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This place is permanently closed.

Batchawana Bay 46.94357, -84.55029

Great place but difficult to reach. We couldn’t talk to the owners before and when we got there, we were lucky that they saw us and let is in. Once there it is heaven on earth, very calm. Electricity, water, lights, tables to eat. A small pool (very dirty when we arrived but the owner started cleaning right away). Outside fireplace.

Finca Catufa 3.89327, -75.06305

wonderfully shady camp sites! free for 14days. easy to get to, good roads, n even had signs pointing your way to hunters cabin. definately not on water tho. pit toilet, tolerable. trash containers. no water, no hookups, no fire rings, no tables. 2 circular areas, just pull over on a spot. loggers are working in an area prior to this but still quite quiet. Verizon 1 bar.

Hunter's Camp 31.00829, -93.10970

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 37.08007, -111.88960

White house trail head 37.08007, -111.88960

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 38.07630, -92.57104

Water Spigot at Lake of the Ozarks State Park 38.07630, -92.57104

Laundry and free wifi! laundry is expensive, $4 a load. but it's spacious and wifi is fast and there is a little counter by the window where you can work.

Spin and Sparkle Laundromat 36.40276, -105.57531

This is actually a Hotel - not a camping place. By goodwill of Management only 1 camping stand on grass, no shade no water no electricity @ MK15,000 pppn. Can use open Chalet for ablutions if available.
Free wifi at site.

Best to do a Wildcamp outside gate.

Mikomo Beach Lodge -10.01257, 33.95763
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -31.75457, -65.00280

El Refugio -31.75457, -65.00280

Excellent, quiet spot just a bit beyond the campground. We had a meadow to ourselves with a lake view. It’s very buggy.

Secluded Spot on McIntyre Lake 51.97695, -122.35071

This place is permanently closed.

Relais 117 45.83433, -73.23186

Great place for stay overnight, nice and friendly people! Martina support, in the evening clam

Lake Challa Curio Shop -3.32523, 37.71413

closed on 5/17, but we still boondocked right outside of the campground.Beautiful view. Great Verizon.

Lake Crowley 37.58736, -118.78410

Bath township park lake beach. We had lunch at picnic tables. Nothing says you can’t park here overnight but we never tried. There’s also bathrooms and a park.

Bath Township Park Lake Beach 42.79784, -84.44856

Good place to park RV for 35,00 p.p with fresh water and power included. Short walk to downton/little Finlandia (about 1,5 km). Friendly staff

Vale Verde hotel -22.43558, -44.51991
Judith Samson

Amazing view. very calm at this time of year.

Lighthouse - Fort Amherst 46.19104, -63.12928

WU retired 97000 pesos ARG.
Open tô 20:00 hrs mon / fri
Sat 09:30 am to 13:30

Western Union - Meran Exchange -45.87734, -67.52101

Beside a waterfall next to FS road 288 (Buzzard Roost). Beautiful site but wet due to recent rain. There are two spots; one in each side of the small but noisy creek.

Dispersed Camping Spot 35.71826, -83.07282

Right next to the river! The lady with whom we booked sent us a book full of do’s and don’ts. R150 per stand per night, ablutions clean and gas geysers, well looked after stands with grass. Water and electricity on stands. Very good wood for sale for your campfire. Pity about the generator working away for somebody somewhere but not for us, all we got was the noise. Let’s blame loadshedding…….

Vluytjieskraal - Noord Riverpark Caravan Park -29.79895, 24.41974

Dog owners at this site not leashing dogs. I have an adopted bait dog and other campers are letting their dogs run throughout my site without even being aware of where their dogs are. Definitely a tourist/weekender spot with the lack of regard for other campers I see. Not for vanlifers. Not considerate in any way.

Shadow Mountain 43.70431, -110.62193

This place is permanently closed.

Walmart Parking Lot 38.36245, -122.69292

This place is permanently closed.

Cracker Barrel 34.57596, -112.36394

Os flanelinhas e o dono do lavajato estão em litígio , não está sendo uma parada segura, paramos por dois minutos e fomos abordados por mais de duas pessoas que não estavam em acordo pessoal, resolvemos dormir em outro lugar.

lava rapido Adelon -12.57850, -38.00661

Nice big place, with shadow, clean facilities, although not new. friendly people and if you ask for differnent dinner than Tajine or Coucous, you will get something good.

Camping Karla 31.48111, -4.21787

"Truck" parking lot on the right have side past the casino. Big parking lot can fit any size rig. 50/30/15 electrical (bring extension cords). 2 separate electrical boxes on opposite sides of parking lot. Guy in golf cart came by asked if I needed a ride to casino. Very friendly!! only 1 other camper van. can hear the I40 traffic but it's not too bad. Security camera and lights for lot. Felt very safe!

Lucky Star Casino 35.51844, -98.93252

This place is permanently closed.

Camping San Cipriano -32.44662, -58.39176

Great pull outs with amazing views and sunsets. Room for plenty of vehicles.

Forest Road 8N37 38.54702, -120.35202

see recent comment

Coconino National Forest 35.27587, -111.71162
Sean Emerson

In the aquatic center.
$5 or $2 in off-peak times (below)
Weekdays open 6am-9pm.
Weekdays off-peak is 11am-3pm and 7pm-9pm
Weekends open 8am-6pm
Weekends off-peak is 3pm-6pm.

Private showers in changerooms. have to keep pressing button. Hot water is wam/hot but not steamy. Hairdryers in the changerooms.

Hot showers $2 off-peak $5 peak -45.01673, 168.73667
Sean Emerson

Great place. Limited flat spots but if you search around a bit you might find one. amazing views

Man of the Trees, Kingston -45.29430, 168.75925

called before I got here and they're fine with overnight parking

Cracker Barrel Pleasant Valley WV 39.44100, -80.16864

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