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Right on the beach, parking along the side of dirt road where locals park to go surf. Ask for Mike and take a surf lesson for $60, he will take care of you and your family. He has lived in Cerritos for 35years and is very knowlagable. As for the camping it's very safe and friendly, lots of tourist during the day but gets quite at night. Bar and restaurant 50yards away. Vendors on the beach selling different stuff. Great place to stay and not have to pay at Cerritos.

Los Cerritos Beach 23.33150, -110.17802

huge lot, 50 P, for big rigs going from/to Calle Narciso Mendoza/Calle Venustiano Carranza not further than this place, 15min walking to town, dusty place, relatively quite (dogs barking, chicken), nothing else
the entrance is not to Bad, but your rig need space to go out, we will not recommended longer 24feet (we are 27 feet and are a bit in trouble because of the trees and they wall, choose the first parking lot in the street, but not level, night was ok, lots cocks noise very early and often

last huge Parking lot for bigger Rigs in Bernal 20.74686, -99.94962

97PpP, 34 Camera, it is another culture, we will say it is worth, it is respectful, some translation in english, in some rooms with load Musik, 30min for visit and do something nice after that for your stomage and mind, not for children

Museo de Momias 21.01979, -101.26641

Not sure that a 4x4 is strictly required. A lot of aircraft traffic in the evening but the night was quiet

Wild in Little Box Canyon 33.60282, -115.91382

We spend a quiet night. The shooting range activities stopped by 6pm. Not too trashy. With a little effort the place could be clean

Five Cuts 34.08968, -116.01495

Very big parking lot, go around the back of the building and there’s plenty of space and not too much noise. There were some RVs and vans there and a few cars that may have had campers. Pretty nice PF with clean, nice showers and couches in the black card lounge.

Planet Fitness 24hr 32.33586, -106.75952

We stayed at this camp because we had to be up early in the morning for a tour. It’s fairly noisy from traffic until late, but it’s tolerable for a night.

Waterfront Car Park -53.16395, -70.89818

Wasn’t bad beyond the normal noise of a rest stop. Clean big grass area for the dogs. Seemed like a decent amount of spots were still open overnight

Rest stop 44.23542, -123.05954

went to both this butterfly, and el Rosario - one day apart.

el Rosario was far better, so if you have both as options I'd suggest going to it. there were way more butterflies, the entrance fee was cheaper, parking was free, staying overnight was free, and the hike was shorter.

at this one, they charged 60 pesos to park and although there were only a handful of cars in the lot closest to the entrance, they made us park in the farther lot. not a big deal, but it wasn't a great first impression.

the ticket booth wasn't clearly marked, and when we found it, there was nobody there. this was at about 2pm, so during the busy part of the day. someone showed up, and we paid her the 100 pesos each.

we then go to start the hike and we're told a guide is mandatory (I don't think this is true) and that we have to wait for 8-10 more people to show up. there are no new cars arriving, and not that many people here this day. 8-10 more people might NEVER show up. he tells us our other option is to pay 250 pesos for a private guide. no thanks.

we waited a couple minutes and then just started hiking up ourselves. nobody stopped us, and we saw other groups that didn't seem to have guides either.

the hike took us about 45 minutes up and 20 minutes down, so it was about 1.5 hours in total. a bit of a grind in places, but not too bad - the worst part is the elevation that you're hiking at.

Piedra Herrada (Mariposas Monarca Sanctuario) 19.17424, -99.95758

very nice little place right on the beautiful beach. there is electricity, WiFi, showers, toilets and drinking water. as well as light, if you want. Highly Recommended. 5000pP, owner quirky but very nice and tries very hard

Camping los Cocos 9.88131, -85.52461

Other areas were pretty full. Came down this road as far as the gate. Turned around and stayed on the side of the road - wide enough and recently graded. Early sunset behind the hills. Nice and quiet, except for coyotes. Trying to get to this area (one of the other checkpoints) with google transfer from app = redirecting me to a location miles away. Just make sure you go into Bowie, then take Apache Pass Rd south. Then the app works fine. Maybe my coordinates will work better.

9 Mile Ranch Rd near gate. 32.23569, -109.47950

Opening hour for visitors: 10am - 5pm
Cost for visiting and swimming in the first cenote: 200 MXN/p
Cost for staying over night: + 200 MXN/p

There's cold water shower, toilet, BBQ Grill, grass area for camping, area to make camp fire and tent for rent too (we used our own tent, so don't know how is theirs). Car Park is about 60m walking distance from the camp area.

It's a beautiful place!

5 cenotes and camping 21.18408, -87.59285

Very quiet and beautiful place to spend the night, right on the creek with many swimming holes. Perfect remote rate for swimming and many waterfalls if you hike upstream. Nobody was here when we arrived and nobody arrived until the next morning, but very popular on the during the day on a weekend for Ticos, all of whom were kind and friendly, enjoying a BBQ and a beer. Family vibes. Excellent LTE service on Liberty.

