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We confirm there is a pump with diesel and petrol. Prices today were 20.37 & 20.44. Could fill up our tank in full. Credit card did not work (we only tried once), so take cash with you!

Terrace bay reception fuel station -19.99192, 13.03754

Restaurante no Distrito de Mostardas em Monte Alegre do Sul SP. ponto de apoio para Motorhome free. o proprietário Murilo nos deixou muito a vontade e ficamos estacionado no estacionamento. A comida é caseira e o ambiente familiar. Funciona de 6f, Sábados e Domingos .

sabores da terra -22.72352, -46.63351

Name of Guesthouse is Riberalta
Nice place, comfy and clean rooms, safe parking inside for motorbikes, basic breakfast available, paid BOL 120 for a double room with bath, opt. breakfast BOL 10.00

Alojamento Riberalta -17.54385, -65.84203

Stationnement isolé, très tranquille. Nous y avons passé une nuit, aucun signe d’interdiction d’overnight camping. À proximité de plusieurs services

Hidden parking lot next to trail 45.60619, -73.67942
Mike and Ali's Adventures

Beautiful gardens, great service and excellent food. A little pricey (approx 1500-2000 ksh for mains) but worth a visit.

The Nook 0.00259, 37.07287

Pulled in after dark there was 1 other van here. Very peaceful, no one bothered us at all. Out houses have toilet paper and seat covers. Highly recommended.

Marblehead Boat Launch 43.47436, -70.40917

Super lovely, clean, a wee treat after a few days cycling in the rain. 54k for two in a room, 32k for one (same size room). Wouldn’t say the water is hot but more than serviceable! Town has a nice vibe too.

Hotel Posada El Viejo Oticón 6.03948, -72.63591

the place is quiet to spend the night, it is safe and there is good light

Parking Lot -35.76006, -71.41799

It was closed on this date. find out before you come.

La Poza Camping Termal -35.75779, -71.41264

Little wild camping spot with a sea view.
When you go on the beach by the main entrance walk 50m on the left. The spot is near a yellow sign (see picture).
avoid this spot if it's windy, and their are lot of small mosquitos.

Spot near the beach 54.87263, -8.38405

nice place on the top, good view, flat space for parking, dark and quiet, nobody disturbs you, easy to access, Vodafone internet is working

View from the top 37.70090, 41.43151

Just a normal Cabelas. Not too noisy but three or four trains after 6 in the morning.

Cabela's 34.70700, -86.68310

location is nice, next to heavy water from the river. a toilet is further up in the woods (a lót of fly's/muscito's in there).

(Sweden - 840 31), 440 Forsen 62.63817, 14.34579

nice location, low next to the water. a lot of musquitos.
the path to the location is accesable by car, but some places the middle part is quiet high.

Börtnan 62.72463, 13.89772

nice place
at night fisherman but they are cool.
small beach
liked it.

Grabučiškės 54.89265, 24.14705

wifi at the corner mini market. There is no socket, but there are spots that get the sun all day. Pay the attendant not to get into trouble and park at 90° so you don't get towed. Sunday, parking is prohibited from 5 am to 3 pm, there is a fair in the entire square. Tuesdays and Thursdays too, but they are much smaller and you can park on Rua da Policia or at the hotel. the weekend is more expensive
wifi no mini mercado da esquina. nao tem tomada, mas tem vagas que pegam sol o dia todo. Pague o frentista pra nao arrumar problemas e estacione 90° pra nao ser guinchado. domingo é proibido estacionar das 5h as 15h, acontece uma feira em toda a praça. terças e quintas também, mas sao bem menores e vc pode estacionar na rua da policia ou hotel. fim de semana o azulzinho é mais caro

praça de ò -23.01217, -43.31832

Your GPS might not bring you on the right street to reach the spot. Enter the Sanctuary parking lot and go down towards the river.

Really nice spot on the river. Very popular so you might not be directly on the river.

Very quiet place.

Trois Rivières 46.36594, -72.49771

Large parking lot. Very quiet, even with the road close. All you see is trees.

Tunnel Island Trailhead 49.76609, -94.50721

Very unfriendly staff. Very noisy, but that’s normal seen it’s location next to a high trafic road. Beware you have to make a reservation up front as they fill up fast apparently.

Camping Athens 38.00862, 23.67205

Asked clerk if overnight parking was available and he showed us a small parking area just to the West of his station's lit sign. We parked on the cement pad for the night. Quiet stop for the night and nobody bothered us.

Champs Gas Station 39.49484, -117.07475

400 Vaciorog
New 2021 astablished camper place. Has everything a traveler needs. 🤠
open 15/4 to 15/10

A G P camping 46.95834, 22.26438

There is a dirt lot for truck stop.
pull in for the night 🌙
a lot of noise from the neighbors and cars in the early evening. Later in the night, it is quiet.
No issue at all.

Chevron Gas Station 36.96654, -119.79568

Fuel Station with Diesel card. we get Diesel here for 60.000 Rial per Liter.

Fuel Station with Diesel card 34.36034, 47.38557

I had to leave the place at 2 am. a group of guys arrived with music and a lot of alcohol, the parking lot is big but they stayed next to me. with 5 degrees and rain, they didn't care.

Off Ruta L-11 -35.71517, -71.40354
Chris graves

We can accommodate tents and small campers and rvs. Campsites with power and water are 25$ for the first person and 10$ per person after that . Per night. Primitive camping is 10$ per person. Fire wood is 5$ an arm load. Pets welcome but must be leashed and cleaned up after. We are just a half mile from the dam 3 access on the beautiful spring river. Please call 870-371-2000

Spring river cabins and campground 36.47235, -91.51460
Chris graves

Very relaxing and blended well into nature.

Spring river cabins and campground 36.47235, -91.51460

Good place to spend a night just before the entrance of the archeological site of Paquime. We spend a quiet night and nobody bothered us.

Paquime entrance 30.37001, -107.94887

Truck Stop behind a restaurant. Not nice but a safe and calm place for one night. We paid 15 BOL. There is also a toilet. The restaurant serves food.

Restaurant La Floresca -17.65016, -67.20550

Great spot. You don't need a 4x4, but my 2.6m height have been enough. So you should not be higher, otherwise one damages the olive trees.
Please leave the spot as clean as it is at the moment.

Olive Trees orchard 40.74284, 24.55993

A nice overnight visit with Roberto, who offered us a local beer and a local cola and some genuine conversation (in very easy to understand Spanish:) According to Roberto, there is no wifi available and the water that he has available is in a barrel. We used that water for flushing the toilet by bucket. It was windy and dusty during our visit. The restaurant was closed due to the dust. Roberto uses solar power for his restaurant so there is no available plug in power either. These changes should be noted from earlier reviews. Roberto had a paper money collection so if you have any (small) bills from other countries to donate, that’s really what he treasures the most, beyond conversation with travelers. He also appreciates a short (1 minute) video for FB, a pic together, and an entry in his visitors’ book, all of which seem like a reasonable exchange for his hospitality. It’s a harsh environment on the outside but Roberto is working to green his property. It reminded us a little bit of Coco’s Corner in Baja, minus the women’s undergarments hanging from the ceiling lol. This was a much more G-rated experience

Posada Azul -7.25938, -79.49087

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