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Great spot and very well maintained campground right at the ocean. Pool, palapas. Very good bathrooms. Power at site. Free WIFI. When we visited the place the first time in May 2011, the rate was 200 pesos (12.50 euros).

Yax Ha Resort 18.56083, -88.24917

We camped on a large grassy field, next to the restaurant, not visible from the street. We can not recommend the food in the restraurant, but it seems they don't expect you to eat there.

Restaurant La Selva 18.54086, -89.92322

Superb location in the Jungle. Great wildlife: The monkeys fed on the mangos above our car, wild boar, deer and other animals close to our site. The shower building is just a wooden shack in the camping area, we didn't dare to have a look at the toilets.

Casados Ranch camping and UMA 18.60171, -90.70124

The campground is located in the tropical jungle with great flora. Howler monkeys in the jungle right next door.

Electricity / water / waste water at site. Large pool, many travellers, large bathroom (but only with - not closing - shower curtains in front of the toilets). About 2 km from the ruins.

(Usually 180 pesos / day as we did not need electricity, we got a better price)

Maya Bell Campground 17.48808, -92.03781

The campground is located 20 minutes from the pedestrian zone of San Cristóbal. Electricity / water / waste water at site. A little run down. The bathrooms have been cleaned only once during the month we spent here. Because of the tall trees very dark and quite muddy in the rainy season. The campground is managed by three teenagers who seemed to be completely overwhelmed by this task.

(Usually 150 pesos / day, discount for one week: pay 6, 1 day for free)

Rancho San Nicolas 16.73417, -92.62167

Hotel parking lot. As an RV you get two parking spaces which you can use. For small vehicles there is a great parking space among trees. Mini pool, bathrooms with extremely tight (but clean) toilets and open showers. Great WIFI. Too expensive!

Hotel La Hacienda + RV parking 16.75560, -93.14223

It's a children's home which provides three big sites with water and electricity for free. Sites are on a big grassy field where the sheep are grazing. A very simple shower room (during our stay there was no water) is also provided. The love the idea of making contact between the children and travellers in that way. The director and the kids are very nice, but unfortunately hardly any communication happend which was also our fault.

When we visited the place again five weeks later, unfortunately, there was neither water nor electricity at the sites and the bathroom was very dirty and unusable.

Hogar Infantil 16.77588, -93.38417

If it wasn't summer and rainy season it would be a great place. There were many mosquitoes and it was incredibly humid days and nights The campground is located two blocks from the Pacific Ocean beach and there is a very simple looking bathroom, but very clean, the showers were cold, but with the best water pressure which you can imagine. The place is quite idyllic located at a lagoon with palm trees.

Be careful when you walk along the beach to eat something. Have a look at the menus and the prices. We have eaten anywhere so bad and so expensive in whole Mexico!

Jose's Camping And Cabanas 15.93092, -93.80102

Camping along the (extremely bad) dirt road up to the El Triunfo. We asked for permission at the next house if we can stay here.

Reserva de la Biosfera El Triunfo 15.43409, -92.64866

A strategicly well located campsite at the Mex 190 (Panamericana) just before crossing the border to Guatemala. 3 springs, 3 rivers, 44 lakes make up this great theme park for Mexicans. You can go swimming or hiking to the Mayan ruins. We camped on a separate parking lot at the entrance, stayed at the lake, and for 30 pesos per day had access to toilets with bucket flush.

(The price is made up of 10 pesos / person park entrance and 30 pesos / day for a place on the lake - you may but everywhere else in the park for free camping)

Lagos de Colón 15.82631, -91.89683

The actual campsite at the falls is not accessible by car. We stayed on the bus parking overlooking the river. At night it was very quiet. Public toilets are at the parking lot.

(The price is made up of 20 pesos / person park entrance and 25 pesos / person for camping)

El Chiflon 16.18692, -92.27593

We have visited this park again before we crossed the border to Guatemala. We drove through the "Zona Arqueología", on the gravel road we crossed two rivers and before the third river crossing we stayed at the large natural pool. Toilets in the area, but closed.

Good and cheap food available at the "restaurant Familiar Christian"!

(The price is made up of 10 pesos / person park entrance, we - although three days in the park -. Had to pay only once You may charge anywhere in the park camping)

Lagos de Colón 15.83009, -91.88733

Recommendation of a Mexican. Parking lot in the picnic area of the water reservoir. Magnificent view of the lake. About an hour ride on a bad gravel road to Tuxtla Gutierrez. Here we found the cheapest restaurant on our whole tour through Mexico. No toilets or other facilities.

Presa La Angostura 16.09406, -92.44804

A tiny parking lot after the steep and bad road to the ruines. From there you can hike approximately 45 minute through a beautiful cactus forest to the ruines. From the parking lot we had a magnificient view of the valley. Very quiet at night. We couldn't ask for permission to camp, because after our hike the parking lot was deserted. No toilets or other facilities.

