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Water is still there and free to use, but the attendant couldn’t confirm that it is potable, and neither could anyone in the main store that they talked to. The pump is not labeled and does not have a blue handle like most potable pumps. They did say a lot of RVers fill up there regularly.

Smith's Food and Drug 35.14780, -106.52706

It looks like a wonderful place during the season. Still okay for one night, if you prefer security. Nice owner.

Camping Los KDR -29.16558, -56.62500

Blue drinking water spigot at corner of large picnic structure, just upslope from EV charging station.

Fair Haven park 43.31895, -76.69905

We arrived at 4 pm, roasted our meat. We filled up our water tank and left at 7:30 pm. It looks very safe. It has several grills and 1 water point. While we were preparing the food, kids from the local community were playing soccer on the field at the campsite.

Chegamos as 16 horas, assamos nossa carne. Abastecemos nossa caixa de água, saímos às 19:30 horas. Parece muito seguro. Tem várias churrasqueiras e 1 ponto de água. Enquanto prepararmos a comida garotos da comunidade local jogavam futebol no campo que tem no camping.

Camping municipal in Chañar Punco -26.74932, -66.07986

Sign now up that says no overnight camping so didn't stay.

Baddek 46.10060, -60.75357

This is my new Ranch I've recently acquired. I was an Ioverlander for 5 years until I decided to put down roots. So..All are welcome. I'm on great flat land, 10 minutes from Lake of the Woods. I'm on Howard lake with lots of prairie room for any activities. Horses, snowmobiling, hiking. We have a natural spring with great water, lots of room for privacy, Animals welcome.420 friendly..I limit stays to one week, and ask for a few hours of help moving potting soil bags or plastic. Text before you come. 337.459.4123..Good ATT signal..and Satelink..8

Willowdale Ranch 42.25791, -122.44366

There are three water spigots available on the automobile side of the rest stop. Not accessible for big rigs but accessible for vans. Two spigots would require a long hose, but there is a spigot on the north end near the tables and pavilion that can be backed up to for shorter hoses. The spigots do not have blue handles like typical potable pumps, but the local workers did say it was suitable for drinking.

Rest Area 35.52777, -106.15549

As described, water available along side of the building

Info Center 49.78619, -92.83845

Overview of the entire Neusa Lake.

Great place to see the sunset. By car, motorcycle or bicycle.

Mirador del Neusa 5.14288, -73.96357
françois chabot

opened 2 days ago instead of a canteen. menu by QR code. very good home made food. jars of agua del dia (natural fruit + water) cheap,
fast service. large friendly space. music not too loud. open kitchen.

Casa Mary 19.71479, -99.22193
A very long Honeymoon

New looking lavenderia where you can do the washing yourself, 30 Real for a machine.

Lavanderia Self-Service -8.74296, -63.91309
A very long Honeymoon

It's still there but they still don't check, although there are people around.

Amazonas / Rhodonia -7.97857, -63.39191

Perfect area for a 35 ft class C, lots of room. Access Road right before parking area is very steep. Had to use caution not to bottom out. Lots of people coming and going to walk the trail. Scenic farm view. Waste water plant is not even in view.
Area right is flat and all gravel. Small barrel garbage can in the area and garbage truck came pickup Monday morning early so leave room for the truck to turn around.

Fairy Vista Parking 45.34437, -79.16980

A site a about 30 m from the road. some motorcycle and side by side noise, but it stopped at dinner time. A pleasant enough place to spend the night if you need the services in Idaho Falls or Rexburg. One bar with t-mobile, worked well enough.

Targhee National Forest 43.69387, -111.47407
Nomad Katia

Very clean, comfortable new hotel. Secure parking across the street, for many motorcycles or a car. Not for vans or big rigs. Very satisfying breakfast included, good wifi, hot water. 35 US on site (38 through booking). A bit expensive, but I needed a comfortable place to stay for a change! 3 blocks, easy walk to the malecón where restaurants and bars are. Tour agencies near the malecón. Awesome place to decompress from a very long journey!

Betania -13.83532, -76.24781

Really nice place with several spots !
Flat areas and completely fine with a 2wd (be carful a few sandy spots could be tricky)

Otherwise clean and calm enough even do us close of the highway :)

Please keep it clean of waste :)

Liard River waterfront 60.05135, -128.90254

further south there's a rest stop with an observation deck where you can see grizzlies feasting on salmon in the fall. this area on the old Alaska highway will bring you right to the river (much closer) with an unobstructed view. if you're lucky, you'll see some bears!

grizzly/salmon viewing spot 61.53960, -139.32254

popular spot for fishing but a lovely place to camp. just off the old Alaska highway. high clearance required on wet days.

Riverside 61.57358, -139.35440

good spot to spent the night. nice stars. right off the highway so it’s a little noisy but didn’t bother us at all. two other vans were here with us

Pull off between two bridges 49.29033, -124.57660

Fantastic lakeside overlook for sunrises and sunsets in the north campsites with enough parking for two-three small vehicles or one larger RV. Trees on all sides so not the best solar or satellite performance - but it’s a nice free campsite for those who don’t need any hookups!

Steele Creek Park 32.00866, -97.45150

Buena señal de Celular,, ubicado a 70 metros de la plaza principal de. Irá Brochero

Hospedaje CASANOVAS -31.70598, -65.01661

About a 5 mile drive from the main road on well established dirt road. There are a few spots on the road before the lake if you don’t wanna drive there all the way. No trailers or RVs as there is no turn around. I didn’t end up staying here as it’s all in burnt area and I figured I could head on instead. But definitely a great spot if you are around and if you don’t mind the burnt trees. I thought it a bit depressing.

Peterson Lake Dispersed Camping 40.55488, -105.78765

Agradable lugar. Muy limpio atendido por Ester su dueña. Posee un gran patio, muy buenos precios y dispone de churrasquera para uso de los huéspedes

Hospedaje CASANOVAS -31.70598, -65.01661

Multiple large dispersed camping areas along this OHV Trail. Many large flat areas and an easy road at least for the first mile. Close to town and great cell service.

Panorama Trail Dispersed Camping 34.20987, -109.93244

1 loonies for 6minutes shower! you can park in the visitor parking and walk. it's by the water's camping space

camping shower 49.45043, -119.60967

Peñón del Teyu Cuare buen lugar para conocer! Los senderos espectaculares las vistas! Se necesita de buen estado físico para realizarlo sin inconvenientes. Pero tiene lugares para descansar y luego continuar! El guardaparque un genio, excelente atención! Baños, parrillas algunas y agua potable!

teyu cuare -27.28466, -55.58823

a basic camping with everything you need. yes the wifi is basic but the host makes more than up for it. Funny guy who speaks english and will take you with him for a crocodile tour. he is interested in his guests and is willing to give advice. would definitely recommend. we don't recognize the earlier comment about Adonis.

Camping Adonis 8.53932, -83.30164

A little oasis in the hot sierra. Everything as described below, even though it didn’t seem like anyone had been here for a while the bathrooms were spotlessly clean and the pool was blue. Lovely and quite at night and not far from the main road.

Recanto Colina Verde -16.07115, -54.90760

Very clean. Showed up around 5pm and only one other vehicle. Electric site are close like previously stated by others. Didn’t want to bother the RV there. Parked in the parking for tents for the night. Not too many people came through. Left around noon

Michigan, ND City Park 48.02630, -98.12897
Andrew Rosca

Nice, large clearing not far away from the main road. Easily accessible (well maintained gravel road) and room for multiple vehicles.

No cell signal

Forest Clearing 45.14513, -119.28617

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