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This is a gravel steep road to go to Playa Blanca from Montezuma. Do not intend with a big rv! 4x4 required or at least rear wheel drive vehicle. Nice view from the top though!

Piste très pentue pour aller à Playa Blanca depuis Montezuma. Ne pas la prendre avec un camping car! 4x4 pas obligatoire si vous etes haut et en propulsion. Belles vues d’en haut!

Steep Gravel Road 9.90275, -84.93247

Mecanic who can do anything on any type of véhicule. Best mecanic in town.
whatsapp : +51953655367

Taller Socrates -17.65662, -71.31837

Still the same. Prices did not change, payed 200 for the night per tent/car. Nice and calm at night.

Termas Quebrada de Hualfin -27.21342, -66.86570
julia on the road

Before May 15 only about half of the campsites are available. Very few people here. Barely one bar of ATT at site 27. Lots of glass near dam lookout so be careful with pups.

Bluewater State Park 35.30206, -108.10715

Nicely designed, clean place to sleep. The rooms are traditional tents and very clean. There is an electric socket in the tent. Communal bathroom with hot water.
The owner is very kind and speaks French, Spanish, Arabic, Berber, Italian and English.
Safe place to park. Motorcycle and maybe 1 car can fit behind the gate.

Nomad Bivaque 31.08575, -4.02592

This was a wonderful place to camp at! Lots of space, very little litter, few people when arrived. The creek was dried up when we arrived so we didn’t have a water source. No permanent fire pits but you can see where people have contained their fires in the past. Lots of sticks and twigs for starting a fire. The environment was so lush and diverse! I had a ball with my Seek/Inaturalist app. It was easy to set up a hammock.

Directions: the coordinates were solid, and you can find the spot on Google maps. However the directions stop at the entrance of the Battlefield Park. You’ll see a sign that says “Primitive Camping” on your right (we drove by it thinking it said private camping) turn into that entrance.

The ground was solid to drive on with our Toyota Camry, though it wasn’t muddy. (It did rain heavily the day before and was still solid)

Wildlife management area primitive camping 32.32872, -86.68579

A brand new fuel station but it was closed when we went there, at 10am on a saturday. Weird. Maybe the guy in charge of opening the station didnt wake up and thats it.
There was a lot of kids hanging out there and guess what ? Yes, thats right, they asked for money.

Tap water -9.68164, 14.41969

Fantastic little campsite. Jorge and family and really welcoming. He parked us next to one of the pools. The place is obviously busy during the day with local families but super quiet at night. 250pesos per night. Highly recommended

Eco Park & Camping La Cotorra 18.84964, -96.99678

Excelente lugar..! Vista directa al mar, a 20 m de la orilla. Es el estacionamiento del bar. Tiene buena sombra, piso empastado, energía eléctrica y agua en el lugar. El precio es de Rs 60 por persona, pero el dueño (Felipe) nos hizo 180 por 2 días para 2 personas. El personal es muy amable. Muy recomendable.

Camping Twizi - Ponta Papagaio S.C. -27.84650, -48.58102

Great quick access for a night stop, 2wd safe to bluff. Didn't check down to beach. 2 cars passed in the afternoon, quiet spot away from highway, light traffic noise.

Sage Breeze 31.14907, -114.89635

Nice, free and safe, perfect place to spend the night (there is a police station just in front of the parking).

Youtube/IG "Objectif_Ushuaia"

Fr :

Super endroit pour passer la nuit. Très sécurisé comme vous êtes en face du poste de police et gratuit !

Youtube/IG "Objectif_Ushuaia"

Parking lot at the Centro Cultural y Deportivo 16.92157, -89.88787

Nous avons passé 1 nuit pour 400peso . Les routes sont assez étroites pour se rendre en haut de 24 pieds ça ne passe pas. Il y a de l’électricité et possibilité de vidanger à l’arrivée. Il y a aussi de l’eau pour vous remplir mais le débit n’était pas assez fort pour rester connecté. Le village est vraiment sympathique et tout le monde vous parles, le propriétaire vraiment gentil ☀️. Un petit restaurant vraiment bon et pas chère à essayer La colonche sur l’avenue principale.