Zapotec Guiengola fortress (near Tehuantepec) 16.38206, -95.30746

Spot with a spectacular view of the petrified waterfall and natural pool. You can completely drive through the camping area and move to the last site right next to the rim. From there, a great hike starts down the valley and along the foothills of the petrified waterfalls. Flush toilets provided, swimming in the natural pool (about 22 ° C).

(Campground consists of 20 pesos / day / person entrance fee for the park plus 50 pesos for camping)

Hierve el Agua 16.86681, -96.27652

Good base for Oaxaca visits. Take the bus from Soriana "Centro", to go back take the bus towards "Reforma / Soriana" (5.50 pesos / person). Electricity / water / waste water at site. Water is quite dirty (we didn't fill our tank). Bathrooms are quite old and run down, but clean. During two out of four days there was no hot water in the showers.

Oaxaca Trailer Park 17.07881, -96.71097

Parking lot of the park in front of the cabanas. No toilets or other facilities. Great base for hikes through the national park. Due to the altitude quite cold at night.

(Added 50 pesos / person / day admission to the National Park)

Parque Nacional Benito Juarez (Nähe Oaxaca) 17.11360, -96.49149

We could camp right between the Sonoran cacti. Toilets and showers are available at the Cabanas. Great walk through the cactus garden.

Jardin Botanico 'Helia Bravo Hollis' 18.32864, -97.45482

Good base for day trips to Puebla. From the Oxxo take the blue bus with inscription "Route 14, Puebla" (6 pesos / person). For Mexican standards relatively well-kept place with ok bathrooms. No water in the pool. Electricity / water / waste water at site.

(Originally 250 pesos / day, but by action came the discount)

Trailer Park Las Americas 19.07244, -98.29508

Mexican recreation area with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, hotels, billiard room, museum, etc. We in camped in the parking lot in the park with a beautiful view. For tents there is a separate area. Toilets and showers available. A power outlet can be found in the streetlight in the parking lot, as well as a water tab to fill the tank. Atlimeyaya is located nearby where you can eat excellent fresh trout.

(From 190 pesos, 45 pesos / person entrance to the installation)

Centro Vacacional IMSS Metepec 18.93822, -98.47131

Parking lot in front of the Visitor Center of the National Park. We previously asked for permission to stay for the night. Toilets in the visitor center. Good base for hikes.

Paso de Cortes / Visitor Center 19.08646, -98.64600

Parking lot in a great Mexican resort which offers an outdoor swimming pool and a huge, heated indoor swimming pool. Beautiful picnic areas with fireplaces in the camping area. Ample hot showers and clean toilets at the pools. Free WIFI in hotel building next to the front desk.

Centro Vacacional la Trinidad 19.36166, -98.15395

Good base for the climbing of Malinche volcano. The trail starts at the resort. Sufficient showers and toilets. At the campsite there are beautiful fireplaces, wood can be purchased at the grocery store. There is also a cheap restaurant in the area.

Malintzi Centro Vacacional 19.27985, -98.04427

Unfortunately the pool of the Balnearios was unusable as the water was extremely dirty. The bathrooms were quite clean but the shower had only a very weak, cold jet. The area, however, was very well maintained and the site at the inlet beautiful

Rancho La Condessa 19.09477, -96.11607

You have the choice between two options: either you stay in the groomed garden of the restaurant for 100 pesos / person / night or you eat in the restaurant. We paid 320 pesos for a good dinner with drinks and 140 pesos for breakfast. The bathrooms were very clean, however the water in the shower was cold. Free WIFI in the restaurant. Good base to walk to the waterfall Texolo.

Restaurant La Querencia 19.41111, -96.99200

Base for the climb of Perote volcano. Nice area with several palapas and fireplaces. The bathrooms were quite dirty. Normally, you will probably have to pay for the night. But when we were there it was deserted and no one came by to collect the fees.

Centro Recreativo El Conejo 19.52376, -97.16034

Family campsite with grassy sites. Water and electricity at site. New bathrooms, but unfortunately only with cold showers. Free WIFI at the front desk building. The river smells sometimes bad (according to the owner it is even worse in the winter). In 20 minutes you can walk to the pyramids. The taxi to go back costs 25 pesos.

If you want to storage your RV for several days during a visit to Mexico City it will cost 100 pesos / day.

Trailer Park Teotihuacan 19.68327, -98.87035

Since the sites in the Balnearios of Tequisquiapan are exclusively open on weekends we had to look for an alternative. In a small village we camped next to the church with beautiful views of the monolith. We asked the owner of the first house for permission in advance.

am Monolithen von Bernal 20.75853, -99.94666

Perfectly located campground between the mountains in the valley with palapas and fireplaces. Very clean with hot showers. It's said that the mountains are mostly in the fog and it is quite humid. The way to the campground is a narrow and steep gravel roads for many miles.

Campamento Las Trancas 21.09016, -99.61378

Very basic campsite next to the owner's cottage. The bathroom (with cold shower) is shared with the residents. In 10 minutes you can walk to the trailhead of the hike through the Canyon de Angostura. The gravel road turning from the main road is partly very narrow and steep.

Campamento Puente de Dios 21.19508, -99.59940

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