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Stayed here last night of our Cascade Loop Labor Day weekend camping trip. Ok spot. Lots of road noise. Road up is ok but plenty of big potholes. 2 bars Verizon LTE. Good for a night but wouldn’t make it a destination as even the lower site is pretty exposed not far off a busy road.

Lonesome Cherry tree 48.65281, -121.66819

Variedad y muy rica comida peruana por solo 11 soles

Buen sabor -12.11756, -77.04684

small inlet you can back into. road noise during the day but good for a quick overnight spot

hidden spot next to turn out 46.83481, -88.48361
rebecca winters

A very nice campground surrounded by trees right near turquoise lake near Leadville, Colorado. I paid half price with a senior pass at $13. The normal rate would have been $26. They are closing for the season on September 9, so this will not be available after that date.

Molly Brown Campground 39.26392, -106.35224

Challenging trucha/road to access a yanay waterfall, we decided to stop in the middle of the ascent, on a grassy spot in front of the church.
Some trees for hiding from the sun.
Talked to the owner of the nearby land, said it's totally fine and tranquillo. He also said we can grab some fruit sin compromiso.
The waterfall is nice, the road is challenging for our 2wd, if you're more confident with your engine, can go until the end of the road, a flat area to park is there too.
From this point 1h hike to the waterfall.
Waterfall is free.
No signal (claro y bitel)

In front of church on the way to yanay waterfall -12.89105, -72.66125

Went there late around 8pm. Still open for rv propane. Felt a bit uneasy as a single woman, as 4 random "staff" as I couldn't tell, gathered around my RV while one was filling up my propane. Nothing bad happened, but just felt uneasy.
After the fill up I parked closer to building to go pay inside. Once I came back to my van, 2 of them came knocking on my door to ask if they could check inside. I promptly left after saying no.

Shell gas station 44.96977, -122.98404

I tried to go to the hidden gem and my GPS sent me close to the hidden gem but on the other side of the river. Instead of driving another 5 km, I stayed in a spot having likely the same features as the gem. No traffic at all. Super quiet. 4x4 required.

Oteros 27.65502, -107.79695

Reasonably secluded but not completely hidden from the road. Perfect for one night.

Off Hwy 25 27.35784, -107.50643
Dianne Martin

Nice area to stop at least one picnic table and a couple of outdoor chairs overlooking the water. No Wi-Fi, no facilities, just a nice clean place to stop next to the highway. But there is sn A&W, Tim Hortons & subway so might be able to connect

Tourist information center 47.79243, -64.94346

wanted to stay here, came in at 5:17 pm, Gate for the National Park was already closed - could not get to the camping place :-)

Yaxha 17.06704, -89.40051

Tried to park but soon departed. Gate was locked and we broken hearted.

Little Lilly pond lake 55.69224, -128.76572

Good spot and reasonably quiet as long as you don't park on the main streets. Park is really cute too

Peninsula Park 45.56784, -122.67241
Shawn Hedges

Pretty rough and overgrown road in spots. Needed 4x4 low and had to crawl up pretty slow at times in my F350 4WD with the truck house on the back. Still, the views were worth it and it’s a fun place to sleep for the night. Will likely do the hike along the ridge up to the summit of Grey Mountain in the morning if the weather is ok. Seems pretty popular with the locals.

cell-tower 60.65977, -134.88432

40$. 3 services. sites avec arbre et ombrage. a ce temps de l'année le camping est a moitier vide. parfait pour faire le lavage et recharger les batteries

Sanger Memorial RV Park 48.92721, -55.63584

Beatiful place!! But we had very restless night. At 10.30 pm , we slept, knocked a man at our door. We didn't answer. During night a lot of quads and cars drove around the site. What a pity! We stayed there for the night before Labour Day. Perhaps it was because the people needn't to work next day.

Chapel Island 45.70516, -60.77535

free wifi on the "Plaza", next to the old church

Plaza de armas Manuel Lobo -34.47131, -57.85089

There is not much room to turn around back here so walk it first to make sure no one is back here.

Frenchman Lake 62.11495, -135.71181

We stayed on the upper level, same level as the road. The small road that goes down by the lake is overgrown with shrubs. okay for smaller vehicle. No way for a 3/4 ton truck and 27' trailer! The upper level is sand and for safety's sake I used 4WD to maneuver. Very few cars going by on the highway. Nice view of the lake from the upper level as you are above the shrubs. We watched the sunset over the lake from our parking spot. Note: the black flies are out in force. Each time you open the door, they slip in. once you kill the ones that got in, you are good. I wouldn't plan on sitting outside here. We were comfortable making dinner and enjoying the view from our safe and warm home on wheels!

Ville de Gagnon 51.89618, -68.16584

1.75 small light wash, 2.00 medium wash, 3.50 for large triple load washers. Older dryers 1.00 for 40 mins, and newer high power ones for 25c a cycle. Relatively clean. Great a/c inside. Also used showers behind gas station. Not super clean, but 4 bucks for 10 min shower was too good a deal to pass up on a 100f day.

The Washtub Laundry 37.36238, -118.39593

stayed one night in our campervan. stone fire ring, clean, access to the pond. our spot was right next to the road so it was a bit noisy, but quieted down at night. no ATT or Google Fi service.

Jones pond 44.45680, -74.18883

Plenty of room for a sprinter van. Road was in pretty good condition just some potholes.

Private Rainier View 47.10283, -121.57113

Many places along the road where you can camp/ park the RV. Fire rings with stone. No other facilities. We saw a moose in the forest :-)

National Forest 40.21930, -105.88771

Long gravel wide frontage road. Further east toward bridge a family had set up a vacation camp to the right.

Liard River Pulloff 59.41757, -126.09432
H Leroux

Stayed one night, quiet no issues. Small businesses close by, chip stand has great fries.

Parc Gentilly 46.40323, -72.27448

Large pull in. It's a busy road but no one bothered us. Quiet in the evening.

large pullout 2 km to Lake cowichan 48.81164, -124.07265

We got the knock last night. The officer said overnight parking is not allowed anywhere in the park and added that the area is frequented by "not good people" and that there's been a lot of theft and drug use in the area. He allowed us to stay for the night but advised that overnight camping here is both ill -advised and not allowed.

Stewart Park 43.21694, -123.37101

Great views all around at about 4000’/1200m.
Large area around the Observatory perimeter fence. We camped to the north. Don’t pollute their instruments with lights from your camp at night. The place was very empty Labor Day 2022 we saw no one. It’s quite a bumpy long drive to get here from Naches but 2WD.

Manastash Ridge Observatory 46.95129, -120.72407

Great spot, very little traffic and a wonderful view of the river and bridge. Made a small fire ring and left some firewood for whoever comes next, just be careful because the wind is no joke

Kiskatinaw old carven bridge 55.96412, -120.56449

Drove in late, saw sign with no camping symbol. Decided to stay closer to roadway instead of past the sign. Many cars on the roadway past midnight, lots of trains, quite loud for light sleepers, earplugs suggested. Ten cars and two train between 6:45-7:20am.

Tranquille Creek Trailhead 50.72789, -120.52060
Nomad Katia

Very clean, warm beds and hot showers. Secure parking for many cars and motorcycles. I've asked how much the nice lady could charge me, she phoned the owner and he said 80 soles. Good wifi, and walking distance from the nice main square, where there's a good restaurant.

Villa estelitta -9.72653, -77.45351

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