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It's worth visiting this campsite because its owner, the Swiss Martin! Beautiful campsite in a well maintained resort overlooking the ocean. Power at site. Very clean bathrooms with hot showers. Good restaurant with free WIFI. Martin has an excellent knowledge of the environment and took our guest to a several-hours bike ride.

(60 pesos / person)

Casitas Coco Loco 20.26652, -96.80885

Very basic campsite in front of the Balneario. Bathrooms with toilets and cold showers. Power at site, tap did not work. The camping fee includes the admission fee to the Balneario. If you don't use the facilities the price is too high.

(Originally 200 pesos, but by action and by pointing out that we do not need electricity, only 150 pesos)

El Gordo Y San Pancho 17.98301, -93.04597

Camping next to a very small Balneario and restaurant / bar. For the Balneario you have to pay an admission fee of 40 Cordoba / person. Toilets with bucket flush. No showers. Not recommended for the weekend - we had a lot of noise and karaoke until late at night.

Alternative option:

At the second entrance of Sumoto Canyon we got the offer to camp. Obviously you can visit the canyon only with a driver (15-20 US dollars / person)

El Mirador 13.48474, -86.58673

We first tried to find something in Corinto - but without any success. If you leave the peninsula via the bridge you can see the Hotel "La Valencia" to the right. The owner told us that although we could not stay in the hotel courtyard, we could camp in the parking lot in front of their restaurant, which is located on the other side of the estuary on the left. Since the restaurant was guarded at night, the parking lot was safe too.

Parkplatz vor Restaurant España 12.52751, -87.20253

In addition to 100 Cordoba / person admission fee for the park. Camping in the parking lot of the Visitor Center. Toilets can be used during the opening times of the Visitor Center (9am - 5pm). No showers. At night a guard is in the area. After the closure of the park it was very quiet and we could spread out in the parking lot.

(Bottom of the checkout was required only 200 Cordoba, after a protest there were suddenly only 50 Cordoba / person)

Volcan Masaya National Park 12.00312, -86.14863

Parking, surrounded by souvenir stalls and restaurants. No space to hang out around the car (and not in the car neither because of the heat). Nice hikes at the Mirador. Quite noisy until late at night. Public toilets.

(This amount was calculated at the ticket booth for the parking lot. We have given the guard a bottle of Coke)

Centro Turistico El Mirador 11.91337, -86.06966

From San Juan del Sur you have to drive a few kilometers north on a gravel road. Fantastic campground in a small bay with golden sand and high waves. You camp under shady trees with small palapas and rustic wooden chairs. Cold shower and pit toilet in the hostel next door. Book Exchange.

(100 Cordoba / person)

Camping Playa Matilda / Los Playones 11.29754, -85.91471

At the end of a very steep and muddy road to the volcano - we used four wheel drive and low gear. We were allowed to camp in the very small parking lot. Toilet at the Visitor Center.

Trailhead Sendero los Quetzales 8.84484, -82.53335

The thermal springs of Caldera would have been our destination, but the last 500 meters were impassable (too high rocky steps for our car). The dirt road to other hot springs was not passable neither because of mud. We spent a very quet night at the banks of the Rio Chiriqui.

On the banks of Rio Chiriquí 8.65482, -82.34170

The last two hundred meters of the gravel road to the entrance of the the park are very bad and steep. We were allowed to stay on the small parking lot to the left of the entrance for the night. At 7am it got loud because many campesinos passed by on their way to work.

Osteingang 8.79696, -82.49097

We camped right between two long rows of palapas. Great view of the ocean. Unfortunately, a lot of garbage. Certainly very busy on weekends. You can spend hours walking along the long and beautiful, dark beach.

Nelly's Beach Bar 8.16728, -81.86160

Trailer Park under American management. Electricity / water / sewer at site. Very well maintained resort with motel. Great sports bar with an attractive prices. Pool, common area with Palapa. Free WIFI. Clean toilets, unfortunately only outdoor showers. Good base to prepare your car for the shipping to Colombia.

(Originally $ 20 / day, but negotiable for several days)

XS Trailerpark Santa Clara 8.38847, -80.11096

We camped on the road side at the yacht club with fellow overlanders. We could use the facilities of the yacht club for free (down to the jetty, right in front of the pier to the left). From outside the toilets look rather scruffy, but they are clean and the showers have hot water. Room with washing machines (US $ 0.50 / machine - hot water) and dryer (0.75 US $ / machine). Free WIFI in the restaurant of the Yacht Club. Good prices in the restaurant. Taxi to the Miraflores Locks costs US $ 8 from here.

