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Private small house (bedroom, living room, bathroom). Perfect for two, can accommodate up to 5 with matress and a couch).

Very nice family and neighborhood. We could store our bicycles in a garage. Will fit small car and motorcycle. Big rigs on the very quiet street.

Wifi, huge TV with Netflix and good price. We paid 135 reals/night/2 persons in Airbnb, but you can also make a reservation by calling/Whatsapp (Portuguese and Spanish). Nro. +55 54999792920

Highly recommed!

Casa do Tiago -28.50730, -50.95135

we are here since we left the parking space in front of Hotel La Rivera
very good travelers spot
they have a lot of animals around, a lot of overlanders also, nature, shared kitchen, toilet and showers
for $10.000 COP/ person, this is the BEST stop in all Palomino... just in the middle way between the beach/river and the city center where you can find lots os market options, restaurants, etc...
safe, relaxing, friendly
we highly recommend!

Sisio Hostel and Camping 11.25096, -73.55843

Smooth entry from Cameroon. At first booth they asked for 4000 cfa but we didn't pay. Issued passavant without any problem (although only for 15 days). Yellow fever vaccination checked. All took us maybe 30 minutes.

Douanes Congolaises de Ntam - Congolese customs & immigration of Ntam 2.15796, 13.68601

UPDATE to last post. Spent a nice quiet night. Went kayaking this am. Someone left alot of tp in the trees...we were going to glove up and take care of it but a truck came along with a big trash bag and cleaned it up. We thanked them and gave them some money. Why do people do that? No other campers besides our 2 rigs. Friendly locals walking dogs.

On high ground at the beach 24.12501, -110.42182

Refills your tank 11 per 20 L
Big rig capable

Aqua Pura de Leon 15.34648, -90.79858

It’s not a wild camping if you have to pay - 70 q!!!!!!

Grutas de Cunen 15.33878, -91.00387

This is a nice rest area, set below the highway on the bank of the Colorado River in the heart of Glenwood Canyon. Highway noise, but otherwise peaceful. Felt very safe sleeping here. There’s a paved bike path along the river and this is also the trailhead of the Grizzly Creek hike. Restroom block & the usual rest area amenities. AT&T signal at 2 bars.

Grizzly Creek Rest Area 39.56071, -107.25269

Cute and clean pet friendly hotel. Nice area, easy to walk around and enjoy the city. Nice grass area for doggie business at the church across the street. We paid $60 USD for one night.

Hotel Posada San Agustin 24.02448, -104.67296

Now 10 Bs per liter and is required have to code.

Estacion de Servicio TOLAR -17.00405, -68.06677
De Chapa em Chapa

Nice and calm campsite, literally on the beach. Very calm and a apparently a choice for a lot of long term campers.
There are few people trying to SE snorkeling, or fish, or massage, or whatever, but it's not that bad.
The price is 700 tsh ppn.
Ablutions are not bad, but definitely could use some improvement.
There's a bar and a restaurant with WiFi, not sure if it is that good.
Airtel signal it is ver vulnerable.

Twiga Lodge & Camping -4.24162, 39.60292

Well here is a fun backwoods place if you like digging for crystals. It’s some piles mined from making a pond years ago surrounded by cow pastures. It cost $100/day to dig in the piles and you keep what you find. $25 to dry camp overnight. She dug and I sat by the camper! This place is owned by a nice old couple and you won’t feel better spending a hundred bucks with them anywhere else in Florida if you are a rock hound! The place looks a little dumpy but no worries a good safe place. Plenty of room to get in with a motorhome and trailer. The lady seems to like texting the most for directions and getting into the gate. There is an old horse in the pasture walking around and eating grass! This is just a run down old building site with piles of Sandy shell stuff to dig through. No amenities or anything! If you like rocks or crystals here’s a rare find!!!

Fort Drum Crystal Mine 27.51102, -80.76991

This place is called K's Laundry. Hours are different now:
Sun - Thurs 8a-8p (Closed Wednesday)
Fri & Sat - 7a - 8p

Very clean. Prices as described. Attendant on duty can provide change.
Also, there is a dedicated washer for pet bedding, etc.

