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un lugar tranquilo, un par de problemas con la presión del agua y detalles en duchas. Su hospedador, un gran anfitrión.

Camping y hostel Los Amigos -46.53893, -71.62673

We drove up to check this out today, but we were unable to stay due to the amount of snow on the campground road. It was essentially unplowed and we don't have 4wd, so we bailed. Looks like a great spot once dry! There were 4 RVs there, mostly fifth wheels and a bus.

Point of the Mountain 40.45825, -111.90288

As described by most others. Stayed here for 1 night before Grand Canyon and the 1 night after. A little less than an hour away.

I parked in the back area behind Carls Jr. Several others overnighted here. Nobody bothered. Pretty busy place so should be safe, but also some people continue playing loud music when they arrived around 2am

T-Mobile 2 bars and pretty good

Loves - Gas Station 35.26286, -112.19497

Did what everyone else said… checked in with security, got a pass and parked for the night. Updated rules and map in pictures

Tortoise Rock Casino - Twentynine Palms 34.11970, -116.05049

We tried to visit but the gate was closed :(

Campo La Salena 31.52382, -114.13667

It's a Walmart parking lot with the beautiful addition of jets flying over your not-so isolated sleeping area. Cars roaring by like they have something to prove are also a neat addition.

Very noisy, though you might get a quieter night, I can't recommend this spot

Walmart 36.84688, -76.02010

A small turnaround on state trust land, just off the highway. Room for 2 vehicles. This is a good choice for anyone worried about soft sand on the BLM land further off the highway. Take Greenhaven Drive, and then an obvious right soon afterwards. The highway is visible, and there is some highway noise, but it’s not too bad. Good cell signal.

State Trust Land 36.99071, -111.56192

There is street parking as well as a parking lot that doesn’t have signs indicating no overnight parking. I stayed in the parking lot during the evening and moved to a street spot for the day to work. Great neighborhood and nice to be able to take the pup right out during the day.
A couple drinking fountains

Tietze Park 32.82461, -96.76147

End of a plowed road during winter. Cars park here during daytime to go hiking, but also saw cars parked overnight. Parked here for 3 nights, very quiet, 1 bar cell reception (Mint). Fairly flat. I turned around about 1/2 mile down the road at a driveway and reversed in. Smaller van can probably do a 10-point turn at the end of the road, but not with my 20ft rig.

Moose Creek Trailhead 43.56356, -111.04983
A sudden leap into boondocking

A large somewhat level gravel parking area in Tom May's Park immediately off Hyw375 directly before the gates to the Franklin State Park. The parking lot serves as access to Tom May's Trail and Elizabeth Hernandez Trail as well as for those who arrive late to Franklin State Park and find themselves locked out for the night. ( Told by a state park attendant that many people Park here overnight for various reasons ) plenty of room for my 32ft motorhome but I wouldn't recommend staying in anything much larger.

Tom May's Trail Parking 31.90786, -106.52552

Great spot when traveling off of 44. Came in late, no one was here. Hot showers.

Twin Bridges State Park 36.79872, -94.75504

Place est très bien tranquille avec plusieurs restaurant autour.
Station d essence juste avant d arriver.
Sortie 797 sur 10 est
Wallmart 24h

Walmart 29.81632, -94.89821
Rodger Obley

Place closed to overnight camping. No signs, but I got a knock from an officer.

Gould’s Inlet Public Beach Access 31.15522, -81.36606

Nice place 10$ to camp
3$ tuktuk to go to center.
I add some photos because still no photos now

El Mangal, Suchitoto 13.17093, -88.06652

Be aware if you come to this place in the rainy season, it's pure mud. It's obvious people have gotten stuck here so if it's rained anytime recently, skip this spot

Holiday Inn Express Back Parking lot - pls ask for permission 36.67885, -121.64102

Good shower for just 4$. If you are near and need one - Go there

Ravensong Aquatic Centre 49.34674, -124.45035

Quiet enough street parking in between apartment buildings and a park with a dirt walking loop. Lots of on leash doggos, no bathroom but also no vehicle restrictions. Stayed for one night and one beautiful day. Street cleaning Tuesdays 10a-12p

Freedom Park 33.92238, -118.39849

Really beautiful place with lots of options to find your perfect spot.

Not a lot of Ablutions options but fine if you're not too picky about that.

Beautiful area to go for a hike etc.

They didn't want to let me stay alone in the Bush as a woman alone so they moved me in the evening next to the restaurant where the guard is staying. Made a fire for me, could use the facilities at the restaurant and everyone was just really friendly and helpful.

A group of Zimbabweans decided to lease this place from the municipal and turn it back in a beautiful park for the people. It's nice to suppprt these kind of initiatives.

Stayed the night before at the other campsite in the park and would definitely recommend this place.

