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Big rig friendly with 15 semi slots and tons of parking for regular vehicles. Lots of covered picnic tables, trash contains, clean bathrooms, and two water spouts. You can easily pull up parallel to fill water. Lots of road noise from the highway but dies down during sleeping hours.

Westbound Rest Area 33.02821, -111.77230

Two water spouts right by the parking lot. Easy to parallel park while directly filling rig.

Free threaded water spouts 33.02822, -111.77230

not really worth it. the new trail just goes to a river. after that the old one is really overgrown and the paths are rotten. you can make it over the river (don't go left though, we've tried :D) but then your walk will end at some rotten steep stairs. so no waterfall if you won't climb steep rocks.

Parque Pumalín – Sendero Cascadas -42.56001, -72.60465

Nice sites down by the beach. Fire heated shower near entrance, not available because no guests. The lany is closing soon because no guest.
2500 ARSpp

quiet campsite el puente -38.87676, -71.20278

Was already closed early March, possibly because no guests anymore

Lago Aluminé -38.88976, -71.16774

It’s a very quiet place to spend the night. A lot of shade and no wind or mosquitoes.We came after sunset on a Saturday and there was nobody around. Nobody in the early morning too. There is now a wooden gate at the entrance so close it after you go in.
There is enough level space for several vehicles. You can hear the road but at night it’s very calm, traffic picks up in the morning around 7-8.

Small parking lot for waterfall -12.85971, -41.29681

Open, very friendly. Easy crossing but have to wait for them to phone head office

Argentinian Immigration and Customs – Paso Roballos -47.15847, -71.85120

Friendly and professional. Notices in English say it may take 20 minutes for them to confirm , it took 3 minutes. Really easy

Chilean Immigration and Customs – Paso Roballos -47.18357, -71.98097

Perfect clean laundry with front loader machines and very friendly people. 90 pesos per load wash and dry

Lavanderia Los Girasoles 24.10167, -110.37600

camping bem grande onde famílias vão para se reunir, fazer um churrasco e brincar com as crianças. ambiente familiar. achamos bom para passar a noite. tranquilo, limpo, organizado banheiros em pleno funcionamento, chuveiro bom com água quente. passamos a noite com a nossa cadelinha e foi ok. tem alguns cachorros do camping mas são tranquilos. Estávamos em 2 e pagamos 1500 pela barraca. não é cobrado valor por pessoa. outro campista ficou (sozinho) e também pagou 1500.

Camping Municipal -30.95083, -58.76981

Nice area, but: Generator until 9:30 pm and from 6:30. No light in bathrooms and toilet. Monkey madr noise at 0:30 am.

Tikal Campground 17.22527, -89.61132

Had another good night at this Cracker Barrel. Good spot to stay in close proximity to Disney.

Cracker Barrel 28.34238, -81.60069

on est monté ici en fourgon aménagé. (fiat Ducato traction). sans problèmes. la route est un peu chaotique mais ça le fait. par contre nous ne sommes pas restés la nuit et trop de pluie verglaçante, nous ne sommes pas allés au refuge.

Cark Park at 4580 m -0.65654, -78.43899

Very sad experience at the parque. We are travelling for 2 months through Chili and never had any problems with our creditcards. But at this place for the first time, it declined. The lady at the front desk wasn't helpful to figure out how we could make it work, let's say: she was rude. Wouldn't listen to our advice. Suddenly she couldn't speak english anymore. If we wanted to give our last cash Chilean pesos to get in, a 3000 pesos less than the entree, it wasn't possible. They rather be stubborn than get the money and clients.

Reserva Natural Penguino Rey -53.46078, -69.30601

we stayed here in our way to the south and going up north. Perfect spot!

Two times the shower pressure wasn't good, but you could take a hot shower.

Information Touristica Cerro Sombrero -52.77462, -69.28720

"Very happy to have been able to find and reserve a place in this campground when all the state parks are complete around.
$70 per night for a Full Hookup space - RV 37 ft + towed vehicle
We are placed in row C, first in the row and therefore first line on the highway which passes just in front of the height of the campground so very noisy.
Barely room for the picnic table next to the truck (slight slope) its condition is not great.
The camp is wooded.
Wifi at the campground but very poor connection.
Laundry 4 washing machines ($2) + 4 dryers ($2) cash payment ($0.25) or card. Possibility to make change (1$ ticket).
Very friendly welcome at the reception.
There is a swimming pool, a dump station in the camp.