Minas del aguacate parking area 9.96705, -84.47233

Lugar espectacular. Paramos para almoçar e chovia. Mas as arvores nos permitiram almoçar como se estuviésemos com teto. O rio é lindo!! Nos vamos ficar a noite, mas é muito bom pra isso tbm. A Sprinter entra legal.

River sound campspot -46.79133, -72.81200

Nice grass spot, easy access and spacious. Some cows and horses visit us, on the morning we had the chance to see some foxes too.

Beside stream -37.39804, -71.44318

We just stopped for lunch, didn’t sleep here. It’s a very big posto, nothing fancy but has everything you need - fuel, restaurant with good food and reasonable prices, shops, pharmacy, clean bathrooms and showers (paid by the minute, buy tokens at the pharmacy, or if you fill up your tank you also can get tokens), even a barber. There is a lot of space to park but maybe at the very end after the bathrooms would be the calmest for overnight.

Posto Alto da Serra - Grupo Copa 70 -12.45997, -42.22718

It’s a very pretty and calm place. We spent one night here with a rooftop tent, only some cars of the people who live in the houses down the road passes by. However bear in mind that it’s very very windy, especially at night. In the evening it gets calm, you can even cook outside but in the night the gusts of wind are no joke. It’s not super comfortable for roof tents but it you don’t have any other options it’s bearable for one night.

Chapada Diamantina National Park -12.56107, -41.50659

NOT recommended to sleep here!
Wanted to sleep at the parking of the Laguna. At 8pm came a local from the next village and highly recommended (or more insisted) us not to stay there. He was informed by someone else in the village, people knew we were there. He said, robberies happen there very often. Even locals are not supposed to stay longer than 7 or 8pm. He recommended us to stay in the village (Bernales) at the plaza opposite to the policestation.

Laguna Moron Parking Area -13.76023, -75.98195

Its really a special place: shady places, very clean banos y duchas, the Lady who takes care of the place is really nice and there is a crystal clear Pool! But there is also a lot of old stuff in the place. Paid 1000pp, nothing for our truck. We stayed 4 nights.

Camping Casas del Valle -22.46077, -68.91649

Beautiful site with view to Futalaufquen lake. you will find a plataform to stay comfortable.

Punta Matos plataform -42.81744, -71.71519

This is a gorgeous place to stay along the Apache Trail which is a must to drive if you are here for a couple of days. Hot showers, potable water camp sites with and without electricity and water hook ups. Potable water everywhere as well as outdoor sink with hot water for dishes.

Sites are impeccable but you do get a bit of road noise however it’s all good because the views are stunning.

Lost Dutchman SP 33.45405, -111.48345

It was dark when I arrived at this spot, so I ended up parking in the parking lot shortly after turning down the road. I drove about .6miles down the road and saw a couple pullouts, but nothing I was confident entering in the dark with the amount of washes around.
Was not bothered overnight in parking lot despite no camping signs. Would stay again if needed and felt safe.

360* Mountain View 35.97451, -115.44515

I didn’t attempt to stay here, just happened to walk by today, so take it for what you will — but it appeared that most or all of this lot has been purchased and has an “under development” sign. Most of it is fenced off and part of it in the back has active construction, so personally I’d be a little doubtful of being able to park there. There were a couple vans on the street parking out front though, on the malecón.

Vacant lot 26.00976, -111.33928

Perfect spot, beautiful with pretty clean water.
spend the night there, it is a little bit close to the road however

Hot desert swimming holes -29.38586, -67.79564

Gaby and Juan Andrés (owners) are really nice, friendly and helpful people. if you talk to them they will offer a place for tent for free or bedrooms to rent. for was great and for 10000 clp you'll get a full homemade food service with juice and dessert include. they know the area so they can help you wondering next llaves to stop. worth to invest the time there.

Moro del Teheulche -52.05409, -71.43703

Sitting on the side of the road with everything to clean your car for 400 pesos

Car Wash 31.02687, -114.84905

Lonely place under trees. Good wind protection. But the street is really noisy. The few planes are acceptable.

Chabunco -52.99886, -70.82107

I hesitate to post a review because this place is so nice I'd rather not tell about it. Grassy spots, shade or sun for those "Dishy" folks. Nice showers and toilets. Friendly owners. Worried that next time we come down, it will be so busy we can't get a spot. Lot's of love and care here.

Paraiso Misional 27.28594, -112.89893

10$ day use
20$ Per night for one site

didn't bother and kept going

Mountain Palm Springs Campground 32.86245, -116.21517

This is the biggest and least dangerous cave. More like a tunnel... There are lots of Caves along the road, just keep your eyes open. For the adventurous ones, who like to explore the unknows... This the place to go!

Mud cave and Tunnel 32.92742, -116.19581

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