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pretty little falls, nice walk, picnic tables and bins around. Lot's of place, would be a good spot to spent the night.Unfortunately no parking from 11 pm to 5 am though

Raleigh Falls Rest Stop 49.47233, -91.94078

Big Reststop with Pittoilets, picnic tables and Bins provided. Stayed the night here even with No Camping signs, no problem. A few others arrived late at night. Nightsky was just beautiful

Rest Area 48.44876, -89.63637

As said before, perfect for a sleep break! Free and clean showers. You have to ask the restaurant for the key.

Gas station YPF -27.43771, -58.73456

Pulled in 10:00 p.m. and went about a quarter mile where there is a large flap graveled pull out area. drove around the corner and there is an established fishing camp on the river with signage from the government. Very quiet. Heard one person leave in the morning.

Yukon River near Five Finger Rapids 62.28602, -136.32317

This place is actually very nice as turnpike rest areas go. It has a lot of truckstop amenities like showers and laundry facilities. Kudos to Ohio for such a nice facility.

Ohio Welcome Center Service Plaza 40.94146, -80.58643

Slept somewhat next to the police station, went to eat next to the road, local confirmed it is safe. Not idyllic, but safe.

Plaza central of San Jose -17.93883, -63.35125

Large yard to park and fill up. We payed 50$ for our small 2kg bottle.

Vendo Gas 15.87433, -97.07729

Great spot for watching sunset and spending the night. Arrived at sunset on a Friday and there was plenty of space. The road noise from the highway is soft and consistent. Truckers pulling in around 5am woke us up and left engines running but overall a really awesome find!

Arroyo Hondo Vista Point 34.47397, -120.13777
Wind and Whim

stayed the night here and then walked down to Thor's Well in the morning. Fairly level, no problems.

Cape perpetua 44.27784, -124.11208

Nice free campsite with a clean pit toilet. Very hot here though in this time of the year. Also lots of wasps. Would be better to camp higher up.

Convict Flat Campground 36.81738, -118.83255

Paved road goes back off the main road a couple hundred yards through dense trees and bushes. There is room to snug in several vans/campers on fairly flat pavement, or possibly a couple of bigger rigs could fit. The sound of a nearby, rushing creek permeates the area. Access to the the creek is difficult though, unless you go a short distance down the main road to the dirt pullout. I splashed off there. There's a National Monument fee area/parking lot/trailhead about a half mile away at the end of the road that has toilets.

Mt St Helens informal camping #2 46.16209, -122.09288

It’s alright. Felt weird tbh as it’s residential and there are houses across the street. Did not get bothered, but wouldn’t stay there again.
If you are looking for a more private spot with toilets/shower, check the South Surrey Arena parking lot about 15 minutes from Crescent Beach.

Parking in the street 49.05239, -122.88242

$25 la nuit. Nous ne sommes pas restés. Allé à l’hôtel de ville plutôt.

Blind river marina 46.17850, -82.96537

Endroit très tranquille au bord de l’eau. Très bien

Blind River 46.18719, -82.95598

good spot, room for several vehicles and maybe even a big rig. very quiet and peaceful. we met one other camper there. no facilities.

Spot between river and highway 49.62440, -95.95298

Nice Place to see the sky. Stayed here with two others.

Brier Island, Nova Scotia 44.24812, -66.39092

stayed here 1 night, the friday of a labor day weekend, so lots of cars passing by to check for spots but traffic died down later in the evening. we got up onto the platform in our low clearance class b airstream, but because it’s on a platform there is really only room for 1 vehicle. you can position your vehicle so the opening faces the forest for more privacy. some views, you can see the tippy tops of some peaks through the trees.

White Salmon Road, Mt. Baker NF 48.87444, -121.65278

Location changed. No longer have lunch special. Wasn’t able to try the food but heard from others it’s great.

PAPAVERO -19.04634, -65.26241

Joined 6 other motorhome/van vehicles. No problems for the night. More spots at Cabellas in same big parking lot. Also, side street to WalMart had many vans and motorhomes lined up

WalMart 57 Ave 51.10665, -114.04066

Great public area with no parking restrictions that we could see. There is also a park-and-ride in the area so several vehicles parked overnight. There are four baseball fields set up in a circle with bathrooms/drinking fountains in the center. Adorable kids playground and all sorts of places to park as you drive around the circle. Was a lovely quiet place to camp. Full bars with AT&T and Verizon - there is a section with 5G towers that we initially stopped under but moved… those with EMF sensitivities may want to be aware.

Maidu Regional Park 38.73596, -121.24983

Large truck overflow lot behind the main area. Three other camping rigs when we arrived. Can hear the trains in the distance but overall quite. Great spot for the night.

Kwik trip 47.02380, -91.68202

A parking lot with a pretty view. Several other cars spent the night. People came in the morning to look at the view. String T-Mobile service

Vista point 40.90128, -123.78028

Slept there on 09/02/2022. Very quiet area, few cars passing by. Nobody around when it got dark. Saw few RVs parked, so if you’re not in the car but in RV - you’re probably good to go. Around 7am people start running around, so be prepared for early wake up. Nearby very clean portable toilets with sink outside (soap and paper towels available). Potable water to fill your water bottles and picnic tables to have breakfast with the best view ever!

Near lovers point 36.62663, -121.91826

spent a night here on our way back to new jersey. pulled in around 6pm and the parking lot got pretty before dark but then quickly emptied. we were the only ones there all night and it was quiet. we found some amazing mountain bike trails the next morning just down the street and then hit emi's taqueria for lunch - the food was amazing. highly recommend this spot - we loved it. please be discrete and do not litter, we need to keep these gems available. 25' skoolie but be aware you really wouldn't want to be any bigger than that, parking lot is a little tight. 🤙🚐

Medina lake trailhead 41.13757, -81.82265

Water dispenser inside Walmart for 39c a gallon

Walmart 45.43267, -122.75497

Stunning place. Every now and then the priest comes there and asks to camp further away from the church.

Church with view 42.92091, 43.10953
Guenter Kittlaus

Our first vist here. The camping is in operation again and has been cleand up. There is a little exibition in a (new) building. It seems that at least 2 guys living here now. A nice place.

Ugab River Rhino Camp -20.96254, 14.13356

1.47ltrs for gas cheapest place to fuel before heading to Thunderbay

Double Eagle/Pelletier Gas 49.02489, -88.24317

It was not a good experience, the woman who attends does it with a very bad attitude, do not even think about asking for a better price, other travelers had complications with the ferry, they were delayed and did not allow arriving late at night, another person authorized opening the gate and the woman left rude ... Little collaboration, no communication, support people do not say hello, they are only interested in receiving payment, the price is high for a campsite ... We had no other choice in our quick passage through Salvador ... no we recommend this place! @twingo_sudaka_viajero

Itapuã Overlander Park -12.95384, -38.35366

A “balcony” parking over Glystra hydroelectric plant. Magnificent view of Acheloos and surround mountains.

Balcony with Acheloos river view 39.39653, 21.27909

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