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Able to fill our propane bottle here. Super friendly and helpful staff. Used Spanish disc attachment.

Global Gas service 5.73847, -0.31523

Nice, little guesthouse in a quiet area, but a short drive to big Malls. Little garden and pool. Good breakfast and friendly staff. If you want to eat dinner at restaurant, you’ll need to pre-book it.

Guesthouse Terra Africa -22.59562, 17.10089

Dormimos uma noite tranquila aqui, vários caminhões pernoitam.

We slept a quiet night here, several trucks overnight.

Posto Horizonte 2 -26.70295, -51.58630

pay parking.
22' and under.
8$ per day, 4$ per night
Very quiet. no problem
Kensington market very close with tons of great restaurant !

parking chinatown 43.65584, -79.39794

We needed a cracked steel suspension component welded and reinforced and were refered to this fellow by a local.

It's the typical cluttered workshop, but Pedro knew what we was doing, ground out the crack, layed down some nice looking welds, and reinforced the part with additional steel, boxing the section as I requested.

He knew to grind out a weld that got contaminated with paint and do it over. Very professional work, wearing safety boots, hearing protection, and gloves... did a great job

Charged 80k (~$20) for an hours work...

He even came out the next day to help me reinstall the part which needed a second set of hands...

WhatsApp +57 322 8775057

Soldador Welder and Mechanic - Pedro 1.87525, -76.26398

Stayed here a couple nights recently. They got 6" last night, woke up to an angry plow driver banging on our van at 5am. If there's no fresh snow I'd say pretty good spot

Park City Mountain Parking Lot 40.65386, -111.50926

Company specialized in service and repairs of Mercedes vans and trucks. We were directed to this place by the official Mercedes dealer in Bogota because we needed some special repair tasks to be done on our steelframe/fiber glass housing. They also have a large stock with original spare parts.

Should your repair take more than one day, you have to leave their property in the evening, you cannot stay overnight there in your vehicle.

Tramicón Mercedes 4.64296, -74.11386

After being asked by the police to leave the Boyce recreation area (nice spot on the river), they suggested the information centre next to the Love’s travel centre. It is also the Boyce police station. It is quieter to spend the night at the visitor centre and the use the services at Love’s.

Loves Travel Centre at Boyce 31.36047, -92.58788

Yerbabuena is a sweet and secure place to stay overnight. it has a restaurant, they prepare dinner or breakfast if you want. they offer bathrooms and cold shower. if you need there is also a little cabaña for up to 5 people (50.000 per person with breakfast) with hot showers! the gate is open from around 8 am to 5 pm. 12.000COP per person for camping.
please let the owners know if you want to come in advance via WhatsApp: +57 3112620820 (Gloria)

Yerbabuena 6.33189, -72.60069

Super friendly people! perfect place to stay on the way to Cocuy

Yerbabuena 6.33188, -72.60070

Good service. Not same day but I only dropped it off by noon.. next day in the am.
$800ars for a load
It is situated in the back of the travel agency.. no big sign

Laverap -43.07833, -71.46539

They say they are renovating so no camping for now.
Even when I popped in at 5pm and need no electricity or what so ever they said no.

Marang Hotel Campsite & Hotel -21.19813, 27.53276

Pretty good spot for a night among the truckers but expect some noises. I parked my van in the back, near the fence line for the RV park, to stay out of the way for the trucks. Saw a couple others and some parked in front of casino.

The Colt Casino 40.64839, -116.94287

Really beautiful spot! The parking lot has a nice, jungly view of the river and a clean washroom (no shower, but there’s a little river at the entrance to the parking lot under the bridge). Lots of flat space, empty during the week, no cell signal or wifi. They didn’t charge us to camp, just the $3 entry to the beautiful pools. I’d suggest checking the weather before you come to see if it’s going to rain the whole time, then the pools are brown and too hectic to swim in. We really liked it here, stayed 2 nights. There are some nice view wild camping flat spots on that road in also. Enjoy!

