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Parking short term for splendid views of mountains.

Parking on the pass with great view 46.44163, 13.75350

It’s a green space just 4.5 km from Vlasi village. It’s accessible via a dirt road. There’s water all year long and the trail for Karava peak starts here.

Profitis Elias 39.29825, 21.56678

I asked if it was possible to camp in the National Park at the gate. You pay an entrance fee to the park. They charged me 75TL.
During the day (Sunday) there were a lot of people barbecuing. Most left before 21.00. I was the only one spending the night.
Restaurant/minimarket at the beginning of the road (don't expect to much).
Easy reachable by car (or other vehicle).

Vezirsuyu Tabiat Parki 41.21818, 35.31218

Great spot with beautiful view!
Price is still 10'000 per tent.
To find the right road follow the sign to "Bumba TVET School".

Bumba Basecamp -1.98069, 29.38954

Beautiful parking place, a lot of parking space is available. Beautiful view on the river (yes, there are some mosquitoes), there are some tables up in the small wall (see pictures).

Domaine Taschereau Parking 46.44434, -71.03563

Old gravel parking lot next to a quiet road.
Next to a forest and near Mackmyra whiskey distillery. 5 to 10 minutes cycling from Gävle.

Parking lot 60.66404, 17.09462

être proche de l'endroit pour capter mieux la WiFi, mais capte un peu dans la voiture.

Exploramer 48.94754, -66.12261

Small gravel parking lot at the base of Silver lake trailhead. Active during the day, but calmed down around sunset. Quiet, peaceful, remote. Some noise by passing cars every now and again but overall a nice relaxing stay. No cell phone service. Perfect for self contained rigs!

Silver lake trailhead 44.51110, -73.84988

Perfect place, as described, with osprey nest 🪹 to observe 👀 😉👍🏻

Endroit parfait pour dormir avec en plus un nid d’aigrette (balbuzard) à observer en prime !! 🥰👍🏻

Ps: Excellente poutine ! 😉👍🏻

Iroquois Lock / Écluse Iroquois 44.83092, -75.31367

Belle place! Plage et coucher de soleil. Chemin raboteux mais faisable en petite voiture.

Ceilidh coastal trail 45.69500, -61.44567

Rather unsuitable for high "big rigs". The driveway from the N1 is an easily accessible sandy road. But in front of the entrance to the lodge there are low-hanging lines and we had to hoist one over the truck. Low-hanging branches at the reception and the access road to the campsite. Access to the campsite is also very steep. They wanted MZN 1360 to stay overnight in the parking lot at the reception. That was overpriced for us. Our vehicle is 3.8m high and almost 8m long.

Morrungulo -23.23535, 35.49236

Truck stop off 87 right before the Canadian border. Several trucks here. Asked someone inside if it was OK to stay in my van overnight, and he said OK.

Irving Oil 44.98010, -73.45555

Lovely, quiet and flat. Picnic tables and garbage cans.

Passerelle Ulrick-Cherubin 48.57870, -78.11955

Still open
Really quiet, grassy and flat.
Loose gravel road on approximately 10km to reach the site but in good condition.

Old church site 52.11386, -106.22006
Atomic Pod

This is a picturesque and quiet spot. We highly recommend it. There are a few picnic tables and park benches, grassy areas and a walking path. We stayed one night on a holiday weekend and there was only one other van there.

Arnprior Marina 45.43922, -76.34961
Mike Hysom Photography

This is a pretty small rest area. There is drinking water on the left of the fork, the car truck side, and there is a sani dump of the right, RV/semi truck side. The dump area has non potable water for cleaning your tanks, there is a sign by it. I can imagine this is sometimes blocked due to lack of parking. On the car side there are 2 fresh water spigots. One is on the west side of the bathrooms, and the other is on the east side of the bathrooms closer to the big dumpster as you are leaving. There is plenty of room to walk your pets and there are several picnic table areas. There are also vending machines by the bathrooms. Honestly it's a pretty well kept area clean bathrooms and cut grass.

Rest Stop 38.85575, -98.12464

One of many in the area. Like others said, look at Google to find others. This spot has a windbreak that is very helpful. Kinda warm at the first of September but doable. Rock fire ring is in place.

