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This place is permanently closed.

Salam Hostel 40.36456, 49.83581
Arius Green

Beautiful place. Our site had no cell service or TV reception. It can rain here but there's lots of great hiking opportunities in the area. We had a fire pit, table, and a place to set up a tent. It was an oddly shaped site but it worked for us because our trailer is small.

Thomas Canyon Campground 40.64975, -115.40679

estou viajando em bicicleta.e parei neste hotel para passar a noite . bom atendimento.
limpo e tranquilo @vandir1234

las palmas hotel -18.47617, -70.31866

Tickets, Tours and free Parking available here.

Some people say in Bardia National Park you get the highest chance to see tigers in Nepal. it is recommended to take a tour in the morning to increase the chances and for my thoughts also because searching animals is very tiring and it might be the same for the guides second tour in the day.

We took our jeep Tour in the evening and unfortunately "only" saw tons of deers, a eagle and a wild boar.
The Guide told us the chance is also higher if you take a walking tour because of the motor noise. The guide was great, he saw many things we would never see without him!

opening hours: 07:00-1800
tours: 07:00 - 11:00, 13:00-17:00, whole day (all can vary a lot)

prices (nov 2022)
- entrance fee: 1500
- 4 hours jeep with guide: 10500

i'am not sure about detail price, i think guide was 2000 or 3000. However we paid 13500 for a pretty cool and motivated private jeep tour with 2 persons.

Bardia NP Visitor Center 28.45296, 81.24278
The Pack Track

Lovely spot and still open in September. We stayed in a small cabin for 1,200r for 2 people. Camping was going to be 650r.. they have a restaurant and bar at reasonable prices. Dogs were welcome in the cabin at no extra cost.

Cabins and Campground 52.53984, 78.89460

Police recommended this place to us. It's not beautiful as they promised but it works.

Helipad of Sissu, tourist fair and parking all in once. Food stalls and trucks, zip lines along the river. It's probably a big carnival here in main season but now it's quite. A lot of space, so not hidden at all but nobody cared about us.

Big tarmac parking (helipad), gravel car park close to an artificial pond or you can also pass the helipad on its left and come closer to the river.

Some poor people living in tents, relatively clean toilets available.

Nice view onto a big waterfall

Big parking Tourist area Sissu 32.47459, 77.12729

Logging activity going on in Sep as mentioned. Beautiful place but sad that they have now razed all the trees on the right of the campsite. I don’t think there has been trout farming for a long while as the pools are dry

Kuchawe Trout Farm -15.35300, 35.30029

This place is a pretty nice and small hotel with a great and public restaurant.
Even if they had no single guest, they were able to provide the full menu. Took a bit time because they had to restock.

we had veg and fish thali and momo

Momos were medium but the thali were super awesome!
be careful with the fish thali - not only here - the put the whole cuttet fish into to soup with all their bones!

Bardia Forest Resort 28.44811, 81.23868
Afrikken dream

This isn’t on official campsite, it’s actually where guests arrive to go across to the island. We asked the caretaker if we could camp at the bottom on the triads and he said we can camp for 5dollars. Quite a bargain and you have the whole place to yourself with a little deck over the lake. There is a bathroom as well. We enjoyed the stay, quiet with only 2/3 guests arriving to go across

Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort -1.27860, 29.93638

Great possibilities for wildcamping at Bug river. The coordinates are of the first possible spot, but there are many other spots as well along the river. Just follow the small dirt road and you will see different options on your right side (see pics 3 and 4). When wet, probably only 4x4, because of the soft grassy underground. Some very friendly fishermen come by during the day and beginning of the evening, nights totally alone and quiet, at least at week days in September. There are also cows grazing in this area, so if the fence near the dyke is closed please close it again after you enter so the cows don't walk away :-).

beautiful spot at Bug river 52.67935, 21.92686

Verry nice place and lovely People. Son speaks perfect english. Super nice to stay in beautiful Kacheti Area next to Gremi. They have place for Tends, Campers, Motorbike, Bicycle. They have verry nice rooms. We enjoy the lovely service with local bio food from the little farm. You can enjoy the lovely Selfmade wine, vegetables from the garden. They have chicken, eggs, rabbit all selfmade. Verry lovely and peaceful area. They have rooms perfet toilet and Shower and electric. Warmly recommended! Supernice to stay also more than one night.

Gremeli Winery Hostel and Camp 42.01277, 45.66811

Small parking lot above the park. Has trails.