Laguna Azul -1.07409, -77.95432

Really beautiful pools and cascades. Empty during the week, but busy on weekends. Check it isn’t raining the whole time before you come, then the river is brown and too dangerous to swim. Still $3 entry. They didn’t charge us to camp in the parking lot. Showers/toilets/food & drinks available.

Laguna Azul - Balneario / Swimming Holes -1.07410, -77.95483

nice thermal complex.I slept in the parking lot for a tip to the night guard.ticket to the pools was 28k in afternoon 3g signal or wifi tho.only down to the pools with a steep 150m descent!

Volacanes hot springs 5.09217, -73.64089

Supermarket Full
Fresh snacks on the food truck in the parking lot.

ABC Supermarket -20.93857, -46.98722

Super quiet location in front of the pier. There is faucet and public toilet installed. We spent 2 days and 1 night super quiet, quiet place, friendly neighborhood.

Trapiche Praia da Picada -30.28549, -51.30011

Spent the night for free in the parking lot, super quiet. In the morning we visited the ruins (70 pesos pp entrance fee). Super friendly and knowledgeable security guard. We were the only one on the site during our visit

Oxkintok Pyramide My 20.56249, -89.95360

small shop, basic food, Snacks and drinks. Some shaded areas outside

small shop 18.69172, -15.62197

This information is incorrect. The correct coordinates are roughly (34.2409035, -93.2072085), nearly 40 minutes(!) from the post. Very disappointing when you’re hunting for a spot late at night.

Ozan Point Recreation Area 34.31643, -93.17093

good location very quiet and safe

buena ubicación muy tranquilo y seguro

Isidro Ayora -1.87981, -80.14655

Patagonia Elements offers a range of outdoor activities like rafting, canyoning and kayaking among other things. Their office is just off the main square. Excellent experienced guides who are bilingual. Super fun and professional.

We paid 70,000clp pp for an afternoon of rafting (1.5hrs on the water) with thorough training, transport, snacks and equipment. It was so well done, a real highlight of our entire trip. Our guides were Carlos and Bea, and would definitely recommend.

Patagonia Elements -43.18518, -71.86650

We paid 3,500clp pp to just use the showers at the El Camping campsite. Clean and the water was warm/hot with good pressure. Maybe 4 showers each with own lockable door. Just lacking a shower curtain within so some water on the floor, but not a big deal.

El Camping Showers -45.57740, -72.07894

Very good restaurant, quiet and cool near a market. Easy to park near and safe. She ´s very nice and she serves generous plates for cheaper 500 to 700 fcfa.

Restaurant Sokhna anta Sall 13.77317, -13.67229
ioverlander user

There is a free water tap at Pemex with good parking possibilities. Water looks clean and good

Water tap at Pemex 18.53071, -88.31226

Small parking near a shelter, view tower and a fire pit. Beautiful place, very quiet.

vapo altoneva laavu 62.20415, 23.29488

Great place to visit the city from if you are in a larger rig and don't want to drive too much in the city. We are in a full size truck camper. Easy access off the highways running through town. Very mellow area, quiet at night, and some walking around for the dog. No facilities nearby so need to be self contained. Would definitely use it again to visit the city.

SURAMERICANA Aguamarina 6.25734, -75.57991

grand stationnement à l'arrière mais bcp en pentes, passé une nuit tranquille sans problème on était trois.

Cracker Barrel 35.67109, -88.83403

Private small house (bedroom, living room, bathroom). Perfect for two, can accommodate up to 5 with matress and a couch).

Very nice family and neighborhood. We could store our bicycles in a garage. Will fit small car and motorcycle. Big rigs on the very quiet street.

Wifi, huge TV with Netflix and good price. We paid 135 reals/night/2 persons in Airbnb, but you can also make a reservation by calling/Whatsapp (Portuguese and Spanish). Nro. +55 54999792920

Highly recommed!

Casa do Tiago -28.50730, -50.95135

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