Très contents d'avoir pu trouver et réserver une place dans ce campground alors que tous les states parks sont complets aux alentours.
70$ la nuit pour une place Full Hookup - RV 37 ft + véhicule tracté.
Nous sommes placés à la rangée C, premiers de la rangée et donc première ligne sur l'autouroute qui passe juste devant en hauteur du campground donc très bruyant.
A peine la place pour la table de picnic à côté du camion (légère pente) son état n'est pas génial.
Le campement est arboré.
Wifi au campground mais très mauvaise connexion.
Laverie 4 machines à laver (2$) + 4 séchoirs (2$) paiement cash (0,25$) ou carte. Possibilité de faire la monnaie (billet 1$).
Accueil très sympatique à la réception.
Il y a une piscine, une dump station dans le camp.

Travelers Campground 29.81762, -82.51517

Car camper - spent one night here unbothered. Parked on the Arby’s side, one other car camper & a van overnighted as well. They have a picnic table set in a skinny grassy area heading back towards the truck parking!

Pilot Travel Center 35.07837, -81.70328

Good and fast service !
25.000 for a dozen of clothes
We paid 120000 for two big loads
📞0961 609 550 / Blanca

Lava Mas -25.26889, -57.49549

An abandon boat launch just off of Nelson’s Landing viewing area in Eagle wash
Paved road (165) off of I95 south of Las Vegas.
We parked in the old parking area for the marina. There was “No camping” signs past the iron fence that leads down to the Colorado river, (about a 1/4 mile walk)
Great views of the river and mountains and a good place to get out of the wind if needed. Really good Dark Skys

Abandon Nelson’s Landing marina 35.70745, -114.71328

$20 self pay. I was the only one here multiple nights, but that was during the week. Great little campground for the price and extremely quiet. If you’re car camping or in a van, I’d highly recommend staying here vs trying to park somewhere in town. Safety at night in town is definitely a concern. 2 bars of service and LTE with Verizon.

Royal Gorge Park Campground 38.46540, -105.29180

Hugo is very friendly, i looked aroud other places and the more cheap and atractive was this.
I dont recomend Lattitude Habitaciones, they explore me asking 200 bolivianos for a private room with bathroom, other people say here much less.
Hugo did 120 bolivianos for the same.

Luna Dorada Hostel -22.26409, -67.81589

I do not recomend, the “duena” explore me asking 200 bolivianos for a private room and more 100 bolivianos for a simple pasta dinner and breakfast.
I recomended Luna Dourada, near it, from Hugo’s, a very gently guy. He did the same for me for a half of the price.

Hospedaje Latitudes Huayllajara -22.26376, -67.81623

Great little spot to park overnight - stunning views, and also high wind right now. You can see a few locals' houses, and I'd imagine if you stayed more than 1 night, the locals may get upset (I left a little late around noon, and someone had honked at me, but no biggie).

Ruby’s Hideout 36.97572, -109.31955

Spend the night there. Parked right in front of the Oxxo, after we were allowed by the employees. Toilets 5p. Nice people. A bit noisy (nearby road).

Pemex & Oxxo 22.11004, -97.80374

Plenty nice rest area, low traffic this time of year.

Clearwater Rest Area 47.00145, -113.37120
Warden & Ariane

Everything mentioned about this place is true. These people are so kind and welcoming. We were with 4 people and two campers and could stay in their parkinglot. We could use wifi, toilet and shower. Ana can arrange a private tour to the salt flats. These people are also going to expand so they can host more campers. They didn't ask us for money (accept for the tour), but we gave them money for staying there. Big recommendation!!

El Nido del Flamenco -20.46802, -66.81613

Was going to camp at the site up the road more but wind gusts are up to 40 mph so we took cover in the rocky dunes. Is a nice spot but there is a slight view of power lines nearby.

Furnace creek road w wind protection 35.90096, -116.26889

Vehicle: Ram Promaster 3500

Easy spot to pull off and stay overnight, or a few nights. The sand is hard packed near the entrance, especially to the right if coming from southbound.

We didn't stay but there were signs of campfire rings and lots of vehicle tracks, so it seems popular.

Wouldn't go too far into this area unless you have 4wd. You'll see the sand's color change when it gets loose.

Beach River La Fortuna 23.11958, -109.52824

Vehicle: Ram Promaster 3500

Large open area with plenty of hard packed sand to drive on. 2wd is fine, for the most part, until you get to the fence line of the glamping campground next door.

Kind of busy with lots of dune buggies and ATVs going by.

La Fortuna 23.14532, -109.50541

Vehicle: Ram Promaster 3500

Very crowded on both sides of the road. If going northbound, the spots on the right are difficult to get to if you don't have 4wd.

There's another camping area on the opposite side of the road that is hard packed but very busy. We kept driving.

Los Frailes 23.38068, -109.43222

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