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We spent here several nights, nice little camping - big garden in front of the hostel. Clean toilets and showers with hot water and good stream. Family is very nice, they invite all guests for BBQ in the garden and prepare excellent meat(4-5kinds) and potatoes. Good place to stay to explore Tarija. You can go by walk to the city centre or go by taxi(5b/pp).

La Cúpula Hostel & Camping -21.55123, -64.71977

Back right hand corner of the parking lot. (if facing the store from the front). Seems to be a few other people here now. So far so good.

Walmart 36.84680, -76.02026

Arrived late and fell asleep without checking out the stars :( several other campers here, no issues. Would definitely stay here again. Verizon service at 3 bars LTE currently but sometimes had 5G I think.

Broadway Trailhead 32.22103, -110.72160

Awesome spot right on the water. Take the road further South as many other comments recommend. Had no issues getting stuck but can imagine you easily could if you too close to the water. Other campers nearby which made us feel nice and safe but still far enough away to feel secluded.

By the sea 31.15380, -114.89158

This is an outstanding place! 1000 Dalasi for a room as seen on the pictures. Breakfast (best in Westafrica) for 250 Dalasi. Bike parking is great and the courtyard with the mango tree sensational! I loved this place and would highly recommend it. Best price relation you will get in Serekunda.
Kim is a magnificent host and is really taking care about the place to keep it on european standard, except for the missing hot water. But we the water is warm anyway.

Prebooking recommended. Enjoy!

Hansens Lodge 13.44029, -16.70903
The Joslyn Journey

Stayed here for several nights enjoying the scenery and trying to stay out of the wind. The site we were on was close to a birm which helped reduce some of the wind. Picked up a lot of trash here, unfortunately.

National Forest Road 36.04487, -115.55480

Rv dump is free and on the South side in front of the Diesel pumps. They have a spigot with good pressure for flushing the tank.

5R Travel Center - Valero Gas Station 32.28145, -107.75990

Large parking lot, near the interstate. Interstate noise is noticeable but an easy on/off spot.

Bass Pro Shop - Cabela's 39.63622, -79.99916

stayed 1 night. Store was closed when we arrived.

Bass Pro Shop - Cabela's 39.63622, -79.99916

pudimos pasar 3 noches hermosas n este lugar, sin embargo hay bastante viento... seguro y gratis...

Next to the lighthouse 18.72465, -87.70132

Nos cobraron por nivel 2 nuestra camioneta + 1 pasajero 1135 mex... dejamos foto de los precios actualizados

Punta Sam Port (Cancun) 21.23324, -86.80193

pasamos 3 noches súper seguras y tranquilas ... recomedado

Progreso Malecon 21.28375, -89.67520

Nos dejaron parquear en el estacionamiento junto a la marina, y usar gratis los baños y la ducha... muy amables

Al Memin Restaurant 18.78135, -91.49231

Paramos una noche acá, el italian coffe nos pasó su wifi y detrás de ese edificio hay un grifo con agua NO potable

Pemex with Oxxo 18.05296, -94.13415

El mejor lugar para parar en Puebla, los agentes super amables, nos ofrecieron el wifi, ducha y baños... Además nos dieron mapas de la ciudad por lo que salimos a conocer la ciudad súper tranquilos de que la camio quedaba segura...

Polícia Turística 19.04620, -98.19047

Victor y Nora nos recibieron en su casa, nos sentimos súper tranquilos y aprovechamos a descansar y conocer la ciudad...

Cholula Free Parking 19.05387, -98.31374

7$ to camp and use the pools and bought a fried fish for 5$ (fish soup is 3$) fast wifi, allowed to refill water and had a big pool to myself. Owner is a policeman from the nearby town

Off Hwy Ecuador 45 0.08044, -77.20412

needed to filter or boil water when we were there due to recent bad weather and rain

Camping Serón (Fantastico Sur) -50.86618, -72.89340

we had a broken exhaust manifold. they dismounted the whole engine of our Mercedes Sprinter. qualified and very clean work, best free mechanic we met. Fair price, we can highly recommend. Speaks english.

Servicio Automoto Romero -0.51687, -78.58206

Mot that mysterious - El Horno means The Oven.. I asked an old guy in San Javier and he said that it was used to slake limestone to create building lime - the old mortar binder before Portland cement.

El Horno 25.99624, -111.71032

I try by the same way as German he was pissed because I pay for the invitation and I sad maybe by Land I will do the visa in Germany :( sad

Nigerian embassy 8.46247, -13.25485

One of our favorite place in all our five months trip. View is absoluty amazing ! But you may have to be lucky (or patient) to see it. We spend an entire day in our van waiting the rain to stops. But the sunrise of the next morning was absolutely stunning and it worth it so much.

The access is difficult without a 4x4 but we did it with our combi. We had to push it several time and our clothes were muddy at the end but for us it's part of the fun. We were in March, so may be it's not doable in 2WD during the winter. We let you judge !

Exclusive Torres del Paine View Point -51.23891, -72.99694

Dunes next to the Oued below the old fort. There are a few fishermen/ guardians living in the fort above. The dunes provide some shelter from wind. Also possible to camp further north up Plage Blanche. 4x4 required. The only people we saw around here were off roaders, army, and fishermen living all along the cliffs. We took the road behind plage blanche to arrive, it was extremely rocky hammara. Better to drive up the oued if it is dry enough and on plage blanche rather than through the desert. Anywhere around here is fine camping. Do not proceed on plage blanche south of this point- very soft sand to dead end before cap draa. Cap draa is accessible by very rough but not technical road on top of cliffs.

Aoreora/ Plage Blanche Dunes 28.84363, -10.84167

A perfect stop on the route up to Tete. Ulli is a warm and welcoming host - we used his equipped outdoor, covered kitchen and he arranged a couple of local beers for us to enjoy after driving the long and very bad N1 road! The garden is beautifully curated and there’s plenty of room for a 4x4 with roof tent. We slightly got lost finding the exact location so keep in contact with Ulli when arriving, he kindly came and found us! We paid 600mts per person for camping.

Camping Chimoio -19.11343, 33.45672

Nice Campesite with fireplace and cottages. Very friendly owners.
15 AUD p.P.

Horseriding ist also possible. Good and healthy horses. Trail riding with a nice view.

Stony Creek Cottage -21.30097, 148.96053

Currently charging 23 pesos for 20L, there are definitely cheaper places around.

Blue Xel 23.06280, -109.70503

Super fast and nice attendant who spoke a little bit English! 1 Liter is 12.76 pesos

Caligas 22.93156, -109.98670

nice place, quite and has bathrooms. from what I can tell you can park here overnight legally. no signs stating otherwise. thanks Regan!

USMC CPL David M. Sonka Dog Park 39.54546, -104.78297

Devonte lookout.

quiet, peaceful, the permanent resident couple is still there, they keep to themselves. light traffic during the day, completely quiet at night. stayed 2 nights from Friday to Sunday.

people sight seeing do show up on weekends, maybe 5 cars total and then take off. Tmobile decent data the closer to the north west corner of the pullout you get.

we took the tundra up there along with a diesel heater it was nice and comfy.

Juan Creek 39.70229, -123.80402

On the side of the road, big sport field
Toilet, no shower but a hose
A tiny shed can be use to avoid the rain or even sleep
Can be noisy with the road or the train but totally free

Sport field 33.08491, 130.13464

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