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A threaded water spigot next to the parking lot for volleyball and tennis courts. Also a nice picnic area. Parking for vans and smaller. Parking spots are pretty small.

Water spigot 9.93450, -84.09940

super laverie automatique, type américaine. différentes tailles de machines, 3 panières 3$, 5 panières 5$, 6 panières 6$. sèche linge 0,25$ les 10 mins. wifi. toilettes propres. je recommande.

Lavandería Ambato -0.21794, -78.50033

Good service, plenty of fuel today. Helpful and friendly staff

YPF -48.73739, -70.29477

Fuel availabile today, expensive but no other options. Helpful staff. Cash only.

Tres Lagos -48.73742, -70.29484

Camping and cabins. Tents allowed....there is a tree line between tents and cabins and pools for both sections....season permitting. I cam to camp, still high season and I came later in the day so all the nice shady spots taken by locals. Asked price of a cabin and it is 16000 pesos....109 CAD. very expensive for such a basic cabin. Super nice place though. The tienda on the tent side has very little short of beer, juice and pop. Very busy on weekends.

Colina Baco camping -32.61383, -60.17099

A very nice and pretty space for roasting specialty coffee. There is an Airbnb experience provided by the person in charge, who explains what the process to roast and taste coffee is. There is also coffee for sale, whole beans or ground, fresh and properly roasted. They supply coffee for Travesia Cafe here in Cholula, and Nomadico Baja Coffee and Brunch in Bahía Concepción, Baja California Sur.

Nomádico Coffee Roasters 19.05018, -98.30367

Price is $8000. After reading the comments about this place I was actually pleased. we just needed it for a night. The lady was alright. Room + bathroom was really small but bedsheets and towels were clean. Overall cleanes was alright.

Doña Juanita lodging -46.54500, -71.62118
Smart as a Goose

Still really nice mid week. we rented a room at 400/ night MX.
#8. had really hot water in the shower. bed is hard and small (matrimonial). we were told camping was 100/person.
restaurant served a good breakfast. 145 pesos for Hot cakes, mushroom burrito, fresh oj. great birding here. little teinda on site. we're in the state of Colima.

Laguna La Maria 19.45888, -103.70514

Free city council campground very well maintained and spotless clean. Hot shower 2 minutes for $1. Toilets, picnic table, playground, rubbish bins, FREE public WiFi.

Roora Walking Trail- 6km in native bush - starts near the campground.

Kimba Free Camping Area -33.13324, 136.41472

When coming to el calafate the officers just asked us where we are coming from and after telling them el chalten, they let us through without any check. On our way out they gave the driver an alcotest, checked his license and wanted to know where we are going.

Police control entry and exit El calafate -50.31809, -72.17581

It was a wonderful spot, but Camping no longer allowed. Sheriff came this afternoon to give me a warning, took my driver licence info. Can stay for the day only.

Salinas park 29.68407, -85.31055

No more showers without membership here. But they were very friendly! :)

Otter Co-Op - Chilliwack 49.15008, -122.00604

Great showers, still $7. Very clean bathroom. I thought the place was closed because the front building has a closed sign on it, but the showers can be purchased from the building further back. There are outlets if you want to blow dry as well.

KOA Campground 38.48959, -105.33081

Still open , beds are nice. full of dust inside. nice refuge to stay and rest. keep it close with the wire and rope please!

Refugio -52.28043, -71.34760

3000 for 2 people in minivan. Friendly owner. Good shelter from the wind. Big common room with cooking facilities. Wi-Fi OK.

Camping y Hostel. RN40 -48.73744, -70.29481

no overnight parking of trucks or rvs allowed. see photos updated from google maps nov 2022.

Walmart 30.49632, -87.19315

Comfortable, clean, very friendly, good coffee shop, secure parking around the corner. We had room 310 with a view to the church and the mountains. Paid 35$ per night after negotiating and showing a possible special offer at booking. Decent Breakfast

Hotel Fernando Plaza 1.21283, -77.27581

Very friendly & fast Service, also clean and good food too. We had a menue (12000 COP), but they also have a la carte. Open 7 days a week from 8am, also here is a sign in the Restaurant which says, Servicio de Hospedaje con Parqueadero.

