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This is a tie up for boat traffic traveling through the lock system. Washroom available but locked at night. Walking distance to downtown. Also has a public boat launch so can be quite busy during the day and obviously parking is dedicated to trailer parking. Stayed one night after boating all day.

Rivera Park, Lindsay 44.36380, -78.73680

Relatively large clearing with ample places to park. Suitable for any sized vehicle, and tents as well. There is access to water on one end, and more trails. Several fire pits already. People come to not only camp, but launch canoes, dirt bike, ATV, etc. The bugs weren't too bad September long weekend but in the spring, they can be awful. The road was fairly good, however it can be full of potholes, and washboards in spots, depending on what the weather has been- but still manageable with a car and some patience. No service with Koodo.

Roadside 45.81721, -77.45903

Really nice spot, directly on the shore of the lake. beautiful view and sunsets. We enjoyed the possibility to do some hiking again after long days on the road. Zebras coming to graze every evening. Bruce and Marlene are such nice people and very welcoming. They even ask if you need anything when they go for groceries. Activities like sunsetcruise, canoeing and hiking make you want to stay longer. Good to know they sometimes accommodate groups from schools to camp. If that's not your thing, check with them beforehand.

Lotri Bay -16.50454, 28.53490

Nice laundromat with almost all new machines. Loads are $6/wash in newer (40 lb) machines which run 24 minute cycles, and $2.50/wash in smaller older machines. Dryers (huge) are $1-2 to start a 30 min cycle, depending on size, and then 25 cents for each 5 min.

Change machine that takes 1/5/10/20s, and they also have an app you can use to pay.

Clean all around, including bathroom. Was pretty busy on a Friday night but still plenty of machines available. (A lot of laundromats gross me out, this one did not. At all.) Vending machine, lockers and plenty of seating and tables to work.

They also offer fluff and fold for $1.25/lb.

East 10 Laundry 46.87801, -96.72617

politely waved us through today. they really seem to step up security on the coast!

Police Checkpoint -1.46896, -80.76157

right off of the bat, great beer. come here for that. then stay for the fun environment. nice Portland Oregon vibe with nw styles of beer and cushy places to drink. dog friendly. outdoor area available. the woman with the tattoos and piercings spoke good English.

Andes brewing company -0.19454, -78.48560

Off 278 just down a hill. There is an established site about twenty min away where a lot of off road vehicle enthusiast camp at. Lots of side by side vehicles and dirt bikes using 278. Decent site, viewable from the road. The road goes back farther but definitely would need a vehicle with high clearance and I found no sign of regularly used camps within 5 min down. Nice site for the night.

Green mountain dispersed site 47.97179, -116.41145

Very nice place by river. 8km from main road. Not too many cars around

Nice spot next to the river 53.26549, -120.28858

Comfortable stop for the night. Dim lighting, reasonably quiet for being next to an interstate. A few others were spending a night here, including some semis.

Eastbound Rest Stop on I-84 42.07447, -112.91120

Easy access spot by following a nice wide path to arrive at a very large loop around a meadow. We are at the end of the weekend, the day before Labor Day, there is already a lot of people when we arrive on the spot in the late afternoon. However there are still spaces so the place is huge. Here a lot of quads (ground to ride just next to.
We chose a spot in edge of trees. There are places for wood fires. Very quiet at night.

Spot facile d'accès en suivant un beau chemin bien large pour arriver à une très grande loop autour d'une prairie. Nous sommes en fin de week-end la veille de Labor Day, il y a déjà beaucoup de monde lorsque nous arrivons sur les lieux en fin d'après-midi. Cependant il reste encore des espaces tellement le lieu est immense. Ici beaucoup de quads (terrain pour rouler juste à côté.
Nous avons choisi un spot en bordure des arbres. Il y a des emplacements pour feux de bois. Très calme la nuit.

Lost Cabin Road-BIG Horn National Forest 44.14733, -106.97824

We visited and arranged to store our Toyota Landcruiser here - long term while we returned to Canada.

They have indoor storage and will put your truck on a trickle charger to keep the batteries charged plus they can perform any other maintenance or service you may require. They will drop you off and pick you up from the airport with your vehicle or one of there cars. We arranged for them to pick up our truck at the Bnb we were staying at in Johannesburg after we packed our clothes to return to Canada. Rates are competitive and they only had one indoor spot available at the time we booked, but they plan to add additional indoor storage in the next few months by expanding the warehouse.

I can confirm the iOverlander pictures are accurate. The warehouse is alarmed and the owners live on premises and have multiple big guard dogs - plus its more of a farm area than urban area. Security is very good here.

