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Dump station that offers seasonal RV dumping. Has rinse water and fresh water. Fresh water had a sign that it is not currently safe to drink. Was able to dump today.

RV dump station 49.04517, -100.06357

Lake Turkana has overflowed due to heavy rains in Ethiopia. The road to Omorate has been cut off at Loruth. Government of Ethiopia has built a dirt causeway over the overflow water but the waters have split the causeway into 4 parts. You cannot cross by car or heavy bike. But a small bike can be carried across. Drive back to Todonyang Police Station and get directions to Kibish. You can enter into Ethiopia via Kibish. A long detour. Expect another 180kms of road from Todonyang to Kibish and then Omorate.

Police Checkpoint Kenya 4.53647, 35.92645

Sorry but there is a no overnight parking allowed. Désolé mail il y a une enseigne interdisant les VR pour la nuit

Parc des Chutes 47.38262, -72.78084

Lots of noise, kids playing music nearby. I changed place

Public park 46.61689, -72.69670

Big Parkinglot with gravel and street parkingplaces. No Camping allowed but RV and Camper parking... we stayed one night without problems. Pay per hour OR go for dinner or lunch in Hotel Restaurant Cafe Drydock
quit and some lights around, picnic tables

Drydock Restaurant or payed parking 44.27835, -68.32620

Were told by other van campers that it ok...we have not been bothered so far!

Mt Tremblant P3 46.19760, -74.57346

Nice place near the main road toSafrabolu easy acces, with toilets an hotwater shower. It’s basic, but clean and kind owner who is present 24/24 so no problem with security

Safranbolu caravan camping 41.25081, 32.69057

Was a beautiful spot in a lovely town. Police and fire were right next to me to celebrate 9/11 and no one bothered me.

Water front Memorial Park 35.54189, -77.05727

This place is permanently closed.

Camp One, Jackson State Demonstration Forest 39.39062, -123.68438

No parking sign

Trinidad. One-car pullout 41.04581, -124.12349

street parking water front washrooms picnic tables beach

Sutherland Park 49.90294, -119.49303

Nice, quiet lot with some shade spots. Right in the middle of everything with no restrictions.

Municipal Lot 36.37315, -94.21146

Excellent spot à l’arrière du Walmart sur la gravelle pour ne pas obstruer les camions de livraison. Wifi disponible et belle vue sur un champ. Le train passe la nuit mais pas trop dérangeant. Le stationnement du walmart permet seulement 3 heures.

Walmart 49.78391, -92.81070

Excellente place pour passer la nuit.Au coucher du soleil tout devient tranquille.

Peggys Cove - Visitor Parking 44.49383, -63.91192

little patch of heaven. Paid 40q for 2 for the entrance to the pools, were allowed to stay overnight at the large parking lot in the back for free. Very nice people, great pools, relaxing atmosphere. And an ostrich!

Mama Brenda Piscinas Termales 14.82860, -89.35133

Great spot! We were the second rv to arrive at around 4pm. by 8pm there were seven! Beautiful sunset, quiet night.

Halte des Piliers 47.17037, -70.30800

Endroit relativement tranquille. Mer active et beau paysage!

Bord de mer 49.04562, -64.47109

endroit de rêve pour passer une nuit. très belle plage et un beau coucher de soleil. même la vue de nuit sur la raffinerie vaut la peine. aucune toilette sur les lieux. j'imagine que cela est dû au fait que nous somme en basse saisons. nous avons eux le droit a un gender reveal party avec feux artifice. c'était un garçon. sinon, il y a eux activités sur les lieux jusqu'à p-e 3h du matin, mais rien de bien dérangeant. des locaux, j'imagine.

Mispec Beach parking lot 45.22225, -65.94987

Great public parking near the sea, with drinking water and restrooms. Two nights, no noise and safe.

Ótimo estacionamento público próximo do mar, com água potável e banheiros. Duas noites, sem barulho e seguro.

estacionamento parque dona lindu -8.14189, -34.90491

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 39.87249, -122.20360

Rolling Hills Casino/Chevron 39.87249, -122.20360

Beautiful place with old baobabs on the beach. Very peaceful place with locals people. There is no facilities here. No water, no toilets, no electricity. Quiet night. They asked us 10000 pp

Samwange Beach campsite -10.24478, 40.12685
sonny jadun

A routine stay, great place to stop and stay overnight on way to DC. RTT works fine. Try to park away from roadway so noise is not as loud. Great free hot shower in the plaza.

Service Plaza 41.37776, -82.22611

We stayed here 4 nights .... moving and exploring the surrounding every morning.
We asked to one of the neighbors around and said it was safe and fine to stay. This is a big parking, sometimes trucks also sleep here. Good Entel 4g Signal. Is not a great spot ....but as mentioned earlier. If you need a good safe and quiet spot. This place is good for that. 20m away from the road. So you will heard some cars during the night. But overall quiet since isn't so much traffic during night. We choose this place because we needed internet for work and the main plaza de armas at Quinua it wasn't a option because the celebration of the town so big party 😅 .

Riverside -13.06136, -74.16693

Good place to stay. Quiet. It is explicit allowed to stay here with RVs

Aréna Ste-Anne-des-Monts 49.12040, -66.49246

The place to stay when you arrive in Tabriz…. If you need Help you can ask Telemaco, he is so nice and helpfull !!!
His what’sap is +98 919 900 5786 just call him and he will help you for SIM Card and change when you arrive. Hé speaks english and italian.

Mozafer - Passenger - park 38.06574, 46.33056

0,5€ for soap, 3€ for washing machine, 2€ for dryer. Coffe is 20 meters to the left on the opposite side of the street

Easywash 40.61041, 22.97107

Really a super place. We were here for a whole week. Apart from the rare hyacinth macaws and other birds we saw a tapir when we were swimming in the river. We had, with our 9 tons, 7 meters long and 3,4 meters high, no problem to drive here. We also enjoyed the food at the bar and the restaurant. At the moment 60ppn.

Refúgio Canaã -20.72518, -56.73310

Station de vidange sans eau

Centre sportif Charles Valence 45.39235, -71.07390

It's open from 01. June to 15. Septembre.

Aréna Ste-Anne-des-Monts 49.12406, -66.49210

Exelente local para passar a noite estacionamento gigante

YPF Dom Antonio -26.93874, -60.05815

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