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Parking lot between the church, museum and Morrison's restaurant. no sign that overnight parking is forbidden. washrooms close by at the museum.

I can recommend Morrison's restaurant as well!

Parking lot 46.88438, -60.50696

Très bien, chaque espace est assez grand avec une table de pique-nique et un foyer pour faire un feu. Toilettes et douches un peu partout dans le camping.

Sandbanks river county campground. 43.90025, -77.22361

Awesome spot right above a sandy wash. Saguaro cacti all around. Gorgeous red rocks in the distance. Wild horses trampled through the wash last night along with packs of Coyotes and deer.
Had to use rocks to get level, road out is not bad as long as you are comfortable behind the wheel. At the beginning of the trail there were some RVs and fifth wheels but getting those here would be tough. Small fire ring in middle of site.
There is a swimming hole less than a mile away if you drop into the wash on foot and follow it North (I’ll mark it on your pip boy lol) Not too busy even on a weekend, the occasional offroad buggy or Jeep.
Cell service speed report attached.
There’s a bathroom up the road at the day use area along with dumpsters.
Definitely one of the more kewl spots I’ve stayed.
Keep it clean keep it cool my friends
Let’s connect on Instagram!

Roadside 33.53683, -111.57617

Really nice spot for only $10! Picnic table, fire pit, grill, vault toilets, water, and several small walking trails.

Ryan Park Campground 41.32570, -106.49252

Very quiet and beautiful view towards mountains, AT&T ok, lot’s of space to choose from.

Wildlife Management Area 36.92024, -106.57933

Great find! We were driving to the coffee farm at Finca Lérida when we noticed a Camping Area sign for another place (Lérida has hotel rooms, but doesn’t allow camping). The property is called Ambrosio Castillo. Cafetalera Don Nery is at the top of the hill with a gorgeous view. And if you continue down the hill, you’ll arrive at a flat grassy area where you can camp. You are surrounded on all sides by hills and coffee plants. So many bird sounds and sightings, and I even saw a capybara in the brush. There is a metal building with a cold shower in one room and toilet in another. Toilet paper provided, and both rooms are very clean. The whole property is well-kept. There are flood lights that are on automatically from 7-11 pm (we didn’t find them bothersome). The owner offered us a remote for the lights, but we didn’t mess with it. Lots of coffee workers passing by on foot and by vehicle, but they were all friendly and we felt very comfortable.

It is a steep, gravel hill to get up and down. Packed out overland vehicles without 4x4 will have to work, but I know you can make it because I saw all the local vehicles doing it.

Current price is $15 per vehicle.

They don’t require you to contact ahead of time, but here are some contact methods if needed:

Cafetalera Don Nery: 6998-6414
Instagram @cafetaleradonnery
Gabriel Castillo (son of owner): 6792-7455 (speaks English)

If you want the coolness of Boquete outside the sounds and bustle of the city, this place is so perfect.

Ambrosia Castillo 8.80386, -82.48291

estou viajando de bicicleta e como estava já anoitecendo encontrei esse lugar ao lado da rodovia. atentem ao fato de que só serve para barraca e bicicleta , vandir1234

Roadside camp for bicyclists only -15.84690, -61.75700

Quiet and friendly place to stay. Big sandy area to park your vehicle on. Choose your spot. Very friendly hosts. Contrary to what was said below, I found the dinner quite inexpensive, considering prices in restaurants and groceries in Peru in general.

Rancho Grande -13.27728, -76.27426
Nomad Katia

At the entrance to the city. Huge secure parking lot, probably fits big rigs. Hot showers, plenty of blankets in this cold city. Has a restaurant. A bit pricey, paid 150 soles/night. Breakfast included. No wifi.

Hotel La Casa de Paquita -12.20468, -75.80017

Took fuel here at foreign price, no issues, easy process no BS but… B. 9.19 per litre.
I’ll take that over the hassle of jerrycans or being turned away.

Las Islas -17.39176, -66.20826
Serena Dryden

We have been staying here in our van for a week or so now. It’s a great place but it fills up by the end of most nights. It is pretty secluded and the spots are far from each other. About 14 spots I think. Some toilet paper that people didn’t burry but overall it’s a clean area. If you want a spot I’d recommend getting here before 5pm. Most mornings we wake to people pulled over anywhere on the road they can find since it’s packed already.

Ryan Rd Dispersed Area 48.48726, -113.95572

Very calm place in this time of the year, toilets closed 10pm-ish and lights on the lot turned off about an hour later. Quiet for the whole night. Worth the way up to avoid the noise of the city.

Parking Lot 2 49.36263, -122.95076
Pier Around The World

A nice place where to set your tens for the night. Establish fire place where you can grill meat and chopped woods provided as well. You can camp directly on the beach if you want.

Piteå Skärgård 65.24411, 21.57940

Simple campsite organised by a lovely group of women, who sang and danced for us one evening. We felt very welcomed. The pool with sun chairs and shade was a good place to relax and they prepared dinner for us at the roof terrace. A lovely place!

