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Small pull off on the way to the swimming hole.

Ramrod Sideroad Pullout 24.66583, -81.41575

We also struggled to find level ground, but carried on the road further down about 10 mins and found a place where the road was wider and flat (we didn’t want to risk leaving the road itself). V quiet night, lovely sunrise. Good for a one night stop.

On the hill -9.33335, 13.74044

Stopped here for lunch with an epic view- v nice spot and lots of space for camping. Good phone signal.

Good wildcamping spot. Nobody around -9.31320, 15.30386

220,000 for a lovely, clean & spacious room

includes hot water! plenty of room for parking and can bring bicycle inside for the night. Wifi, tea/coffee & water too

cafes/shops/restaurants all within walking distance. No breakfest

Hotel Tifa -7.81356, 110.92826

Clôture barrée.
Très bel accueil d’Omar
Il nous a prêté un vélo.
L’endroit est grand pour tout type de véhicule.
Les douches sont chaudes et ultra propres(papier, planche, savon, crochets)
Un espace pour dumper est disponible.
De l’eau pour se remplir . Ayez votre tuyau.
250p la nuit ( campeur porté, 2 personnes et un chien)
Il y a 4 très gentils chiens qui ne jappent pas vraiment, mais ne laissez pas traîner vos souliers.
Le porche est très utile et agréable. Un bbq est disponible.
J’ai même pu utiliser la machine à laver (faut pas abuser toutefois , c’est leur machine personnelle).
Très tranquille avec les oiseaux qui chantent. La nuit, on entend l’autoroute et les trains. Les coqs sont présents mais assez discrets. Pas de musique entendue.

Hotel Rancho Viejo Teotihuacán 19.68044, -98.82432
Lizzie M

lovely family run hotel, facilities are basic but clean enough and had a good night sleep. paid 50q pp for a private room with bathroom. the family are just wonderful, we spent a long time chatting to them about our trip, and they allowed us to use the kitchen to make some dinner.we highly recommend stopping here! (we are on bicycles they were able to provide a safe place for the bikes overnight).

Hotel Villa Linda 14.67282, -91.00673

Great spot. No one back here but me. Easy to find in the dark. Very quiet.

Back road pull-off 35.13737, -116.20396

It’s more a restaurant and cabañas to rent but there is two parking spaces available, on at the entrance and another higher but accessible for tent or smaller rigs like vans.
No showers. Toilets available at the restaurant and at the higher parking. 250p/night.
Wifi at the restaurant.
Juan Pablo , the manager (or owner) will help you.
Good for one night.

Rancho Del Valle ecoparque 19.15102, -98.75317
The Long Drive Home 2015

You can buy Zambia as well as COMESA insurance here. Contact Martha who helped us after chatting on Whatsapp. She emailed Zambia insurance which we could use while coming from the border. Her Whatsapp no is +260 97 6829424.

Phoneix Zambia -17.87070, 25.85602

Much of the information the same as previous post. However, single entry 30 day visa now 60,000 CFA. We dropped off passports in the morning and were told to return the next day in the morning. Wanted yellow fever certificate but not Covid. Did not need passport photos anymore.

Embassy of Gabon (Lome) 6.18033, 1.23440

The driveway is pretty narrow and steep, not possible to turn around, so you need to back out. Definitely only space for 1 medium vehicle. Owners are really friendly and the shower is super hot, but kind of awkward with smoked-glass doors that you can see inside and face the common areas. The noise from the road is quite loud starting around 6am. Short walk to town, which is nice. $5pp still.

Montano Camping & Hostel -1.39687, -78.42906

We saw 3-4 (humpback?) whales from the road in march. So keep an eye on the sea if there's not too much swell to see them blowing 🐳

Humpback Whales -45.88356, -67.52398

Before custom and immigration stop here
I paid fixer that filled papers here

First step before to enter port ( Suakin to Jeddah ) 19.10662, 37.34518
Blake king

We had a great stay here in our sprinter van. We came mostly for the coffee, and it was great! Fun vibe of people around the camp, and the hosts are very kind.

