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Army Corps of Engineers camping
Older camp sites $7 camp sites with America the Beautiful pass. TMobile service was good
Toilets, water and electric at camp site. dump station available.

MOTT PARK 32.25876, -96.66239
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

The most recent comment actually belongs on the Playa tenten post. This place is not gated and closed at night. No camping.

Mirador Ten Ten -42.46407, -73.75895

Such a pretty campsite. 5000. Hot clean showers. No wifi though some 3G signal on Movistar. I was the only one here the night I stayed and the owner let me stay in the cabin shelter by the fire. Possible to purchase eggs from owners also.

Doña Dora -46.34803, -72.77530

Next to the Highway like previously stated, and the airport! Around 11pm the noise settled a little. It’s nice to be in the city after awhile of being without service or neighbors… right? 😉 Went in for dinner and as always I am grateful for a place to stay and for that feeling of safety. Thanks CBs!

Cracker Barrel 35.44497, -82.53794

We were sent here by the police from the other spot. It is a wild area behind the lanchas port.

Public Beach Access 21.51939, -87.68404

Basic campground with a long drop toilet and shelded picnic table. Just us and one other camper, kangaroos and parrots. Nice rocks.
Weak Telstra reception, good Optus.

Tcharkuldu Rock -32.84709, 135.19874

Walmart store.
No issues getting permission.
Advised where we should park, we were the only RV there.
Lots of satellite stores all round, including McDonald's.

Walmart Supercenter 35.46947, -95.53637

You can park here overnight. If you have an RV, park in the front lot away from the trucks.
We opted to go across the highway and stay at the Walmart.
Both are good over night options.

Flying J 35.47594, -95.53858

Wow! The best spot we found on Ometepe! Bathrooms all night available, restaurant was good, hammocks, trampoline for the kiddos… altogether FABULOUS

El Peru - Camping in Restaurant/Bar Parking Lot 11.46366, -85.56411

with a smaller van you can park here at the side of the rough track. Great views if there are no clouds or haze. A 600 m uphill drive from town. In a couple of spots a narrow track.
Not level but with leveller we managed. No habitation around. Very quiet. Only one car passed by. Few friendly locals passed in the morning. Only little rubbish. Behind is a paragliding spot. That one is littered but not visible from our spot.

Bandipur ridge with view 27.93942, 84.39658

Very nice place, but please notice, that this place is located in the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Royal National Reserve.

We stayed two nights near this place and today, at 7.30 am after our second night two friendly Rangers in uniforms, in their official car Toyota FJ Cruiser approached us and asked us to leave.

The reserve is an enormous area with 120.000 squarekilometers, nearly as big as Greece, but it seems that wild camping in the nature is not allowed in the whole reserve.

We didn't know that.

Hills 28.84963, 37.92069

Great option for motorcycles or bicycles near Al Ula. No vehicle access. The access off the road may be a little tricky without a little offroad experience, but much better than the “Moab Camp” nearby. Partially in view of the road, but hidden enough. Good shade due to the sandstone walls. Also some similar options across the road.

Moto Canyon (Moto/Bikes only) 26.67407, 37.85360

A great place to stop if you're exiting or entering Serengeti from Ikoma Gate. Beautiful views over the plains and sunset. At this time of year not many animals in the area (a few giraffe, few buk) but I can imagine when the migration moves through (and brings all the other animals with it) this place would be teeming!! Father Julius wasn't there when we arrived but you can whatsapp him. His staff are lovely and friendly but yes very very limited English. There's undercover parking under a big roof or you can park on the grass too. A small toilet/cold shower and sink area right by the parking but they'll open up the main area up too for a hot shower (be quick or hot water runs out!) and better toilet. It was very peaceful. They asked $10pppn but you could negotiate for sure although we didn't.
I know previous people said they did free game drives all over but be VERY careful going off main road (perhaps ask father julius for advice) as we've heard of people getting hefty fines for going off the main road and accidentally entering somewhere requiring permit (eg Grumeti GR) - there are rangers everywhere.

Catholic Diocese of Musoma - Serengeti Parish -2.09386, 34.62615

Tried to pop in for camping but it was completely deserted... really weird. Maybe try contact them beforehand if you're planning to stay.

