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Called ahead. No propane available for foreseeable future.

Flying J Truck Stop 32.73179, -111.54916

Nice place with full hook up and tent area. Shower and dump station. 35$ full service , 20$ tent area. OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND !

Broken wheel campground 38.99877, -80.45791

Went here on a friday. At around 9pm a group of tuned cars showed up with lot’s of young guys. We didn‘t feel comfortable anymore and left.
Maybe it is more quiet during the week?

La Iglesia vista mare -42.02247, -73.47996

The road in is freshly graded! It is 20km of dirt road and is the best dirt road that we've driven on in Baja! It took us about 40 minutes to get there. The Rancho is incredible! The space is very welcoming, the scenery is stunning, the hosts are laid back and quickly make you feel at home. There is fresh coffee and cookies in the morning, the garden is available to harvest fresh greens and herbs, you can fill up your water, including your tank! and they have frozen mango for purchase for $100/ bag. You could easily spend days here and never get bored. A trail runs by the property and you could explore for days from here. There is a really lovely pool to swim in about 3.5km along the trail. The river runs by the property with access from the property. You can find nice pools to swim in from here. $250mxn/person/night

Rancho San Dionisio 23.55867, -109.86533

Super tranquillo spot. Far from houses !
police came in the morning (9:30)... to ask if we needed anything. Lots of space !

Soccer Field 20.66042, -88.24377

It is possible to make a circular route out of the hike instead of going back the same way: At the end of the trail you will reach a small meadow. If you continue along the lakeshore, you will see a footpath on the right that leads directly into the forest. Follow this path for a few minutes until you see a house on the right. Turn left there and go uphill for another 10 to 15 minutes and you will reach a road. Turn left there, thumb down the occasional pickup truck or stroll along this quiet and scenic road to the Mirador Laguna la Cañada. Call a taxi there or walk another 2.5 km back to the starting point.

Sandero El Perol 16.09843, -91.67349

Purificador down a bumpy pueblo road from highway 1. chap just filled up jugs from a hose and charged about 1 peso per litre.

Planta Potabilizadora Las Pocitas 24.39735, -111.10417

Super nice brewery! Large choice of beer (IPA, Belgium and more) There is no food but you can order from the restaurant next to it

BAJAVARIA 23.46271, -110.24502

water works but it's slow. also, after filling we went to use our shower and it has a strong chlorine smell to it. if you can find another spot, I'd recommend going somewhere else.

Amelia Island State Park Beach Parking Lot 32.05192, -81.12435

sign says parking maximum 2 hours allowed... not sure we will spending the night. there seems to be another camper here... so maybe ?
morning update, we spent a peaceful night here, still alive, no problem :)

Oak park plaza 35.13105, -120.60487

We believe this to be closed. Went to another one near by

Cabela's 39.95257, -104.98564

Update: would not recommend. Yes there was water, but we do not believe it was potable. We tasted it after we attached our filter. We thought it was okay, but after it settled, we noticed that it was not good. We believe we may have gotten sick after drinking this. Don’t use!

Maverik Gas Station 39.89881, -104.93950

Decent place to sleep overnight. Some traffic, some tables, some covers and garbages. Some flat ground, enough for a few larger rigs or vans. A little room for dogs to play.

Texas Picnic Area 31.00383, -99.19367

We spend 2 quite nights here. The place is very big and you can easily find a spot where nobody will bother you, even during weekends. It was very chilly when we were here, which is a good change from the heat down at the sea. We even saw a gang of baboons, but they didn't come close.

Many protected spots in Park 20.05365, 41.40300

Still open even when the campground is closed, and the area is even ploughed

Coquihalla Campground 49.38037, -121.42655

Thanks for the overnight stay, but why are there sprinklers only in the rear of the store where the RVs are parked. I had to move at 12am because the water was blasting against by van. Anyone parking here be aware of water sprinklers where the rv parking is.

Cracker Barrel 32.47872, -99.69867

Guesthouse without name or signs, so ask the locals. It's nice to stay here if you want to see the Kente weavers in the village and visit the information centre. Rooms are simple but spacious and clean. With fan and running (cold) water. Nu facilities like restaurant or breakfast, only cold drinks. Safe parking and very kind owner. Double room for 100 cedi.

Guesthouse 6.81847, -1.48001

Noite tranquila. De dia, mais movimentado pois é rota dos bugueiros. Encontro das águas do rio com o mar. Tem um chuveiro e torneira pra abastecer água do carro.

Rua tranquila próxima ao rio e ao mar -5.68061, -35.21585

Nice place! We paid 50 a person. It is very relaxing at the lake with a view over the bridge. Possibility to rent a canoe and more. Swimming for experienced swimmers as the water is quite deep.

Aylos Bay Garden Lodge 6.24418, 0.09256

Good place. Tap water with hose. Clean toilets until around 22pm. No showers. Nice view of the coast of you get the right spot. Good wind protection. The only issue we had was a guy with a generator going until late. Friendly staff. Ultra diesel at ARS 170.

YPF -53.78274, -67.69479

Quiet place to sleep. Lots of trash in the rocks 😢 but friendly neighbours.

parking near trabzon 40.95862, 40.03042

Very busy with workers and trucks coming and going all day. But right next to this spot there’s a more quieter place to park. Before you reach the river, take a left. There’s a narrow path and after about 100m you get to a small clearing. We spent one night here and no one disturbed us. You can still hear the road and the workers but you have much more privacy here. Unfortunately we didn’t see the elephants :(

very nice spot next to the river 8.12621, -9.11379

Still a great place to go for small repairs.

Centre de Formation Liweitari CFL 10.27473, 1.36853

Local restaurant, tasteful, very cheap and has options with lots of vegetables, which is rare to find here. We paid 2400cfa for two persons (it was a lot). Many locals eat here for lunch.

Chez tata Nadine 10.30750, 1.37701

Fantastic location. Super quiet and peaceful, surrounded by nature and away from chaos of Indian cities. Almost no (4G) reception (airtel).

Quiet fieldcamp 25.21686, 91.68037

Freier Campingplatz in der Nähe des Flughafen von Punta Arenas. Kein Service.

Parque Chabunco Camping Area (East) -52.98841, -70.81407

É uma ponte pequena, está bem conservada, porém há placa de limitação de peso. Para veículos até 3,5 toneladas.

3.5 ton bridge -39.95325, -71.06943

Nam border you fill a formulier in and get out stamp in your paspoort and ok for you CDP stamp!
ZA: you get paper for your car they stamp it and when you get out you must give it them with nummer on it. you go for paspoort and get stamp and ask the nummer of the paper and by police you stamp your CDP! no health checks today Very easy at both side it was 10 minutes

Noordoewer, Namibia to Vioolsdrif, South Africa -28.76560, 17.62620

Quiet place, just holiday homes and hotels nearby. Someone came over in the morning and told us the police may have a problem with us parking on the grass but the road is fine. Great for sunrise.

Praia das Dunas - Pé na areia -22.90300, -42.03197

They do tyre service and alignment for a reasonable price.

City tires 1.07217, 34.17380

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