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Actual gate is here , cute pug


Baja Magic Hacienda 27.97454, -114.01915

According to the people at the Agricultural Shop downstairs, this hotel is closed for good. Sign is still up, but was certainly closed on my visit.

Los Almendros 6.96346, -75.41808

We spend the night at the parking lot from the hotel - but please, ask at the reception if you‘re allowed to stay! That’s only fair. We women was so friendly if we asked to spend only the night in our van - „you‘re more then welcome“ very friendly stuff!! After we couldn’t find anything around the area which was safe or allowed..
cameras in the parking lot, feels safe

Holiday Inn Express Back Parking lot - pls ask for permission 36.68179, -121.64183

Campsite nestled between mountains and a river. (McDowell Mountain) stumbled upon it at night. Free to park and stay overnight, there are other RVs and car campers, secluded area.. dirt road to get through but I had no problem in my sedan.

Box Bar Dispersed Camping Tonto National Forest Verde River 33.74422, -111.66052
Domhnaill O Doherty

Great spot! Nice toilets, showers, chill out area with a fantastic fireplace. elec, sewage and water. we got a last place there but arrived late. sound travelers, friendly staff and rhey sell wine 250 a bottle which I thought was great value. they also have a place to wash and dry your clothes. we paid 350 for a van and 2 people.

Rancho San Nicolas 16.73419, -92.62189

Easy Isolated Jumbo Alien Rocks w Alien Dog & Fairy Gf

Giant Rock 34.33407, -116.38995

Very Good food and simple plate of the day. 20 Qz each plate. Server with tortilla and salsa tomate. Possibility to ask eggs for vegetarian. We paid 95 QZ with 4 plates and 2 soda water

Comedor Dan Juan 14.95143, -91.10800

Parked here for the volcano, 5$ for 2 to stay for the day.
You can go to the Santa Anna volcano from here
He asked if we needed a guide we said no if it’s allowed and said no problem

Bob en cavale IG & YT

Casa de Cristal 13.83356, -89.63193

Someone asked us if we needed a guide, we said no if it’s allowed and they said no problem to go alone.
Lot of people and groups here you can follow them, the trek is easy to do, one way you can’t miss it.

Bob en cavale IG & YT

Volcan Santa Ana 13.83717, -89.62665

The staff was not interested in customers and certainly not excited as they should be in low season. A chicken salad and some chicken wings took over an hour even though we were the only guests.
Food was delicious once it arrived and good value for money.

Nkisi Upperdeck Boskos -23.68076, 22.76573
Jamie Z

Pupusas are C50 now.

I found them to be pretty typical. I've had better. I've had worse. Not a bad meal for the price.

No napkins are provided, so maybe bring a couple of your own.

Best pupusas EVER 12.43558, -86.87856

Ouch, 35.000 xof for the visa on arrival for Togo. Bring enough xof with you, there are no exchange guys here to change cedis and they only accept xof.

Togo Immigration at Klomayondi 6.80225, 0.58067

We‘ve been at Mageds place and he is so super friendly! We could use the washing machine, dryer and shower! Maged is a super nice guy who is very helpful! Thank you so much for everything! Don’t hesitate, just text him and enjoy the hospitality :)

Laundry - Private 29.25603, 48.08058

45p for two 7gal aquatainers and a five gallon jug. They washed them very, very well as they were covered in dirt. They even helped me carry them to the van. Super nice staff

Purificada Mixteca 24.09363, -110.31308

New manager since Sep ‘22. Let us camp inside the compound free of charge. Wouldn’t accept money and said we can eat in restaurant if we want to contribute. Had Thüringer sausage, very nice! We were able to take a shower and I had a swim in the pool (ask first). There will be a new manager in 6 months for now camping is back on 👍

German Seamans Mission 4.04812, 9.69197

boat trips have not been authorized for a few months and fishermen will refuse to let you on board.

boat rent Umluj 25.20272, 37.22264

Only for big rigs which are lot able to enter the kennedy mall parking. There’s ONE place to park big rigs … here !

Parking IKEA -33.40070, -70.57064

We had no problems buying the insurance for 3 months for Chile for our Canadian plated van!
23.000 pesos
Super friendly and fast!
We also exchanged our remaining Soles at an okayish rate:)

Insurance SOAT Peru -18.47333, -70.30414

We contacted beforehand and they told me that they are undergoing maintenance until 11 March!
Sounded very friendly- might be worth a stop when open again!

ecocamping el Huarango -20.40202, -69.62921

A gravel area with some trees between road and river. Nice views on the nature but a lot of garbage. We had quite night here.

Parking lot next to the river -34.77132, -72.06731

Exceptional spot to spend several days. Spot facing the sea. Magical sunset. Easy access. Safe. No one else on the spot or on the beach

Playa Amarillo 11.39638, -86.03512

Awesome!! The people are super nice and super safe. We loved it !

Bochinche Expediciones -43.42676, -72.08833

We arrived around 6 pm on a Saturday, and the brewery was not open. There were two RVs already parked when we got there. It was very quiet, and we felt very safe.

Sierra Blanca Brewery 35.00049, -106.02474

We spent two nights here. Arrived on a Saturday evening. Felt very safe and welcomed by the neighbours. Met some other Overlanders who had been here a week in total. There are a few buses that also park here so it’s a busy little road but other than that, very close to the main plaza and a good base for nearby hikes to waterfalls etc. We do recommend checking out Cafe Jardín where the Jardín letters are for beautiful views over the Pueblo and amazing cafe food.

Calle lateral 5.59607, -75.81501

You cannot stay at the Walmart/Destin as Walmart does not own the land (as told by a local homeless guy). He recommended this Walmart as there is absolutely no overnight parking anywhere in Destin for boon-docking. He says he lives there 😕 We got lucky and found a campground (not cheap at all). If your military or former military there is a campground with a reasonable rate and great spot if you have bikes. Destin has made it so you can’t do anything after midnight to 7am.

Walmart 30.44026, -86.63975

400 pesos by person with hot shower and a river near by. so if you need to sleep in this ruta 25, it is the best spot by far if you don't mind paying 1euro 😝

Los Altares Municipal Campground -43.88476, -68.40757

Wonderful panoramic view, very quiet but very strong wind. Easy to access and free!

Panoramic Place 10.31837, -84.92509

amazing views, lot's of hiking trails.
in low Saison Campsite guest are also very welcome at the pool ( in high Saison you probably don't want to be at the pool)
very friendly, nice restaurant
nice ablutions

Rostock Ritz Campsite -23.53142, 15.81071

This area is really a day use area. As others have said, it is 8hr stay and not overnight. The camping is starting to get out of hand and upsetting locals who want to use their day use area for picnic etc. RCMP are starting to make efforts. May be ok for quick overnight nap but it is not a campground

Rest Area 49.89548, -125.14688

Close to a shallow river (appears clean), deeper if you follow the current. Horses are free. Locals are friendly. Possibility to do a fire, woods around.

flat ground, river and horses 20.10640, -97.54210

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