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Laundry Service in Liverpool. It Hase some diffrenet sizes of machines

Wash Your Stuff 44.02912, -64.72031

Beautiful place. When we were there there was a small fire pit, so we enjoyed the stars next to the fire. Road is pretty rough though.

Old boat ramp 45.12507, -66.47178

By the road side. Next to a gas station. Wi-Fi and bathroom in the gas station. No showers

Puelches -38.14405, -65.91589

UPDATE: parked opposite forest beach park entrance, no signage regarding overheight. Awesome boondock spot!

Sunset Lane 34.17628, -119.23513

Got in super late and is a very convenient and pretty location. When I woke up in the morning there were shotgun shells all over the ground and clay targets all shot up. There surrounding cactus were all shot up. Apparently people don't only use the shooting range nearby. Due to this, I probably wouldn't stay out here again just on the very small chance a rogue bullet could come my way.

BLM Wash with shade 32.60961, -111.24529

Thanks to this app and all you lovely people we found this amazing spot in the Boonies. Just as described, it’s the perfect place to spend the night. Thank you, we would’ve never found that place without the app. Btw… there are way more spots to camp, not only the two marked in here.

Sabiston Creek FSR 50.77724, -120.89381

We chose the first paved street in the abandoned town of Gagnon that you approach from the south but have to enter from the north after turning around a km or so past it (there is a barrier on the highway so you can't just turn in there). It was a good place to spend the night - quiet and no bears bothered us. We backed the trailer towards the end to get as far from highway as possible.

There are really no other free sites along this stretch of highway in Quebec that we could see on our way north to Labrador so Gagnon really your only option. We tried the more sandy site to the north but nearly got stuck and had to use 4WD to get out. To be fair they have a sign warning you might get stuck!! So I would suggest sticking to the paved portion which is the furthest south section of the abandoned town.

Roadside 50.20463, -77.09800
Seth Wing

For those that only want to cross the bridge on foot and immediately come back (zim to zam to zim): you don’t have to pay anything, you get a special bridge pass, you can cross the bridge, step into Zambia, then return and show your pass. It doesn’t cost anything and takes a few minutes to get at the immigration office. Super easy. It’s walkable from town and the Zimbabwe side of Victoria falls, just lots of big trucks.

Vic falls Zim/Zam border -17.92853, 25.85720

10$/person in the parking lot

breakfast included, warm showers, clean toilet
nice garden and mirador

Entre Nubes 13.84839, -89.83192

Our shock absorber tore out of the dome bearing. The mechanic here fixed it. Very competent in mechanical matters. He‘s doing the Job for 52 years.

Welder 38.17446, 73.97060

es una ciudad tranquila, y se puede dormir en la calle. hay un estacionamiento al costado de la plaza. Sin facilidades.

Plaza Governador Valadares -18.86193, -41.94284
A Bus Named Sandy

This is only for smaller vehicles. You have to go under a certain 10’ overpass and there is no alternative

Bayside Dreams 41.26468, -72.75204

parking lot of Tim Hortons (open from 5AM to 10PM)
located in industrial area, parking lot has lights on all night, not too noisy, no traffic

Tim Hortons Cataraqui Woods 44.26675, -76.56965

We were on our way through the area when our van started overheating about an hour outside of Flagstaff. Based on the recommendation of a fellow traveler, we called Seven Day Auto to see if they could fit us in. They were honest and said probably not today but tomorrow for sure. We had the van towed to the shop and the next day Jayden and his team got to work. Rather than just throwing a bunch of parts at it, they started with the simplest fix and went from there. They did multiple test drives to ensure everything was working before moving on. They kept us informed every step of the way with both what they were doing and the cost. Two days after the issue we were back on the road and the van has been running great ever since.

This is a small and very busy shop with only a few mechanics, so have some patience, but they will treat you right and get you back on the road.

We were able to stay in the van each night on the street outside their shop so we didn't need a hotel. Felt safe and was quiet.

Seven days Auto Service 35.20903, -111.61483

Free! Open! Dump only, no potable water. Back of lot next to transmission lines.

Canadian Tire 49.73578, -123.13415

Free! Open! Dump only, no potable water. Back of lot next to transmission lines.

Squamish RV Dump 49.73639, -123.13437

Still there. Quite cute inside. Friendly staff. We didnt try the food, it looked a bit rough on other clients plates...
Nice place for a drink or 2 (or 3 or 4...etc).

Southernmost pub -34.82598, 20.01385
Escape Mog

Area I still open and in pretty good shape. Note the elevation here is 7500 ft, so plan accordingly.

Dixie Forest, Free Camping 37.49326, -112.55954
Escape Mog

Lots of dispersed camping here. Road is in good condition. 1/3 mile. Left stream site.

Dixie NF off UT 12 38.10020, -111.31697

like others say a lot of in and out.. fishermans were there in the morning but i had no issues.

comme les autres disent il y avait beaucoup de va et vient mais j'ai eu aucun problème

parkslot view on fort wiliam reserve 48.35432, -89.29453

You cannot stay here. Air Force installation that is unlawful to enter

28 mile pond 64.60824, -147.06368

Very small area and close to the road but beautiful views and good ATT signal.

Gravel lot with a view 34.47271, -112.51354

This place is as described. Great view, difficult to enter, so enter the wrong way down the one way road. Check out our Youtube video which shows this camp ground.

Morrill RV Park 21.02491, -101.25253
Dale Minter

SA Distributor/wholesaler/retailer of 4x4 Accessories and camping gear.
Retail store hidden away behind shopping complex.
Very friendly & helpful owner (John).
Excellent prices (wholesale).

Auto Accessory Centre -32.96310, 27.91590
Dale Minter

26A Kimberley Rd, East London
Email: [email protected]

4x4 Vehicle Servicing & Repair
Specialists in Toyota & Ford 4x4s
Very helpful; Servicing & repairs while you wait.

I drove in unannounced and had my faulty Prado V6 4.0 alternator diagnosed and replaced with reconditioned OEM unit (1.5hrs later @ R3500).

Returned a week later for full 300,000km service + filters + brakes + diff & transfer case oils + fuel tank repair (4hrs later @ R8000).

Not a safe area outside - but secure inside.

Mizco -33.00790, 27.89940

DISMAD - wood made to measure
We needed a plywood board made to measure for a small expansion of the interior.
You won't find it in hardware stores or carpenters.
But at DISMAD you will find what you are looking for.
You will also find hinges, screws, angles, silicone, paint and much more.

DISMAD -Wood made to messure -1.49839, -77.98290

Went down after May long weekend, even with an ohv ban and fire ban in place. Was so nice and quiet due to lack of activity. probably saw one vehicle a day while I was staying for 4 nights.

Ghost River Landing 51.28117, -115.14338

Just to add: No dogs allowed so we couldn't stay

Aurora Camping 10.70379, -84.97265

One spot right off the road, then multiple further in. Only ones here in. Pinyon pine and Utah Juniper for cover bigger than our truck camper. No services but 2 bars Verizon

Harts Road ridge camp 37.98710, -109.48014

A small, quiet spot close to the water. Swimming is possible at the bottom of the rocks. The jetty protects a natural mangrove-type area.

On a sort of jetty 24.07095, 53.56946

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