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Super spot ! Douche chaude et toilette accessible à cette période de l’année, endroit calme avec des tables de pic nique

Parc Optimiste 47.03201, -70.45635

They said RV site not available, so we stayed in a cabin 2 nights, but there was at least one available the whole time we stayed. We then stayed 3 nights in the RV slot. DO NOT STAY HERE. no place to turn around, other comment was correct GRAVEL parking space and vehicles did not even fit. The sites are spaced for revenue generation and not for customers space needs.

MacKenzie Beach Resort 49.13224, -125.90001

Wrecks are still there, lots of trashes too.
We went on the other side of the road, but had difficulties to find a level spot.

Red Rocks Road Large Site 39.90815, -120.00550

there are barcos everyday leaving at noon. 1.5 days. 250 soles (20 per bike).
they only offer galleta and drink.
the lanchas leave a few times per week (not fixed). 3 days. 150 soles (don't charge bike). offer desayuno-almuerzo-cena

Barco/Lancha a Iquitos - Bicycles -8.38634, -74.52833

Diagonal parking south of parc. no signs forbidding overnight. Quiet and perfect for one night.

Baseball Parc 45.58787, -122.39525

Estacionamento proximo à praça e bem localizado no centro histórico. Espaçoso, plano e com um bom limite de altura. Há um banheiro relativamente limpo e os empregados são muito gentis. Cobraram $ 5 a noite pelo carro. Muito silencioso durante a noite. Durante o dia é bastante movimentado (viemos para cá porque não encontramos vaga na rua, mas acabamos gostando daqui).

Parking next to the square and well located in the historic center. Spacious, flat and with a good height limit. There is a relatively clean restroom and the employees are very kind. They charged $5 a night for the car. Very silent at night. During the day it's quite busy (we came here because we couldn't find a spot on the street, but we ended up liking it here).

Vibe de Dois: Parking REEC -0.93255, -78.61501

They only sell 3 months insurance SOAT here, no amount of pleading and begging for just 1 month worked. But it’s the only place I found that would issue SOAT for a foreigner since crossing the border at Lago Agrio. None of the other places mentioned on the way on iOverlander would sell SOAT to a foreigner.

176,900 pesos for 3 months SOAT on a Yamaha Tenere 700 registered on British plates. Bring passport and original vehicle documents, get them, your TIP document and email issued by DIAN at Aduana photocopied 2 doors away, then take a payment slip and your passport to BancoColombia on the main square to make payment. Return to the office with proof of payment to collect your SOAT. It’s painfully slow. Opening hours 08.00-12.00 and 14.00-18.00. Monday to Friday only.

Previsora Seguros SOAT 1.14721, -76.64831

Great restaurant, quite cheap, good value! Portuguese food, super good bitoc!

Bifanas home (casa de bifanas) -8.97493, 13.20638

$11.50 for dump and Potable water. Super lovely hosts and seriously gorgeous campground.

Bird Island Boat Tours Campground 46.28295, -60.41909

we can confirm - nice clean place, hot swimming pool about 38 Celsius, clean hot showers and toilets with paper. Open 10 am to 7 pm. Stayed the night before on the parking lot (free) together with several other Overlanders. Not many people here - off season. We enjoyed it very much.

Villa Termal de Reyes -24.17110, -65.48707

ATM able for Europen Visa and Mastercard

ATM BANQUE Populaire 20.51918, -13.05440
Amar e viajar sm

Pernoite aqui para fazer o passeio do Delta do Parnaíba, da primeira vez que viemos aqui, deveria ter feito o passeio, porém acabamos retornando. Vou deixar a informação para você não ter que retornar, pq pra fazer o passeio está a 17km daqui

informações real o que aconteceu com a gente, chegamos aqui na segunda feira o passeio que tinha era somente de lancha o valor 350,00 o casal, porém existe um passeio que é d barco grande o valor é 80,00 (incluso o lanche de frutas, almoço e caranguejada) por pessoa, porem neste período que vim fora de temporada. Já no perde temporada este passeio do barco grande tem todos os dias. Obs. Tem uma taxa de 10,00 pra todos os passeio por pessoas

Para deixar o motorhome ficamos no posto e bar do Jaime (Marina Martes portela) foi cobrado 20,00 para o pernoite, com água banheiro e energia.

Antes de vir, confirme os horários e dias dos passeios com o Frank do Antares (86 99406-0941)

Delta Park Hotel -2.76428, -41.84023

Amazing little spot! Cutest town ever, this place is 9 hours away from where I live but I’d make the trip out just to stay here again. The river is so peaceful to sleep by, and the view is amazing.

