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Excellent garage dans Santa Cruz. Nous y sommes allés à 5 ans d’intervalle toujours bien servi à des prix corrects.
Tel wathsApp +59177010100

Karusa garage -17.78128, -63.20853
Rambling Sid

Only person here when we arrived was a guy fishing. In a Class C so couldn’t fit into any site, or more correctly through the small openings to the sites. Stayed on the first parking lot, level but after some rain lots of mosquitoes. There is addition parking further down towards the boat launch. Think this is a one nighter only.

Old Lock 1 31.57363, -88.03289

Great quiet place, restaurant nearby, but it’s on expensive side

on the beach 8.37691, -83.14482

nice new super with frohen veggy patties and granulated soy for about 1k

Supermercado puyuhuapi -44.32511, -72.56098

parking is now closed.
they put a fence.

Roca Blanca 15.94312, -97.36193

big gas station with GLP for cars so we were able to fill it up our Canadian fix tank

JSM GLP 10.63050, -85.44255

Only glass bins available at the moment, not the most helpful

Tucson Neighborhood Recycling Center 32.23551, -110.82898

We stayed here over the weekend and it was very quiet! The river walk is technically only for employees of the nearby companies but we never had any complaints while we walked it with our dogs. I’m not sure what it’s like during the week, but it definitely is the most quiet place we found in SLC! Good Verizon reception.

Utah Housing Corporation 40.71479, -111.98654

couldn't access from road 31a as road is now flooded.

Brantley lake 32.57378, -104.40835

What a great spot! We visited the Museum and could stay with our Truck in the parking like ot! The guy who eorks at the Museum is really friendly and tried his best to explain everything well for our bad spanish. You can use the banos and He also offered Energy. Totally worth the entrance fee!

San Juan, Necropolis -20.90761, -67.76569

Doors are closed! Nobody around..............................

Public toilet and shower -20.91304, -67.56714

Outside beach showers. Cold water only. Right outside the building, on the right.

Lighthouse showers 36.95343, -122.02567

Saw a sign said "Entry Only for Authorization". Think it's not allowed to enter there.

Splendid canyon to walk ! -46.06697, -72.00654

A bit off the road but very quit spot. We were all alone. Please keep it clean and be respectful. It’s so hard to find great free place on the coast of California… this is a real Gem.

BLM land 35.98344, -121.01267

very crowdy on a sunday afternoon (of course). noisy till 9 or 10 in the evening. good for a night before crossing the border in the morning. safe and nice place.

Parking lot at the Cuevas de Andá Mirá 14.06030, -89.94229

The clearance on branches is 2.9 to 3.0m

Troncones Beach Public Access 17.77536, -101.71448

Really chilled hostel run by 2 fun brothers. Place for bicycle (owner cycles himself), in a quiet street, beers available & clean dorm! Brilliant little dog called Kanye too


Heaps within walking distance :)

Losmanos Hostel -7.81778, 110.36611

Policia road block came searched our RV everywhere inside and up.

Bump in the road 17.88552, -91.76875

asked for 15.000 pesos for overnight on the parking, access to toilet but no shower. You will have more privacy at fuel station biomax...

Hotel Alcaraván 6.07255, -73.40772

Propane isn't sold after 4:30p per attendant.

Canyonlands Texaco Propane 38.56472, -109.54964
Avi Baram

We made reservation, pay for two nights. But just made U turn and drive out.
Just 14 miles each direction to see ugly place. Abandoned, spots broken. No water, no dump station, no wifi, no cell reception.
Just avoid!

Cottonwood Cove Campground 35.49415, -114.68702

L'endroit est conforme à la description. nous avons dormi près du skatepark et des jeux pour enfants. l'emplacement était gratuit et pêche du centre ville. c'était calme, nous n'avons pas eu de problèmes pendant nos visites et la vue sur le lac et le volcan était top !

El sitio se pareece mucho a la description. Hemos dormido al lado del skatepark y de los juegos para los ninos. Este lugar es proximo del centre. Fue muy calma y no hemos tenido problemas durante nuestras visitas. La vista sobre el lago y el volcan fue muy buena !

Skate Park Camp Lakeside Villarica -39.27962, -72.21983

Come and serve yourself. Tap right under the big YPF sign. If you have a hose, make sure to bring a rubber adapter as the tap doesn't have a screw.

YPF Drinking Water from hose and tap -54.79064, -68.22644

This has parking meters now. 2hrs max so it's no longer any good.

Off Street Parking 38.92252, -76.95691

just a roadside pullout. work two covered picnic tables. no other amenities. beautiful scenery. surrounded by mountains. also monument to Geronimo.

Geronimo surrender monument 31.69568, -109.12902

Large pullout area at the SE end of Cactus Springs, near large trees (fence with a stile if you want to walk around the trees)
Spot is also next to the Temple of Goddess Spirituality, which is very pleasant to visit and stroll around.
Close to US 95, so you do get traffic noise, and when I was outside my trailer at sunset, I could hear flag lowering music from Creech Air Force Base, in the valley at Indian Springs.

Cactus Springs BLM turnout 36.57706, -115.72364

Great house in Manga. Quiet neighbourhood close to water. 15 min walk to centre. Great wifi. Nice AC. You can use the kitchen and supermarket around the corner. Nice garden to sit and have breakfast. Hammock on the front veranda. Secure parking for motorcycle. Paid 190,000 per night. ( on This is more than our usual but a great place for Cartagena with parking , yet close enough that you can walk to all attractions . The owner speaks English very well.

Mansio Bahia Manga 10.41302, -75.54148

Rest stop is closed until the end of September 2023.

Rest Area Northbound 35.83170, -120.75826

Nice place between the new built cabañas. Very quiet. Very friendly owner. Clean, cold showers. No shadow. We payed 50 pP.

El Paraíso Restaurant & Cabañas 15.97027, -97.53220

We're trying this out tonight. No other RVs, but it's winter so not too surprised. We parked on the left side, in an empty lot near grocery pickup and the auto center. Seems quiet and definitely not in anyone's way. There are not a lot of options in greater SLC, so let's be good neighbors 🙂

Walmart Supercenter 40.34860, -111.72982

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