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There is a sign no “Overnight Camping” so consider this site closed

Route 66 park 37.06666, -94.72650

we stayed here one night no problem. I wish the wifi was a little stronger out to the parking lot but it's a free spot to park so I can't complain.

Texas Welcome Center Rest Area 32.46289, -94.04332

We attempted to overnight here in February but the road was closed to wheeled vehicles beyond a certain point. Snowmobiles only. Not suitable for winter camping.

Roadside Wild Camping 47.26350, -121.19107

we spent one night here. No wind in the evenning, we could saw a wonderdul sky. At 2 am, the wind began to start and was very strong, so hard to sleep well.
On the morning we walked until the end of the road in the south to see sea elefants (about 20).

Playa Isla Escondida -43.67616, -65.34211

We saw about 20 sea elefants, very close : amazing !

Colonie d'éléphant de mer -43.67741, -65.34141

The woman at the information center told us that the salina was now on a private land, and so we could not access.

Salina Chica -43.67510, -65.34143

Mirante amplo com vista do Vale do Paraíba.
Fica dentro de um condomínio fechado do hotel Harmonia só falar na portaria que vai no mirante e eles liberam.
Tempo estava chuvoso porém a vista deve ser linda em tempo limpo.
Não tem nenhum recurso.

Obs. Tem um mirante antes do hotel, não é esse.


Mirante 45 vista Vale do Paraíba -22.88633, -45.66972

Localização está errada.

Esse é um mirante porém não é o 45 que fica dentro do condomínio do hotel.
Marquei o ponto correto no mirante correto para ajudar melhor.


Mirante -22.88809, -45.68694
Greg Goldsmith

Absolutely fantastic spot with 2WD access. Quiet, great scenery, room for a group of campers, vans, etc.

Desert cactus beautiful wildcamp 29.80037, -114.80358

A new small but nice mercado municipal has opened here. You can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, spices, pulses, honey and wine at good prices.

Cachi Fresh Produce Municipal Market -25.12108, -66.16280
Rob Adams

A well located and easily accessible location just off the main highway. Perfect for an overnight stop. Excellent facilities with restaurant and small bar. Good size and level pitches. Friendly welcome.

Camping Olimpia 41.05785, -5.54612

The location is passed the coordinates on this app. Drive a little bit forward and you will see the sign. We really enjoyed this place, clean m, affordable and friendly and accommodating staff.

Palmahia 19.87986, -90.46558

Parking in the street directly near the beach. Lots of restaurants and shops. Stayed here with several campers also in the streets beside the boulevard, no problems at all

Santa Pola boulevard 38.19225, -0.56668

Arrived around 8-9PM, lot of cars going around like crazy with the music, didn’t felt safe and left .

Walmart Lumberton 34.66593, -79.00508

Gas station with propane available. There is also propane available in Bullhead City, but this is very close to Davis Dam Camp. Site is on hill and sloped.

Gas N Grub 35.19021, -114.52782

Tienda closes at 4, but outside atm must have been fixed because it worked fine for my BECU debit card. 18.55 peso atm charge

ATM Banjercito 27.96800, -114.03689

This place is permanently closed.

Viewpoint for Penguins and Seabirds -42.40240, -63.61586

Beautiful beach...hiking kayaking 200 showers

Playa El Requeson 26.63837, -111.83166

This place is permanently closed.

King Soopers 38.93203, -104.79816

25.02.2023- 22.03.2023 just campground is open. we still working on the café and playground.
for any questions contact us: +595 991 20 26 01
we speak german, englisch, castellano, portugués

Pequeña Baviera -25.38259, -57.07020

Pulled up around 8pm ish on a Friday. I was only one and was pretty quiet besides the occasional sound from road. Would stay another night.

California Visitors Welcome Center 34.11952, -116.42689

just a simple little roadside picnic area with a large parking area, even has a separate section big enough for a semi or possibly two or other big rigs. fairly level. gravel. I didn't check out the park next door. but you can hear chickens, donkeys and horses 😍 very little traffic.

Lovelady Park Picnic Area 31.27467, -105.83034

Beautiful setting, nice people, clean pool.
Rooms are 750pp including breakfast (with omelette and sausages), camping at the river beach is 500 without breakfast.
Downside: bar and mosque in direct competition to steal your sleep.
Food is mediocre (they use industrial seasoning).
Nice place to stay for a night.

Tendaba Camp 13.43931, -15.80916

Good spot for a night. Safeway just around the corner is open until midnight and has a restroom. Not very clean but its okay!


Danrose Dr 38.16480, -122.25562

you can camp here, but us forest service has marked this road as no motor vehicle. You can only camp 300 feet from 258

Roadside 34.82398, -112.00302

No longer campsite! The place is reduced to parking area for visitors of Hercules' Cave.
Overnight stay is however possible (86 DH, febr. '23).
It is a neglected area. not-maintained toilets. Running water. In general no electricity but maybe a few places have.
Many barking dogs

Camping Achakkar 35.75988, -5.93605
Alexander Wolf

there's a "no camping" sign that I didn't see when entering late around 9pm. Nobody bothered me and I was up by 7am to stroll down the beautiful path.
I'd say that this place is permanently closed and I just got lucky.
Camping on water management district land is permitted with a reservation: but I couldn't find this site even though the road in leads to a nice spot with fire place. The gate has a combination lock.

Oklawaha Prairie Restoration Area 29.05999, -81.91430

Ford Canyon Rd. Area 9, water spigot on right edge of parking area. There are several water spigots along the parking areas along Ford Canyon Rd. Picnic tables and RR also. $7 vehicle entry into park.

White Tanks Regional Park 33.59926, -112.50820

Free dump station with potable water about 1/2 mile down Diablo East Road.

Amistad NP Diablo East 29.47162, -101.01342

It works but is marked as closed. Too many mosquitoes to stand around and dump. We’ll try the state park further north.

Intracoastal Park 30.06075, -93.34418

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