I was trespassing by a speaker from the buildings. I think that was due to my proximity to the buildings more than anything.

Adventure Trails Recreation Area 45.68814, -118.85215

Muito bonito o lugar, a lagoa. o nascer do sol. Pegamos 15 pra entrar e depois de pedir descontos pagamos 40, 00 por motor home, porque estávamos em 2 mh . No mais estamos de acordo com o que os viajantes descrevem abaixo. Vale a pena vir conhecer mesmo com bom trajeto estrada de chão.

lago Caracarana 3.84587, -59.78481

After a few minutes of Canejo, take a slightly sandy track and climb the hill and take the first right « road » At the end of the track you arrive facing the ocean, continue to the right and you find a flat spot facing a desert beach and its incredible cliffs. Alone in the world, just perfect. a bit of wind

The cliffs of Canejo 24.05111, -110.97583

Very simple, easy exit from Zambia. CPD stamped efficiently.

Zambia Immigration Office -16.51959, 28.76140

2.5 hours to cross border, busier but still an easy and good border crossing experience.
55 USD for GB visa. 30USD Road tax and carbon tax together. Comesa insurance accepted or 25 USD for 1 month if no comesa insurance.

Kariba Border Post -16.52598, 28.76160

Really good and one of the best options to rest before or after the border. We felt super safe! We didn't see the Marine houses though.... and is open 24h. Next to hotel.
The border is 3 hours maybe more depending on traffic.
Very friendly staff and super quiet for a gas station. We slept super good but we were very tired so .... They have bathrooms for free and showers. Very clean gas station overall. Close to the border we saw others but not as good.
PS: going north they have some check point from the police and military. So if you are in a rush keep that in mind !

Pemex La Marina 23.78190, -98.19682

Slept here a night. Quiet. Water in the park. Next to park Plaza de la Música

Street quiet next to park -30.42269, -64.34420

Close to a very small road with no passage. Great view on the mountains and the village of Botaya. Very quiet. Easy access. Flat spot for one big rig or two small vehicules. No trees for shadow. Good 3G/4G signal.

Scenic view on Botaya 42.49932, -0.64460

Quiet overnight spot. Donation parking for church. No restrictions

Easby Abbey and Church Car Park 54.39719, -1.71604

Very nice place. Open for a year. Nice people good food. Not many people around. good voor dogs. Great walking .

Camping La Zarapica 42.87476, -6.43032

clean, nice room for 50. no shower, but u can use a shower in another room. room with shower 100. single person

Sugd Hotel 39.38774, 68.55508

150kwpp to camp. basic facilities but nice owner who is very friendly. large beers 20-30kw. if you let them know early enough they can make you an African dinner with vegetables, eggs and nshima for 25kw maybe they cook something different on other nights). perfect place for cyclists between mfuwe and chipata

Maggie`s Community Camp -13.42283, 32.31752

Very quiet, clean and good Verizon reception. I didn't see any signs prohibiting and another campervan stayed also. Not a big parking lot and not a big store, you can check it out on the map. Nice area too.

Walmart Anamosa Iowa 42.10007, -91.26555

Easy to access Dumping station and potable water available! Thank you!

Corner Brook Bay of Islands Visitor's Center 48.94281, -57.91794

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