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This place is permanently closed.

Old Settlers Overlook 43.61419, -91.22019

Super clean Laundry, coin change machine, and also accept card. Self service. With a clean and beautiful restroom.
We came at 7pm on Thursday and we were alone.
$2 small load, and $2,50 dry.

All Washed Up 38.76216, -112.08435

This place is permanently closed.

Camp Paradise 40.15314, 19.61593

Buen sitio para pernoctar frente a la estación policía son muy amables, pusimos nuestro puesto de artesanias en el parque, nos fue muy bien las personas del pueblo son muy amables y nos apoyaron un montón recomendado

Tembladera -7.25358, -79.13085

The place is still open for propaneSonic 441 Taniata

Sonic 46.74349, -71.22563

This place is in the wrong location, but I'm not sure where it is!

Lavanderia Lave UP -29.33680, -49.73952

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -29.33680, -49.73952

Lavanderia Lave UP -29.33680, -49.73952

5G is not wifi. People look for wifi because they don't have a sim...

Tunnel View Parking Lot 5G! 37.71499, -119.67650

This place is permanently closed.

Gunbarrel Lager Travellers Rest -26.59918, 120.34102

A beautiful, secluded beach with room for several RVs / Camper vans. The sunset was gorgeous. The road in is a bit sketchy, be mindful of the potholes.

Petit Cap Beach 46.18496, -64.14863

This site is closed. We camped here, and the owner knocked on our door to let us know we were on private land and they do not want people camping on this lot. Don't be fooled by the travel trailer and boat parked there. It belongs to them, not a fellow boondocker!

Stewart Gravel Parking 55.94866, -129.98480

The family running this place welcomed us very warmly and made us feel at home right away. We slept in a yurt (ger), beds were confortable and they made sure the wooden stove was always lit.
The food is homemade and delicious. We had the chance to taste a Kuurdak, national kazakh dish, which was fantastic.
There is a Bania that you can use to have a shower or do your laundry.
Moreover, the owner (Murat) went the extra mile getting us a sim card and insurance for our vehicle.
We paid 120 000 tugriks for 2 persons (1 night, breakfast, lunch & dinner, 1 shower)

Ex Pro Mongolia Tour 48.98895, 89.95341
Away We Winnebago

You can camp here. People have marked it as closed after I marked it open so there might be some confusion on how to access the beach and the area. If you see a u turn sign for the playa you have gone to far.

Punta Chivato 27.07426, -111.94897

Price has raised to 30$ for RV and 10$ for tent with only some 15 amp. outlets. Too expensive, went to Wallmart instead.

Pine Lawn Park 43.71135, -92.53916

Just at the road a flat good underground, but anyway it's not possible to find a hidden place in this area, busy in the evening and in the morning but quiet at night. We heard hyanas at night. Nobody bothered us, good place to go/come from Masai Mara.

Wild Campspot -1.21383, 35.07943

It is drinking water with a playground next to the Trans-Siberian Road. It's accessible and the water comes out well.

Kansk 56.22655, 95.75382

small forest with a lot of space. We stayed 1 night without problems. Some locals came in the evening. main road is near, you can hear the traffic

nowhere 30.74619, 49.72899

The best wine tasting experience we had in SA. If you like red wine and you are tired of fancy hoity-toity wine estates selling bad wine for a fortune, come here, dont waste your time elsewhere. From a French wine lover point of view, it's the best red wine we tried in the area and prices are fair (170-250). The owner and winemaker John is a very passionate person, very genuine, and we spent a whole afternoon with him tasting and talking about wine...
A true and authentic experience. We loved John and his place !

Camberley Wines -33.91879, 18.93233

There is a small forest just in front of the park, which has a sunken part where you can perfectly put up tents. In addition, behind the campsite there is also a large park with tall pine trees.

In front of the Camping L'arquet 43.33073, 5.05607

On the very pricey side, this restaurant served us the best food since we left Europe 8 months ago. Dishes are well thought and composed, well cooked, with premium quality sourced food. Lot of vegan options. The view from the terrace is spectacular. Entrée, main dish and dessert, + 1 glass of wine, café and digestif for about 1000 rand pp (including tip). Better book in advance. Everything wasnt perfect of course (dishes needed some acid to balance the fat for example) and the dessert was not at the same level as the first dishes but still, we higly recommend if you want to treat yourself.

They also do wine and olive oil tasting. Olive oil is good, you find some of their oil in supermarket.
In the other hand, we found the wine very mediocre and overpriced. For good wine, go to Camberley Wines, 2 km away.
View from the domain is incredible.

Tokara Restaurant (and Wines) -33.91771, 18.92008

Seems closed but the gate was not locked.
We opened it and entered.
After one hour somekne appeared and preapred a woderfull hot shower for us.
We were alone, very quiet and nice place by the river and very nice guy.
Price 150N$ pppn, accorded 100.

Okapupa Campsite -17.42964, 13.95003

Old style lodge on a ridge overlooking Harare. Rooms to rent and large garden with shade and green grass for camping. Big rig friendly. Easy access to the city.
USD10 pppn

Grand View Lodge -17.83805, 31.08134

We stayed here overnight. Lovely camp just out of busy Harare. Shade and green grass. Friendly owner Iain.

Grand View Lodge -17.83796, 31.08099

Great spot. Lots of space. Great view. Quiet. What else can you ask !

Plasencia 40.06379, -6.04499

Beautifull campsite situated in the middle of the mountains close to Windhoek. Super friendly manager, clean toilets and nice braai places. Sometimes live music on weekends.
Bar and Restaurant (no sure if the restaurant is open only on weekends) with pool and billard close by.

-10 Campsites are available (N$ 150 pp per Night/ N$ 70 per Child 5 - 12 Years - under 5 for free)

-3 Self Catering Chalets (between N$ 375 - 450 per Person B and N$ 150 per Child per Night)

Direktion from Windhoek: drive on the B1 towards the Airport, turn Right onto the Dordabis Road C23,drive straight for abut 50 km until you get the Kamp Vrede Sign on the left - follow the Road until you get the first Arrow to turn right, the next arrow to turn left then you will see the gate for Kamp Vrede

Kamp Vrede -22.87877, 17.64435

Propane disponible, ils facturent la quantité de propane utilisée pour remplir la bonbonne donc très honnête comme méthode. Pas d’eau disponible par contre

Ultramar 45.85117, -66.62415

The international card machine is still working! Nice stuff:)

Trek Petroleum -17.86982, 31.19996

Nos quedamos en total 7 noches, saliendo y regresando algunos días porque necesitábamos usar el vehículo. Hablamos con el guardia de un edificio y nos dijo que no había problema, solamente de no aparcar donde hay banda amarilla. Habían más vehículos de viajeros. Es el lugar más seguro en Lima que encontramos, pudimos dejar varias veces el vehículo sólo sin problema. Para pasear el perro, el malecón es increíble, y la vista fenomenal!
La última tarde (domingo), vinieron los de la fiscalización decirnos que un vecino se quejó y tuvimos que irnos todos.

Barranco ocean view -12.14313, -77.02491

We stayed here on night. It was a calm and safe night. There’s shower for free.

Pemex free 21.81293, -97.76952

Short road right below the main road but quiet at night. Landscape is almost nice and not too much rubbish.

Un chemin en cul de sac juste en-dessous de la route. Panorama assez joli et même pas trop d’ordures.

Dead end short road -34.25142, -70.66276

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