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I stay here often it is not closed it is a rest area. On the road out is a free dump station and what looks like camp sites with picknic table. I stayed the night and changed my oil in the morning. This place is next to a wonderful space exhibite building, take the kids.

Rest area/Visitor center 30.31288, -89.59976

some basic Shops around the main square with water, food etc.

village centre 15.52055, -13.33172

Parfait pour une nuit, face à la mer, mais ne pas trop s'avancer sur la plage car malgré que cela soit des galets, il arrive très souvent que les véhicules s'enlisent facilement.

Plage de la Siesta 43.60717, 7.12591

6000 for single room 8000 for twin or double. safe parking with closed gate at night but the clearance is low and not very big space for rigs, definetly the best for motorbikes. park in front of the rooms.
rooms are luxury 😊 TV, coffee, fridge, bath, bidet😍, heater everywhere if you want to dry some laundry. the girls that work here are super friendly aswell.
Breakfast included!!

hotel nuevo centro -51.53707, -72.33515

In the street just near the church
Dans la rue juste à côté de la mission tranquille et sur.

Conception -16.13583, -62.02267

High pressure on water connector to fill up the water tank. Directly on the entrance to Stat Market. (See picture)

Star Markets 24.01627, 38.19789

A nice camping with pool, bathrooms and showers. Quiet and secure place. We paid 1000 pesos per personn and our Kombi.

Balneario Circulo Argentino -22.50467, -63.79174

Thanks for putting this on! Great stop for breakfast, great coffee, good atmosphere! Full of locals having breakfast and high quality baking. Pastel de nata!

Pastelaria Auria -12.35812, 13.54955

Real espresso and some snacks. Great stop with great people.

Café Restaurant Xalouca 32.38315, -5.17735

Warning +++ Access to the Faisal Finger is no longer possible due to a huge construction project. The whole area around the rim is closed and monitored by the police!

Faisal Finger 24.61786, 46.25152

Newer small hotel meters from the center. Very friendly owner. Speaks some English. We had booked a 1 bedroom with double bed for 100,000 but the owner upgraded us for the apartment. Secured parking. Good Wifi. Fan and the apartment had AC in the bedroom. Nice pool as a bonus. Lovely place. One of our great find. Highly recommend

Apartahotel La Villa Santa Fe de Antioquia 6.55437, -75.82392

This is a Saudi buddy...very hospitality person ...
Now when I stay in Sakaka during my bike trip Lahore to Makkah... after Umrah I m crossing for arar for enter in Iraq I stay there...

Farrad Rashid Place 29.97032, 40.18858

This is a real hospitality person his name is farrad Rashid...
I met him at domatul jandal lake ...
he offer me to stay his place .. so I m on my bike trip came here ... and enjoying his hospitality..
everyone come to here and enjoy...

Farrad Rashid Place 29.98313, 40.19965

I m enjoying here...
I m stay here during my bike trip...

Farrad Rashid Place 29.98320, 40.19966

Private car parking.
Just ask for George, he is the owner of this place and happy to host travellers. Plenty of space, very close to Sussex Beach.

Georges' Car Park 8.35051, -13.23192

Kind of in the fence about this place.

Dora-Lucia was mentioned as the owner. I don’t think this person was around. The only person I saw appeared to be the groundsman. Had a very hard time communicating (my fault-little Spanish) but after a couple of try’s was able to get the Wi-Fi passcode. At 6:30am was awakened to birds ( great) and the sound of shoveling and hammering (not so great). Was really looking forward to a hot shower but it was lukewarm.

They now have two dogs. The German shepherd and a golden retriever. Both friendly and not an issue for my Labrador retriever.

A quiet nights sleep.

La Elisa 4.42663, -75.42902

This spot looks amazing, but unfortunately, is not reachable now. The road is completely blocked by fallen rocks. I attached a picture...

Camping near river 41.28211, 41.74900

Good hostal with dorm, and private rooms with shared or private bathroom. Secured parking for moto. Located 1.5 km from center so easy to walk to and in a much quieter neighborhood. Good Wifi. AC. Kitchen. market and small resto close by. Good breakfast included. They are on

La Guaca Hostel 11.23395, -74.20548

A beautiful spot for a night or explore the area!

Gallo Campground Chaco National Historic Monument 36.03585, -107.89164

Lowest price now is 14000. Couldn't get the guy to come down lower. (1 USD = 591 SDG). A bit run down but had AC. Ask for cheapest room and no breakfast.

Imperial Hotel 14.42528, 33.50301

Give the owner a call or write a WhatsApp before. Number look above.
The dogs are friendly but they think all stuff that is outside of your vehicle is a toy for them.

Camping La Izuelina -33.57353, -70.77954

The entrance is the same for both falls.
Just pay one time.
Campsite just in Lumangwe, not water at the moment, wood for fire if needed.
We paid 650kw (9tn truck and 4 people) for both falls and spent the night.
The road to Kabwelume is already open till the Dutch hut, from there 300m to the falls.
Worth a visit.
Recomend not to arrive from Mporokoso!

Lumangwe and Kabwelume entrance -9.52948, 29.39925

Free spot, lots of campers in a parking. Good internet in this town (Movistar & Claro). YPF has a bathroom close by. Nice walk on the beach with friendly dogs for ours to run around with. Cute little town with friendly people.

Beach parking -42.57631, -64.27629
RdamNatas Panamericana NL

Good cheap safe friendly campsite. When closed all you have to do is call the number on the door and say something like ‘hay lugar’. Sheltered for wind if not on the grass than on the gravel, clean banos, clean hot showers(specific hours), decent WiFi. Cabanas an a shared big kitchen. Nice view on a small swan/duck pond/Laguna. We paid 1200€.
Please support local communities and come and stay here.

Camping Municipal Perito Moreno -46.59577, -70.92653

They sell purified water jugs here (bidones). It’s a small market with dry goods. They cost 900 pesos, for inflation purposes that’s $2.45USD now

El Viejo Almacén -42.57049, -64.27945
Wendy & Graham

There is a dump station to empty both black and grey water!

Camping Piedras Coloradas -32.22308, -58.13140

It is now gated and you cannot see from here. But if you continue driving up you will have some good viewpoints. The road was dry and ok for us at this period

Vista Cola de Ballena 9.15602, -83.70691

Place is closed. It is gates now so can’t stop here

Mirador whale tail 9.15590, -83.70673

We stayed here with our Truck for the night, very peaceful in a nice surrounding. Only a few cars in daytime, none at night. place is levelled okay. Full visible and no wind or sun protection. Entel Signal H+

Pull out ca 5 km fromR5 -20.20670, -66.47391

Nice clean workshop, they let me do a oilchange here for 10k cfa, looks like they have all the special tools for KTMs, perfect for engine troubles.

Unfortunately they didn't have anything in Stock, no oil etc.
Aparently the owner was in Switzerland at the time organising a new shipment of oil and parts.
Lots of enduro tires.

KTM Togo (Toni Togo) 6.12862, 1.23922

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