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Nice and quiet in the night, I will stay again.

Roadside 34.24644, -116.97128

As of today, May 25, 2023, there is no attendant, no host, no potable water, and no water at the showers. The main bathroom is closed as well. There is a kiosk at the entrance to pay for use of the area. The dumpsters are on site and the dump works.

Lone Rock Beach 37.01973, -111.53918

Still a very nice spot to camp or entering with a small motorhome. The entrance is a little bit tricky because of the ditch of the road and the angel. There may be 2 different sites, one like in the description bevor, and our one 50m further up the road. The grassy site gives enough space for at least 2 Campers. It`s only about 10 m from the road, but not visible and no noise by passing cars, because the road passes trough a ditch.

Abandoned road -9.17468, -77.40526

A handful of sites, many large enough for multiple rigs. It was very muddy and the camphost said the ticks were really bad due to the water levels. We ended up leaving, there was only one site left and it was super muddy. If you have a boat, there is a boat ramp.

McTucker Ponds Park 43.03478, -112.64791

Amazing Mountain View. Gravel turn around area. Starkink works here. No Verizon service.

Free Site Near Mowich Lake 46.92813, -121.92024

Innovation et amélioration pour le camping, les "digital nomad" et les voyageurs préparant leur shipping : internet satellitaire (Starlink) opérationnel !

Finca Jardin des Délices 10.43035, -75.37405

We stayed for one night to visit the French Quarter at night, very convenient 10 minute walk to Bourbon Street.
Paid 10 U$ for 24h with 8.5m truck, drove the back over the lawn, up to the curb.

Basin Street 29.96080, -90.07130

Beautiful place. Early in the season, no trash here during our visit 🙌. Let's keep it that way! A perfect distance from the highway imo. Lily pads blooming, turtles were out in the morning, wonderful floral scent at night, maybe gardenia? (untrained nose). Will definitely come back next time it's on our route.

Poague Conservation Area 38.41302, -93.85104

very good place to rest or sleep. big green area. Toilets and tourist info. Security as well.

Welcome center Mississippi 30.49679, -89.66866

Small restaurant with great delicious food. We had chicken, espasado, and noodle soup for 10 Soles. Great, friendly, and welcome since there are not many options in the countryside.

Restaurant Mi chelita progreso Baden olmos -5.66611, -79.88011

They no longer accept overlanders. Rooms available for $60

Tortuga Surf Lodge 13.49317, -89.38330
Dori & Mena

Individual showers. Great spot even though the water didn’t really get warm. We paid 4.50 for the two of us and there was a hair dryer. Very private with one bathroom stall and two shower stalls. Definitely recommend it.

Duncan Murray Recreation Center 53.41222, -117.56375

Police no longer stays here, local said it is not nice on weekends as there are drunk people going to the beach and passing by here (it has mo gate/fences. Weird for camping, especially tent campers. I went to Surfers Inn, a gem for $6 with everything and shade!

Parking in front of the police station (blue PS2 sign) 13.49312, -89.38431

Huge public area by the lake. This coordinate is the gate entry, just open and follow the tracks. You can choose different spots by the lake. There is a little bit of plastic bags and other trash around, but you can find a nice and flat place. We slept two nights, no shadow, but fresh at night. Safe and public.

By the Lake (gate entrance) 13.94699, -89.01907

dump et eau potable free.
nuit gratuite, il y avait d'autres RV, endroit sympa. Juste un peu bruyant avec la route mais ça passe largement.
table et barbecue
proche de la rivière

Riverside Park Dump Station 42.84092, -106.33737

I meant to post that we are getting 5 bars of 5G with Tmobile in this spot.

American Falls Reservoir Recreation area 42.78118, -112.88274

Here you cross the Equator. There is a small flag next to the road.

Mitad del Mundo El Eno / Equator -0.00001, -76.88694

We called ahead and lucky we did. Dogs are not allowed out of the RV. The price is 500 pesos per person. Tbt includes toilets showers and use of the swimming pool in the morning only. We rapidly declined and stayed away. We have included a screenshot of the WhatsApp answer we received for verification so strange were the terms.

Rancho La Borrega 21.66365, -100.72000

Among the reeds, large flat area (dry river bed). Bit of a bumpy road but our 2WD van did it with ease. Really lovely spot, but can be busy with local so maybe not so good on the weekend! Good 4G moviestar. Claro’s ok. If in the area come check it out, it’s a perfect spot to fish and chill

Oasis by the river -31.49262, -68.64587

They have a laundry near to the pub and change room.

Egmont 49.75704, -123.93996

it's off season and the whole area is pretty much a ghost town. stopped in here to see what it would cost for the night and the lady at the office said it's 375 pesos PER PERSON.

by far the most expensive, wildly overpriced, place we have seen anywhere during our 6 months in mexico! it does look like a nice spot but wow..

La Posada en El Potrero Chico 25.95533, -100.47805
Lianne Lish

The nice lady at the Chetwyn visitor center mentioned this place. Huge parking area. We decided to park there instead of going down the dirt road. Great spot!

Pine River 55.71871, -121.22389

Big modern library, free wifi (100+Mbps). Has two isolated rooms (bookable) if needed for a a meeting
There is a nice square outside to chill, for children to play.
Groceries (Maxi) across the street.
It doesn't say, but it feels like could park for a night too.

Chambly public library 45.44515, -73.28367

Very friendly, easy to park with our 25ft motorhome, pull through.

Expo Propane 33.93971, -118.34371

Adding photos of the site
Adding photos of the site

Expo Propane 33.93971, -118.34371
In the wild camper

Went here at 3pm, several no overnight parking signs are up.
No other RVs or vans there, I just left.

Cracker Barrel 40.69900, -111.95112

As described before...Hotel is situated between different lanes, that lead out of town. So be prepared for a noisy night. But facilities are really nice and clean and you can use all other options like gym and pool etc. Good WiFi. Paied 500 Pesos per night for two persons and van.

Hotel Hacienda Baruk 22.77407, -102.61996

All fully functioning, tap next to the dump is now working so gave it a good scrub as it is right by the dump and filled the water tank.Helpful staff, there is another tap round the back if needed.

Speedway Gas Station 36.43681, -105.57644

As described before but would not recommend for rig higher than 3m. There are some low hanging trees.

Not really leveled area but easy to do with sandboard,wedges or surrounding rocks.

Enjoy the views and the trails.

Azud Natural Reserve Parking -32.31977, -64.99203

Great HOT showers in private bathrooms. Check in at the Motor Inn office to get a key, C$7 cash or debit gets you unlimited shower time with a towel and toiletries provided! One you check in and get a key, go to the building to the right, and enter the door marked "laundromat" (now housekeeping for the inn). First shower is straight ahead, second shower is in the far corner past the washers.

Showers 60.75228, -137.50876

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