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Lovely new hostel with spectacular views. The kitchen is great and the rooms are very comfortable and clean, all with private bathrooms. The showers are great! The owner is super nice and welcoming!

Hostal Newen Küyen -42.54727, -73.79591

Nous sommes arrivés vers 16h et il n'y avait personne sur les lieux. L'accès au stationnement était ouvert. Nous avons profité de la rivière pour nous laver et nous rafraîchir malgré le fort courant. Les douches n'avaient pas d'eau et les toilettes étaient verrouillées. En soirée, un employé est passé. Très gentil et accueillant, il nous a ouvert les toilettes, nous a donné le mot de passe du wifi et souhaité bonne nuit. Très tranquille, nous n'avons pas du tout été dérangés par l'autoroute!

We arrived around 16h and there was no one here. Parking access was open. We enjoyed the river to wash and refresh us despite the strong current. The showers did not have water and the toilets were locked. In the evening, an employee came. Very nice and welcoming, he opened the toilet, gave us the wifi password and said good night. Very quiet, we have not been disturbed at all by the highway!

Tenorio Adventure Co. 10.45222, -85.13014

We came here after checking the 3 main RV places in town. All of them were sardine can packed, and all of them looked like a typical snowbird RV crowd. At least 2 out of the 3 were quite complicated to get to, small roads and incredibly wrong Google Maps directions. Currently, where Google Maps tells you to go to cross the riverbed between Downtown Loreto and Zaragoza (South, East of the airport) is blocked (road Fco. Madero). You need to approach just one road to the East (Nicolas Bravo), go to the riverbed, and drive on road "Baja California" until the crossing, one block West. Traffic pattern should be obvious. Road quality is construction grade, and some of the approaches are steep, be mindful if driving an RV.

The view here is very nice. It's a local hangout, so expect traffic, music, drinking, etc. But at least on a Wednesday night it was minimal. It seems to also get more movement as you approach the tip of the area and the water. Safety-wise it was fine, just be mindful that is an easy place to access for everyone. We saw police patrolling at night, and one of them stopped for a bit to check out our Jeep. I'll leave it up to the reader to decide if this should feel safer or not. There was only one other traveller parked here, an amazing small family on a converted small bus. By the time we arrived they had already spent 3 days on site and said they had experienced no problems. They only mentioned loud music and partying, which is normal. There are trash cans and no other services. Be careful with broken bottles around if you have a pet (or walk barefoot).

Cell phone reception was 5 bars, just typical high ping data. Good for messaging, browsing and other async comms. Not as good for Zoom, or other video conferencing. Plenty of open sky for Starlink. Typical Starlink quality of service without obstructions, so no problems on that front. Also plenty of South exposure for solar panels.

(we use to report on cell service for people trying to work off grid; IG: @pampas.overland)

Beach at Loreto 26.00157, -111.33783
Earle Butt

Great Spot. Follow valet parking signs to front of casino (highrise hotel). They will issue you a pass for up to seven days. Safe, almost level and free.

Morongo Casino RV Parking 33.92466, -116.80089

As informa são controversas. A placa na entrada do estacionamento não permite pernoite. Os moradores e veículos argentinos nos informaram que não há problema. Enfim ficaremos uma só noite…

Bahia Guadaparque Camping Libre -40.64597, -71.70236

Nice place for one night, but lots of trash on the right side. We advise to cross the bridge and stay on the left side where it's much more clean !

