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It’s a very pretty and calm place. We spent one night here with a rooftop tent, only some cars of the people who live in the houses down the road passes by. However bear in mind that it’s very very windy, especially at night. In the evening it gets calm, you can even cook outside but in the night the gusts of wind are no joke. It’s not super comfortable for roof tents but it you don’t have any other options it’s bearable for one night.

Chapada Diamantina National Park -12.56107, -41.50659

NOT recommended to sleep here!
Wanted to sleep at the parking of the Laguna. At 8pm came a local from the next village and highly recommended (or more insisted) us not to stay there. He was informed by someone else in the village, people knew we were there. He said, robberies happen there very often. Even locals are not supposed to stay longer than 7 or 8pm. He recommended us to stay in the village (Bernales) at the plaza opposite to the policestation.

Laguna Moron Parking Area -13.76023, -75.98195

Its really a special place: shady places, very clean banos y duchas, the Lady who takes care of the place is really nice and there is a crystal clear Pool! But there is also a lot of old stuff in the place. Paid 1000pp, nothing for our truck. We stayed 4 nights.

Camping Casas del Valle -22.46077, -68.91649

Beautiful site with view to Futalaufquen lake. you will find a plataform to stay comfortable.

Punta Matos plataform -42.81744, -71.71519

This is a gorgeous place to stay along the Apache Trail which is a must to drive if you are here for a couple of days. Hot showers, potable water camp sites with and without electricity and water hook ups. Potable water everywhere as well as outdoor sink with hot water for dishes.

Sites are impeccable but you do get a bit of road noise however it’s all good because the views are stunning.

Lost Dutchman SP 33.45405, -111.48345

It was dark when I arrived at this spot, so I ended up parking in the parking lot shortly after turning down the road. I drove about .6miles down the road and saw a couple pullouts, but nothing I was confident entering in the dark with the amount of washes around.
Was not bothered overnight in parking lot despite no camping signs. Would stay again if needed and felt safe.

360* Mountain View 35.97451, -115.44515

I didn’t attempt to stay here, just happened to walk by today, so take it for what you will — but it appeared that most or all of this lot has been purchased and has an “under development” sign. Most of it is fenced off and part of it in the back has active construction, so personally I’d be a little doubtful of being able to park there. There were a couple vans on the street parking out front though, on the malecón.

Vacant lot 26.00976, -111.33928

Perfect spot, beautiful with pretty clean water.
spend the night there, it is a little bit close to the road however

Hot desert swimming holes -29.38586, -67.79564

Gaby and Juan Andrés (owners) are really nice, friendly and helpful people. if you talk to them they will offer a place for tent for free or bedrooms to rent. for was great and for 10000 clp you'll get a full homemade food service with juice and dessert include. they know the area so they can help you wondering next llaves to stop. worth to invest the time there.

Moro del Teheulche -52.05409, -71.43703

Sitting on the side of the road with everything to clean your car for 400 pesos

Car Wash 31.02687, -114.84905

Lonely place under trees. Good wind protection. But the street is really noisy. The few planes are acceptable.

Chabunco -52.99886, -70.82107

I hesitate to post a review because this place is so nice I'd rather not tell about it. Grassy spots, shade or sun for those "Dishy" folks. Nice showers and toilets. Friendly owners. Worried that next time we come down, it will be so busy we can't get a spot. Lot's of love and care here.

Paraiso Misional 27.28594, -112.89893

10$ day use
20$ Per night for one site

didn't bother and kept going

Mountain Palm Springs Campground 32.86245, -116.21517

This is the biggest and least dangerous cave. More like a tunnel... There are lots of Caves along the road, just keep your eyes open. For the adventurous ones, who like to explore the unknows... This the place to go!

Mud cave and Tunnel 32.92742, -116.19581

Cute campground on the beach. There's trees and bushes that make a fence between the campground and the highway so you don't hear the traffic. Loved how each camping spots or cabin have their own outdoor shower. There's also a hot shower hut near by. Clean Bathrooms. 200 pesos for 2 people in a van.

Playa Montes 18.95289, -91.27381

clean, shared bathroom, hot water, wifi. 50 B por una individual. I could enter my bicycle to the room.

