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ShredAir's Journey

When coming to the Mesa de Los Santos, be aware of two things: weekend crowds and sometimes gazillions of flies.
On weekends, people drive up from Giron, Floridablanca, Bucaramanga, and Piedecuesta, mostly to the Mercado Campesino and the cable car station. Traffic on the narrow road can be slow, and parking can be tightly packed.
Ordinary house flies are always present everywhere on the Mesa. We have been here for 7 months, and when there is an up-cycle in the fly population, they literally are in your face, on your food, on your beverage, everywhere. These flies thrive because the chicken farmers fail to cut the chicken manure with lime, as is officially required, before they dump it as fertilizer; they just spare the expense. Everyone complains, but nothing gets done.
If you are an overlander staying on the Mesa, best times to visit the market is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s uncrowded then, fruit and vegetables are fresh, and many restaurants are also open. There is a good bakery making french-style baguette daily next to the pharmacy about a kilometer north of the market.

Mercado Campesino La Mesa de Los Santos 6.85344, -73.06632

Amazing area to camp, right on the ridge with a view of the Badlands. VERY busy with probably over a hundred camper, trailers, vans. Got very windy overnight.

Badlands, South Dakota 43.89701, -102.23213

second time I come here and its still Nice to stay here for a quit night.
only sad point is the trash left behind, but the so it is still great.

Old open air bar 45.50156, 13.73753

Perfect place! Especially if you have kids!

Island Park Parking Lot 49.96510, -98.28917

Free dump and fresh water for rinsing.
Separate hydrant for potable water to fill tank.

Portage La Prairie Sanidump and portable water 49.96481, -98.29304

Trata-se de um restaurante italiano, que atende para o almoço e depois até as 18:00 com lanchonete. Vendem massas caseiras congeladas, bem como molhos frescos deliciosos. Permitem o pernoite de motorhome e cedem energia mediante consumo no estabelecimento (sem que isso seja exigido). Mas a comida é tão gostosa, que levamos tortéi, nhoque e doces para nosso motorhome. Tudo feito no local pela donaMaria.

Nostra Cantina -28.87277, -51.22614

Beautiful rolling hills. Enough room for several small trailers.

Harper's Corner Rd and 16 40.35908, -108.97201

Stayed one night. Other RVs and a truck stayed as well. No problems.

Walmart 46.26317, -63.15353

exactly as described by others. There are plenty of pot holes on the road as it's not maintained by the county or city.

Spot is exactly describes, ground is uneven but you can find some flat spots. Beware of metal debris and other sharp objects. just do a walk around before turning into the opening. the road itself was clear of debris

Port au choix 50.70186, -57.33556

perfect place to stay, you can drive all the eay to the river bed. correct entrance is just before the bridge, some 59m agead of what gmaps pointed us to go. 3 bars cel reception.

Bull River 49.47267, -115.45097

Nice spot for the night, there were a lot of other campers.
No one bothered us. The bathrooms were not open, most likely due to it being the off-season.
Not a bad spot for a nights sleep!

Station de ski Mont-Béchervaise 48.83682, -64.54352

Great spot right on the edge of Highway 1. We had no trouble parking our 22-foot rig overnight. Beautiful views of the ocean. You hear cars passing by, but that didn’t bother us.

Coastal Pull-off 39.29997, -123.79359

Public water tap. Good pressure. Easy to park nearby.

Public Water Tap 41.56716, 44.96384

lugar incrível por do sol e cachoeiras lindas!
Os Proprietários do lugar são muito receptivos
Recomendo para um camping com a família
Local possui diversas cachoeiras em uma trilha de fácil acesso
Possui pontos de energia e água espalhados pelo camping
banheiros limpos
tem Wi-Fi e funciona Internet 3g claro e vivo
O café da manhã incluído é excelente com ampla variedade
após a trilha Elo oferece um delicioso almoço!
Tem bebidas para vender no local
no Canal Travelando no Mundo tem vídeos do local
EP #144 e #145

RECANTO DA ELÔ -20.18766, -54.53366

BLM land- Dubois Dispersed camping in Idaho about 3 miles off of I-15 and ~90 miles East of the Craters of the Moon National Monument and 50 miles north of Idaho Falls. Nice open area. Free. 360 degree high views with mountains to the west. Easy access for anyone, although the dirt road coming in had some pretty deep ruts....but just take your time. Still at a little over 5,000 ft amsl. One other rig here. Area is fairly level. Pretty clean too, with a couple of homemade rock fire pits. Burn ban still in effect. No services, no shade, great for solar. VZW and ATT are both pretty fast here.... both around 30 mbps down/15 up. 12 TV channels on the OTA.

