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Wyld Eagle Adventures

This place is permanently closed.

Majete Wildlife Camp -15.91173, 34.74208

Lovely forestry campsite, clean, nice level camp-spots. Few others here. Some highway noise but in our Campervan we won’t hear much. Beautiful evening

Red Shale Campground 45.57145, -106.14649

This place is permanently closed.

Upper Canoe Recreation Site 52.76889, -119.26842

Está atendiendo!!!! volvimos después de 3 años y está más lindo, con cocina abierta, café y te libre, sala de estar, baños impecables con agua caliente y la mejor ubicación justo frente a la playa. 40 Reales por persona

Golfinho Tropical Hostal -23.42381, -45.06450

Simple place with a great view. Small $10 fee. Nearest town Mexican Hat ~4.5mi away. Pit toilet, picnic table, and fire pit

Goosenecks State Park 37.17456, -109.92626

estacionamento a beira mar com banheiro paga-se um valor para passar o dia, local tranquilo

estacionamiento de lima -27.74975, -48.50448

Super, juste 4 places, tranquille. Il faut mettre l’argent dans une enveloppe. 25$ cash, et la déposer dans une boîte à cet effet.

Trois-Pistoles Wharf 48.13309, -69.18363

Camping by Rio Claro. this is where the rafting boats go out of the water and the trucks come to pick them up. One small hut selling beers, coffee, etc. until 9h00 PM. Huge grass land can accomodate any king of rigs. 15k pesos per person

Rio Claro La Peña Zona de Camping 5.93498, -74.84449

Beautiful side of the highway rest area with bathrooms. No running water. Lots of parking spots for RVs and trailers as well as grass for pitching a tent. A couple of picnic tables and fire pits as well. Not the quietest with the nearby cows, highway and the train that passes every once in a while.

Highly recommend for a nights stay!

2/4 bars LTE with Fido

Broadview Recreational Area 50.37741, -102.53031

The New website is at:

Camping Penha Guimaraes 41.44657, -8.29230

We asked the attendant at the town's kiosk and she confirmed we could stay one night at the gravel parking lot.

Beware of the seagulls; they have deadly accurate aim!

Hartland Rv spot 46.29664, -67.52797

This place doesn't exist

dique ampimpa (tierra de sanación) -26.60451, -65.84084

nice spot. free. pit toilets. good at&t. tons of mosquitos 🦟 🦟

Round house point 48.02478, -106.44212

nice. 3 good flat spots. windy! calmed down at sunset.

Escalante Overlook Road 38.77925, -108.29001
Andrée Hallé

This place is permanently closed.

Barrage Carillon 45.56043, -74.39463

Got here today. 18,5€ for 2pp on a rooftop tent. Simple but I guess good value for the money!!

Sofas camping 39.37875, 20.28219

Muito bom local para pernoitar , passamos o dia na fazenda

Estacionamento pratinha -12.35132, -41.54133
Adventures with Ray

closed for the season, same for other campground. parked overnight at old seaplane base

Jàk Territorial Park Campground 68.32333, -133.62650

Lugar bem tranquilo para passar a noite após as 22 horas. Há uma torneira de água na praça bem em frente ao estacionamento. Infelizmente não há banheiro público só nos comércios da redondezas.Ha um segurança noturno que trabalha na estação de trem.

Estação de trem -22.11265, -45.04830

Local aconchegante, boa estrutura, anfitriões atenciosos e solícitos. A 50 metros da praia.

Camping Maragogi -8.95424, -35.17286

Nice low key parking area with bushes and shrubs surrounding the lot. Recommended to not be noisy as there are houses around the parking area. Ask Osaka sushi for their wifi password if you want to download stuff whilst staying overnight super clutch

Deep Cove public parking 49.32560, -122.94847

I got lucky that big shows were happening while I was in town so I went in and out of the bus lot without having to pay for the weekend.

Bally’s Gated Parking Lot 36.10803, -115.16960

They are back open post-pandemic. We really enjoyed this beautiful clean and green oasis prior to crossing into Ecuador.

Ecoparque Rayos del Sol 2.51341, -76.53825

Nice place with lots of grass spots for tents or campers. nearby road is not too busy. when we were there lots of fisher were also there (but apparently an ongoing competition).
The place is clean. the river is on most places difficult to access because of a steep bank.

Montserat by the river 41.61765, 1.85240

Ample parking while you take the ferry to Mackinaw Island

Star Line Ferry Dock 45.88223, -84.72968

This place is permanently closed.

Island Park 44.49896, -111.33737

Was in the parking lot, too noisy with groups of young teens in thier pickups and doing teen stuff being loud and rowdy. Decided to go elsewhere.

k2 visitor center 24hr parking 48.69619, -116.30800

As of September 7th this trail has been closed due to forest fire. There is a road closed sign in front of the trail as well as a list of closed trails and consequences for going on the prohibited trails.

Big Bear Lake 34.23329, -116.90714

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 44.49666, -109.94915

Three Mile National Forest Campground 44.49666, -109.94915

Two camping areas, upper and lower. We stayed in the lower section, closer to the lake.
There are no services at the site, except a fire ring and a table. The site was well screened and a reasonable size.
Washrooms, showers are in the large parking area for day visitors by the beach. They are open from 10 to 7. Showers are free, but water is only warm.
There are pit toilets and some water taps around the campsites, but the water is not potable.
I am told there are no sites with electrical hook ups.
After the kids go back to school, registration is by you finding a spot and someone coming round to collect cash for the site. You can still make a phone reservation.

Sprout Lake Prov Park 49.29307, -124.92695

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