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Nice hike, it's mostly uphill. Be careful the wind can be very strong and the middlepart is very muddy. Hiking poles recommended, they are very helpful. The view at the top is amazing!

Cerro Guanaco -54.83759, -68.56228

We just took a shower here. Also paid 1500 Pesos per Person.
Right Bathroom: toilet did not work and the room was not lockable. Shower nice and hot.
Left bathroom: everything worked perfectly. Nice hot shower.

Ruta Norte -53.07439, -70.87116

Got a lovely private room right off the street, $6,000 ARS / night. Double bed, shower, sink, and some tea supplies. Sabrina was super lovely and showed us a private spot to keep our bikes.

Warawara hospedaje -23.74412, -65.50036

Excelente atención,hicimos el cambio de aceite y filtro. precios económicos!

MAXI LUBRICANTES 6.24917, -75.59522

Highly recommended to stay here. Alex is very friendly, speaks excellent English and will look after you. Enough room for 2-3,vans. The entrance is tight, best to send a message to Alex to let him know your coming so he can help guide you through the entrance. I had no problems with my 21ft promaster.
Alex +502 4096 9265

Poza "El Cubo" 14.89822, -92.04612

Beautiful place to park on the waterfront. Beautiful beach to enjoy. Quiet, with a view of the sea, and restaurants around. The police pass by. People very friendly. We stayed for 1 week without problems in March (end of season).
2 blocks away there is a store that rents out its bathroom, its owner is Jonas and he is very kind. There are also chemical toilets on the beach.

Hermoso lugar para estacionar sobre la costanera, y hermosa playa para disfrutar. Tranquilo, con vista al mar, y restaurantes alrededor. La policía pasa seguido, las personas son muy amables. Nosotros estuvimos 1 semana sin problemas en Marzo (fin de temporada). En un almacen a 2 cuadras, se alquila baño, su dueño se llama Jonas y es muy amable con los viajeros. También hay baños químicos en la playa.
Pudimos trabajar abriendo puesto de feria y vendiendo comida en la playa.

Playa Puerto Chico -10.76723, -77.76159

Local muito deserto. Ficamos receosos e nao dormimos. Passamos apenas o dia.

Praia das Flexeiras -10.33280, -36.30320

Spending the day out here when a park ranger stopped and said that we were more than welcome to camp out here. The trail goes around the lake and he said there is hiking and camping. There are some spots with fire rings. Usually pretty busy at night with people fishing. He said if anyone bothers you over night just say that you’re fishing.

Lake Okeechobee Trail Camping 26.98602, -80.61760

Basic laundromat, no frills. Spacious level parking lot and not crowded mid week.

Peabody street coin laundry 48.11533, -123.42960

Road block not there anymore, we drove this road to Cahuachi today without any issues. Only some small streams to cross, doable with any type of vehicle.

road block - private property -14.84336, -75.06616

after getting up know The male owner better and seeing the camping in daylight I've got to say that it is a pretty cool place. only negative is the grumpy lady and the price

Camping,Cabanas el Penon -34.97946, -72.18120

Nous avons mis l'essence ici et il y avait de l'eau.
Le garçon était très sympa !

Pusimos aqui el diesel y habia agua para llenar el Motorhome.
Hombre muy amable !

Copec Forecourt -34.50778, -70.92167

Agua purificada
12 Pesos per 20 l, very friendly staff

Purificadora Natural 16.43883, -95.44230

Such a nice place to stay for a couple of days on the long way to south or north or to go and see the wales in Puerto Adolpho Lopes Mateo. Simple hot showers, good WiFi, pool friendly peoples with dog.

Misiones RV Park (formerly Manfred's RV Park) 25.04877, -111.68019
Nomada Viajero

Hermoso hostal! Tiene parqueadero para carros y motos, el personal muy amable, ambiente de viajeros… excelente desayuno!! Pagué $4.500/niche en cuarto compartido

Small and nice Hostal, has safe parking for motorbikes and cars, i got a shared room for $4.500 Arg. per night with breakfast. Beautiful experience

Alaska Hostel -41.12441, -71.39189

Small chunk of BLM land. 4 wheel drive or high clearance drive vans or trucks preferred. Nice views and quiet. It’s a little out of the way from highway 10.