Laundromat 31.97872, -108.51198

Adding some photos. It is a one way street, but not uncommon for vehicles to drive the wrong way.

SURAMERICANA Aguamarina 6.25731, -75.57992

this is the telescope at SALT for South Africa.. Booking now can only be done ahead of time & booked on line .
it's about 20+ min drive out of Sutherland.
you can't go up to the telescope with out a tour ..!

SALT -32.37820, 20.80514

Gate locked, no one there. Seems closed for long term.
Restaurant down the road closed, too. No one there to ask, what a pity!

Sima de las Cotorras 16.80877, -93.47417

Definitely one of the most incredible beaches we visited in Costa Rica. Free public parking, during day done visitors, only few in night. Shady trees and clear water make this a perfect spot for camping and swimming.

Highly recommended!

Playa Mina / playa Zapotillal 10.39663, -85.83028

A couple of pavilions, just a place to eat and or sleep off the road. 3 Tmobile 5G bars

Picnic Area TX 35N 28.28585, -96.95016

This is an excellent, flat wild camping spot! Great find! Same puddle as mentioned below, about 30cm deep, but rocky not muddy, I reckon most cars wouldn’t have an issue, but walk it first and check. We were here after heavy rains and the rapids were much too strong to swim in the river. Beautiful all the same. Keep it clean :)

Riverside -1.29551, -77.90196

This place no longer exists due to highrise construction.

Showers 20.62989, -105.23269

Conseguimos abastecer gasolina ao preço local aqui, pagamos $6 Bs por litro, recarga em galões.

Gallons to the local price here, we paid $ 6 bs per liter.

Lubricante Llanteria -16.84820, -68.15046

camped on the small patch of grass and was really comfortable. there are 2 seperate communal cooking areas which are nice. bathrooms clean. not much in town so bring food to cook. 150r. friendly owner

Hardeveld Lodge -31.14831, 18.35995

As described. This place is amazing to stay at for as little as one day or the rest of your life!

It has laundry facilities that are fantastic, clean showers, the hot pools and tubs are amazing.

The Fountain of Youth Spa and RV Park 33.39977, -115.66266

(863) 532-0608

28320 Northeast 55th Avenue
Okeechobee, FL 34972

Fort Drum Crystal Mine 27.51100, -80.76990
Blue Butterfly Travels

We are currently staying here from Feb. 19 to March 19. The park is obviously very new and in many ways they have a long way to go to have it in acceptable shape for the price they are charging (currently $9000 pesos a month but they want to charge $10000 in the near future).

The internet is a deal breaker for us because we are here for a while to get some work done before moving on. Advertised as the "fastest internet in the area" we were excited but when we got here it did not work at all. They tried resetting the routers but when that only brought a bit of connectivity (for 1 hour then none) they told my son where the ladder was and asked him to reset it himself (I was not too happy about him doing this).

My son is a techie and said they had installed routers meant for indoors under plastic buckets outdoors on poles and they had been ruined (evidently) by the weather.

The park had another option and a tech guy from the internet company came out the next day and hardwired us and gave us our own router. I was happy to pay the $200 peso one-time price for installation. Now we have the fastest internet we've had yet since being in Mexico. Okay.

The septic pipe outlet things (don't know the actual name) were weird and too many inches off of the ground. It was causing issues for us. So the owner came out and hacked the pipe off with a hacksaw to a better height. Okay, that's a solution and it's working fine now. Other spots have the same evidently they don't know a lot about RV park sewer hookup configuration yet.

There's a pretty nice breeze here most days but the sun is blazing hot, trees are not very big yet and there's not really any shade where the RVs park.

It's a bit of a walk about 4 blocks down a dirt road, across the swampy looking river and up to where town and businesses start. About 4 more blocks or so in to the nearest grocery store and services. We are on foot and bike so need to carry everything (not many taxis here) and some days it's a bit of a slog.

You cannot see the ocean from here but you can hear it. It's about a 15 minute, brisk walk down a dirt road beside the river to get to the beach.

So far from the beachfront and the prices are rather high in that regard.