McCoy Pull-out 40.38038, -109.59428

our 2nd time staying here when in Niagara area. Level parking spots by Garden area. once the traffic slows at night, it's a good quiet place to sleep undisturbed. There's also a 24hr PetroCanada gas station a Ross the road and an A&W adjacent.

Walmart 43.17610, -79.21270
Mike Hysom Photography

Fresh drinking water at spigot. There are 2 spigots on the left side of the fork as you're coming in, it's the car/truck side not the semi side where there is a sani dump. One spigot is on the west side of the bathrooms, and the other is on the east side, down by the dumpster. Do not use the water at the sani dump as it's non potable.

I-70 eastbound rest area 38.85562, -98.12378

This road on the congo-nile-trail is washed away. You can not pass with a car.
But the road from Bumba to down here still is a beautiful 4x4 track.

Washed away congo-nile-trail -1.98916, 29.35429

My mapping app took me to the end of the road. As stated, you need to go through the gate on the left, before the road ends. It was not locked. Follow the car tracks to another gate near the trailhead. Enter and park. We were the only ones here. Lots of bugs, but cool trails leading to bird viewing opportunities. No facilities, signs for no campfires and to leave no trace.

Beaverhill bird observatory 53.36951, -112.53302

beautiful place
a lot of spot and other person
no noise, no issue
feel safe

Targhee USFS Dispersed Camping 44.66899, -111.31591

Bel endroit tranquille, dépanneur, restaurants, café à proximité. Contrairement au message précédant, le stationnement de nuit est permis selon la commis d’un café-boulangerie juste en face. Faites un don de 20$ à l’église et allez vous acheter de délicieuses viennoiseries le lendemain.

Eglise de Saint-Jean 46.92006, -70.88950

Great little spot with a great view and hiking trails right there. Love it. Got pretty busy on this Sunday night, but was pretty cleared out by eleven or so.

Olivia's Overlook 42.35177, -73.33764

Nice guesthouse. No sign outside so you just have to walk up to the house an ask. More like a homestay as the family lives on the groundfloor. There are several rooms upstairs. Paid 1000Som per night including breakfast. Dinner or Lunch not available. Extremly Clean rooms and shared bathroom.

Guesthouse Edem 41.26510, 74.96177

Está muy cerca de la entrada de la ciudad de Medellín. Nosotros estacionamos nuestra van en la calle, frente a unos apartamentos, donde los vecinos amablemente nos ofrecieron agua, lavar ropa, Wifi y hasta nos invitaron a bañarnos en su casa.

Parque La 65 6.28128, -75.57275

Très bel endroit pour passer la nuit. Même si c’est au bord de la route, très peu de circulation la nuit. Tables à picnic et toilettes sèches sur place. Belle vue sur l’eau. Merci à la ville de Marie-Joseph!

Marie Joseph Picnic Park 44.96722, -62.08618

Unfortunately the restaurant is closed!
Maybe because of C19.

Bonavista Social Club 48.55941, -53.23409

We stayed for the night. It was nice and quiet. Rich people area. Police was patrolling too. I would only arrive at night quietly as there are rich people living here and probably will report you if they think your van looks suspicious. We left early in the morning and some joggers passed our van in the area and looked confused at it. But we slept really well because it was so quiet. Would recommend ! Just park somewhere near the parks that are there.

In the park 25.66644, -100.36681

This is a WARNING placed here as I'm not able to enter exact location of speed trap.
as you approach this area from the south there are 3 signs. 80. 60. 80.
and they are close to each other, obviously a developing situation to catch unsuspecting tourists out and I will be forwarding video footage of this setup to the government of Botswana. The policeman is arrogant and not interested but had to let me go as my card would not work in his machine, I'm 100% in favour of plkicing and abiding by the limits but like in North Botswana where they turn the 60kph sign around and catch you, again I had video footage but I stopped and showed them .....they smiled, fortunately I was aware of that scam, very sad how bits police are starting to behave also seems zim is becoming more open with no harassment to tourists as a few have told me.
Edited on return. they had moved to a 80 area more north, I counted 6 speed checks to francistown in one trip on my return, they're all over and well hidden.
edited on Dec 18th, the 3rd 80 sign has been moved further away which increases the 60 zone for a longer distance

Panda Engen -18.55287, 25.62700

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