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Na secretaria de informes turísticos, nos informaram que não é perdido pernoitar nas ruas…

on the street in San Martín de los Andes -40.15318, -71.34378

Decent boondocking spot off of DW Ranch Road. Quiet and easy access. Also connects to Little Hualapai Trail. 2 bars ATT.

BLM Route 7123A 35.17184, -113.89016

Quick and easy .. copy of passport and got $1000 worth of pesos! Super friendly staff! In and out in 15 min and almost no line..

Western Union -41.13082, -71.29050

Great place pre or post border.
Lots of spaces, relaxed check in, or just roll in, pay next day.
Hot tubs are perfect, not too busy, full/refill yourself for fresh water.
Clean bathrooms/showers.
Laundry too.

Bashfords Hot Springs 33.42410, -115.68130

This place is permanently closed.

Money exchange 18.39181, -88.38556

This place is permanently closed.

ATM scotiabank - no fee 18.39080, -88.38672

Owner has shut it down. She asked to please stop ahowing up. PLACE is NO LONGER ACCEPTING iOverlanders.

Las Toñas 9.95221, -84.36917
Victor Hugo

Excelente lugar para hacer noche. Zona muy segura , buena vista al rio y al puente.

Granadero Baigorria -32.85829, -60.69399

No water from spigot in February

Porter Walton Park 40.91618, -111.88456

It is against Gulf County Ordinance to overnight park or camp on Salinas Park. -Gulf County Beach Patrol

Salinas Park 29.68545, -85.31157

its 45 US $, no matter if 1 or 2 person + 20 US $ for a child

Mariposa Restaurant and Beach Suites 16.82155, -88.26815
El tip viajero- rv park Lima Perú

currency exchange, Dollars or Euros to Soles, every day, near to El Tip Viajero Campsite.

Currency exchange, Dolares or Euros -12.01878, -77.07542
El tip viajero- rv park Lima Perú

MAKRO is a Supermarket of wholesale products, prices are very cheap, ideal for travelers who want to store for their trips, close to this store is also SODIMAC, a store that provides various electrical items, 110v transformers very useful for travelers since Peru has 220v, as well as hardware and decoration products, very useful for the construction or repair of motorhomes.

MAKRO and SODIMAC , wholesale products -12.00979, -77.06371

Departamentos en alquiler para 4 y 5 personas.
Economicos de marzo a diciembre.
Tambien se guarda de vehiculos de marzo a diciembre.
Agua para motorhome

Departamentos económicos -31.70971, -65.00930

Scenic overlook is what this is actually. Quiet place to spend a night other than a few cars coming in and leaving again. Very quiet.

Junction- Parking Lot SCENIC OVERLOOK 30.47471, -99.75605

nos dejaron cargar nuestro tanque de agua sin problema. el agua es potable. el personal de la estación super amable

Tedeschi (Copec) -43.18918, -71.85506

dormimos un par de noches en la calle aparcados, no se puede acampar así que solo sirve para dormir y estar dentro del vehículo. tranquilo, silencioso y seguro. preguntamos antes en turismo si podíamos aparcar con la furgoneta ahí .

Park in the 'woods'. -43.18358, -71.85928

pasamos la noche junto a la estación de servicio, hay bastante sitio, el personal es muy amable. también pudimos cargar agua potable en el tanque.

Copec -43.18915, -71.85498

Good place for one night. We took the room number 7 for 500 birr. Quiet in the back of the hotel.

Bekelele Molla Hotel 6.86375, 37.76253

A nice neighborhood off of broad street with street parking. Slept here after hanging out in the area. Plenty of safe and quiet side streets.

Street Parking in RVA 37.56247, -77.47227

we spent two nights here, bevor and after visiting the park, they wanted about 60 US$ for camping. We had quiet nights, nobody came and no animals. But stay in the car, because of footprints of big animals. In the morning you can Herr a train, also a very little traffic from the street nearby, we recommend it.

Near Hwange NP gate -18.68112, 26.93664

Very nice hotel. They have three types of rooms. The standard room is already very nice: spacious, clean, with fan and AC, hot shower, big bed, towels if you ask them. This one is 150 cedi. The staff is very kind and the food they serve very tasty. Safe parking.

Hotel Okumah 8.04473, -1.73104

Hello and welcome to iran,

I am Abbas ,Official customs agent in Bandar abbas,
Please announce us before you travel for arranging everything at the best time.

Documents we have need for release you car or bike from customs is: Carnet de passage/passport/visa.

We have passenger ferry and cargo ferry between Dubai and Bandar abbas also Bandar lengeh.


Port Bandar Abbas 27.15203, 56.20125

Hello and welcome to iran,

I'm abbas, official customs broker in Bandar abbas,
Please announce us befor you travel , it's just for arranging everything at the best time.
Documents that we have need for release your car or bikes from customs:

Carnet de passage/passport/visa
Passenger ferry and cargo ferry is available
Between Bandar abbas-Dubai

Telephone/whatsapp :


Carnet de passage Clearance agent 27.15385, 56.20408

A very charming calm place, where peacocks roam the gardens. They got rooms from 250 - 550 cedis. As the cheapest rooms were all booked I haggled for a higher class room for 300cedis (breakfast included) . This was probably the most luxurious place I've stayed at in west Africa. The bathroom was veeeery spacious and sparkling clean, very comfortable firm king size matress and delicious food. Lots of secured parking available. Decent wifi in the room. Highly recommended stopping by here,when in Ho.

chances hotel 6.60112, 0.44768

Very nice restaurant owned by French guy called Pascal. They make really nice burgers for 3000. We camped here for two nights for free while spending money at the restaurant. Nice place for a good rest.

La Brasserie de la mer -4.81820, 11.85315

Very quiet, beautiful view. perfect when you don't want to pay 100,000 to sleep at the waterfall...

view next to an electrical pylone 10.94634, -12.37863

Now 35 SA citizens, 40 for "SADC" (whatever that is) and 70 for internationals. I chose to interpret SADC as Serious Africa Distance Cyclist and they did not ask for ID :)
Even at 70 I'd say it's worth it. The view is simply incredible.

Three Rondawels -24.57317, 30.79909

You can go offroad at these coordinates and find lots of space for a wildcamping spot. Very quiet at night (the road is not being used at all), and no one around during the whole evening and morning. Big rig friendly

Mountain view 10.16577, 1.19492

Local muito tranquilo na frente do restaurante pelo sertão as margens do rio São Francisco. Ponto negativo que não tem nem uma área com sombra. O restaurante e ótimo tudo com preco acessível e deixa usar o banheiro. E pegar água. Porém e legal consumirem qualquer coisinha pra fortalecer. O local e bem tranquilo e seguro e da para tomar banho de rio.

Pelo Sertão Restaurante e Pizzaria -9.62561, -37.75394

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