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Agradable lugar. Muy limpio atendido por Ester su dueña. Posee un gran patio, muy buenos precios y dispone de churrasquera para uso de los huéspedes

Hospedaje CASANOVAS -31.70598, -65.01661

Multiple large dispersed camping areas along this OHV Trail. Many large flat areas and an easy road at least for the first mile. Close to town and great cell service.

Panorama Trail Dispersed Camping 34.20987, -109.93244

1 loonies for 6minutes shower! you can park in the visitor parking and walk. it's by the water's camping space

camping shower 49.45043, -119.60967

Peñón del Teyu Cuare buen lugar para conocer! Los senderos espectaculares las vistas! Se necesita de buen estado físico para realizarlo sin inconvenientes. Pero tiene lugares para descansar y luego continuar! El guardaparque un genio, excelente atención! Baños, parrillas algunas y agua potable!

teyu cuare -27.28466, -55.58823

a basic camping with everything you need. yes the wifi is basic but the host makes more than up for it. Funny guy who speaks english and will take you with him for a crocodile tour. he is interested in his guests and is willing to give advice. would definitely recommend. we don't recognize the earlier comment about Adonis.

Camping Adonis 8.53932, -83.30164

A little oasis in the hot sierra. Everything as described below, even though it didn’t seem like anyone had been here for a while the bathrooms were spotlessly clean and the pool was blue. Lovely and quite at night and not far from the main road.

Recanto Colina Verde -16.07115, -54.90760

Very clean. Showed up around 5pm and only one other vehicle. Electric site are close like previously stated by others. Didn’t want to bother the RV there. Parked in the parking for tents for the night. Not too many people came through. Left around noon

Michigan, ND City Park 48.02630, -98.12897
Andrew Rosca

Nice, large clearing not far away from the main road. Easily accessible (well maintained gravel road) and room for multiple vehicles.

No cell signal

Forest Clearing 45.14513, -119.28617

Nice place to camp with a tent. They offered us to stay under the ranch next to the pool as it has a roof and it's raining every night. Nobody else around and the pool for us. Asked 10000C/p but had it for $10/p as it was described on previous entries here. The garden is huge, and there is electricity and fridge under the ranch. Bathroom and restrooms are ok.

Born To Be Wild Eco Resort & Camping 10.50313, -85.69995

Fine for a night, five other RV’s. I did a big grocery run and the staff was helpful, chatty, and friendly. If you need to fill your fresh water tank, there is a spigot at the Mexico Veterans Memorial Park North of this Walmart off 17. The spigot is on the corner of River Road (Route 17) & Water Street.

Walmart 44.83862, -70.71028

Way too buggy for meat this time of a year. There are a lot of pull outs before this spot too and dirt road seems pretty good even for bigger trucks. It’s stills a great spot to watch the sunset though! I turned around and stayed in town near the high school. Pretty quite street, tables+benches and toilets in the little park nearby

Crossroads with a view 40.73310, -106.29947

seems permanently closed.
dump valve is gone, covered over with concrete.
looks like fresh concrete as of writing.

Madras Public Works 44.63612, -121.13464

Nice Provincial Park with plenty of camping options. Off season, there are about 50% of the spots open. Bonus if your a mt biker, it located right next to the Hammerfest trail network from Trailforks.

Englishman Falls Provicial Park CG 49.23936, -124.05323

Praça muito aconchegante, com fonte de água mineral (mangueira de 7 mts ou mais)
Locais indicam o local como seguro e tranquilo
Square very comfy, with mineral water tap (7 mts long plunge needed)
Citizens recommend this place as good and safe

Bica Square / Praça da Bica -20.36059, -40.65868

There is a no camping sign now so I not do nothing recommend.

DNR Dispersed Camping 48.01556, -122.96302

I don't recommend it. Laundry was still dirty after one wash. The lady from the laundry said I should have hand washed it first or the laundry was too dirty. Which was obviously wrong. The washing machine only runs with cold water.

EcoClean 20.58525, -100.40340

Yep water fill ups. On at the entrance near the air and another one at pump 16. Dump stations is at pump 16 and it $10. Super clean restrooms too.

Pilot Truck Stop 39.74837, -122.20576

This is dispersed camping in an area that is part of Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat located in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. Gravel road from Hwy 37 is well maintained, 4wd not required. There is plenty of space for campers right along the waters edge, but you may want 4wd if you’re going to park near the water. Loose sand and rocks.

Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat: Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area 44.88870, -108.18957

Ótimo Camping para contato com a natureza e Paz.

Camping Lazer Berlatto -27.34031, -53.18028

This is a state park with no fees. It has a bathroom with a sink and a water faucet outside down the dirt road half a mile at the research camp/visitor parking. It is big rig friendly and dog friendly. No bars tmobile 2 bars verizon. There are some historical buildings as well you can explore around, awesome place!

There is a big covered area with picnic tables and a sink. Sign says for reservation only, but it is for events only. Can use if there is no event here.

Open dusk until dawn but spoke to someone and that is for the hiking paths due to black bears and cougars. Make sure you're inside at night. Cop patrolled at night and didn't bother me.

Hoskins Park 44.67594, -123.46341

We have paid $4 per person for good hot shower. So still works!

Page Lake Powell Campground 36.90137, -111.45308
Jacob Smith

Really beautiful lookout! The road going up is in good shape for most vehicles, took the moto up with no issues.

After you’ve turned off the 101 onto West Snider Road drive for a minute until you see the sign for 3040, hang a left and go up. We found an alternate route back down on the motorcycles. Super fun day

Kloshe Nanitch Lookout 48.08064, -124.07903

An abandoned house. I recommend taking the "garage" not the house itself
No one came in the entire day

Countryside tapera - cyclist refuge -31.20454, -61.75253

Large turn around at the end of a 2 mile gravel FS road right off of Santeetlah Rd. Was great for a roof top tent, but probably not a ground tent or rv. No ATT cell service or facilities. We not see any other cars or wildlife the whole night.

Charikus Branch 35.35282, -83.88086

haven't slept here, supposedly it's day use only but stopped to watch the whales. there were like twenty hanging around!

Devil’s Punch Bowl parking lot 44.74713, -124.06409
Barry Stuart

Yes it’s $35 per night for absolutely no services but the views are stunning. Relatively quiet off season with not much road noise.

Westport-Union Landing State Beach Campground 39.68359, -123.79182

$5 dump station in the state park but you must have a discover pass to enter the park. After check in the dump station is to the left of the stop sign, with potable water just after in a paved pull out/loop. Pay at entry or pay at the dump station itself.

$5 Dump Station & Potable Water Easton State Park 47.24363, -121.18588

When you turn off the highway to come into the complex, continue straight down the road to the very end, as someone else suggested. Thank you to that person. because the Love's parking lot is very crowded, and by going all the way to the end of the road you'll find plenty of spread out parking and it's much quieter.

Love's Travel Stop / expensive showers 36.37918, -114.89637

Great spot, nice view and very quiet. Washroom right next to our spot. 12/10

Sand Creek Public Access Area 44.51606, -104.09772

Beautiful site with easy road for a long trailer. We were extremely disappointed to not stay, but there is absolutely ZERO cell service on AT&T and Verizon, even with our booster.

Slana River Side 62.70593, -143.94392

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