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I love this place! Quiet, beautiful campground. Showers. Electrical hookups at each site. Water refill stations. Picnic tables and fire pits. Campground 3 has gravel pads which are great if it rains. lots of hiking trails and a lake. Flexible check out time.

September 2022 rates: $20 per night RV

arrowhead park 41.43321, -95.59075

Directions are wrong, but have no fear. The directions want you to turn right where there is nowhere to turn right. But if you keep going straight for 2 more miles you'll see the signs that take to right where u want to go.
Electric sites are still $20 and Primitive sites are "freewill donation." Here on a friday, Sept 17th and it's completely empty.

Bowman Haley Dam- North Shore campground 45.98847, -103.24820

Just came through to dump around 9:30am. It was fine. There was a permanent set up right beside the dump station, which is unfortunate for them, but it looked like they were maybe moving. The dump station is right at the beginning when you drive in. They have rinse water too. There are a few permanent set ups in the parking, a bunch of other RVs (maybe permanent, who knows, and a few trucks were parked to rest, nothing dramatic. It was morning but it seemed cleaner than I expected. It’s in much better condition than the free one near Chiliwack . Would dump there again. After staying in Abbotsfords walmart, this place seems like a better stop for the night if needed.

Bradner Road Rest Area 49.15916, -122.64920

We spent one night at this street without any problem. Also public access to the beach and you can snorkel at the reef in front of it. Shower in the town center are 10 pesos and bathrooms are free at the chedraui super market.

Public Beach Puerto Morelos 20.85520, -86.87222

Akbar is an amazing guy who helped us when we ran into the police because we slept near the desert on the outskirts of Bam. We had tea, dates, a cold shower and good conversation with him. Also there's private parking space for your car. Thank you Akbar!

Akbar's Tourist Guest House 29.47900, 60.82529

There's a water spigot right in the front, right to the door, next to the propane tank exchange area. I asked the staff inside and they said it's okay to use the spigot. There's a short green hose hooked to it but I used my own hose.

Irving Gas Station 48.98092, -56.03429

at first when you pull in, it says day use only, but heading down the road a ways it says "camping permitted"... I stayed back hidden(left at the fork) for two nights in September and has no visitors. off the main road just a bit, but brush disguises the road noise very well. gorgeous spot, my dog LOVED the river. no cell service

Shoshone Riverside 44.46910, -109.63508
Motorrad CH

good spot and water is clean and fris keep it clean and nice

Corti riverback 42.30086, 9.15429

Pull out spot off Old Stage Road. Vehicles come through this road fast, so I looked for a pull out as far away from the road as possible. Quiet after 9pm until about 6am (I was here overnight on a weekday). 1 bar of Visible (Verizon) if positioned right, but it was in and out. In the morning, some people pulled in to this spot to make cell phone calls or have brief meetings, but quickly left. Peaceful night, would stay here again. Theres good spots along this whole road, just look. Will seek out a spot with better cell reception next time. ✌️

Old Stage Road 38.82933, -123.56021

1066 Eastern Shore Rd., Eagle Head, NS. Great place to fill up bottle or with hose. Sign indicating that water is tested regularly. Tap is located on right side of building when driving in.

Seaside Centre 44.07351, -64.62194

We were asked usual questions and cleared promptly

Corrupt Cops at Checkpoint Looking For Bribe 21.81492, -102.08776

we were coming from Junín (not the best road) someone said it was asphalt so it got darks in our way down....this spot was really good to rest. Big huge area for several rigs ....flat. Almost nobody driving in this road at night so very safe and peaceful. You can be seen from the road. But again almost no cars in the whole night. Does the job, quiet, safe, flat and far enough from the road.

Parking Acos -11.26058, -76.73175

One of the cheapest Diesel we had in Brasil. They had only Diesel commun here. There are some gasstations further south, that were even slightly cheaper.

Posto Cupim -20.81476, -43.80982

We want to share our experience. Coming from Junín. Between this point and Huayllay (next alert point) Is ALL gravel road. As most of the roads in Peru. Narrow, not in great condition and steep. For small rigs or bikes could be fine. For big rigs have to drive very slow ! Specially close to the mine in the highest part the road is very bad. Also be aware of the weather. We got snow and thunderstorms in other part. We asked before hand to locals in Junín and they said it was asphalt! So just keep in mind !