Informal campsite- Balboa 8.93971, -79.55384

Located in El Cangrejo district this hotel is ideal to spend the time between shipping and flight to Colombia. Centrally located just two blocks from the Via Espana Rey and a large supermarket. Rooftop pool, clean rooms with balcony, TV, fridge, free WIFI, decent breakfast, free safety deposit box at the front desk ($ 120 key deposit). Taxis to the Miraflores Locks cost of US $ 12 from here, $ 23 to the airport. For the ride with the Metro buses you have to buy a rechargeable card, which can then be charged in a prepaid procedure for US $ 2. A ticket for the entire city costs 0.25 US $ / person. It is sufficient to buy one prepaid card for two people.

(Breakfast included. Booked via

Hotel El Parador 8.98719, -79.52659
Fabian Pickel

central , but expensive (don’t recall price): large parking lot east of the Hijaz train station (west of the medina, next to Syrian Telecom).

Parking Hijaz 33.51070, 36.29742
Fabian Pickel

Parking next to the Citadel walls, quiet, central, security guard around, nice view. WC during opening hours inside Citadel

Parking Citadel Walls 31.95446, 35.93741
Fabian Pickel

Parking area just south of Amman Tourist Beach, on the Dead Sea Highway, nice view across the water to the West Bank, sometimes police patrol.

Parking Amman Beach 31.69568, 35.58240
Fabian Pickel

accessible via tarmac: parking lot behind the Rest House in Rum village (shower/WC, free, not too scenic).

Rest House 29.57796, 35.41974
Fabian Pickel

accessible via sand (4wd only): Sunset Point, inside the Wadi, access from Rum village, after the mountain range turn left 90°.

Sunset Point 29.53940, 35.43605
Fabian Pickel

10km before Saudi border, parking area/open space close to the beach, next to Barracuda Hotel (shower/WC for EUR 0.25), wifi at the hotel.

Beach parking area 29.44739, 34.97065
Fabian Pickel

Parking lot right on the shore, next to a modern shaped hotel complex. The only road access to the sea on a 60km stretch. Access from main coastal road west of big hotel.

Parking lot at shore 36.68801, 51.39563
Fabian Pickel

Empty fields right behind the beach, next to a small factory. Access: East of Bandar-e-Taheri the motorway reaches the sea front. Right here you turn right, direction Siraf. After 50m turn left towards the sea. Wifi at the factory next door.

Empty fields 27.65261, 52.36164
Fabian Pickel

Empty lots behind the little beach boulevard, in front of a newly built housing area. The track in front of the beach boulevard gets flooded during high tide. WC in little park.

Empty lots 27.15768, 56.23311
Fabian Pickel

Truck Stop a few kilometres north of Pano Aqil, northbound. Large parking area (no shade), 24h full service, but no petrol (diesel only), very warm welcome.

Truck parking 27.90398, 69.16463
Fabian Pickel

On the premises of Lahore Cathedral. Hostel available, too ("Hilda's Hostel"). Next to an elementary school but quiet and central, donation expected. WC in hostel, nice manager, no access for Muslims. Access from Mall Road (going westbound, enter by the big gate to Cathedral Church of the Resurrection), opposite High Court.

Lahore Cathedral 31.56530, 74.31688
Fabian Pickel

Next to the PTDC-Hotel, inside the customs area, free, safe, quiet. WC in hotel/restaurant next door during opening hours.

Customs area 31.60387, 74.56968
Fabian Pickel

Mrs. Bandhari's Guest House, listed in every guide book. Idyllic gardens, pool, spotless, WC/showers, quiet, safe, good and expensive restaurant, fresh meat, EUR 3/night. In cantonment, about 3km NW of city centre.

Mrs. Bandhari's Guest House 31.64152, 74.84961
Fabian Pickel

Nehru Park, parking (EUR 1.50/night) at the north western side of the park, opposite the Pakistani embassy. WC/shower until 11pm (small charge).

Nehru Park parking 28.59387, 77.19289
Fabian Pickel

I was at the Outram Hotel, but in the side streets around it you can stay in your vehicle, too. Rats, homeless, security guards around. Parking fees are negotiable. Noisy ACs at night, many students during daytime. Access: financial district, between Churchgate and Victoria Terminus, near the Dutch consulate, one block east of Bombay Gymkhana Grounds (sports grounds and Park).

Parking outside Outram Hotel 18.93650, 72.83200
Fabian Pickel

Parking lot beside the panoramic road, about one kilometre before Arthur's Seat view point, cool climate thanks to high altitude, great views.

Parking lot 17.97408, 73.63877

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