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Trash pit . Easy access off the highway.

Graffiti Alley 33.96855, -111.38857

Dump and Potable Water back open and working great. They opened yesterday, per park ranger.

Sunrise Point Road 37.63345, -112.16676

Good for a night. Fairly quiet. I showed up around 9pm and stayed until 9am. I had two random single knocks on my van throughout the night. I'm pretty sure it was just someone thinking they were being funny.

Fred Meyer parking lot 47.24393, -122.49573

Drove by, lots of tents and rigs seems to be there permanently. Shooting in the area. Found a spot just up the road to the right. However filled with garbage everywhere and permanent campers on the side FR

Chehalis FSR creek spot 49.29484, -121.96564

Really nice and verry familiar restaurant. Food was super good and affordable. I'd come back :)

Restaurant Los del Norte -32.55212, -69.32089

550 for a room with one bed, 590 for a room with 2 beds. Hot water, A/C, decent wifi and secure parking. Lots of park.a bigger vehicle, as long as it's not too tall (see pics). Basic breakfast included.

Hotel del Bosque 25.54198, -103.43017

Great day-use spot to see some big trees and take a dip ☀️ . Careful pulling in and out of this parking lot, it comes up quickly and is in a bend in the road.

Swimming Hole 39.90011, -123.75313

Unfortunately, the beautiful camp spot beside Maze Lake is littered with trash... and someone's feeble attempt at making a toilet.

But this clearing in the forest is clean, quiet, and private. Fire pit. Two bars LTE. Just follow the unmarked trail on the right side of the road, it's a little bumpy, but 2WD should make it. Best for a van or smaller sized rig.

Not Maze Lake 51.93583, -121.69568

Pulled up to far west lot and plugged in! went inside and checked in with security. Clean washrooms. Wifi inside by event centre.

Painted Hand Casino 51.20957, -102.49189

Dog owners letting dogs run thru other people's site without having any idea where their dogs are. I have a rescued bait dog and these campers are clearly tourists/weekenders with no regard for other campers space. Would not recommend it if you live on the road. Would recommend if you are in the outdoors with no idea what you're doing.

Shadow Mountain Base 43.70432, -110.62205

We were here 2 years ago and liked it. The parking lot is huge and we parked at rear corner far away from the road. There are about 10 campers tonight, one of them huge class A with a trailer carrying a jeep. It’s very quiet and very convenient with Walmart, restaurants, gas stations close by. There were a few big trucks also, one of them had its engine on most of the night. That’s the only noise we could hear. 1 bar T-Mobile.

Wal-Mart 44.51799, -109.09069

BEAUTIFUL RIVER ACCESS!!! Jump in ! Post a pic! Live your best life before moving on from this location ❤️

Frank And Bess Smithe Grove 39.89847, -123.75123

NO SERVICE AT ANY LOCATIONS ALONG 101 UNTIL YOU HIT NORTH OF THE CHEVRON. Please make it a norm to say if cell service actually works or not most of us on here are traveling AND working ❤️

101N Turnoff 39.93622, -123.77250

Potable and easy access. Has a black hose hooked up to it now. Use the photos once you arrive for directions. Love iiiiitt filled up 8 gallons before heading out

Patriot Gas 40.00910, -123.79090

Possibility to rent a small wooden house or to camp. We paid 500 roubles for a night in our tent. There is a shared ger where you can cook, use water and eat (warm place). it's clean. The family is very nice and welcoming. The landscape around is very beautiful. Pit toilets as usual.

Керуен 50.01100, 88.65871

There is a water spigot across the street from the General Store.

Ymir Water 49.28354, -117.21454

I'm on the far side of the parking lot, directly across from Dominos, and I'm receiving a pretty good signal.

Open Wifi (Dominos Guest) 49.49970, -117.28992

Everything is back on and functioning! 2 fresh water spigots and 2 dump holes with rinse water.

Municipal Dump & Water 42.55917, -114.47956

rooms for 150kw and 250kw very basic, no wifi or hot water while I was there. I didn't bring bike into room but to another room that I could lock. they have a bar also. there is a choppies supermarket in town which is good to stock up if going along old petauke road

Eliboma Lodge -14.24408, 31.34185

not for big rigs— van or smaller. but would argue that this is not 4WD only…we avoided this spot at first, but decided to try it out on our second night at Great Basin. our 2WD van did fine pulling into one of the level spots. yes, tons of rocks, but if you take it slow, you really shouldn’t have an issue. it’s an incredibly scenic site. there’s a stream running nearby, so you can hear some water. these are the coordinates we stayed at: 39.01159, -114.13180 confirmed it is BLM.

BLM 39.01156, -114.13180

Honestly, best KOA I’ve ever stayed at, and we’ve stayed at plenty over the years. We’re in a van, our site, #6, is right next to the river. It’s super quiet and peaceful. CLEAN, hot and high pressured shower (I recommend 1st stall in W’s, it’s a new shower head)
Campground is among the trees, nestled between mountains. A perfect stopover or longer stay. Wi-Fi (only really works at office/lounge) & 2 bars LTE. Also, highly recommend the Lazy Dog Saloon in Ridgeway for dinner. Close to Telluride.

Ouray KOA Holiday 38.08110, -107.70511

We took water with very good pressure from the WC / toilets on the parking slot left from the barrier. We parked our track in order not to be seen while taking water.

Water on the parking place of Göbeklitepe 37.21728, 38.91330

Currently shut off for the season until the city turns it on. It’s owned and maintained by the city, not the gas station.

Speedway drinking water 60.94025, -149.17107

nice vieuw and only 100 meters from the border crossing.

Ainazi stone pier 57.87546, 24.35178

Basic parking lot, pretty quiet. Camped here a couple of times with my van without any problems. Not sure it would be good for big rvs.
Please keep clean:)

Hemsedal parking lot 60.85969, 8.55321

A river crossing is OK n the dry season.. You will require a 4x4. Do not risk the crossing in a 4x2 you will not make it.

river crossing -25.90622, -65.90787

We enjoyed our stay with the brothers so much! They are so friendly and welcoming. Had dinner with them for two evenings. The second evening I cooked some vegetable soup to share with everyone as a thank you. They showed us their garden - really nice!! They grow most of their fruit, vegetables and herbs themselves. They indeed didn't want any donation or money. It's a lovely place to spend some time.

Monastère des frères franciscains de l'Emmanuel 5.04897, 9.96599

Muito bom o local, praia deliciosa, estacionamento pago so durante o dia, e fomos muito bem recebidos pelos moradores locais em especial Sr Eleno, dono de um quiosque na faixa de estacionamento, posto policial fechado, mas ainda bem seguro o local.

Estacionamento público na praia do flamengo -12.92179, -38.31386

Very small hotel at village centre. Nothing special. It is clean and cosy. There are 3 beds per room. It cost 30 GEL per night ( ca. 10€).

Hotel on main street 42.94423, 42.18483

Nice place close to the bridge to Oterøya. Really nice and beautiful place. Good to have a nice walk. No facilities.

Oterøya 59.03359, 10.06235

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