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Cutest little campground and hostel- 7k clp for camping and 13 for dorm bed. Well equipped kitchen. Owner is absolutely fabulous

Hospedaje Independencia -53.16322, -70.91726

Challenger Beach has a small parking but on the road next to it you can pull over. Plenty of space. Toilets / water / trash. No one will harass you there

Challenger Beach -32.18289, 115.77577

Place now has a security tower in it. I ended up leaving but unsure how the night would have went. Just wanted to give an update.

Food lion parking lot 35.21091, -80.78077

beautiful spot tucked in the mountains giving you the perfect glimpse of Appalachian Mountains

Pisgah National Forest 35.72712, -82.19171
Heike und Bernd

Nice place ca. 100m besides the road with some trees for shade. Absolutely quiet, no cars passed.

Bush Camp near D463 -27.51657, 17.16204

The place with water accessible is exactly as the comment. Also you can have a shower and you can also wash your clothes.

Pilot Travel Center 30.25319, -93.01441

Stayed one night here. We were likely the only ones there over night but it was relatively quiet, with some road noise and distant train noise. We were not disturbed and had a good night of sleep.

Walmart 37.32475, -79.87165

No casino that I've ever seen on Castle Hot Springs Road. I Googled "Wintun Mini Mart" and it is in California.

Castle Road-Morristown 33.89866, -112.56855

hola. ryg.mundo. estuvimos de paso por una noche. Excelente lugar. muy iluminado, tranquilo, hay asadores, muy cuidado, tiene baños y proveeduría, es gratuito y suelen los locales jugar por una hora al fútbol. muy seguro. baños limpios. sin ducha. si hay agua potable. hay luz eléctrica con toma. enchufes.

Riverside Camping -40.44261, -64.61808

Typical looking rv park, how ever i was denied access as my class c is a 2001 and they only accept 10 years old and newer. Bummer.

Desert Sands RV 36.06668, -115.00774

Enchanting spot; incredible sunsets and sunrises. A photographer’s dream with the landscape and ruined houses. Very quiet for being close to the road. Lots of different spots to park and good walking on the beach and hills. Ocean is pretty cold for swimming this time of year!

Campo Miramar 30.02528, -114.56749

Very good experience.
You'll have the place to yourself s.
They'll cook anything you want
let you enjoy the birds, beach,,

Hotel Ecológico 15.52744, -89.32110

Little sandy, beachy area. Only accessible by foot (or bike) with a footbridge from the other side of the river. When I arrived kids were playing in the river and I asked a woman if it would be okay/safe to spend the night here, she told me yes. Cars and motortaxis pass on the road at the other side but I don’t think any of them saw me during the 12 hours of night I spend here. Basic, adequate spot for a little tent to spend one night for free, quite close to the town of Tecpatan. 2 bars of 3G Telcel, works but slow.

Rio Totopac 17.14497, -93.30807

paramos aqui depois de SP! lugar bom para um apoio de viagem

Lagoa do Migué -22.61796, -46.04312

Pulled in at 10:30 pm or so and saw some campsites so just pulled into one before getting to end of road. Highway is far away but can still see and hear some noises. Close to JT entrance. I had 2 bars on AT&T

Near Joshua Tree BLM 33.66419, -115.80129

Came with the last ferry, it was dark already, we pulled over and stayed at the empty parking lot. No one there to ask. In the morning we saw “Complejo municipal”. Surprisingly quiet night.

Centro Bahia Lomas -52.49636, -69.52071

Between the casino and gas station. Both are 24 hour. There are truckers parked here and a few other vanlifers.

Winstar world casino rv park 33.73969, -97.14478

Great spot. Steep hill to get to this spot. Very windy

Nice view from the top of the mountain 31.47178, -109.94898
juan pablo bertorello

Lugar para pasar la noche. Con luz,agua, baño con agua caliente para bañarse, Parilla y mesas. Precios razónenles, baratos. Por lo que es el lugar. Pudimos enchufar la casilla a la red 220v , también cargar agua.

Camping San Isidro -27.43406, -55.93464

Had a good night sleep at the location , walking distance to the main areas of SJO so no need to look for parking near downtown, seems it’s open all the time and it has about 3 different entrances with no doors to be closed , we felt very safe , during the late afternoon there where teams training and had a nice ambience , at night a bit chilly and it’s just under the pass of the train transport, he announces every time he goes cause there’s people and traffic going over the rails all the time , but the route stops on time for a good sleep and it didn’t bother us much in the morning

Parque Polideportiva Aranjuez 9.94032, -84.06936

We spend a safe night here but there is a lot of traffic noise as you are close to the road. Toilet are ok. People are friendly and the fuel prices are Ok.

Huascaran gas station -14.00146, -75.76736

Excellent spot. I've never seen a home depot that allowed overnight parking. There were probably 20 other vans, truck campers, and car-campers here when I was here.

Please do not abuse this spot. No littering, don't draw attention to yourself. It's a very nice parking lot, feels very safe, lots of good spots.

Home Depot 33.06613, -117.26164

Drove this yesterday and yes some branches are low but it was fine. Lower branches are fairly small so the risk of damage to the vehicle are pretty slim. Was ok input 3.4m (11ft4) high expedition truck.

Unpaved dirt road (6km long) 20.87473, -87.94644

This place is permanently closed.

La Ventana - Beach Camp 24.10709, -109.99438
María Isabel

Felicitaciones a la Muni de El Chaltén- espacio junto a terminal de micros y turismo.
servicio de electricidad, agua, descarga de aguas, residuos.
y si necesitas ducha en Rancho Grande Hostel x 200 pesos está x Av San Martin.

Public Services -49.33317, -72.88264

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 17.24334, -88.78359

Organic Farmers Market 17.24334, -88.78359
Roaming Lost

Great spot for laundry and Wi-Fi. Also dog friendly.

Red Desert Suds Laundromat 37.17670, -113.30902

Very convenient service station not listed on a lot of GPS. Generous pump, space and much less crowded in the YPF.

Voy service station -37.66035, -67.74122

It‘s Texaco meanwhile. Big and nice spot with water.

terpel with water 4.08835, -74.92587
Cubby Van Life

The police are now making campers move from the palapa area and relocate late evening. I think the palapas are for day use only and overnight parking/camping will no longer be permitted. We saw them move over a dozen rigs last night and Again this morning.

La Ventana - Beach Camp 24.10709, -109.99438

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