Campo Archelon 28.97127, -113.54733

Lived here for 5 weeks! No issues till homeless man brought dune unwanted attention to the lot. Once the drama dies down a great place to crash for a a little. Hiking trails- great for dogs and a disk golf course on the path! Will return

Bergen Park and Ride 39.69088, -105.36251

A new wooden shelter with windows. Next to the road, but very sheltered for wind and rain. It’s not huge, but if fits a tent.

Shelter / bus stop -41.70848, -72.42255

All info still the same. It's a steep walk and not wheelchair accessible so we did not enter.

Fortaleza del Paramonga -10.65451, -77.84085

Nice new shelter next to the road. Light bc of windows,clean, a bench and place for two tents or even more sleeping pads.

Verry nice rainshelter near Road -41.70199, -72.35472

we stayed here for the night. Decently quiet and nobody bothered us. left at 8:30 this morning.

Free Street Parking Near Bayfront 27.33245, -82.54199

amazing spot next to the water.
the sunset here is amazing.
a gravel road wil lead you to the place.
there is enough room for multple rigs.

there is a campfire place.

and some hike trails

Lakeside 57.56488, 14.24017

Still the same. No one bothered us at all. The police officer stopped us on our way out of the tiny village. We thought first he would ask us some money but no, he just wanted a lift to the next village... Beautiful site. Very very very beautiful...

Pedras Negras veiw point -9.67333, 15.59240

I did all with a fixer sent by Willy
I can’t imagine alone
It tooks 5 hours

custom office 19.10973, 37.34507

grand stationnement suivre la pancarte qui dit additionnel parking de Craker Barrell ça vous amène genre de l'autre côté de la rue .et là c'est pour Bus et RV. Belle nuit tranquille et un bon déjeuner avant de partir.

Cracker Barrel 39.01295, -84.62947

there's not a spigot near the ice machine. on a remplit notre tank. not sure if it's drinkable. we didn't ask

Shell 29.92994, -90.07696

Nous avons fait remplir nos 2 bouteilles d' Argentine de 10 kgs chacune. Très cher 11200 pesos.

D.I.C. Gases -32.93281, -68.78410

Strange experience for us. We parked on the parking lot of the hotel and asked the guy at the reception if we could have a look at the waterfall from here. So friendly, he said "no problem at all", and showed us the way of the terrace where the view is just spectacular. We asked after if we could eat on our truck. "No problem, you can take as much time as you want." Great. After eating, we got out for a cigarette and a random dude showed up, an AK47 hanging on his shoulder. He seemed drunk and started to ask us money quite agressivly. 2000 KZ. We said ok, thats the price on IOverlander, but we would give it to the hotel not you. So we went to see our friend at the reception, had a quick chat with him (only portugese but google translate helped a lot), and he just told us to leave without paying anything, it was ok. So we understood this drunk guy is the guide/escort if you want to take the path how leads to the bottom of the waterfall. No way we were going anywhere with that guy, and the viewpoint from the hotel was already stunning. We were ready to leave a bit of money to the hotel, its normal, but in the confusion of the moment, we just left with a lot of "muito obrigad" and waving. That guy at the reception was very sweet. Too bad that they let drunk armed dudes hanging out in their property.

Gorgeous site anyway. We came here to avoid the hassle in the otherside (we think its the best angle to see the falls anyway). Some people say kids how ask for money are cute. That is definetly not our opinion.

Last 15 km before the hotel are screwed up. Lot of potholes. Worth it.

Pousada Calandula -9.07861, 16.00178

We stayed here for one night because it’s the only place in Tupiza.
But honestly it’s not a camping, it’s a huge waste disposal all around!

La Casa del Baron -22.09645, -65.59615

Great place. We felt safe and had a very quiet night. The river is pretty hot but beautiful. Not many people during the week.

Parque La Primavera Campamento El Pedernal 20.71203, -103.57035

Willy +249 92 729 1958
Took 100 euro from me just for make a ticket at office
After sent me a fixer very helpful but he told me to pay him 20 USD
After the guy wanted 50 USD and Willy tried to tell me I have to pay port fees ( 30000 Sudanese pounds ) not true !
Willie is not honest person

Willy Amad A. Mahid fixer Sawakin 19.10979, 37.34509

It was really good. We had 2 big bottles of water and 2 plates with veggie options (breaded veggies, quesadillas), rice, beans, salad and tortillas for 70Q total.

Little restaurant 15.03825, -89.59427

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