Ikoma safari camp -2.14728, 34.66179

We exited Serengeti here. About 1.5hrs from Seronera. Very quiet when we came through. At this time there are no permits or fees required for the 'Ikona Wildlife Management Area' which is wedged between Ikorongo and Grumeti reserves. However this might change soon.

Serengeti NP Ikoma Gate -2.18899, 34.72536

Price was actually cheaper than Arusha when we came, wow! Visa machine was working too. There's also a garage here for minor things and fluids etc.

Seronera -2.43696, 34.81924

A big gate which was hugely busy with safari vehicles coming and going. Picnic areas with shaded tables, restrooms , etc. We checked out of NCA area and bought our serengeti permit here. if wanting a public campsite you have to choose one but can then change it at the tourist office in seronera if you like. The main road from here to Seronera is TERRIBLE. And actually a lot of roads in the serengeti. our bumper came loose and number plate fell off.
A nicer way to get from here to seronera is take the first right turn a few kms after the gate, this will be a longer but nicer drive over some kopjes and up.

Naabi Gate Serengeti -2.83217, 34.99765

15 days visa cost 50,000. Five working days process, for express the price is double. Need hotel booking.
Too expensive, so I decided to get visa in Yaounde Embassy.

Embassy Congo Brazzaville 4.02889, 9.70096

Lovely little place. As stated room was great. Hot showers, opposite a fuel station too (YPF). Quiet at night. Enjoyed staying at this little surprise.

Hotel Valle Colorado -29.32729, -68.22650

Bike maintenance available in Amsalou’s shop.
Paid 500 birr for a global check and little things to fix.

Amsalou’s bike shop 8.98131, 38.72139

update! double the price was justified because we did not have a thing called Fastag which is mandatory now. but we drove through about 4-5 toll plazas where they asked triple the amount (we always paid the amount on the billboard before the plaza, never double) until they explained the fastag system. We bought the fastag then near one of the toll plazas for 400 (apparently it has some amount already as a deposit but we have no idea how much yet)

Toll Station 31.61727, 74.69228

very cute, high quality little hotel in a historic building. the guy told us it'd be 170000COP. Way out of our price range so we left. he found us heading out to the gas station hotel and offered to charge us 70000. might be worth a shot if youre feeling travel weary! this town is ADORABLE.

hotel angel boutique 2.16903, -75.67850

We checked out the other spot close by first but it’s very visible from the road and there’s no shade. While looking for a better spot we ended up on this clearing in the middle of the forest. There’s some shadow and lots of room. Only for small rigs though, since the path leading here is quite narrow. The village is not too close and only a few people passed by. We got invited to visit the village and had a wonderful time with Suzanna, who speaks a little English. Greet her if you go here 😊

Wild camping on a clearing in the woods 8.65258, -9.60313

The bicycle directions on the osmAnd app take you off the main route and have you go through other streets in the town. A man on a motorcycle stopped us and told us it was very dangerous and had us follow him out of town. When cycling through, put any GPS on car directions to stay on the main route.

Garzon using OsmAnd bike directions 2.16897, -75.67828

For our big car, the turn-off from the main road looked very narrow, but we found the cheese in the supermarket in town.

Fromagerie La Lumiere -1.56040, 29.63613

Road hieß around the airport in the South. coming from Rwanda turn right the girst tar road.

Kisoro Airstrip -1.28173, 29.73127

I keep trying to manually change the GPS coordinates to Garzon, not Jagua. Jagua is VERY safe!

Garzon using OsmAnd bike directions 2.16897, -75.67828

Overnight with small travel trailer. Quiet and trouble free.

Street along a park with playground 29.43226, -97.17305

Easy and quick border crossing. Be aware that you can't take extra fuel into Zim.

They still want to see a pcr test or vaccination card. I had a picture of 1 and in combination with my EU passport the lady was OK with it.

Ramokgwebana - Plumtree border post -20.54141, 27.73782

a small water station in front of a restaurant.
the restaurant is very good and you become water and fruits. the water tap is slowly but ok

water at the restaurant 20.47251, 58.06426

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