End of asphalt!!!! -11.26998, -76.81863

Great spot for overnight. Only 2 Verizon bars but it’s safe, and a bunch of campers rolled in throughout the night. Nice spot to sleep and refresh provisions in the AM!

Walmart for night 36.54369, -82.23517

This place is as described. One thing to add is there is overflow camping here in the large parking area near the cooking building. It says so on the sign where you pay and the price is actually the same as if you had a real spot - $18.75.

Mosquito Creek Campground 51.63006, -116.33135

Great place by the river. Calm. Owner is very kind and allow us to participate in ritual danse by the fire. Would love going again. 60R /p

n°10 Riverside Homestay -29.38953, 29.08441

Nice place near the road. Quite quiet at night.

Cascade Trestle parking lot 49.01708, -118.22442

Quiet nights stay in turn around area, camper van.

Indian Rocks 42.66925, -112.21656

Just a normal dump station. Like others have mentioned, the decline is tricky. Good luck.
On the left side of the building, there is potatable water.

Camping World 32.10905, -81.23556

no issue anymore. road new and no delays here.

road construction 5.53530, -75.57063

essentially gas stationc lean nothing fancy entrance is bumpy.There is a Subway beside it

esso 46.48742, -80.78985

We entered Mexico at this border on a Friday morning, 6 am. There was no other person, so it went very fast.
We we asked to park over so they can check the van. 5 minutes later they were done.
We entered immigration to buy our FMM, get the stamps, paid cash (internet not working??) and gave us a fake receipt on a blanc paper... FMM is stamped, we asked the person at banjercito and he said it was ok... We will see!
We bought the Tip at banjercito as we are taking the ferry to Mazatlán.
Everything when smooth and fast!

En ce vendredi matin, tout à été très bien. À 6h am, nous étions seuls. Nous avons gardé la ligne de droite, ils ont demandé à vérifier l'intérieur de la van. Ceci a pris 5 min. Ils étaient deux. Un à l'intérieur, l'autre a l'arrière. Ouvert les tiroirs quelques questions et c'est tout. On est restes stationnés là (sous le toit) pour aller au bureau d'immigration acheter notre FMM. On a rempli les papiers sur place. Internet ne fonctionnant pas (est ce vrai?) elle a demandé de payer cash. Elle a étampé nos passeports et tourist cards. Lorsqu'on a demandé pour un reçu, elle a imprimé une demi feuille blanche déchirée avec très peu d'encre (peu visible) et à dit que c'était ça. Pas certaine! La personne à la banjercito à dit que c'était correct... On verra!
Nous avons aussi acheté notre Tip car nous allons traverser en ferry à Mazatlán.

En une heure tout était réglé pour nous trois!

Mexicali East 31.20257, -114.94133

We took this ferry around 11:00. There are many boats. Just ask around and the shipper will direct you to his boat. We paid 70bs and asked locals later what would be a normal price. They confirmed 60-70bs is normal :)

If it's raining a lot. The ferry will be closed, because there is a steep sandy road to go the boats and it would be too slippery.

Ferry crossing -13.72396, -65.30738
No Fear Reizen

Very friendly owner and clean amenities. In the 4 days we stayed, we met other overlanders, a couple in a truck and a couple on bikes, staying in tents. Pool on the campsite of the owner’s brother, 400 meters back on the road.

bivouac lot of stars 30.90903, -6.89736

We did not sleep there because the restaurant was closed when we arrived the evening. There is a height restriction at tge entrace (see the photo). Suitable for campers but not for big rigs.

Parador Mandiva 2.95881, -76.52714

We spent here a calm night in the corner.

Terpel 2.96569, -76.52425

Nice. Well organized. 2 faucets. Clean.
Propre. Bien organisé. 2 robinets

Rue des Ingénieurs 46.80696, -71.27004

Nice option for an almuerzo in town. It's a bit pricey, but what do you expect in this middle of nowhere town;) We took a sopa with vegetables and a main with pacu, rice and bananas.

Recommended if you want to eat something when it is too hot to do anything else :)

La Pascana -13.74720, -65.42566

Nice pullout in some clear cut on a logging road. Not going to be big enough for an RV but plenty of space for a truck or van. It gets a bit of evening shade from trees which is nice but can get chilly at night since it is at a bit of elevation. Please be wary that this is on logging land and there is always the possibility of active logging being done. At this time there was nothing going on but they did have timber stacked up closer to the paved road so they could be starting something soon. Good LTE service with bell. Tents would work.

Logging Road Pullout 49.72505, -125.17217

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