Doña Emma Restaurant 1.20470, -76.91787

Get ready to get ShhAakkkEe on the road to get there from the highway 200, it is pretty slow (no more than 10~20km/hour) due to the tractor track - it’s like if you getting thought 1 million TOPE. BUT, the place is pretty cute and cheap to stay (we pay 200 pesos/night), that being said, it’s ok if you want to pass by but for 5 days trip and more, might be not ideal:
1- They don’t have much space with shades on the site
2 - They don’t have running water for your van (only a sink where you can fill a hot shower bag)
3 - they don’t have shower YET (I think they are renovating, see my pictures)
4 - The toilet is very basic (no cover and you need to flush by adding water)
5 - Since it’s a lagoon, you got Moskitos in the morning and at night.
6 - They have a small restaurant which is expensive (200 for a basic hamburger) and only 1 or 2 other choice available.
7 - Getting food in the village is very limited, only few few options. More option in the island in front.
8 - No ATM around, you need to pay cash. Only option if you need money is to go on the island and pay 10% interest rate in convenience store : « Christian » (they other shop on the island is 15% interest 💰)

The place is really quiet and we are literally alone but we wouldn’t stay here that long if we didn’t had to work during the day … the spot is very beautiful tho ..

On a side note, they only speak Spanish ✌️

La Escama 15.96597, -97.68097

As described, still like new. 100k for a twin bedroom to the backyard/parking lot with mountain view. The front rooms face the busy and noisy streets. They also have cheaper rooms with no windows. Our room no. 402 is recommended. Hot shower and relatively quiet. They offer breakfast for 14,5k which is eggs of your choise with a cornbread, fruit salat, juice coffee and tea. Safe parking.

Tl Casa Blanca Hotel Boutique 1.20462, -76.92270

Very amazing good service very good food

cattle Baron steaks house 31.79211, -106.39509

Decent accommodation, paid 50 bol per person for a double room. Space to safely store bikes. Good showers, good wifi, barely any other guests. Has a kitchen, though hours are limited to 1600-2200 but was definitely a bonus. Everything was really clean, and watched them clean the bathrooms a couple times a day. Did our laundry in the roof sink, with lots of space to hang to dry. Breakfast was 15bol per person, kinda lame, just a bun with some jam, half a banana, and some yogurt.

Valle Hermoso -21.44472, -65.71680

Highly recommend this place, the indeed really lovely owners prepared a vegetarian dish and offered fresh Jugo de frambuesa. The restaurant is warm and they offer main dishes, cakes, coffee and tea and more.

Konaiken -47.06305, -72.79956

No problem here today. It’s Thursday, nothing all the road.

Agricultural Checkpoint 14.90438, -92.24715

we drove past and there is still tons of vans and RVs parked along the highway up to Malibu

Parking lot 34.03952, -118.58161

The Shangi-La it ain't. Just a rather large dirt lot right across the highway from Picacho Peak State Park. We ended up here after not being able to get a space at the park. It is sandwiched between the highway and the train tracks, and as such is VERY loud. Oh, and the train comes by like every five minutes, as if on a loop. When we were there, there were a couple of other folks camped in the lot. It didn't feel UNsafe, but it was a little on the sketchy side. Lots of discarded beer bottles, mattresses and other trash strewn about. We would try parking at the gas station across the road before we would stay here again. 0/10, don't recommend.

Dirt lot on the train tracks 32.64927, -111.39190

Big parking area, some trucks in and out. We parked our van on the car side very little cars. clean restroom. potable water. large area to walk your dog.

Wyoming Welcome Center 41.05867, -104.87890

very nice place for a small van or car with rooftop tent, but I would not like to put my tent here on the ground. lots of rubbish when we were here.
BUT at the end of this place there is a very small path that follows the river, passes a fence and leads to an amazing place! this is only accessible by foot. it's even very difficult to get a bicycle here. flat grass under the trees, clean, wind protected + view over a nice field. this is private property but the owner is nice and even would like to make a campsite here (probably not gonna happen soon). keep it clean!

River Bank -45.62972, -72.12231

It is forbidden to stay here for the night!

YPF gas station -53.78046, -67.71634
Danes on the Road

Spent all our 3 nights in New Orleans at Boomtown Casino without any issues whatsoever. Parked at the RV parking spots in the corner of the parking lot which you reach by turning left at the first stop sign after entering the premises.

It's a little far out from New Orleans, but that means that it is quiet. With the security and regular presence of police, we felt safe at all times.

I supect that you could literally spend days on end here. While we were away for most of the day, we usually stayed for a few hours in the morning and came back before dinner. Had our Starlink out on the grass for most of the time.

Lots of other campers around as well as a few trucks. Restrooms can be used at the hotel.

Would stay again given the opportunity.

Boomtown Casino 29.84627, -90.05808

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