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Partiu de Motorhome

top.. agua.. luz .. banheiro.. chuveiro quente.. wifi free..

Andolucas Camping Municipal -28.50204, -67.13142

Usually $15 but during event weekends its free. bathrooms are basic but really clean. Close to train tracks and busy road which seems to be a trend in Montana towns.

Fairgrounds 46.39951, -105.86104

Came here for the propane but ended up staying overnight. We were parked here all day due to car issues and nobody asked us to move. We decided to stay overnight as well. Not sure if they allow it but nobody seemed to mind.

Tractor Supply 35.20161, -111.61807
Cabaña Adelia

Avoid entering Bs As directly, we are waiting for you at Cabaña Adelia this Spacious place for motorhome, Van life or motorcycle, just 55 km from Bs As, with direct access by highway. There is electricity, Wi-Fi, signal phone, drinking water, public transportation, or car rental, There is a mechanical workshop to carry out repairs or service, also we advise you to know the "porteña night" and Tango Shows , contact ( wahtasapp 542226608629)

Cabaña Adelia -34.94472, -58.74761

Tap with pressure but there's no possiblity of screw a hose.

Tap on the side 31.37525, -9.71179

A bumpy road to get from Ouassane to cap Sim lighthouse but when you get there you can find some quiet and beautiful spots to park. Moderately windy but awesome views.

Formidable views next to the lighthouse 31.39527, -9.83073

Nice place close to the beach, slept in the roof tent on the parking. Police drove by several times without checking. On weekends a bit busy lot of locals come for pick nick and swimming.

Jubail residential park 27.16748, 49.56495
Africa Twin Mike

camp for free if you eat in the restaurant. clean toilets, nice site for both cars and motorcycles. shaded spot for tents. A grilled trout was 135 lira with salad and rice. great meal, worth it. Not sure about prices if not eating here.. But a lovely place.

Hitit Naturapark Restaurant 40.02688, 34.62746

+ no much people or car passing by
+ inside the forest although lot of even space for any size
- the busy route de Berne is quite near, so there's a constant traffic noise.
- sign says max 3 hours, or no limit on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, not sure if night is included.

Chalet à Gobet- Lausanne 46.56674, 6.69381
Ed Trettevik

This is private property - not a campsite. Posting was removed by vandals and will be restored. Please do not park at this location.

Near Shipwreck Point 48.32002, -124.45900

Nice place for a night. Accessible to all vehicles. They even have a rubbish bin and daily collection. The beach is rocky and not very child and swim friendly.

Blue Water 38.81997, 20.63881

Nothing special about this place. On the contrary, a lot of rubish and a lot of people during the day. There are better places along the lake where you can be alone and with better views than this one.

Van-lake peninsula to Achlamar-island 38.31456, 43.05705

A campsite in development with a very nice owner! USD 10 to camp and food is available.

Wale's campers lodge -1.79482, 30.16893

Great car washing place. They did a great job cleaning underbody, engine and the outside after 4x4 driving in sand and mud. Also offers cleaning of the interior. Great prices.

Call Willow the manager on 0813372364 or just show up.

Opening hours 7.30am-6pm

Splash Car Wash -22.95596, 14.49895

this station is still here and would appear to be operational, but the guy there directed me to the station 20m away, where again the pump looked to be working but they were only serving it from containers, so I got a nice bucket of 92

old ESSO station. 36.73514, 71.59809

Un Camping hermoso que se aleja mucho del paisaje de carretera desde la frontera, en medio de un prado verde y con vistas y acceso a un lago, hay zona con enchufe y zona sin si eres autónomo en cuánto a electricidad. Rita, la dueña es un encanto, los perros han estado muy agusto, los baños están limpios y funcionan genial. Un sitio maravilloso para aterrizar en Albania! Amazing place!!

Camping Tirana 41.50283, 19.69683

Narrow and tight access for a big rig but doable. A load of washing 8000kwa. Restaurant and bar are open and quite busy. Nice space for camping but staff chasing you to settle your daily bill. We had to pay camping up front.

Barefoot Lodge and Safaris -14.00163, 33.66734

estou viajando de bicicleta parei neste hotel achei o atendimento muito bom. preço de 40 reais com café da manhã . vandir1234

hotel Mamoré -10.77414, -65.32737

Big car service centre in Nukus, with several repair garages, all equipped with a car lifter. To arrive here, you have to enter from "mega мойка" ('mega car wash'), the technical department is in the backyard.

