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Great spot with views and cell signal. Level with a fire pit.

Designated site #13 37.17339, -113.25070

Um ótimo local para estacionar e pernoitar com o Motorhome, com vigia à noite, fornecimento de água e energia. Banheiros limpos.
No local tem o Restaurante do Giovanni,  Quiosque da CacauShou, um Hotel e o Restaurante Quinta 101, com lojas de frutas, bebidas e artesanato.
Uma grata surpresa na BR-101, no caminho Vitória-Porto Seguro.

Giovanni Lancheria -17.89187, -39.81876

Attention !!! We were woken up at 2am by the police, they told us that we couldn't sleep in public places, that we were going to have a ticket and that if we didn't pay cash right away we would go to jail and our van will go to the pound. As often said with the corrupt police we said we wanted to pay at the police station by credit card, they repeated the same thing to us for 30 minutes but so did we so they ended up telling us that we were lucky and it was good for this time. We left after they left in the middle of the night, and we found a very quiet street further away where we ended our night, on the road we saw again it's the same policeman who was in the Walmart parking lot next door, surely trying to take money from other travellers.

Attention !!! Nous nous sommes fait réveiller à 2h du matin par des policiers, ils nous ont dit que nous ne pouvions pas dormir dans les lieux publics, que nous allions avoir un ticket et que si nous ne payons pas en cash tout de suite nous irions en prison et notre van irai à la fourrière. Comme souvent dit avec les policiers corrompu nous avons dit que nous voulions payer au poste de police en carte de crédit, ils nous ont répété la même chose pendant 30 minutes mais nous aussi donc ils ont fini par nous dire que nous avions de la chance et que c’était bon pour cette fois-ci. Nous sommes partis après leur départ en pleine nuit, et nous avons trouvé une rue plus loin très calme où nous avons fini notre nuit, sur la route nous avons revu c’est même policier qui était sur le parking du Walmart juste à côté, sûrement en train d’essayer de prendre de l’argent à d’autres voyageurs.

Playa del Holi 20.64404, -105.24035

This place is informal camping in house of picó, picó live in here and construction your hostel, tabacaria and camping here. We stayed here for 5 days. Safe and god place. Hot shower and bathroom. Tel of picó (77) 98124-7797

Ficamos aqui por 5 dias, picó é o proprietário do lugar e recebeu a gente de braços abertos. Ele é escalador e guia local. Lugar seguro para ficar, com um visual incrível, banho quente e banheiro. Picó está com o hostel/camping em construção e precisa de mão de obra e apoio. Trocamos a hospedagem por trabalho voluntário e valeu muito a pena. Picó é gente boa demais e tem história infinita para contar.

pico do picó -13.40595, -41.23490

This is tucked away in the corner of the lake. A few fire rings. Beautiful spot!
No cell coverage

Secluded Lake Spot 48.47958, -115.26380

Hermoso lugar para quedarse en San Cristobal, cerca del centro, se respira tranquilidad. Tiene todo lo que se necesita. muy recomendable. Sobre todo si viajas con perros.

Hostel, Camping & RV Park "Infra" 16.73292, -92.62080

We slept in the supermarket carpark near the trees ( Triangle Home ) Just ask the shop owner, super friendly and provided water. So quiet and safe!

Estacionamiento Plaza Central Yacanto de Calamuchita -32.10517, -64.75464

Territorial CG near the end of the Ingraham Trail. Washroom, showers, dump station, boat ramp, swimming beach, picnic shelters, volleyball net and multiple outside picnic options. Can reserve via NWT government website, although we are told there is often plenty of space. In 2023, wonderful camp host, Sunny. 😄

Reid Lake Campground 62.48809, -113.47135

Firewood available for purchase. Washroom season appears to be 15 May to 15 Sept, annually.

Reid Lake Campground 62.48807, -113.47137

Campground over the elk refuge, gorgeous scenic drive but the road is rough for the last 1.5 miles We were able to pull our 35 ft camper up though so doable. $20/night, just opened for the summer. There is also a free campground farther up the road but still closed at this point due to snow. First come first serve for both. Cell service very weak to none, there are toilets, as well as picnic tables and fire rings at most campsites.

Curtis Canyon Campground 43.51267, -110.69311

Correction: 25 ft camper ** Campsites might not be big enough for much larger rigs.

Curtis Canyon Campground 43.49914, -110.72630

There are signs prohibiting staying overnight. Last week the law changed in the city and you can no longer sleep in parking lots. This is due to the large volume of people living in Van (homeless).

