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ótimo local, seguro e tranquilo, só pegar autorização na entrada da cidade.

Estacionamento de ônibus Arraial do cabo -22.92084, -42.03777
Chris Angel

Quiet, but for occasional clatter of train cars.

Winslow Visitor Center 35.02513, -110.70412

Super Clean and easy, good for big rigs, too

West Valley Granger Community Dump Station 40.70591, -111.97721

I may have stayed here in the past. There’s a tweaker roaming the property with an unchained dog. It’s too hot to sleep with windows up so not sure I will stay tonight. Freeway noise really doesn’t bother me but roaming tweakers make me nervous.

Rest Area near Saginaw 43.84948, -123.02076

Zero signs posted. I’ve stayed here multiple nights on multiple occasions. Great views. A path to the beach. There is road noise but the waves are constant and pretty loud.

Oregon Coast Highway 42.29681, -124.40837
Anne on an Adventure

Was planning on driving further but after multiple hikes in Guadalupe this is as far as I wanted to go. As with any truck stop I always check the satellite pics to judge the size of the parking lot. Lot here is absolutely fine, however much of the car parking is right near the Wendy's drive through.

Pilot Travel Center 31.03605, -104.83012

We spend one night here. No guard, no fee. Very calm. Only a few local couples in the evening. A good place to stay for doing visa extension next day (office only 17km away)

Cham Tower of Silence 31.77656, 54.26997

awesome! available year round (we visited in beginning of may).

Skilak 60.47014, -150.39576

There’s a small shallow lake between coal hill gravel rd where at main access to this area right now. I was nervous but sprinter w ko2s handled it easily. Looks like there are other ways to access from the side but one of them is a steep rough road.

Recommend finding a way out here. Great views, clean, quiet, good reception.

k2 dispersed camping, beautiful 37.25339, -112.76904

This is more of a campground than RV park, although RVs will fit in several of the sites, and hook ups are provided. The sites are wooded and most have privacy. The bathrooms/showers and laundry are sparking clean. Lovely hiking in the area, too - camp here if you come to Faro!

John Connolly Campground and RV Park 62.23130, -133.35199

As cool as the other reviews say. No problem with our 24ft RV. We had the place to our self at this time. There is one pinic table, which have been moved. So hard to see how we could fit more vans/RVs without wanting to share, if all should be level.

Epic place above Wapta Falls! 51.18225, -116.58094

This is a very chill spot, and let's keep it like that.

Mendo white fence 4ever

Mendocino Fence Rd 39.30508, -123.79869

6 Dedicatet places for camper.
large field for tents.

next to the road.
busy at daytime.
the youth come here to bbq and drink.

but peacefull.

hike trail start at the site.
buitifull lake.

Pangodi lake 58.19955, 26.57276

This place is so beautiful. We were so happy that we took the detour to get here. The road which leads down was closed, so we drove to the end of the main road and parked at the main parkinglot. From here we walked down the stairs to the canyon and continued walking to the hotsprings. We came in the afternoon and it was very lonely. In the evening some people came in their cars and played loud music, but other than that it was a perfect place to stay.

Morteza Ali 33.64426, 57.15914

We drove all the way to the end of the park and we’re unbothered. Quite night. Totally fine for a stopover.

Bahman Park 36.18992, 57.67341

They have a diesel card and gave us 100 litres. Very fast and easy. Payed 600 toman per litre.

diesel with card 33.61308, 56.93545

Specialized in panel solar. Very professional and reactive. They changed our panel solar for only 150€ for 2x150wz I recommend +++.

Camedino Energy - Maquitec -16.51308, -68.16560

Nice and quiet spot just not visible from the road and with a view. We spend here 2 nights and charged our electric car with solar panels here. Some kids came by but they kept distance. Further there was nobody… a very nice stop!

Bango Football Pitch -11.36686, 14.22632

Boa parada pra pernoitar, seguro. Tem banho quente. Tomada para conectar a casa, se necessário. Água, Wi-Fi e funcionários prestativos.

Posto BR Nova Fhecha -13.77207, -39.49383

Update. Ranger came by around 7 pm and said illegal to camp within 150 feet of the road so would be fined if camping at barrier. Okay to leave RV there though, so we took our tent and walked in to a campsite close to the barrier. Ranger said road was to be improved and reopened within the next few days

South Meadow Trailhead and Dispersed camping 44.19360, -73.95533

camping is quite peaceful. 140kwppn the grass was cut when I was there, the showers were hot and bathrooms clean. there was a bit of a smell that passed every couple hours, but it went away

The Moorings Farm & Campsite -16.19376, 27.54325

fill my propane , great service

27 foot

U-Haul 28.45380, -82.63124

lot of place , but yea theres the airport ... really noisy but between 12 and 6 ... seem to have stop cause i fall asleep, not the best but for at night that can do it... lot of other rv , van and trailer

Cracker Barrel 27.89518, -82.68896

My stay here was enjoyable. When we first arrived, there was a really nice local man with his horse walking up and down the beach. It was quite magical. The beach is really nice as well.

Then we decided to go across the street to see if that would be a better place to watch the sun set, and all we found was piles of deer carcasses and really gross garbage. It's actually quite disgusting on the other side of the street and further down.

So if you stay here, I would recommend to stick to this beach parking lot! The beach is lovely and the locals are nice.

Cape Sable Daniel's Head Beach Park 43.43902, -65.59317

No longer accepting people to stay. The guy said they used to accept people stay in the past.

Bomberos 16.44775, -95.01322

There are many boondocking spots on Klondike Road. We picked this big spot not far from the highway. There was already a schoolie when we pulled in and a couple of other campers joined a little later. We could hear the highway traffic but it’s not bad at all. The site was kind of sheltered from the road traffic by a small hill. Overall it’s a nice spot not far from Arches and Cannon Land National Parks.

Klondike Road Campsite 38.74364, -109.73246

We stayed one night here before La Paz.

No road noise at this distance.
Quite far from the cities.
Quiet at night. No amenities.
We settled down at nightfall and we left for sunrise.

Wild place near field -17.35328, -67.70338

little nice spot close to the lighthouse - awesome view! big rig friendly but only one spot. street leading up to this spot is awful. go slow. no "no camping" sign

Cape Enrage Beach 45.59870, -64.78287

Asked but owner said they are closed since April. They close every year in April.

Camping Ragintuco -40.85487, -71.51682

A bit run down but very acceptable for 470,00 Toman, just under $10. No WiFi, but good mobile reception. Parking on the property.

Apadana Hotel Shush 32.19401, 48.24460

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