Great, convenient stop. There is a gas station with a small store at the exit and a couple places to eat in the small town of Dubois too. There is a 14 day max stay.

Dubois Dispersed Camp- BLM 44.17464, -112.30960

Now posted “No Overnight Parking or Camping“.

M-134 Big Beach 45.96780, -84.05918

closed for the season at this time (Sept 22, 2021). Gated off

Leigh Creek RV dump station 44.16086, -107.11004

There were a few RVs and a van here when we arrived. Chatted with the guys and they said they have been here a few weeks. We stayed one night. Very quiet until about 6 a.m. and then some noise in the lot. The National Forest near here is closed due to fires. Great Verizon signal and some small places to walk your dog.

Peaceful Home Depot 35.52569, -120.70174

Cool spot with a nice view. Slope is manageable, short 15mins walk to the beach if you follow the block road down. Room for at least 8-10 vans/rv. No need for 4x4, did it with an e-250 with a busted suspension.

Near Mystic Beach 48.44145, -124.11172

would not recommend. hiked up his prices on me - less than 30 days later. After Labor Day. $15 dry camping. $22 was quoted for electric. I would not have come this way for $15 dry camping 🤮

Van Hook Recreation Area 47.94766, -102.35112

Private restroom / shower combo for $5.

This area seems a bit void of lesser price or free options and other campgrounds / YMCA are charging 8-10.

Friendly staff. Worked out well.

Fort Welikit 43.78287, -103.58577

accepts aluminum cans, books (?!), styrofoam (!), batteries(!), tin cans, #1+2 plastics, newspaper / magazine, cardboard, and glass. So impressive! Hours of operation Mon - Fri 8-5.

Buffalo / Johnson County Recycling Center 44.35327, -106.69398

Beautiful clearing in a wooded area. Did NOT have good enough T-Mobile service to work, even with a booster. Right on the edge. Very private and quiet.

Circle Spot 45.44090, -88.46767

Just adding a photo of sign to earlier post

Église de St-Jean 46.91997, -70.88996

We cannot sleep here. The forklift driver came and advise us.

cap pelé 46.23518, -64.26454

This is a huge national park, with activities such as hiking and animal watching in the forest.
Staying overnight is allowed at the headquarters: there is a camping structure, bathrooms, kitchen, electricity, water and wifi - all for free.
However, there is a need for prior scheduling with ICMBIO.

To schedule the visit, simply send the request stating full name, CPF and date of visit to the e-mail [email protected]


Esse é um imenso parque nacional, com atividades como trilhas e observação de animais na floresta.
Na sede é permitido pernoitar: há estrutura de camping, banheiros, cozinha, eletricidade, agua e wifi - tudo de graça.
Porém ha necessidade de agendamento previo com o ICMBIO.

Para agendar a visita, basta enviar a solicitação informando nome completo, CPF e dia da visita para o e-mail [email protected]

Parque Nacional Viruá 1.49014, -61.00294

Free dump and potable water. 2 dump lanes.

Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park Dump Station 42.91076, -115.69053

Farming Campsite with ablution facilities

Kora Orab Campsite -27.05907, 19.47017

just fyi- you can only fill open jugs there’s a long 2” hose but no attachment capacity for filling a built in tank

Rainy Lake One Stop 48.60944, -93.31737

It’s open as a designated dispersed campground. Sites are assigned. $14 per night. Have porta-potties and trash bins. Nice dry camp within 15 minutes to downtown Telluride. Will close for winter starting October 8.

NFS Campground "Mary E" 37.94111, -107.89849

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