Cerduo “bike park” -39.32104, -71.88265

We stayed here 2 nights with a small van and we had no issues. There is a calm beach nearby, places for picnic and bbq, toilets and potable water available. Walking distance from sightseeings. The parking lot starts getting empty in the evening and people arrive early in the morning, but during the night it is quiet.

beautiful place on the beach -35.29950, 149.10321

Stayed here for one night. Happy to find a place like this only 30 minutes from the big city. It’s surrounded by trees, high dry grasses and some abandoned buildings. Pretty much protected from the wind. You definitely hear the road and the heavy trucks passing, but we preferred this above staying on a parking directly next to the road. Had a very good nights sleep. The official entrance is narrow due to the trees, but our Mercedes Vito high roof fitted through (2,5m high). On the way back we used the axe to make it a bit wider for others. We saw that the fence is gone on the right side of the entrance, so bigger rigs with high clearance might be able to enter from that side. The bus wreck is a very good item to recognize you are there. Enjoy!

Paintball camp -45.67100, -67.59515

Ótimo lugar pra permite no estacionamento desse restaurante de frente pro mar, comidas e porções muito boas e preço justo, bastante variedade de peixes, também há peixes para venda.
ótimo atendimento, forneceu energia e água,as não precisamos.

Restaurante Vale do Mar -28.95924, -49.38133

Nice spot to spend a night. Some trafic on the main road but everything seams OK. We reach the spot without a 4x4 but it could be useful to have one when you leave the river (the exit is pretty steep)

near river maule -35.70478, -71.11261
JK Basecamp

As described standard CB.
Decently quiet for being right next to the highway.

Cracker barrel 42.13224, -75.90468

We spend the night in a safe place with water and electricity for 10,000 Chilean pesos. Owner Orestes very friendly and helpful. Good option for trailers and motohomes in Punta Arenas.
Passamos a noite em um lugar seguro com água e eletricidade por 10.000 pesos chilenos. Proprietário Orestes muito simpático e prestativo. Boa opção para trailers e motohomes em Punta Arenas.

Parking autocaravanas OGP -53.08544, -70.89405

We did this hike in reverse! Parked in Quilotoa on the main parking lot and did the long way around the crater before descending. We highly recommend Cloud Forest for your night in Chugchilan. If you make it to Sigchos at noon on the last dag you can catch the bus back to Quilotoa (+-1.5hrs).

We hiked it with our dog btw. Cloud forest and Llullu Llama are pet friendly!

Quilotoa Loop -0.70446, -78.88895

We ate a Nice sandwish here. worth the stop.

La Parilla -35.16760, -60.48786

Filled our water tank. Fast, friendly and cheap (3 Garafones MEX$ 45 including service).

Imperial 16.25217, -92.15015

Friendly, fair, efficient. English spoken. Highly recommended.

American auto tech 16.25117, -92.14384

Good for a stopover, as everyone else we spoke to security (great guy) said no problem and took my name, vehicle and plate info. No problems.

Flowing Water Navajo Casino 36.77599, -108.60701

A new fuel station with Euro 5 Diesel and also Adblue available. paying with credit card works as well but care they ad a "service fee" to the amount if you don't denie.

Fuel Station Euro 5 Diesel + Adblue 29.82616, 35.33237

Had to replace a ball joint, was really helpful and asked half of the price the 4x4 garage on the Mainroad asked.

Dakhla Mécanique 23.73284, -15.91724

we found the pizza ok, but not great, and quite expensive. we also had a tomato, mozzarella and pesto salad, but couldn't finish the cheese witch had no taste.
Plus they don't have wifi

Patagonicus -49.33213, -72.88532

Sem dúvidas o melhor camping que ficamos no litoral da Bahia. A limpeza é impecável!! Muito organizado, tudo funciona, lugar agradável, arborizado e silencioso.
1 km do Quadrado (uns 20 min andando com calma) e mais uns 500 m até a praia.
Nos arredores do camping há todo tipo de comércio como padarias, farmácia, restaurantes, açaí, sorvetes, etc.
A prop Emili foi muito gentil e receptiva. Voltaríamos com certeza!!
Valor cobrado março/23: 40 reais por pessoa (luz a parte, como não utilizamos não sei dizer o preço).