Okapika -17.41082, 14.43960

Turn left when you’re at the spot on the map.
Very nice and clean campsite. French owners. Big swimming pool

Camping Takat, Sidi Bibi 30.25329, -9.58470

Strange place. No one here at all. “Lake” is a green dried up mud hole. Have to pay $12 to enter the park and $15 for a “spot” which means an unlevel pull off from the short road. We turned around and left.

Cottonwood Lake Recreation Area 42.91411, -101.67589
Enrique Schemper

Right in front of a Transit bus while this morning I saw a No Parking sign where bus stood.

Yachats 7th St 44.31444, -124.10664
Alexander Wolf

nice little circular pullout where you can park. I would definitely overnight here. I slept on the Alsask campground a little ways down which was also free.

Pull out - stop of interest 51.47421, -109.62264

Entebbe Backpackers. Run down. Nice enough but of lawn and garden area to park in safely. Did not use shower as no door. Toilet did not flush and no bucket provided. Safe and secure but offers nothing else. It's run down and seen better days. No real care is taken but is very cheap and quiet. It was priced well for what it is. Can get to the mall, beach and airport from here.

The Backpackers Place 0.04814, 32.46461

This is super fast Wi-Fi open… 400Mbps. Enjoy it while it lasts…

Totem open Wi-Fi 61.12867, -146.34557

We did not have such luck with the guards here, they refused to let down the rope to let us pass, there was no chance to get by.

Water levels were very high when we visited and the spillways were overflowing and very cool to see.

Vertedero santa Rita 6.28940, -75.15490

Wonderful Spot, a bit bumpy, we didn't engage 4x4, a Toyota Tercel with locals came in the evening to sit by the lake and chat. It's got some ruts and bumps to navigate around, but just drive around or strattle them, doable in nearly anything.

Gutapé Lakeside 6.28939, -75.15494

We were completely alone there after 20h. Very nice view

At Lake -31.25588, -57.91388

Quiet, bathrooms decently clean! Dog friendly!
2 bars & LTE for Comcast. Drove through a lot of heavy smoke from the front bend, but it was more clear here. Solo traveler felt safe here! Easy access and to find!

Rest Area 43.53230, -119.32156

Stayed here one night, had no issues. Planning to sleep here again. Relatively clean bathrooms

Southington Rest Area 41.57145, -72.90472

We had a very strange experience here. They confused us for migrants first, didn’t want to see passports for a while and kept behaving weird until we finally showed them that everything was legal.
Anyway they let us use the cabana for 7$ pp per night, but would not let us go around the island on our own. They literally locked us inside the cabana. They wanted 10$ pp just to walk around the island with a local guide. We refused and they pulled out the “tourist rules” but could not find anywhere this rule about 10$ pp (it says actually 3$pp). After long discussions they agreed to walk us around for free, but still only with local guide. We ended up leaving the day after for Obaldia.

Caledonia Community 8.90388, -77.69526

We did the bordercrossing at a sunday-morning! Right after leaving the US we went to the `something to declare` lane .. We almost missed it! You have to turn right, before the several gates you can drive trough!

We got our Tourist Visas within 15 Minutes from a good english-speaking woman! After that we wanted to import our swiss Car and they didnt understood anything .. The guy talked to several people on the phone, before he sent us to an office in the middle of Tijuana! Actually he didnt spoke a single word of english, so he translated everything with google translator .. So we went to 'Fray Junipero Serra 20-5, Garita Internacional`..

The people there also couldnt speak anglish but after calling several other people, they could import our dar finally .. We had to get some copies of the passport, the tourist visa, and the car papers though!

It took about 2 hours to do everythint! Good luck!

San Ysidro, San Diego, California 32.54237, -117.02982

Boil water advisory when we stopped in Sep 11. We arrived with an empty tank since the previous Prov Park in Nova Scotia (Mira Lake) also had a boil water advisory. The nice lady at the check in office told us they "recommended" to not consume the water. I felt like we were supposed to read between the lines of that statement, like maybe it was ok, but she just didn't want to commit. The road driving in was terrible with potholes, we had to pay a park entry pass fee, it just seemed wrong to have to pay an additional fee to camp with no water.

An email from the Park Service advising of the boil water advisory woukd have been nice!

The campground is convenient to the ferry, about 13 minutes, so it is a good option.

JT Cheeseman Provincial Park 47.63313, -59.25138

Bon endroit gratuit pour ptofiter de cahuita et de la plage un peu de passage la journee mais calme la nuit. Pas de services mais la 4g fonctionne. J y suis reste 2 jours

Grass spot on the beach 9.74096, -82.84858

A large field with some flat areas. Good access for 2WD. Good 4G internet. Nice view on sunset. Close to the highway but quiet. 20 minutes to Lilo Market.

A large field 41.79465, 44.93172

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