Park parking lot 22.76224, -102.55590
Afrikken dream

Very nice supermarket, probably one of the nicest we have seen in a couple of months. They accept card as well and have basically everything, including alcohol

Royal Supermarket -1.25223, 29.98723

If you want to stay here, better to arrive after 5 pm. Before that there are sellers here who will pester you. Exposed. But plenty of wild camp options once you are up this high

Emperors Viewpoint -15.34966, 35.33215

Very very friendly personal and very cheap Diesel Euro 5

Euro 5 Diesel 36.52033, 48.77758

Mechanic who helped us with our VW T2. He only works with aircooled Vw. He doesn’t speak english.

Only air cooled Vw mechanic 32.70707, 51.71652
Explore Beyond Limit

I got a single room without bathroom for 200 birr. Shower and toilet are available outside. Nice people, nice place.

Buffet d'aouache 8.98988, 40.16926

lugar perfeito para pernoitar,banheiro limpo,net,água,e energia.Atendimento 1000.tranquilo..

Graal Baleia -28.05467, -48.71733

Found this perfect spot by accident trying to get to another site. Perfect for 10 vehicles very quiet. Pretty level LTE 1 bar Verizon. 1 mile off highway 2.
Very close to Mt Washington.
No water or pit. Stayed 1 night.

Gravel pit near Mt Washington 44.37031, -71.41338

The employees of the establishment were very welcoming to us staying on their property for the night. As a good gesture make a purchase in the store!

Square Brew Brewery 43.72833, -81.69463

Added some pictures...............................................................

Square Brew Brewery 43.72824, -81.69436

You can sleep here fine as long as it’s not Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. It gets quiet from about 10-6. People are super nice and VERY curious. If you don’t feel like socializing, you won’t like it here. Not the most preserved or cutest town on the coffee country, but the atmosphere is much nicer. Enjoy.

Parque principal de Pijao 4.33392, -75.70403

Good overnight stop. Customer Service said we were welcome to stay for one night and asked that we park near the open field. A few big rigs when we arrived. Except for a couple of trains and an occasional airplane, it was quiet all night. Lots of restaurants nearby, both chain and local. Toilets at the store.

Walmart Superstore 41.51412, -87.95186

Stayed 3 nights here, quiet at night and day joggers and people walking dogs. police pass by. 40min by walk from lots of stuff. Good location.

Large park Ramon Castilla -12.08950, -77.04261

Cute, old house turned into a hotel/hostel right on the plaza. If you get the front rooms it’s a bit noisy, but you get multiple balconies looking on to the main plaza. If it’s the weekend you might want a room further back if you want to sleep. We stayed mid week and it was quiet from 10-6. We paid 90,000 COP a night for two people, but we took the best room. You can even leave your big RV parked out front and it’s very safe with lots of lights and police cameras around. Pijao is not as cute or well preserved as other coffee towns in Colombia, but the atmosphere is much nicer. Enjoy.

Hotel/Hostel La Plaza 4.33421, -75.70376

Here you can get your polio vaccination certificate for your India visa.

just enter the building and go to the right. you'll see a counter with a sign "polio vaccination for travelers".
show your passport. they gave me the certificate within two minutes. no check of my national vaccination book and obviously no extra vaccination. went to visatronix afterwards and they accepted it. super easy and fast, for Pakistani standards.

Polio Vaccination 33.70449, 73.05573

Senqu (Orange River) Wild Camping under the bridge. If parked right under the bridge, you are out of sight. A dirt road leads down. 2WD OK. We have a rear heavy van with frontWD, just managed to get back up. No one bothered us.

Senqu (Orange River) Wild Camping under the bridge:) -29.29072, 28.98943

this place its actually called the chocolate log and the network (the second looks more like a bar) and the top one has books, cakes, real coffee and tea.
only place with actual wifi 🤣
breakfast seems ok

Illiterati books and coffee 32.23616, 76.32654

um excelente restaurante e também cabanas para alugar. conseguirmos internet e estacionamento por uma noite. as dependências são super bem cuidadas e limpas. a cozinha é super limpa e organizada... os proprietários nos recebram muito bem. Recomendamos!!

Restaurante Delicias del lago (+ cabana) 1.14358, -77.15451

The entrance is difficult to see. It's s best when you come from the city as the sign is only on one side. Good services but wifi is best closer to the main building. Secure and clean. Price now 100RON for 2 adults and a camper van.

Nomad Caravan 45.79358, 24.11797

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