The best camping we stayed on the coast of Bahia. Very clean and organized, everything works well, beautiful place, wooded and silent.
1 km from the Quadrado (about 20 minutes on foot) and another 500 m to the beach.
There are bakeries, pharmacy, restaurants, açaí, ice cream an all you need around the camping.
Emili was always very kind. We would definitely come back!

Camping Mandacaru -16.59343, -39.10506

Camping Taiua
what a great and beautiful, clean place! We have been asking at many different places in town and ended up here. It's so clean, great atomphere and super kind people. We parked our Van in the Back of the building at theire parking lot and access to theire area directly from there.

Camping Taiua -14.17723, -47.81265

Very easy crossing Chile -> Argentina. No one checked our van and no wait!

Argentinian Immigration and Customs – Paso Río Don Guillermo -51.25584, -72.23535

Open wifi (fast) right by the gas station. Woo!

Open Wifi -51.05792, -71.80493

Closed today. Onward we go! Open wifi here works well

Torres del Paine -51.05792, -71.80509

hose on back of kiosk. asked attendant before filling up a 5 gallon

Kroger Fuel 30.33561, -95.47822

Best ice cream & sorbets in Baja! Modern, new.. One spot stop Beach front location & plenty of parking inc. on the beach no 4WD needed. Delicious fresh seafood restaurant & craft cocktails/beer next door. Made IN HOUSE from local products. Wifi available for good price. They even make their waffle bowls & sugar cones in house...unique to this where else in Baja has them. Higher quality & better in flavor & texture than the cookie cutter version in America. Available in bulk 1/2 liter & liter. Free pup cups for your doggos. Vegan & sugar free options available. Traditional flavors like Oreo, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and fun flavors like pistachio, sorbets made with fresh locally sourced fruit. Rotational specialty flavors made from local candies and products. Ex. Tequila almond, Bailey's. Will make mangonada upon request and custom toppings like Nutella, caramel, coconut, nuts, sprinkles, anything you want. The owner, Patrick, is friendly, speaks English well. Young & looking to grow a progressive business here. Donates to local events (churches, people w disabilities, presents for children @Xmas) fair prices...same for locals & tourists. Open 11-9 every day. Look for the big colorful ice cream above sign.

La Fuente Ice Cream 24.08958, -109.99285

Perfect location right on the beach. Very modern, well designed. Seating on the beach or patio. Clean bathrooms and potable water served in glasses. kite surfers to watch while you dine. They make their own IPA and have specialty craft cocktails well presented and delicious. mezcal...guava...passion fruit drinks...

Food.. best tuna tartar I've ever had!! Specialty unique tacos and daily fresh catch are all top quality and local. Sashimi options. This is a higher quality restaurant than most in Baja and therefore has a bit higher pricing, but portions are generous, taste is on point and very fresh...worth the extra alone for the view. Young brother & sister opened it after COVID. They have created selfie opportunities that are great. oh...and easy beach parking no 4WD needed. Go next door for locally made ice cream or order one of their desserts featuring it. This place is a gem.

La Tuna Fresh Seafood & Craft Cocktails/Beer 24.08958, -109.99280

Beautiful park with fountains, flowers, mossy trees and tennis courts. However, in the morning we had an officer taking photos of our van and I came outside to ask if there was a problem and she said Savannah has an ordinance that prohibits people from sleeping in their cars. She said she wouldn’t ticket me now but if she came back the next morning and I was still there, it would be a $30 fine. I guess that’s the same you’d pay at a campground haha but just know that Savannah actually isn’t necessarily van friendly, you’d have to go to an RV park in Savannah. If you’re willing to risk it, this is a great place to park.

Tennis Court Parking 32.06501, -81.09672

This is half gelato place, half restaurant serving decent both. The prices are pretty standard (higher end), the place is lovely as are the staff. We had ice creams and main meals and used their very strong wifi too for some time one day. There is parking around the side where there stones are (if none at the front). Clean, stylish and healthy, fresh food.

Freddo Food and Ice Cream -54.82911, -68.34640

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