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45s/2p/n with breakfast. Very clean, warm shower but low pressure. Secure parking lot, the owner has to take you there, no big cars as the route is very narrow and a bit off-road.

Hotel Shuman Warari -9.50304, -77.52908

Super easy border!

We crossed from Mexico to US!

First we passed by a tool, payed (MX$ 30,00 or US$1,70)

Went to the left, to Mexico imigration to stamp our passports with our exit, we hadn’t to do anything about the car permit since it is a RV and it is valid for 10 years!
If you are sure you are not coming back to Mexico for the next 10 years with this same car you can cancel it!
So then we got back to the car, crossed the bridge, had our car inspection, lost our chicken and some veggies!
As Brazilian citizen a had to go inside the building to get my passport stamped, also I paid US$ 6 for it, super helpful and gentle agents it took only 5 minutes.
My husband as Italian Citizen didn’t had to go inside, just presented his ESTA and passport to the first agent that stoped us after the bridge and that’s it!

A lot of American goes to Mexico only to shopping and do dental treatments or take their pets to the vet or to just enjoy the city!
They don’t need to do any immigrations process if they are going to spend only the day over there, so it’s was a really empty border to do the crossing process!

- We we’re really afraid of this border since every single Mexican told us to no go to El Paso, Reynosa or Matamorros because we would be kidnapped or robbed by the narcos, they said that would be better to cross at Tijuana, but since it wasn’t our way we decided to go anyway and we took some cautions!

-It’s very important to never drive during the night in Mexico!
We were at Puebla, so we left very early in the morning, drove until Ciudad de Victoria, slept at a hotel there, woke up early and got to the border around 11am!
We were really worried and afraid all the way, but to be honest the road was really good, we were stoped at a military check point few hours before Reynosa and we actually felt safe during all the time!

Progreso, Texas, USA to Nuevo Progreso, Río Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico 26.06300, -97.94997

Feed back of the long road 25 from Cochabamba to F3.
Its 480 km of pista. The side of the road of cochabamba province is in incredibly good shape with fabulous landscape of the mountains and traditional Bolivian way of life. Its all about going in top of the mountain and go down, cross à river and start climbing an other mountain. The other side of LaPaz Province is a nightmare lol. Sometimes very damaged sometimes ok, always pratiquable but very long and exhausting. We did all the road in 5 days with most of it at 20km/h, driving 4-6hours per day. There isnt a lot of nice place to sleep. And there isnt gaz station everywhere and a lot of them were out of diesel when we were there. We did it at the beginning of winter so no mud at all but incredibly amount of dust. We never needed to put in the 4x4 mode. I think we didnt enjoyed the road at the end of cochabamba province because of the dirty, dusty, damaged road. And we would never did it again lol

Review Ruta 25 -17.39861, -66.32574

Loads of people here but a nice vibe - unfortunately when we were here the Porta potty had been taken away - hopefully it gets replaced!

Goat Meadow - Snow Play Area 37.49137, -119.62552

We had a full service on our sprinter, before shipping it to Argentina. Eduardo will help you to get all the parts and oil you need for your car, which is awesome. If you are prepared you can also buy all the stuff beforehand and bring it straight to the shop, that will save you some time. The team did a good job on our van.

Mechanix Taller 19.14789, -96.11292

No showerw. Toilets are there but far from clean. Ladys always hang haha. There is a very nice watertap. We did a handwash. No one said something

Gas Station -10.05598, -78.15788

Very nice. The womans we have to ask for the key. Its for free.

Primax -9.45292, -78.34095

Super nice. Showers available. Clean. Womans have to ask. Bigggg place to sleep witg no dust😍. People are super nice. There is also a grass spot to put tents:) there is not so much noise if you are in the car.

Primax -9.45293, -78.34094

Full off grid camping. There is no man made light to disturb your view of the sky on a clear night.
Ablutions were built by the owner from local stone : nice touch.Flush toilets.
It was the first camping shower in a very long time where the water remained hot AND the pressure remained constant!
It is more suited to smaller off road caravans. The owner came to help us getting a big rig in position.
Getting out needs careful driving as well
At the cafe the owner made us a lovely English breakfast the next morning.
If you like to be on your own, a very worthwhile and affordable stop.

Dirt Road Cafe & Camping -33.37269, 21.11770

pasamos dos noches muy tranquilas. los baños están abiertos de 6.30 a 20.30, hay enchufe que desde afuera igual se llega a conectar.

Parque de la Democracia -27.43203, -58.96900

what a beautyfull place to stay!! just wooooow mindblowing. we paid 20, no tel service just u and the nature.

Fox Lake Campground 61.24434, -135.46169

Espaço amplo com gramado em final de rua, antes das dunas com acesso a praia. Sem estrutura nenhuma, mas seguro e quieto.
Nos ajude e acompanhe nossa aventura no Youtube Mateando Por Aí!

Final de rua com acesso a praia. -11.87318, -37.57437

There is RV parking here, there are no “no overnight parking” signs but literally right next to the tracks. Very loud.

Horsetail Falls Parking Area 45.59037, -122.06820

Very professional and friendly vet. Did the health certificate for our dog here.

