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Cubby Van Life

Great spot next to the 267 mile long Katy Trail in Frenchtown area. St. Charles is a great historic downtown. Gravel lot, flush toilets across the road in DuSable park with trash receptacles. Quiet and dark at night. Planes flew over early mornings. We stayed here 2 nights (our dog had emergency vet appointments). The police drove by without stopping but did check out the public park a few times ( no parking there 10PM- 6 AM).

Blanchette Landing 38.79379, -90.47502

Huge parking lot, can accommodate big rigs. The road to the beach during the rains gets soft so it is unsafe to get to the other boondocking place, so this is a great option during rains.

Blooming Point Beach Parking area 46.41855, -62.94719

There are no overnight parking signs posted.

Planet Fitness 37.73277, -84.28431

This spot is straight 💩...right on the highway. I don't know why anyone would want to stay here 🤷‍♂️

Cascade Head Rd Gateway 45.06581, -123.94860
Moniika Garoo

por favor llegaremos sábado o domingo por la tarde, 2 personas, 1 Autocaravana y un coche. ¿encaja? Gracias
Monique et Bernard

Rancho La Mesa and RV Park 19.50195, -101.59346

no snow. lovely forest service road directly across the street from a Lake Almanor access road. quite, under the pines, with a few nice spots along the road for tents, cars or vans. no issue in our 2WD. spotty AT&T and Verizon (better service close to 89, but the further down the forest road you go, it gets worse).

Lassen National Forest 40.19244, -121.11775

Easy to find and easy access. Several places to pull over and park for the night. Not a good spot for a big rig. Only one here this evening. Just far enough away from the road but not too far.

Sandy Forest 60.23819, -134.73974

Water and air fill up. Soft serve ice cream inside for $2.99

Trading post 43.83383, -101.90050

small local restaurant where they grill on the spot and are very attentive. Very much recommended if you're looking for something a bit outside of turisty areas.

La Parrilla de Nerly -13.83206, -76.24748

very beautiful long sand- beach. Lot of space along the small road. Good 4G Internet . A small water supply 10 meters away.

between beach and lagoon 38.97961, 23.09122

The road out here is in bad shape. Big chunks of sharp broken rocks on an extremely uneven road. I love going down gnarly roads but hated this one. Lasted about a half mile before I turned around. I posted a pic of the road. Check out the spots north of Tillamook instead. Way better.

Forest Service Road w/ Decent Sized Pullout & Fire Ring 45.22303, -123.82007

Rest area that is well looked after. I wish they put as much effort into them where I am from! Clean toilets, vending machines, and some James Dean info and accident pictures. Also EV charging. Relatively quiet at night. Would stay again!

Shandon Rest Stop Eastbound 35.67461, -120.34668

we parked on a corner close to telcel, very safe and convenient place

Plaza/ parque frente a Guardia Nacional 16.44084, -95.44296

The wood ticks are absolutely ridiculous here!

The Cliff 49.19989, -96.89397

We stayed for a week in the parking lot near the ski area. Our spot was next to the flowing stream and sounded awesome and drowned out the car traffic noise. We unhitched and felt safe leaving our travel trailer when we went into town for numerous hours. Several other camper vans, an airstream, and a few teardrops where also parked near us. Intermittent cell service.

Aspen Basin Campground 35.79509, -105.80390

The area is nice and we slept 2 very peaceful nights. The second night a group of Armenian men came to have a bbq and invited us. They left before 9pm. The road to get there is paved for the 1st km (but with gaps) and the 2nd km is dirt road.

Picknick Area in the Dilijan forest 40.75232, 44.85345

nice big rooms with normal toilets and Restaurant with okay prices from 4000 - 20000

Single rooms from 25.000 to 40.000
more expensive means bigger rooms and hot water

has very good wifi

Tanganyika Lodge -3.97583, 29.43715

Got in around 10pm the main road had closed signs but we drove past them. The road has multiple places that are washed out but nothing to bad. When we got to the other side there was a detour sign with an easier drive in and out. Lots of people camping.

Spencer Hot Springs 39.32836, -116.85660

beautiful beach. Small place just above the beach, but not really flat. Will fit two cars. Big part is washed away. Road is okay, but small steps so take your time for the decent. Very quite.

Beach 38.58380, 20.56036

We stayed in between the two points at 44.8978270, 65.3108692. This is a it more hidden from the dirt track and we'll sheltered from the wind. We woke up surrounded by horses. No mosquitos but there were other annoying (non-biting) flies.

By the canal 44.89676, 65.31232

Greeted by Peter and his mother along with the family as they returned on farming implements. It is a refreshing treat to be on the farm. A bathroom is available for use. Phone signal strong with Verizon. Grateful for a place to sleep. Peter is exceptional as a host.

Apple A Day Foods 39.92845, -95.88851

Good way to arrive messum crater, 32 km
The road is not so bad, some corrugated but can skip most of them
Took 1,5h from here with our 9tn truck (we drive slow)
The views are INCREDIBLE!
Worth it!

ROUTE MESSUM CRATER -21.41994, 13.89761

Many options to sleep in this wide open area.
Very windy, hence cold !
Quite hard to find a perfectly flat ground but many rocks around to get leveled.
Amazing sunset and view of the mountains.

wild camp at rock painting -21.09964, 14.69159

This village is living with around 30 wild desert elephants.
There is a water hole for them, they come almost every day to drink.
There also is an information office where you can go with a local guide to track the elephants in your own car.
They work by donation, the amount you like and you are almost certain to find them.

We found them going down the riverbed in the sand in 30 minutes. We could stay with them as long as we wanted, be very close, amazing experience.
The guide was a very kind and competent person.

De Riet - Desert Elephant Waterhole -20.46805, 14.18564

a place for camping and rest in the road specifically for bike riders and campers

ihsaniye Park 41.14388, 30.18797

You can buy the permit to go to Kosi mouth here! You can buy and go the same day, it’s 17km from here, need 4x4.

Kosi Bay NR Campsite -26.95907, 32.82739

Kosi mouth : big estuary and beautiful beach. Need permit to visit- can get this at Kosi Bay campsite. Highly recommend. Can also snorkel here. Watch for stonefish. Very beautiful, not busy. Some traditional fishing. No facilities. Coastal forest track need 4x4. Highlight of the wetland park. Permit cost 130rand per person for internationals, 65 for car, 7 rand community fee each. Or if you have a rhino card it’s 10 rand total! We bought our rhino card at Sodwana Bay, you are eligible if you have family resident in SA.

Kosi mouth -26.42347, 31.17784

They don’t allow camping anymore… double room is 100.000Ugx, we couldn’t stay because we had a dog and they don’t allow it… seems like a good place though

Stallion Hotel 0.30361, 32.52435

We passed by it at night, seemed like an abondant place…

Backpacker's Hostel and Campsite 0.30691, 32.55165

there is the cheaper shoprite just next doors! height limit of the parking 2.4m

KERO HIPERMERCADO -12.59550, 13.38394

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