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The water is on. Hose spigot is close to the ground. Clean park on the water.

Glen Cove Park - Drinking Water 44.13483, -69.09302

Local amplo. Ficamos 2 noites aqui. Local tranquilo. Tem placa dizendo que é "pago", mas ninguém apareceu para cobrar.

Tilcara -23.57449, -65.39402

A quaint spot right on the ocean. The site is elevated on a small 15 foot cliff above the beach below and provides amazing views of anchorage and the surrounding coastline.
Right near a small bushplane runway so this spot provides some entertainment as well. There’s is a hike leading down the coastline to some old military missile bunkers that are pretty neat. Lots of wildlife including wood grouse moose and some signs of bears. Field of grass and dandelions that is the perfect place to spend the day.
Internet speed test is linked in the photos portion of this listing.
No bathrooms so be sure to bury it and bag your tp.
Road in is pretty easy once all the snow is melted, no real turn around spot for larger RVs so be wary if driving anything long.
It’s a bit un-level but wasn’t enough to bother me.
Biggest downside to this spot is the military jets and carriers that fly around creating all kinds of noise randomly throughout the day.
I have some videos of this spot and the surrounding area posted on my Instagram and tik tok for anyone interested.
Pretty great spot 8/10

To get here head SE toward the runway then take the dirt road on your right before it and keep left everywhere after that and you’ll end up here.

Leaders Landslide 61.39226, -149.84767

This placed doesn’t exist anymore. There’s a shop now alrezsince 2-3 years. Instead look for Heladería Café Venezia which is not that far away.

Tokyo Cafe 7.88651, -72.49968

no stop for us today, but they were there

Police check -25.39323, -55.35830

The guys did a great job. In the meanwhile we could use the fast Wi-Fi and we’re allowed to fill up water. Gave a tipp for this great service

Lavadero Vale Car Wash -20.44134, -66.83842

When we arrived in Cúcuta we were dying after a good coffee and delicious ice cream. We found this place after we learned that Cafe Tokyo doesn’t exist anymore. The coffee at Venezia is excellent and you’ll find an authentic italian ice cream. The “stratiatella” has big pieces of chocolate inside and tastes like you expect it from Italy. They also serve a wide range of Italian food. The owner isIitalian and lives in Colombia since 60 years now.

Restaurante Heladería VENEZIA 7.88649, -72.49119

They offer good cheese, some of the best we tasted in 4 months SA (some guys at the local sunday market of Colonia in Uruguay had the best). The gruyere and raclette are really nice, but dont taste like the originals. Still, very recomendable to go there on the way.

original swiss cheese factory -25.39314, -55.35836

We arrived at 14.35 and still could do the 1h tourist tour at 15.00, before that we watched the movie. We liked the tour, they went just for us in a big coach bus which was a bit weird. On the way we passed a brazilian bus which was full! They have the mentioned open top bus, but the rest seems to be the same tour.

Entrance to Itaipu hydropowerdamm tour -25.39327, -55.35833

This place is literally on the graveyard….I guess the parking space in front of it is just better for staying the night. Therefore you need to drive to 20° 28′ 53,1″ S 66° 50′ 20,3″ W

Uyuni Train Graveyard -20.48221, -66.83828

There are now 8 sites for equestrian’s and 8 sites for motorized vehicles. Very quit.

BLM Clover Spring Campground 40.34552, -112.55095

Plaza con seguridad 24 horas, realizan ferias de víveres frente al mar, tranquilo para pasar la noche y recorrer la Playa de Barra de Tijuca, farmacia y supermercado cerca.

praça de ò -23.01218, -43.31847

Easy access, very quiet for one night, camper van, several rvs parked when we arrived, some construction noise but no other disruption, nice meal also

Cracker Barrel 33.68170, -112.11436

Nice place, as described. It is free and has amazing river views. Right now there is a weird smell in the air. Not sure if this was just from the recent rain and I hope it goes away tomorrow.