Bathrooms and Showers
NO toilet seats on any toilets in either restroom. Mentioned that my son would really like a seat on at least one toilet in the men's restroom and the manager said he'd told the owner several times and he had not ordered yet and then said he'd found a single toilet seat and put it on one of the men's toilets. Problem is, it's not bolted down. Okay...

Showers are all cold water...except my son found one on the men's side that consistently has some warm water. Showers otherwise are okay but pretty rudimentary with no place to hang your clothes or towel or put your soap except to drape everything over stall door.

There are quite a few spider webs and mud wasp nests in the bathrooms and during the month we were here nobody has cleaned the restrooms/showers.

It's pretty quiet since there has only been one other RVer here way at the other end of the park and now he's left for another local park. Main reason we came here was the internet and that the other parks were all totally full so was our only option.

There is a huge, main palapa structure at the front of the property that is lovely, amazing and nice and cool all the time. We thought it was supposed to be a public space all the time but it's not available when the manager has massage clients, which is frequently (he puts his table under the palapa.)

One other thing that was a disappointment is that when we first arrived we were happy because the biting insects were not too bad. But soon after they moved some big irrigation equipment out the whole length of the grassy area that runs the full length of the park and started watering...leaving big standing puddles of water. The mosquito population boomed and we suddenly had bites everywhere (and we don't hang out at dusk/in evenings) and we even had to tape up every little hole in the RV window screens because they were getting in (still are) biting us in our sleep.

They are now moving the heavy irrigation gear around to other parts of the property farther away from us so we are hoping this will end at some point, things will dry out, and we will be able to sit outside more and not get eaten alive.

There's a dirt road that is not super busy but kind of noisy traffic certain times of the day and it's just feet behind where the RVs park.

There is frequently very loud construction noise (work on a metal shipping container structure next to the main palapa) and heavy equipment/trucks coming in and out and this has woken us up fairly early some mornings. The place is still very much being worked on and there is also an array of huge dump trucks and a bulldozer that are fired up and used in the early morning hours.

There are no services offered like we've had at other parks like having a drinking water truck roll through or the propane truck or produce vendors, etc. We have to make arrangements, ourselves.

Oh, one other biggie: NO security here. There are people on site but no one patrolling or really keeping a sharp eye out. It's fairy rural here and I was not concerned (and the manager has a dog who barks sometimes) until I learned there is a small pass through in the fence from the road that a person can squeeze through (saw the manager use it) and it's right next to our RV.

I'm not much of a worry wort but my son now locks his bike up at night.

I really wanted to like this park and we are going to just ride it out for now due to having internet now... But sorry to say, just been a little over a week and the challenges are already wearing on us.

The birds and wildlife are lovely and there are things we like about it here but Las Guineas has a long way to go... If they keep improving things we would consider coming back but as it is now, we would not.

Las Guineas RV Park and Resort 20.95697, -105.34730

Place is closed. .

Hotel Churata -19.57195, -65.75446

Just asked for us where we going. Very friendly, no check our drive license.

Official police checkpoint and peaje -16.72407, -68.18544

Quick update, there are no showers when we asked.

Parque La Primavera Campamento El Pedernal 20.71354, -103.57301

Natural park accessible with large vehicles. Parking at the end of the gravel road.
Parking ONLY during the day and probably locked at night (grid).
Access and regulated use: no fires, no alcohol.
Games for children.
Tables, toilets…
When we went there FREE ENTRY

Parc naturel accessible avec gros véhicules. Parking en fin de chemin en gravier.
Stationnement UNIQUEMENT la journée et probablement verrouillé la nuit ( grille).
Accès et utilisations réglementés : pas de feux, pas d’alcool.
Jeux pour enfants.
Tables, WC …
Quand nous y sommes allés FREE ENTRY

Camp Salmen Nature Park 30.29241, -89.82490

amazing place to get dried and fresh food, fruits, vegetables, cheese, lentils etc. for a good price

tostaria to Stock up before Patagonia -41.32299, -72.98309

We ask for overnight on the parking and they want $30 go that. Negotiations down $25 we left. The parking is not nice. Down to the lodge is quite far.

Kivu Paradis -1.75784, 29.27955

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