Overlander Storage -25.93656, 28.41772

Stayed overnight here after checking out the Drive in down the road. Great spot nice & quiet away from the highway.

Walmart 41.03267, -78.40236

Great place to shower after a long hard sweaty hike. You pay $3 dollars = 12 quarters for a 4 minute hot shower. Equals to 10 gallons of water. More than enough to wash of the sweatiness. They have firewood, ice & restrooms available. Seemed like they had a drier but no longer in service. great place !

hot coin shower 43.91803, -69.61630

Great place to shower after a long hard sweaty
hike. You pay $3 dollars = 12 quarters for a 4
minute hot shower. Equals to 10 gallons of water.
More than enough to wash off the sweatiness.
They have firewood, ice & restrooms available.
Seemed like they had a drier but no longer in
service. great place !

hot coin shower 44.31423, -68.21215

Nice spot, fairly level, pretty views. Would stay here again! Had ~1 bar of Verizon LTE with WeBoost, no service with AT&T

Ridge Runner Road Campsite 44.29278, -122.01739

Lots of rvs , cars and vans staying over night. Very quiet nice place to stop. Easy to get to and massive parking lot so plenty of space.

RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum 41.71244, -85.88872

Signs say “No extended stay parking.” So I’m not sure what they mean by that. There are a couple of RVs here though. I’m not personally staying the night. I assume you could stay at least one night

Walmart 48.19423, -101.30006

This is the house of Rosa. But Im pretty sure in the front school or any yard has a space available to put the tent. is quite hard to get here and no places on the road. Beautiful bolivian little village.

Chocopampa Village -17.55550, -68.71889

Nice place to stay the night. It is near the main road. During the night it is difficult to see that you parked your car here. There are not many options on this road. So this one can be nice when it is late.

Enjoy! RobJansenphotography

Next to the main road -16.31822, -68.02100

Place is still there, got reasonable dinner and stayed in big parking lot!

Terramar Restaurant and Hotel 29.04500, -114.15333

Great dispersed camping near Bryce Canyon NP! A ton of open space, plenty of sites to choose from. Felt like the road just kept going. Tons of different set ups from big RVs to tent camping. Very peaceful but people around so you aren’t completely secluded. Still felt very private. Highly recommended.

USFS. WILD CAMPING 37.73784, -112.25833

Quite place yo stay the night . I little bit abandoned

Riverside -45.56837, -72.05549

The higher, larger pullout was occupied but this little pullout was perfect for a van. Some trash and human waste around farther up the old road, but perfect for a night in Nelson. The road is steep, washboarded, and very exposed. Personally, I would not attempt it in any van without 4wd. You could see flares from a fire just down the valley at night.

Gold Creek Road Pullout 49.44111, -117.27131

just above the beach as long as we are in L300 2wd. still perfect spot nobody came, great view.

Good wild camp in the rocks with great view -29.07210, -71.48818

Lot's of water in the Lake in 2022. Amazing views. Well worth the long ride from Naryn and getting the permit.

Köl-Suu Lake 40.70636, 76.38967

Nice and clean hostel with friendly owners. 30bob ppn for a tripple room with private bathroom (electric shower) + 15bob pp for great breakfast + 20bob pp for dinner. It's possible to make laundry. You can park your car.

Super petit hotel. Gregorio est super gentil et vous donnera de nombreux conseils voir vous emmènera en trek. 30bob ppn pour une chambre triple avec salle de bain privée (bouche électrique) + 15bob pp pour le petit-déjeuner + 20bob pp pour le dinner.
Il est possible de faire une machine pour le lingeet vous pouvez garer votre voiture.

Hostal Parinacota -18.13475, -68.97603

Pretty easy drive i . Def room for a solid group. Sadly super windy, but a great place nonetheless when avoiding the Tahoe crowds.

Beautiful view above Carson City 39.14139, -119.80177

Forbidden to camps near the lighthouse. We ask permission to camp 50 m further by the rock wall. We had a quiet night. But apparently, Fisheries and Ocean Canada is putting more and more post to forbid camping on its properties/warf.

Arisaig Lighthouse 45.76200, -62.17184

Lugar tranquilo de Rocha para pasar la noche

Truck Stop -34.48707, -54.32086

Very secluded spot under big shady trees next to a natural spring at the foot of the nearby hills. Call in at the rangers office and ask to camp at the spring. The cost for Zimbabweans is currently USD15 park entry, camping USD2 and vehicle entry USD5. So, total of USD22 for the night. The ranger on duty needs to communicate with Tashinga office for confirmation, so be patient, the comms are not always very good!

Matusadona Ranger Camp - Spring -17.17749, 28.52271

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