River Becancour 46.32435, -71.81810

Beautiful spot. Tent camped here for a night. The view is beautiful and the river sounds are so peaceful. I live 9 hours away but am definitely going to make the effort to come back.

River Becancour 46.32436, -71.81811

Came at 14:30, didn’t open until 15. Very friendly and no problems, even with the fact that they mixed up our names at the border, so basically the passavant was in the wrong name. Needs passport copy and copy of carte grise. Possible at port but not too close and somewhat difficult to find. If you have all required documents it takes 5 minutes.

Carnet stamp 14.69694, -17.42424

Open!!! East to access and free! Behind the mall.

Greenwood Mall 44.96950, -64.92727

This is a really nice lot semi level and in a nice remote area however locals do come in and out of here. it was a Monday night and someone parked next to me with there music playing loudly, possibly to make a point however I think they were just hanging out. I slept great and had a similar visitor this morning. I would recommend and I would sleep here again. I've added two photos.

Intalco Wildlife Area Parking Lot 48.84158, -122.68311

Propane with adapter to fill up your car!

Propane Bouvrette 45.76599, -73.97954

Basic double room at 20000Sh, good bed but no water, big bucket in the shower…
Safe Parking in front for one spot only…
Good for a night stop, couldn’t find a better option in town…

Sunrise Hotel -1.58816, 31.14437
Des routes & nous

Nice clearance in the bush.
Few meter away from the track.
Some cars (3) passed by but did not care about us.
Very quiet.
Lot of birds.
Traces of animals (elephant, jackals)
Plenty of woods.
Need 4x4 to take the track, some parts very sandy. Must be fun in the reany season (some wet lands)

Nice Spot near the track -20.12291, 22.33306
Des routes & nous

Look like at the end of the track there is a nice and open area on the shore of okavango river. (Google maps check)

Unfortunately we have been stopped 800m before by a deep wetland crossing. You can wild camp along the track, they are few clearances. Few deep sand crossings to get there, but OK with a good 4x4.

No big rigs friendly, as it gets narrow sometimes between the fence and trees along the track. Lots and lots elephants poo.

To get there you follow the track along the fence. On the right side.

amazing wild camp spot -18.81462, 22.27265

Really quiet place there was no one after the sunset

South Lums Trail Head 39.54452, -75.71946

Good for italian food in Gitega ! The owner Pepe is very nice and helpful…
They also have a guesthouse

Afrita -3.71660, 29.15840

A good italian restaurant in Gitega !with reasonable prices The owner Pepe is very nice and helpful. They also have a guesthouse with safe parking

Afrita -3.42598, 29.93302

Quiet but basic camping spot for tents or most RVs. Only has Porta Potties. Free.

Calmar Municipal Campground 53.26189, -113.80907

Along the whole street of the scenic loop there are pullouts where you can stay overnight. Many other vehicles along the road. Ok for a night or two. No cell service.
Some spots would fit bigger rigs aswell.

Mammoth Scenic Loop 37.69539, -118.97961

A well maintained, grassy, mostly open CG. Water taps are scattered about the campground. Vault toilets. A gazebo, Dump station (fee if not a guest) and firewood (fee) are available. Quiet.

Thorsby Lions CG 53.23393, -114.04620

We found a water tap with good pressure at the Pedrobras station. It's directly on the right side when you drive in at the station. We ask the guys if we can fill our tank and it was no problem.

Pedrobras Station - Temuco -38.72271, -72.57100

You have stop here !!! Great place, hot water (for moment too hot). Out and inside pools. And the best, the herbal pool, with plants, we got the feeling to swim into a big hot morito. 😊
We paid, 12 sol for the family pack. 2 adults and 2 kids, so cheap !

On a hésité au début à s’arrêter ici mais on ne regrette absolument pas, même si les installations sont par moment un peu vétustes et limite niveau hygiène (pipi dans les douches familles où l’eau est coupée), le lieu est agréable avec différents bassins avec de l’eau tiède à l’eau trop chaude. Et le plaisir ultime, le bassin avec les plantes aromatiques. Un vrai plaisir.

Aguas termales, hot springs -14.45046, -71.07297

we arrived late in the afternoon and there was nobody to pay, but the place is so clean and well maintained I wouldn't mind paying 500kz for it, totally worth it

MIRADOIRO DA LUA -9.22130, 13.09016

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