Anexo II -17.96215, -67.10319

Wonderful cafe with museum and shop. Fab home cooked food. Coffee. Fresh juices etc. Also mirador overlooking the lake and volcano at the rear. Super friendly owners

Cafe Museo Mirador 11.99955, -86.11968

Excelente Lugar, Excelent Place.

excelente lugar y servico de la gente del camping. $ 170 pesos por noche para 1 personas que viaja en bicicleta y trae si casa de Campaña.
incluye baños
áreas comunes
áreas hamacas
y un tour sobre las abajas.

restaurant con mucha variedad en su carta y a precios muy accesibles, la verdad ni ganas de irse dan. super mega recomendado.

excelente lugar y servico de la gente del camping. $ 170 pesos por noche para 1 personas que viaja en bicicleta y trae si casa de Campaña. incluye baños áreas comunes cocina áreas hamacas piscina y un tour sobre las abajas. restaurant con mucha variedad en su carta y a precios muy accesibles, la verdad ni ganas de irse dan. super mega recomendado

Excellent Place.

Excellent place and service from the camping people. $170 pesos per night for 1 person who travels by bicycle and brings their tent.
includes bathrooms
common areas
hammock areas
and a tour on the abajas.

restaurant with a lot of variety in its menu and at very affordable prices, the truth is that they don't even want to leave. super mega recommended

Xkopek Camping 20.67845, -88.19591

We filled up with gas and asked to fill our potable water tank. The clerk was agreeable and the spigot is in front of the store under the big sign. The site is close to the dump site.

Alon 32.40938, -104.22839

Stayed overnight no issues, one camper there when we arrived at 9:30, another showed up later. We left at 6:30 am. There was CB guest wifi

Cracker Barrel 38.32339, -104.61673

Road here is well maintained and suitable for 2wd vehicles as long as you have a little bit of clearance. Made It here no problem in a 25’ shuttle bus. Had planned to stay 1 night but wound up staying multiple nights. We heard coyotes and elk at dusk. The views are great and Verizon signal was good. This is definitely one of the best places I’ve found so far. Please respect the land and keep it clean, we need to take care of spots like this. Enjoy!

11 mile canyon 38.95110, -105.35081

It was raining, so I took a chance with this hotel. Turned out great bang for the buck. They have 70 and 90k local money. Went for the 90 k one.

Hotel y Restaurante Wilbert -25.43633, -55.25570

First spot in the pines was taken so I continued driving around for a bit. Found this spot. Seems to be a backcountry spot as it has a fire ring and is a very large circular area that's cleared out for the most part. Is just off the service right. Dead quite at night.

Secondary spot in the pines 44.37171, -121.61566

As described probably 3 spots that can fit any size rig. Won’t see anyone else. Very close to Elephant Butte lake and all the Springs in T or C. No electric or water. But town does have free water fill up!

County Road pull off 33.20284, -107.24991

We stayed one night. No electricity but possibility to charge in kitchen /living area. Very nice but was a bit cold when we used it. Hot shower but almost outside. Due to temperature we skipped this. No hot water in kitchen. No wifi. Beautiful view next to the lake.

Camping St Maria -46.84204, -72.69139

best laundry in town. 3'000clp per kilo for washing and trying. our laundry was ready within half a day. super friendly people and you can write and coordinate via WhatsApp - see Google Maps!

Lavanderia Juanita -47.25666, -72.57680

Water with good pressure, and also free ChiliGob wifi.

Free water next to the church -18.49783, -69.15357

Beautiful country reserve where they have retreats and Wellness programmes. Easy access and very friendly couple Robin & Mel (she teaches English), they offer breakfast, bathroom facilites, and are kind hearted and very knowledgeable.

Arca Viva 5.03675, -75.56413

We can highly recommend this place! The lodge is beautiful and the owner is very friendly and helpful! They even provided a braai stand for us and the pool (as well as everything else) was sparkling clean.

Hawane Resort -26.21426, 31.07142

Beautiful campsite with up market ablution and private. Quiet and Pizza 🍕 😋 Saturday was nice at the pool site.

Ruah Park -25.52361, 28.49716

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