Car service station 42.46369, 59.58650

Didnt love it. I might have parked in a bad spot but I felt unsafe and it was noisy. I parked in the actual parking lot, a bit away from everyone else so I was closer to the highway. There was a train around 9:30 pm, then for a few hours I was awake because it sounded like someone was leaf blowing near by. Honestly not entirely sure what it was, but it was annoying.

Around midnight someone was walking around my car. They then walked back to their silver SUV as if they were trying to look inconspicuous. They drove off. About 30 mins later a coupe pulled up right next to me as a blue SUV pulled up next to them and the driver of the coupe got in with them. They drove around the parking lot until they were of the other side of me, switched drivers then parked toward the end of the parking lot. It was odd because the parking lot was empty and they picked to do this right next to me.

I left, checked my car for anything suspicious then moved somewhere else. Maybe if I parked closer to other overlanders I would have had a different night. But I didn’t feel safe at all.

Cracker Barrel parking lot 44.10414, -121.29683

Decent Hotel! Rooms are very clean and it is quiet. Good Wifi. Secured parking. Commumication with the staff was a little bit difficult. Price for the cheapest room was 50'000 UGX (for two persons). Breakfast not included, but would be available. For a small fee of 10'000 UGX per person you can use the sauna and steam bath, which was basic, but nice!
When you book over breakfast and spa is included. But at the time we where there it was not possible to book the cheapest room over, even though it was available.

Acactus Hotel 0.27296, 32.58990

We stayed here for 1 night for free. We felt secure, toilets and shower (warm water) available

Parque rivera -32.37071, -54.19031

Milena, has a house and large garden/farm in the countryside, ten minutes by bike from a spa town. We parked on flat grass near the house with views over the farm. With her "SayHi" translation App, it is easy to comunicate with Milena. She is very kind and fed us dinner of salad and roast lamb from her farm and breakfast in the morning. A shower and toilet is available inside the house. It's a very quiet area for a peaceful sleep. Everyone should visit Milena's place for the best, genuine, Serbian hospitality. Superb stay. Apx 10 euros.

The Best - Milena's Place 43.62837, 20.86180

Tight access for a truck but doable. Nice camping area once in. Bar and restaurant are open and busy. They offer laundry service at 8000 per load. The staff chase you to settle your bill daily and we had to pay camping up front.

Barefoot Lodge and Safaris -14.00225, 33.67244

The best hotel in town and, admittedly, not cheap, but it seemed worth adding in the apparent lack of other options for a night’s stay without worrying about whatever vehicle you have. They have a large, secure cochera behind the hotel, accessed through the brown doors in the street beside the hotel. (The hotel front entrance itself is in the Plaza de Armas which is pedestrianised.) Comfortable rooms, with hot water, a kettle in the room (bliss…) and even a heater. Good wifi. I got a room for 215 soles. Ask for a room at the back away from the plaza and the streets, and it’s very quiet too.

Hotel Presidente Huancavelica -12.78776, -74.97300

Road blocked to the left as the river swept away the Northern bank of the crossing. We took the right road towards chifungwe gate . At first it runs straight North up to the river. We used and got through . Riad was graded recently. No rocks , no mud . Remember that it was at the middle of September in dry season.
See picture - you can ignore the private sign- no longer valid

Split in road . Road is blocked here -12.63267, 31.74959

We were directed here from the locals. It is a basketball and football court with a nice stone kiosk. There is a river running all year around. We had some cows pass by in the morning otherwise Great night!!!

Xaliki entrance 39.68640, 21.19251
Pickleball Nomad

Spent the night here last night. It’s essentially a wide spot on Rte 1, but fairly quiet over night considering. 3-4 cars and 1 rv stopped to use the outhouse, but no one else stayed. No do not park signs. Picnic tables and a couple firepit/grills. Sweet beach at the bottom of a short path. Nice. 4 bars Tmobile 5g

Long Cove Rest Stop 44.55088, -68.42847
narsch safaris

Long term storage for vehicles and boats.
In the open or under shade or under tarpaulin.

Zaggas Marine 40.51808, 23.06611

Quiet, clean, safe, and comfortable.
Three RV’s and two trucks spent the night. We all were on the garden center side, furthest away from the store.
Seamless shopping experience! I went inside in search of orange hiking clothes and gear for myself and pup to be safe during hunting season and the store was well-stocked and clean!
There’s a few areas of green space outside for pups.

Walmart 44.62893, -70.15825

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