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Mostly quiet location. Around 9 some kids were doing burnouts. Other than that no issues. Two other vans stayed as well. Lots of good food in the area a walk away.

Paducah Parking Lot 37.08968, -88.59591

I've had no trouble sleeping here. If not, other beaches in the area should be able to accommodate you.

Beach Parking 24.08089, 51.78552

We slept Here 3 night. Very quiet and cold. Near By thé center and Los estoraques. Nearby a playground. Cool for The kid. Good restaurant Just there

La Playa de Belén - Football Court 8.21566, -73.23720

Cool little spot. Quiet, peaceful. Would stay again.

South I 80, Shoemaker Island 40.77330, -98.49357

Awesome spot for couple nights . Not too much people in middle week. Lots of room to walk the dogs.

Portage Glacier Road 60.78600, -148.85656

stayed the night, another trailer was there, too. very calm, no traffic noise. strange car was there with lights on All night though.

Whytok Park 44.50754, -77.47931

A parking lot at the end of a residential country road. Trailhead is gated but open to hikers and dogs. Have seen some cars go down as well. Stayed here a few nights without a problem

Mt. myrick trail parking lot 43.23057, -73.11698

Extensive campsite near the lakeside, reasonable space, picnic tables and firepit (but fire ban on), long drop toilets, shower facilities (not used - no idea how they are), camp store, boat dock. Some highway noise but not bad, train horns(!), CAD 37.00. Friendly staff.

Wabamun Lake Provincial Park 53.56681, -114.46015

Amazing drive to lake Lejia. Some parts quite bumpy and sandy, but should be doable with a 2wd and enough speed at the right moments;) Next to lake Lejia they are contstructing a building, and the workers there told us the road from there to San Pedro is closed due to vulcanic activity, so we had to turn around. Beautiful drive though with lots of wildlife. Also seems the only way right now to visit lake Lejia.

B-357 / Migraciones -23.74974, -67.47021

Nice public spot in the barigui park. Dead end street near the gyn. I slept here three nights. I felt safe. No car traffic, no loud music, a little pedestrian movement, police passed by a few times.

Parking next to Barigui Park -25.42124, -49.30587

Nicola has a guest house which is comfortable and nicely located if you don’t want to stay in Santiago.

Nicola is super nice, and also owns the Pizzeria Da Nicola. Just enter the pizzeria and ask for the guest house or call at the pizzeria’s number +56 22 821 1076. This place is usually referred through the word of mouth, so you will not find it on

The have gated private parking that is good from bikes to big rigs.

Safe and hassle free.

Price is 20000/25000 clp for the guest house with private bathroom with breakfast and you can eat at the pizzeria for good prices. It is simple accommodation but comfortable and safe.

Da Nicola traveler guest house/hostel and pizzeria -33.73262, -70.73302

Plenty of campsites but be prepared for tour helicopters flying low overhead. Been here an hour at least 15 have already flown over. Will probably move on.

Dispersed Camping 35.95577, -111.94803

One of the few campgrounds close to Yellowstone Westgate that is open in May.
$24 without electricity. Camping sports are very close to each other, not nice if your neighbor keeps the generator running for long time.
Camping spots have table and fire rings. We picked one on the river and the location was nice. Other spots are in the wood.

Bakers Hole Campground 44.70349, -111.10214

we are lokking forward to this place in Redwood. we have a small campervan 19"

Fern Canyon/Gold Beach Campsite 41.38422, -124.06845

Stayed here one night after calling to confirm we could stay. Two other big rigs took up the back two parking areas, so we parked in the RV slots. We woke up early in the morning totally surrounded by delivery trucks. We felt in the way so we left.
Seemed like a busy area.

Cracker Barrel (Central Ave Pike) 36.00967, -83.96841

Several sites, some closer to trees with smaller available parking surfaces and some in wide open spots with plenty of room for big setups. VERY loud all day, part of the night, and all morning due to semi truck air braking to the side as they descend. If you can handle that, it's a nice short-term stop. Vault toilets available near the entrance.

Indian Creek 43.24760, -111.10475

Molly Brown CG was closed for winter, there are two other areas around the Turquoise lake that are open all year, we stayed at the far end of the lake at May Queen CG and it was great, but Father Dyer CG is closer and was also open.

Molly Brown Campground 39.26392, -106.35224

beautiful, locals only smile and wave, perfect spot with nice picknick tables you can use. flat ground also

Picknick place next to sport ground 44.00310, 10.23721
Frans Hoovers

This please is a dangerous place. Do not stay overnight

Camping and Resort 15.69240, -96.23501

I went tonight May 16th, 2023 and went to check in with security and they said no cars or vans, RVs only.

Bear River Casino 40.62846, -124.20612

Stay Away from this place , place should be called Hell Home IMO , women has a few screws loose and male is gota be a beta cuck , Chelsey was nice on phone but uniformed that the tattered cardboard sign with masking tape with phone number was not hooked up to wattsapp , Stay away IMO , Go to Marantha RV place Tanya is a gem and knows how to treat People, Chelsey either your blind or you are completely fooled by the people looking after this place IMO

Peace Center 24.10384, -110.37236

No longer an option. No Overnight Parking signs were installed on all of the light posts.

Spent the night parked on the dead end street between Lowes and Walmart. Noise from trucks and trailers being dropped throughout the night. Good for short overnight rest if needed.

Walmart 30.72900, -85.18976

Lovely campsite. The first really good shower I had here. This is the perfect spot for a “retreat”. Restaurant good. Just lovely.

Makuzi Beach Lodge -11.91868, 34.17778

Clean and quiet, large gravel pullout next to the river with some river views mostly obstructed by shrubs. Two other campers showed up after we did, no issues.

quiet pulloff 48.04790, -123.58754

Not recommended ! Not leveled parking, I mean too sloppy! Noisy all night, trucks, cleaning machine for 4 hours after closure ! Very bad experience !

Walmart supercenter 33.16677, -87.51834

Entrance is sandy but no problem.
Electricity point at pole near the small building.
Quiet in the night.
Expect to be woken up at 7.30 by motos arriving and loud conversation. About a dozen workmen. The further from the brick shed you are, the better.

Sitio Pozo Verde Municipalidad Hualfin -27.21709, -66.83339

stayed here and had a nice peaceful rest and a good dinner. we called ahead and confirmed that they allow overnight parking.

Cracker Barrel (Central Ave Pike) 36.00904, -83.96891

We spent a night here. It was a bit noisy until 10pm but after that it was quite ok. Wifi is free and we’ve found it good. Bathroom is avaiable during the day.

Posto BR -16.60091, -39.12381

Directly off the highway looks like an old boat ramp. Leads to the waterfront. Beautiful. There was TP litter on the ground — please clean up after yourself.

Lake Superior 48.83877, -87.48772

wonderful place to tent camp!! don’t try to go in the grassy area though, the grasshoppers and bugs are insane; we set up camp on the dirt and I didn’t even sleep in the tent and the bugs were fine. stars are amazing !!! nice sunrise too. drive to the spot feels like the twilight zone because it lasts forever haha, the spot is super far down the road which was nice but kind of unnecessary, I think you can definitely stop before the gps coordinates and find a good spot

Fossil Bed Road 35.00450, -117.03590

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