Posada Valerio 21.22274, -100.49785

Beautiful Campground with access to lake

Lincoln Rock Campground 47.53949, -120.28441

between Medrera and Boutilimit.
nice truck, you have to cros a few vilage for the middle.
the place is very nice, a few tees, some camels. no trafic at all.
you need 4x4, big rigs do not cross

wild camping 17.26583, -14.98014

Very spacious area, sufficient wind protection. Noise from the airport.
But beware this is also a party zone. We had to suffer loud music all night until about 6am.

Chabunco Park Camping Area (West) -52.99059, -70.81965

Must have high clearance and good tires. Rocky road. But worth it.

KOFA off mst&t road. Beautiful view. Quiet. 33.43068, -114.03834

Big rig friendly with 15 semi slots and tons of parking for regular vehicles. Lots of covered picnic tables, trash contains, clean bathrooms, and two water spouts. You can easily pull up parallel to fill water. Lots of road noise from the highway but dies down during sleeping hours.

Westbound Rest Area 33.02821, -111.77230

Two water spouts right by the parking lot. Easy to parallel park while directly filling rig.

Free threaded water spouts 33.02822, -111.77230

not really worth it. the new trail just goes to a river. after that the old one is really overgrown and the paths are rotten. you can make it over the river (don't go left though, we've tried :D) but then your walk will end at some rotten steep stairs. so no waterfall if you won't climb steep rocks.

Parque Pumalín – Sendero Cascadas -42.56001, -72.60465

Nice sites down by the beach. Fire heated shower near entrance, not available because no guests. The lany is closing soon because no guest.
2500 ARSpp

quiet campsite el puente -38.87676, -71.20278

Was already closed early March, possibly because no guests anymore

Lago Aluminé -38.88976, -71.16774

It’s a very quiet place to spend the night. A lot of shade and no wind or mosquitoes.We came after sunset on a Saturday and there was nobody around. Nobody in the early morning too. There is now a wooden gate at the entrance so close it after you go in.
There is enough level space for several vehicles. You can hear the road but at night it’s very calm, traffic picks up in the morning around 7-8.

Small parking lot for waterfall -12.85971, -41.29681

Open, very friendly. Easy crossing but have to wait for them to phone head office

Argentinian Immigration and Customs – Paso Roballos -47.15847, -71.85120

Friendly and professional. Notices in English say it may take 20 minutes for them to confirm , it took 3 minutes. Really easy

Chilean Immigration and Customs – Paso Roballos -47.18357, -71.98097

Perfect clean laundry with front loader machines and very friendly people. 90 pesos per load wash and dry

Lavanderia Los Girasoles 24.10167, -110.37600

camping bem grande onde famílias vão para se reunir, fazer um churrasco e brincar com as crianças. ambiente familiar. achamos bom para passar a noite. tranquilo, limpo, organizado banheiros em pleno funcionamento, chuveiro bom com água quente. passamos a noite com a nossa cadelinha e foi ok. tem alguns cachorros do camping mas são tranquilos. Estávamos em 2 e pagamos 1500 pela barraca. não é cobrado valor por pessoa. outro campista ficou (sozinho) e também pagou 1500.

Camping Municipal -30.95083, -58.76981

Nice area, but: Generator until 9:30 pm and from 6:30. No light in bathrooms and toilet. Monkey madr noise at 0:30 am.

Tikal Campground 17.22527, -89.61132

Had another good night at this Cracker Barrel. Good spot to stay in close proximity to Disney.

Cracker Barrel 28.34238, -81.60069

on est monté ici en fourgon aménagé. (fiat Ducato traction). sans problèmes. la route est un peu chaotique mais ça le fait. par contre nous ne sommes pas restés la nuit et trop de pluie verglaçante, nous ne sommes pas allés au refuge.

Cark Park at 4580 m -0.65654, -78.43899

Very sad experience at the parque. We are travelling for 2 months through Chili and never had any problems with our creditcards. But at this place for the first time, it declined. The lady at the front desk wasn't helpful to figure out how we could make it work, let's say: she was rude. Wouldn't listen to our advice. Suddenly she couldn't speak english anymore. If we wanted to give our last cash Chilean pesos to get in, a 3000 pesos less than the entree, it wasn't possible. They rather be stubborn than get the money and clients.

Reserva Natural Penguino Rey -53.46078, -69.30601

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