Still 8 Dollars in total

Bulawayo, Hillside Dams Conservancy -20.19603, 28.61632

Checked it out as an option but found several signs stating "Customers Only" and "Unauthorized vehicles will be towed and impounded at owner's expense." They look recently installed ( see photos). No signs of any RVs, big rigs, or vanlifers. You can maybe super stealth here, but I wouldn't chance it.

Winco parking lot 40.31361, -111.72070

The restaurant was open. They wanted 10000 for one plate. We negotiated it to 10000 for two plates.

Restaurant -5.93277, 12.34191

Windshields and all kinds of glass repairs.Had our windshield replaced very quickly and cheap!! in comparison to Europe. Very friendly staff, we could stay the night in a secured and gated parking right next to the workshop

Auto Vidrios Sur 14.28791, -90.77375

very fast fill up german bottle, just wait in front of the door. price is 1,3 Rial per filling one bottle, doesn't depend on how many kg.

Dhofar gas filling/LPG 17.02798, 54.03775
The Long Drive Home 2015

Still 350K for a cottage, didn’t budge on price. Big secure parking behind gate. Ended up staying here just because the card machine next door at Meru fuel station wasn’t working and we wasted 1.5 hrs for it to charge, tried 3 ATMs in town, it seems foreign cards don’t work here. Nice big room with AC, clean sheets, hot shower, DSTV. Wifi signal is there but no Internet, I think they just tell everyone that it’s having issues and don’t bother paying for their connection! We had our induction stove and supplies so cooked our breakfast and left early.

the Landmark Hotel -11.84240, 31.44374

We spent one very quite night there but in the morning (at 10:30) came the border police and let us know that it is not allowed to stay there. They have been waiting until we left the area.

Beach 24.76837, 50.75002

This place is awesome! Best hospitality we’ve had on our 8 month trip so far. Owner, Andrew, is great. We had dinner together and he showed us the storks and vultures. The dinner was yum and everything seems very fairly priced. We took ourselves for a small farm tour to the pigs and orphaned baby goats (very cute). Well worth a stop in for some Zambian hospitality! We will definitely stop in again on our way South again. 10/10

Fringilla Farm campsite -15.00445, 28.15882
Wyld Eagle Adventures

Here some more info I wish I had had beforehand: There are 3 ferry lines, DFDS, Irish and P&O, each taking about 1 1/2 h. Also there is the train/tunnel, faster (~30min crossing), but a bit more expensive and no view. Maybe worth it in stormy weather.
The police helped me look far a cheap ticket online, but if you book for the same day it is very expensive, as in double the price. In the end, I booked a ticket for the next day (4am) with Irish Ferries for 78£ (Hilux with small slide-in camper with driver only) which came with a free flex option. With that I could get on their next boat at 7pm the same day. It seems common that they let you on an earlier boat if there is room. Also they didn't check the vehicle dimensions very carefully. Overall everybody is helpful and relaxed.
There is no customs on this side.

Dover-Calais ferry crossing 51.12708, 1.33473

Nature Gas
Here I refilled my Italian cylinder, but only thanks to one of the adapters I had with me (I think the one for German connection).
A bit pricey with 1,000 Dalasi, but now I have another month of cold beers!

Native Gas 13.41516, -16.71497

small car park of the prefecture. we asked a person from the prefecture who was in a moored boat if we could sleep there, it was ok. quiet but windy night. right next to the port entrance to take the Maria Turquesa boat which does the gourmet cruise. if you are lucky you can sleep in front of an iceberg.

petit parking de la préfecture. on a demandé à une personne de la préfecture qui était dans un bateau amarré si on pouvait dormir là, c’était ok. nuit tranquille mais venteuse. juste à côté de l’entrée du port pour prendre la bateau Maria turquesa qui fait la croisière gourmet. si vous avez de la chance vous pourrez dormir devant un iceberg.

No Fuego Marina -50.29989, -72.79792

Lovely spot near town, flat camping area and suitable for bigger rigs. Stunning views of Lake Victoria and perhaps one of the most beautiful sunrises we've experienced so far.
Great restaurant, bar with drinks etc - free wifi which has good signal.
Toilets are clean, agree with below comments in that shower is basic, we had luke warm water, not hot but certainly not ice cold. Strong pressure.
Grounds are between two restaurants and can be noisy towards late evening but it does get shut down at a reasonable time.

25,000 TZ Shilling pppn.

Would happily stay here again.

Mwanza Yacht Club -2.52942, 32.89424

Quiet place and nice people.
Last 2km not very fine for our 9tn truck but ok!
We spent 2 nights here.
The second one just 100zmw for parking
There is no water because a power problem in the line and the pump not working!
Recommed the trek to Myamba and Luke beach from here, check with Muchichi.

Kalambo Falls Official Campsite -8.59733, 31.24004

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