Florida Mountains BLM 4x4 32.15825, -107.58753

Stayed one night, really nice beach camping. Felt safe, just a few meters from the beach locals around are really nice. Perfect place if you want to have a remote beach area to almost yourself. Some other overlanders lined up :) perfect for any kind of vehicle. 4km dirt road from the highway, but manageable for any vehicle.
No cell service, but WiFi available at the restaurants, didn’t use it so no clue about speed. Almost no bugs. Waves looked great and loved the vibe of the „stranded locals“. Paid 100p for van/night.

Blue Rock Restaurant/Surf Spot 16.00826, -95.40000

Posto 24hrs, com chuveiro (somente masculino), água, wi-fi e restaurante, e o preço do diesel é excelente

24 hours gás station with shower (just for men), water, wi-fi and restaurant and the gás price is very good

Posto Domingos -5.80575, -35.82688

Closed on Tuesday nights for camping and Wednesday for the day and Wednesday for camping. There is a big road you go up 2 km from the parking. It’s washed out and was a bit of a struggle to go up with 2WD

Rancho Santa Rita 23.47186, -109.80725

As described. Dry $10, hookups $30.

Ajo Golf Course Campground 32.45084, -112.84961

We arrive by bike. The director was very friendly and give us an empty room to spend a night. There is a lot of curious childrens 🙈. Nice spot 👍🏼

Millares School -19.42801, -65.18031

Il y a des endroits comme celui-ci où vous avez envie de rester : une belle énergie ✨
Charlie est adorable et fait tout son possible pour vous mettre à l'aise
Petit spot mais très confortable et calme
A côté d'une petite rivière avec une multitude d'oiseaux

Camping Verde 10.30976, -84.81152

Closed Tuesday nights for camping, Wednesday for the day, and Wednesday night for camping. 2k away you drive up a big hill, it’s pretty rutted and steep. We made it up with our 2WD Promaster but it was a bit nerve racking

Santa Rita Hot Spring 23.47175, -109.80738

dentro do Carrefour. seguro e organizado. aberto de lunes a sábado das 9h às 22h. fácil e rápido.

Western Union in Carrefour -54.81438, -68.32611

Super nice park. Large sink to fill the 7gal aquatainer. Filled my rv with a few trips back and forth from the sink

Conejo Creek north park 34.20265, -118.85359
Steven j Gaudaen

Park closes at 11pm it’s not ok to stay here. I was asked to leave at 12:30am. The ranger was nice about it.

Ruby Hill Park 39.68592, -105.00206

I've come here a few times in the last week and want to add some info. There are two single-occupancy bathrooms here which are well-kept and open 24/7. The area generally gets pretty busy during the day until after sunset, but during less busy hours this is a good spot to shave etc. No paper towels, just an air dryer. I travel in my car and normally use Planet Fitness for running water but there are no PF locations in St. George. This is a decent free alternative, just be respectful of course! The park is beautiful too, red rock formations everywhere.

Pioneer Park Bathroom 37.08543, -113.58541

we checked in at this point. because we have a certain age ( 64 en 62) we do not have to say the entrance fee of $6 pp. and no one ask if we would have a guide...( no we don't). We've heard a guide cost you $ 35 . We did directly go to this point and see the beautifull crater lake for free.

Volcan Santa Ana 13.83265, -89.63627

go directly to the pay booth at the beginning of the trail. We camped at Bello camp so we do not have a car/ need the entrance you pay the fee. a guide is not nescesary and no one offered us one.

Volcano Park 13.83267, -89.63628

Just one word for it : WAuw!!!! Go here. 52 wooden art. And you can eat pizza ar the top with a view on a swing

Art forest -41.97113, -71.47222

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