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Fabian Pickel

Open area beneath palm trees at the southern end of the bay, a bit out of the village. Many overlanders in winter. Little shade, right behind the beach. In Agonda village there are good restaurants, internet cafés, laundry service, shops. Toilets/showers at some beach front restaurants. Wild boar around, falling coconuts. On Sundays locals arrive for party and picnic (leaving rubbish).

Agonda Beach, Goa CLOSED 15.03083, 73.99066
Fabian Pickel

Right behind the beach on a barren peninsula, a few fishermens’ huts nearby. Quiet, no shade, fine sandy beach. The last metres to the beach are a dead end. No turning point.

Peninsula beach 14.28211, 74.42610
Fabian Pickel

Parking of Surya Hotel (in cantonment, NW of city centre), about EUR 3/night, pool charged extra. Entrance gate might be narrow for trucks.

Surya Hotel 25.33939, 82.97987
Fabian Pickel

Grassy area next to an elementary school (curious kids) underneath huge shady trees, cool climate, at about 900m of altitude, between some farm houses (very respectful and welcoming people). Access: On Siddharta Highway (Butwal-Pokhara, H-10) about 10km south of Tansen/Palpa turn left (track) into the valley. After 200m, on other side of valley, turn right. Then another 200m. Access track might get flooded. For trucks maybe narrow. Nice hiking nearby.

Elementary School 27.82946, 83.53744
Fabian Pickel

Pame Overlander Camping, Pame Bazar, about 7km west of Pokhara, at the western end of Phewa lake. EUR 1/night, quiet, no shade, frequent power and water cuts, quite run down, bad access track. Shops and restaurants nearby, hourly bus to Pokhara takes 50min. Rats around.

Overlander Camping Pame Bazar, Pokhara Nepal 28.23599, 83.90642
Fabian Pickel

Next to the Tundikhel (parading square), fantastic view (weather permitting) to the Himalayas. Access via winding road (toll). For trucks very narrow, no turning point after Prithvi Highway turnoff (at Dumre).

Tundikhel 27.94209, 84.40534
Fabian Pickel

airport parking lot (in front of domestic terminal), EUR 2/night, quiet at night.

Airport parking 27.70343, 85.35789
Fabian Pickel

Janashakti Auto Workshop, Satdobato, at the Ring Road’s southernmost point, opposite the Swimming Pool Complex. Welcoming owner, routinely helping overlanders. Parking charges apply, WC, shower, wifi. Rats around.

Janashakti Auto Workshop 27.66213, 85.32785
Fabian Pickel

Swimming Pool Complex, Satdobato, at the Ring Road’s southernmost point, check with management first (at the entrance).

Swimming Pool Complex 27.65987, 85.32844
Fabian Pickel

On premises of the Chinese MOT. Out of town, quiet, terrible toilet.

Chinese MOT 29.25368, 88.85034
Fabian Pickel

In front of “Hotel 8844”, right by Lhasa river. The hotel rents out camper cars, too, so they know us people. Wifi.

Hotel 8844 29.64297, 91.14375
Fabian Pickel

Grassy area above/west of the old town, off the expressway, but not too noisy. EUR 2/night. Toilets

Grassy area 25.69516, 100.15640
Fabian Pickel

Large parking area at Tropical Botanical Gardens, free, WCs open during opening hours, 10min walk into town.

Botanical Gardens 21.93474, 101.24360
Fabian Pickel

Maybe possible upon request: on the premises of German aid organisation GIZ, near the airport. Free, toilets open during the day. Tap, quiet, town accessible on foot (15 min)

GIZ 20.68312, 101.98842
Fabian Pickel

about 40km north of town: level area, not visible from highway 13, nice view. Muddy during/after rains. Scorpions around.

Bush camp 20.11303, 102.28843
Fabian Pickel

About 8.5 km south of town (or junction highway 13/highway 7), on Highway 13: Large concrete parking area, on a hill, next to a restaurant, great views, toilets (charge), water.

Hill Parking 19.38917, 102.42630
Fabian Pickel

If you have repairs to be done you can stay at Mike Murphy’s workshop during that time. Clean, high roof, toilet, shower, electricity, wifi. Near the counsular section of the Thai embassy. Entrance through gate of „Specialized Products Import/Export Ltd.“ opposite Bounnam supermarket.

Mike Murphy Lao - Can Auto Service 17.96212, 102.62690

Large car park where we parked for a night. Cost: Col 23k. From approx 8pm until 1pm next day. The spaces in the car park itself are quite short but there is room for bigger vehicles by the entrance. 24hr Security. There is also a secure car park by the convention centre which is bigger. However this was closed due the Summit of the Americas while we were there.

Navy Museum Parking lot 10.42122, -75.55270

wifi / electricity / hot shower / restaurant / English spoken

$10k/person including breakfast.

La Serrana Hostel 4.63040, -75.58280

electricity / cold shower / water. Between Popayan and Pasto were lush green rolling hills at high altitude. A beautiful and relatively unexplored area by overlanders. We spotted a few signs offering camping along the PanAm, but feel the area offers great potential and ample camping spots to anybody looking to do some exploration.


Regional Park El Vinculo 3.83490, -76.29800

No wifi / electricity / hot shower / restaurant with fireplace / english spoken. On the road to La Luna we passed two other places offering camping including Rincon del Viajero


Otavalo - La Luna Hostel 0.19633, -78.28657

wifi in lobby / bathrooms / no shower / electricity / pool. Tents not allowed. Hosteria Duran also allows camping


Monte Selva Hosteria -1.40105, -78.28657

wifi / hot shower in a room / electricity / water / english spoken / close to town. Caja National Park – Laguna Toreadora Parking Lot


Cabañas Yanuncay -2.90585, -79.02802

13,000 feet. Bathrooms / near hiking and climbing. There are other camping areas at lower entrance into park.


PN Cajas Visitor Center Campground -2.78350, -79.22233

wifi / hot shower / electricity / water / english / great restaurant & bar / 2km out of town. Owners have built an overlander specific parking lot.


Hosteria Izhcayluma -4.27915, -79.22336

Free. no facilities / slightly hidden from passing traffic. Right turn off road


Zumba river camp (en route to La Balsa crossing) -4.89317, -79.12750

wifi in lobby / cold showers

s/3 per night.

Hostal Faical -5.14525, -79.00725

Parking only

s/3 per night.

municipal parking lot -6.23070, -77.87247

Free with entrance to ruins. No facilities / bathrooms are a 2km hike up / grass lot with amazing views


Kuelup Parking & Camping -6.42690, -77.92675

Wifi / cold showers / low overhead. Hard to find without Perut GPS, ask locals once you reach Avenida Peru

S/10 per person.

Hacienda San Vicente -7.16313, -78.52880

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