River View Park Chapple 48.64209, -93.98442
MiLi Weltenbummler

Best Pizza so far in Southamerica.
Also the ambiance is very nice.
If you stay more than 10 Month in Southamerica you can be happy to eat on of this pizzas.

Pizzeria Centro 6.25110, -75.55950

Amazing spot in the montagne, only 5km from the Tayrona park standard room with fan , very quiet ,swimming pool, Diner can be ordered, breakfast included for 50000cop by Access by a small bridge and narrow track , not so easy Only 4x4 and motorcycle.Owners Leonard an Hubert are very friendly and helpful.they can pic you up at the bridge if you asked Tel +573234598456

Cabana Hamaca Grande 11.28638, -73.93605

We stayed 2 nights at Floravie. This site is exceptionally beautiful. 4 spaces are available for RV or campers. No tent for the time being because there is no toilets available. The price is 40.00$ + 5$ more you can use the shower! And they are very comfortable shower with hot water!!!

The owner is very friendly and open to your needs. The site is clean, directly in front of the sea, Amazing. It is worth the 35$ for the overnight stay.

Domaine Floravie 48.39619, -68.67947

OHV coral staging area. Pit bathrooms. Some picnic tables. No fires except gas BBQs. National Forest Recreation Pass required to park. National Park Annual Pass OK. Fast T-Mobile 5G 2 bars.

Miller Canyon OHV staging 34.27019, -117.28592

Today we went to this ATM to get 2.000.000 COP (about 400€/450$). The ATM asked if we accept the really bad change rate and we pressed NO like everytime. Nevertheless, the atm converted the currency and we hat to pay about 40€ / 45$ fees. Maybe its a Scam, maybe a broken touchpad, we dont know :/

After that we tried it again with a few dollars and the same happened.

Scamming ATM 10.42622, -75.54955

Tried to access this our truck camper, however about a half mile from the location there was a branch down with about 9ft clearance.

Dispersed camping 47.77442, -120.91556

Hug parking lot. I asked permission and young lady said it was fine to park overnight. Park out by the grass. It was one of the quietest Walmart's we've stayed at. There is a Subway inside the store and all kinds of stores and restaurants in the area.

Walmart 34.14995, -86.84320

This Cracker Barrel is open and allows overnight parking but the city does not so it’s a “park at your own risk”

Cracker Barrel 33.70551, -78.92255

Called and they said they allow overnight parking for 24 hours if you park at the back of the lot near the gas station and Arby’s

Walmart Surfside Beach 33.64803, -78.98106

marking this spot for later, didn't see any no camping signs or any other indication of any campfire restrictions or anything like that. little turn out on highway 1 with a road that leads to the beach. another turnout with road on the other side but it looked like it might have been gated

Cove North of Fort Bragg 39.61390, -123.78123

lots of turnouts without any restriction signs on Benbow road, right off the 101 and next to a river. did not stay the night, marking for later

Benbow Road 40.03534, -123.77599

10/10 would recommend. zhandiya is such a lovely person and makes you feel at home. everything is super clean and there's heaps of room for bicycles.

Welcome Inn 37.49131, 71.54257

very peaceful spot beneath the trees, along 89 in the Plumas National Forest. accessible in our 2WD van. good location for van, car or tent. (do not have a campfire here, as there are no established fire rings and lots of dry ground cover.) very spotty AT&T and Verizon service.

Beneath the Trees 39.69595, -120.51682

pretty cool campground in Kings Range, not far off the main road to shelter cove. probably about 10 sites, first come first serve, and the fee is $8 a night. there's a BLM information office on the main road just before the turn off to kings peak rd, check it out on your way in they were really helpful. tons of BLM land all around this area but this looked nice for a night on my way to Arcata :)

Tolkan Campground BLM 40.08353, -124.05715

Unmanned this year according to sign on door

BLM Black Rock Station 40.65976, -119.37003

There is most definitely a no camping sign posted here and it's not new.

Oregon Coast Highway 42.30152, -124.41162

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