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There are numerous small spots along this road and a few large ones. The views are beautiful. The reservoir is worth a trip to see but there isn't any camping within a quarter mile of any water source. The road is a little rough so it is best done with a high clearance vehicle but I had no trouble with my two-wheel drive F-150. Great Verizon service at this location.

W Freye Mesa Reservoir Rd 32.78152, -109.82739

I went there for doing the service at my Toyota 4Runner.Ariel,the Manager coordinates his team perfectly.also they changed the disc breaks.For Ushuaia they charged me fair and finished it in mechanics😇😇😇😇

El Aguila - Gomeria y mecanico -54.79682, -68.27430

Stayed and parked near the hill, definitely quiet and was not bothered

Walmart for night 36.54364, -82.23542

I put $22 in the box and parked my van, there was one other rv there, you can hear semis coming across the bridge at night if that bothers you.

Fenton 36.77470, -88.10392

Working water spigot at the free air pump.

Five-star gas station 37.78803, -85.48736

$7 for a shower, friendly staff, and very clean.

Teton Rec Center 43.48191, -110.75947

Nie family-run campsite. They live here and are very friendly. Huge garden with swimming pools, including one for children. Many dogs and chickens. Toilets and shower with hot water are ok, but not the best.

Camping Los Torrejones -27.18418, -65.50352

We arrived late afternoon on a Thursday, nobody around but the gate was open. We parked on the lower place and met the friendly owner the next morning. He invited us for a coffee and we had interesting conversations. 20kpppn. We could refill our water tank. Night was very quiet.

Finca Los Pinos, San Francisco 4.94987, -74.28383

Excellent 'choripanes' (Argentinian sausage sandwich) with sauces to pick from (chimichurri, criolla, ketchup, mayo, etc.)
Only Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 11am to 7pm.
ARG 600 pesos (small cup of soda included!)

Los Choris de Ines -54.80419, -68.32526

Perfect spot as a staging place to get organised before or after shipping your bike from San Antonio.
We spent 2 very comfortable nights here, we’re able to use the hose to give the motos a good wash before shipping, did some laundry and sorting… large cabaña with plenty of outdoor space, safe parking for the motos.
The driveway is a little steep but nothing horrible, just keep going until the wooden bridge, can’t miss it.
We paid 65000 for 2 of us in a large 2 bedroom + living / kitchen cabaña. Very friendly owners. Recommend

Cabaña SAN Juan -33.63604, -71.58384

This place is great. We loved the big playground area near the C spots.Some of the spots are a bit tricky to fit in, and so if you can, drive around and check out spots first.
26ft Class C

South Beach State Park 44.60758, -124.05950

We didn't stay because it was too expensive, but we asked for the price anyway to be able to update the info here. 35.000 CLP for a cabaña for two people.

Hostel y Restaurante Ventisqueros -32.90372, -70.26716

It is against Gulf County Ordinance to overnight park or camp on Salinas Park.
-Gulf County Beach Patrol

Salinas Park 29.68545, -85.31157

This is not a perfectly Hotel or rest house it's just host for tourists...

Pakistani Labour Room 26.61124, 37.92289

Awesome awesome spot. Super quiet, feels super safe with other vans and RVs surrounding you too. I was incredibly impressed by this place.

Park and Ride Lot 35.69993, -105.95339

Just dropped our 2 motos off today with Ronny headed for Hamburg (Intime) very smooth drop off, efficient and not rushed. We had the time to prep them for transport… will post again on arrival with info of how the voyage went with InTime.

AEXSA Container consolidation -33.58633, -71.58199

amazing spot. we went way to the end which is around the top of the pond and down. We are on our own little peninsula. Beautiful for the sunset. We see snow capped mountains to the north. Beautiful mountains towards White Sands. Clean, quiet place. ( minus the AFB jets, which I love to hear and watch, and some highway noise. But not enough to be annoying.

Raptor Lake 32.81756, -106.12439

We were removed by police from the other ioverlander spots and they recommended us to come here. There are multiple routes that lead to the beach, you should stop at half of the way if you don't have 4x4 because then it gets very sandy. We were there with 29ft Class C without problems.

El Cuyo- Lanchas Area 21.51939, -87.68404

The Ventisquero Hotel let us pitch our tent in their back garden, in exchange of spending a little bit in their restaurant. We baught some fresh drinks and nice coffees.
There is a lot of shade, tables, benches&chairs and even electricity !
There is also the possibility to use the bathrooms.
There is a kind of farm in the back garden with lamas, horses, chickens and gooses but they are kept in a locked area at night.

Tent Camping at the Ventisquero Hotel -32.90376, -70.26704
JK Basecamp

Everything you would expect from a Cracker Barrel.

Arrived late, stayed overnight and had breakfast there.

Cracker Barrel - I95 / Ashland 37.75789, -77.46004

Cracker barrel seems to be the spot to park overnight and it was my first time at one, definitely recommend, was quiet! There was one other rv and a semi parked next to us

Cracker Barrel 37.04483, -94.48094

Staff let me park in the spots furthest away from the store bordering the main road. They said as long as you're in the last few spots closest to the exit so that you don't impact tankers coming in and other deliveries; you are good to park there overnight. I did with no issues for the last two days.

Maveriks 43.46606, -110.79376

We were with our van and found free parking spots with access to clean and modern bathrooms (for camping sites standards) and hot shower. There was also a pretty stable Wifi. Super rare and great finding!

Information Touristica Cerro Sombrero -52.77463, -69.28738

Free city, water, and public day parking nearby

South Walton water outlet 30.27326, -86.00202

Secure parking next to the cathedral. 24h guard, 3$ from 7 pm to 7 am (we came at 6 pm and still paid only 3$), toilets open - ask the guard for the key. Ideal place in the center, usual noise for street parking, but bearable. Fee during the day 1$/h

Safe Day and Night Parking 13.99408, -89.55585

we crossed around 5pm in a friday. nobody was there.

Police checkpoint 18.21478, -91.50548
Lady Ferns

Camp host came by, was very friendly and nice. Gave us a yellow tag/paper to keep on our dashboard to keep track of our 14 day limit/check in date. Cell service get less and less the further you go in, but so does the crowds or amount of vehicles.

Craggy Wash 2 Mile 34.59588, -114.33912

Motorcycle mechanic
Also, automotive Electrican that works there on the weekend.

Castano helped me repair my motorcycle after a crash.

I was here in Cutervo for 1 week.
Nice guy
Reasonable price
Always busy

Motorcycle Mechanic Castaño -6.38561, -78.81586

Closed ! Lots of machinery on site, seems to be under renovation.

Bee Run campground 38.66697, -80.67789

they really want to find something to give you a fine. He checked 10minutes the copy of our driver license and car documents to find a reason to give us a fine. when he didn't found something, he said our dog has to be in a transportation Box during driving. He wanted 4000 Peso fine. We said we will follow him to the police station no matter it is far away(like he said). After 30minutes of discussion via Google translate he was getting tired of us and waved us through without paying anything.

Federal Checkpoint 17.94081, -91.73460

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