IG: dailyadvantour

Clinica Veterinaria Santa Lucia 14.55526, -90.73867

it looks like wildcamp : no showers, no water, no bin and dirty pit toilet. but the environment is magical. 1 elephant came during the day, plenty of buffalos, impalas, birds, crocodiles and hippos. relaxing place. bring water, food and wood.
4x4 required because some deep sand sections.
we stayed 2 nights and we loved it 5/5.
100 per people per day + 50 the car : you pay only the park fees and it is per 24 hours so we stayed 3 days and 2 nights for 500 rands (2 people and 1 car). cash only.

Nakatwa Campsite No. 3, Mudumu NP -18.18055, 23.45237

relaxing place with amazing pool and riverview at some pitches : choose well ;-)
we choose one pitch with roof, watertap, outdoor cold shower, riverview, electricity and light.
bridge to go to the bar and the restaurant that open at 6pm but you can go when you want. we saw some hippos from the bar and 1 hippo came by night in our pitch ;-) amazing experience. very quiet with a lot of birds !
free and fast wifi at the bar only.
180 per people per night. we stayed 2 nights, we loved it : 5/5.

Mobola -17.99128, 21.33007

Quiet spot in the forrst close to Windcave national park. Enough flat ground for large van.

Forest Turnout 43.59321, -103.51101

We arrived after hours, so we went to the campstore in the morning to pay. Unfortunately, we made a mistake and instead of setting up our tent in a tent site we did in rv site - our fault, but I think is super confusing that they have sites next to each other which are numbered the same. Anyway, pay attention because they will charge you for rv even if you have a tent (we paid 33$). It gets very loud from the early morning (vehicles, construction, lots of stuff). Shower was great, though.

Hot Springs Off Road Park 34.53674, -92.96790

It is not a space for motorhomes, they only provide spaces if they do not have guests. we made an appointment in advance to be here for 4 days, they were ok, and when we arrived we were treated badly, they said that there was no vacancy, that the hostel was full and that we had to do our best to find another place. in addition to sending several rude emojis (🖕🏻) unnecessarily via WhatsApp as he was not on site. we do not recommend this space in Montanita !

Hostería La Góndola -1.83157, -80.75184

Cabañas for daily rental.
One block away from the lake.
Bathroom, kitchen, living room and bed room plus breakfast included!
Very friendly staff and would totally recommend.

As of May 2023, we could get a private cabaña for AR$15000

Cabañas de la Patagonia -40.15000, -71.35000

We stayed at site 4. Quiet and beautiful as you can see in the photos.

Horseshoe Lake Campsite #4 44.12472, -74.62405

Very nice stop if the Conrad camping site is full. We camped at the top level. If you want to go down to the creek in a car take the right path as the left path is too rough even for 4WD. You will total your car. There are stones in the left path to indicate not to go through there.
Was very clean when we arrived there. Nice job!

Big Thing Creek 60.05838, -134.56705

Great spot! Also the Marina Restaurant is very good fun place and reasonable with view on river and sundown.
We parked at the trailhead - nice and quiet once hikers left at sunset.
The trail is old railway line along river - nice walk to stretch legs for a km or two - we went up to under the new highway bridge which is a real engineering wonder - even has a nice viewing platform with picnic table

Parking Lot. The Marina 42.86726, -72.55737

Free campground. No longer maintained by forest service. Picnic tables and pit toilets have been removed. Occasionally used by homeless in the area. Arrived at the beginning of summer and stayed 2 weeks. Had the place to ourselves for about a week, then once Memorial Day came it was packed. There are about 7 or 8 old campsites, but once it became busy, people camped wherever a spot could be made. Very popular with the locals. Good Verizon and ATT signal. Too heavily forested for Starlink. About 25 minutes to town. Two miles down a forest service road and then another 10 or so down narrow paved local roads.

Tumbling Creek Campground 35.01714, -84.46621

We stayed here for 3 nights, felt very save. 15min walk in to the city center. It is a free parking lot.

Sea view camping 10.41384, -75.54314

Very nice lake!
Good for swimming.
Some local people around.

Laguna Aramuaca 13.42859, -88.10183
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Nice little rest stop, shade trees, rest rooms with running water, fresh water spigots, picnic tables, lot for large RV’s, 18 hour stay limit.

Rest Stop After Tonopah, NV 38.14053, -117.45391

pretty nice place free parking bathrooms outside shower picnicking areas jungle gym boat dock for boats it closes at sunset but beautiful views oh and a volleyball area it does say no pets here but ppl brought pets i wouldn't

Sunset Beach 28.14449, -82.79052

The place on the Delaware World, Washington cross the Delaware in 1776 on Christmas Eve. There is a monument hear that was erected in 1919 and there is a museum with lots of cool artifacts from the revolutionary war.

Washington Crossing Park 40.29557, -74.87189

The park is open and sunrise to sunset, although overnight camping is allowed in Pennsylvania I believe, I think that sleeping in your car would be prohibited at the park, but this is definitely a good sunrise to sunset. Stop off to use the bathroom. Get some rest it’s very peaceful here there’s lots of shade.

Washington Crossing Park PA 40.29617, -74.87492

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