Harbor Island Street Parking 32.83879, -117.03407

There are signs prohibiting staying overnight. Last week the law changed in the city and you can no longer sleep in parking lots. This is due to the large volume of people living in Van.

Parking Lot 32.83879, -117.03408

There are signs prohibiting staying overnight. Last week the law changed in the city and you can no longer sleep in parking lots. This is due to the large volume of people living in Van.

Fiesta island 32.83880, -117.03410

‘No overnight parking’ signs all over the lot & a security car patrolling. It’s my first night in town & I was exhausted so I parked in the corner a bit close to two other vans, sorry! But spent the night unbothered! Lots of shops/restaurants nearby. Had I gotten into town earlier I doubt I would’ve chanced it but it worked out.

Walmart Supercenter 43.62394, -70.34359

arrived after hours so just chose a site and set up. fast free wifi and clean portable amenities. nice big grassy sites with table and fire ring but no full grown trees so lots of sun and wind. can hear airport occasionally. $28 unserviced site.

Fort William Historical Park 48.34976, -89.35376

One of the better rest stops I’ve stayed at overnight. Pretty quiet past 9 pm and not much morning traffic

Rest Stop Accessible North and Southbound 42.52168, -90.61957

This place was quiet, very secluded. We got there around 4:30 and no one else was there. They had a fire ring. It’s pretty much just a grassy area right off the road. The road getting up there was a little rough in spots but we made it up with our Chevy express van. Bugs weren’t too bad. We saw a fox come up to our van in the morning. Great spot for just one night. Would recommend!!

Müllerin Creek 45.08698, -110.84328

Beautiful view. Honda CRV pulling teardrop. Would recommend for anyone with more clearance. Had a trail going down the hill. Was breathtaking.

Cicero Peak 43.67947, -103.56086

Stayed for a night between trips from Zion to Bryce Canyon. Great secluded spot with good star gazing. Bumpy road, made it with 2WD but wouldn’t recommend when it’s super muddy. Did have a few Can-ams drive by on all the backroads a couple times after 10pm. Tons of firewood lying around. No ATT or Verizon bars.

FS 292 37.50837, -112.59011

big parking place for all kind of
vehicles. we parked behind the service building. At first quiet but the
party starts this sunday
evening with a lot of music and youngsters with cars and motorbikes till around 4 am.

Gasolinera Terpel 4.01082, -76.22318

Clean place with garbage bin.
I like the water hose.
Thanks to the municipality of Donnacona

Donnacona 46.68492, -71.73648

Fantastic choice to stop. Felt safe with good (but not too much) lighting and lots of truckers and other RVs and car sleepers around, good bathrooms, lots of vending machines, and plenty of trash bins and picnic benches.

Maryland Welcome Center/ Rest Stop 39.14459, -76.84712

Lovely little park. No one troubled us overnighting here, and the bathrooms were open. Lots of trains, but no horns.

Northside Park 42.76690, -104.45151

Fantastic park. Very affordable. There was hardly anyone there although I suspect it gets busy on holiday weekends. Large lake with water only campsites or water and electric. Back-in and pull through sites. Tent sites also. Per person fee is $4 per adult. For water and electric site we paid $28 including the per person fees. Very peaceful and quiet.

Lake Colorado City State Park 32.32495, -100.93105

Good for a night, very clean washrooms in the visitor center

Icefield RV Parking 52.22063, -117.22932

You can't pay with credit card, cash was accepted. 70,- pp and we didn't pay anything for the car, maybe they forgot. We saw a couple of animals we hadn't seen before but in general there were not so many around.

Gate Samburu Reserve 0.62872, 37.63931

At the ablutions for the camping area there was no water. We could use the shower and toilet in one of the tents. we just had to climb first up to the water tank yo open the tap there to have water. The place is more or less fenced in, and from the camping, you have no river view. We liked the Umoja Campsite better.

Nashipa Eco Camp 0.62594, 37.64503

I got stuck here in my sprinter, probably would’ve been ok if I didn’t make a series of dumb mistakes, but not worth coming down here anyway. Just stay on the main road.

Island in the Sky Road BLM 38.51096, -109.82059

So this is legit like residential parking and it felt very wrong parking here, however no one bothered us and it was quiet. Stayed in the tallest and longest sprinter van and I stuck out over the parking spots a hood 3-4ft with my back hanging over the grass. So it’s not big rig friendly, however me and one other van parked this way and had no problems. You have to move over to the park parking lot at 8 am for sweeping though. Nearby park is closed from 2-4am but we just moved over there at 7:30 and stayed the rest of the day.

Parking san fernandino 32.76788, -117.25175

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