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Basic campground with pull-through spots. Right on the water. Fire pits, tables, trash service. Good 5G cell service.

Westside Regional Park 38.32169, -123.05584

we parked in front of the beach ,closed to an abandoned resort ,quiet at night ,some locals came to swim

nice place at the end of the road 16.24049, 108.08153
The Pack Track

Really nice place to stay. Motel with a restaurant. We paid 7000 Tenge for a room with 2 single beds for 2 people and our 3 dogs. Pet friendly! There is a menu which is small but good. Nice big car park outside with secure parking. Shared toilet and shower but it's kept very clean. No wifi

Kok Tengiz Motel 46.86451, 74.91688

Bush campsites adjacent to Dinokeng Nature Reserve

Phangwa Bush Camp -25.42188, 28.46930

Update 09/22:
Absolut quiet place! Clean and nice landscape.
The road forward to the dam is severely damaged and the lake is dry.

Road towards dam 33.42467, 57.25126

Added some pics. Saw giraffe, various buck, rhino zebra and warthog

Phangwa Bush Camp -25.42180, 28.46921

This is a beach club area now. Too bad, but not an empty hidden spot anymore.

Empty and hidden spot at the sea 12.98633, 100.05281

NDDOT supported rest area on Hwy 83 near Washburn ND

ND US Route 83 Rest Area - Bidirectional access at Mile Marker 128 47.30246, -101.03956

Tem uma vista maravilhosa. A noite foi bem tranquila e segura, porém tem muita ventania. Sem comodidades.
Conheça e Inscreva-se no canal do YouTube, Gestão na Estrada.

Praia do Boqueirão / Saquarema -22.93271, -42.51782

Delightful homestay - my favorite accommodation in a long time. I arrived in town as it was getting late and bitterly cold. A bunch of boys (in t-shirts!) directed me here. The first thing I noticed is that it was waaarm inside. The owner, Rahima, is incredibly friendly and attentive. Her English is very good so you can chat and ask any questions you have. the food was quite good, a bit more flavorful than what I've been having for the past while. I got to sleep by myself, while she and her brother went to sleep in their other house. slept like a baby. she can take a maximum of 8-10 people at once. total price including dinner and breakfast was 150 som - totally worth it.

by the way, she says Sher's hotel is permanently closed, and the other homestays are only open during the summer. she is the only one open year-round.

Shukrona 37.82924, 73.64146

Small parking in a quiet and beautiful surrounding, inside a nice Natural Park. You can get off-road in 100 m. to get more wild (take care in Spain usually is not allowed get off-road). Low 4G coberture in this area.

Berrocal del Rugidero plarkplatz 39.02034, -6.17599

Very nice spot. Staff all friendly. No food at the lodge/ bar available unless you book in advance. Reason that all food and drinks need to be order which takes 3 days to arrive.

Ablutions are clean and maintained. Fresh drinking water available. Drinks are available at the bar.
Overall a good experience

Ndole Bay Lodge -8.47789, 30.44933

I haven't stayed here, (I was planning to) but according to the map at this spot is in Restricted area #3 and is day use only.
Not saying you can't get away with it, but I wouldn't want to drive that narrow little road in the dark after being asked to leave either.

JRObservatory @ MtStHelens 46.28148, -122.20667

Closed, nobody there. No fuel available. Seems out of use for a long time already

Gas Station at Border 40.58844, 75.40848

Nice rest stop, but noisy from trucks running there engines. No issues from sleeping in you vehicle.

Moorcroft, WY Rest Area 44.27544, -104.97385

Muito bom o lugar (Índio Guru kite surf). Muito tranquilo e pessoal acolhedor. Fica a dica.

Facing the beach -6.30821, -35.03435

We got 90 l of Diesel from Truck drivers with the help from the staff. We were also allowed to fill up our water tank.

Diesel 37.22801, 45.33173
daniel gauthier

Very calm after busy hours. On level place on pavement. We slept very well at this place.

Salem Beside Common 42.52398, -70.89045

As described, a great place to relax. Green and lush surroundings. Came for 1 night, stayed 3!

Camp Itara 41.95304, 42.03221

Great spots by a stream just after turning on to Kilkenny Loop. There are plenty of spots further along the road but they are mostly smaller pull-offs. Btw, My google maps kept resetting to central Berlin or to the fish hatchery. The road is about a mile before the hatchery, on the left.

Kilkenny Loop Rd, Milan, NH 03588 44.50095, -71.31474

Still 20k a night for a comfortable room, en suite, breakfast for 1 and 1 towel and even a warm shower. A nice waitress from Nazareth Cafe showed us the way, as it was not on google maps. however has the location!

Only downside was the noise, as its next to the church and the service started at 5:30am und Sunday. But maybe it is also less intense on other days

John Paul II Hostel -5.02289, 32.80980

As described, quiet, good cellular reception

Dinsdale park 49.85546, -99.93997

We visited the waterfalls today, definitely a must-see if you are in the area. Few things to note though:

You CAN access the village WITHOUT 4WD. Road is a bit bumpy, bit is a dirt road for most of the time, but if it did not rain before, you should be alright (we made it with a 22yo Seat Cordoba).

DO NOT GET SCAMMED AT THE OFFICE. We were lucky to get an amazing local guide (Margaritha, the only female guide there :), who protected us from another expenses. The entrance costs 10,000 pp as said before and you pay that to the govt, you also get a receipt for that. We were however asked to pay another 10,000 pp to "the village". You don't have to pay that, apparently you would not even get a receipt (so always demand it when paying the entrance fee here).

We ended up having a lunch as well. It is really tasty and in a big quantity, however rather expensive (20,000 pp). We payed for that directly to the cook, who was actually a brother of the guide :)

Materuni waterfall 96m high. -3.25003, 37.39978

parking lot walmart close to hwy 20 but very quiet.About 10 rv/camper right in town of st-hyacinte.No sign of no parking for the night but onethat said no long term parking. we were not disturb.

Wal-Mart 45.64123, -72.97676

on our way to Riviere du Loup going east.Nice and quiet Close to the hwy 20.

Wal-Mart 45.64130, -72.97673

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Port Bandar Abbas 27.20106, 56.24395

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Port Shahid Bahonar - UAE <-> Iran 27.20106, 56.24395

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Bandar Abbas – Sharjah UAE ferry ticket office 27.20106, 56.24395

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Valfajr Shipping 27.20106, 56.24395

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Razi insurance 27.20106, 56.24395

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